Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New York’s Mad Hatter: Krugerspeak

New York’s Mad Hatter: Krugerspeak
Gang of Three mastermind State Senator Carl Kruger $$ declined to confirm today's report that he has refused to back Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, but insisted he never said anything about putting his "balls on the table" during a private meeting with the Long Island Republican.

"There was a meeting; it's not a big military secret,” Kruger said

"I don't want to attach names to anything."

“I think that we get bogged down when we talk about specific people with specific roles or functions. We should talk about it all in the abstract."

“We're going to come up with a model and that's going to be sort of a launching pad for whatever comes or doesn't come."

More on Kruger Kissing Ass
About the Kruger role in the racist flyer distributed for Mark Green during the 2001 Mayorial campaign that showed Fernando Ferrer kissing Rev. Sharpton ass, the Senator said,

"My perception was, prejudice is in the eyes of the beholder. If someone is supporting someone's campaign, there's no reason on Earth why someone else can't point that out."

State of the State
New York's rookie political leaders face economic crisis, uncertainty

Fifteen state agencies failed to meet Gov. Paterson's demand for a 10.3% spending cut, the Daily News has learned *** Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi officially called for a 4 percent property tax cap *** Bruno Is Selling Efficiency and Openness *** Paterson and other governors look to Obama for relief

Paterson's Picks
Next State Top Judge: Four appellate judges and three prominent lawyers are on the short list of nominees to preside over New York's top court and administer the state's court system - and he's not happy with it.

Accidental governor will choose accidental senator: New Yorkers pride themselves on sending people of great intellectual and political accomplishment to the Senate *** Clinton will stay in senate until SoS confirmation *** Daily News Editorial: Hillary Great *** Will the Clintons desert New York?

In Contested State Senate Race, Subpoenas for Students to Verify Residences Draw Anger *** 3,500 VOTERS 'VANISHED' IN ELECTION SNAFU *** Why the Board is a mess

Economy: Continued Fallout
Schumer Seeks Protection for Apartment Buildings Facing Default, wants loans made to Stuyvesant Town and other developments investigated

Barack Obama said he doesn't want "groupthink" in his White House.

Ramon Velez, the former South Bronx anti-poverty baron and political godfather who earned the enmity of Mayor Koch during the "Bronx Is Burning" years, died

Everyone in this video (Gioia, Comrie, Sanders, Sears, Monserrate, Weprin, Reyna), except for Tony Avella, ended up voting in the City's favor and against the Willets Point businesses when the issue came before them in November

Newspaper bailout: lawsuit exposes behind how newspapers survive after the Internet took many of their readers away

Suing the Campaign Finance Board