Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kruger Bankrolls the Gang of 3

Political Update

PELOSI 'PLEDGE' TO KEEP RANGEL *** Rangel "I will be cleared by the ethics investigation" *** GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss coasts in Georgia runoff *** Senator Carl Kruger: Serving Two Masters Or Himself *** Over a million in his campaign committee and having no primaries or general election opponent in years Kruger Bankrolls the Gang of 3 *** Hiram Monserrate, a former member of the Gang of Four, is also not pleased with the list of seven candidates to replace New York's top judge

Moynihan's lesson for gov: Pick a senator who'll get N.Y. its fair share from Washington *** Obama teases Paterson over senate choice *** Don't play favorites on budget cuts, Gov. Paterson told *** Paterson: Stimulus funds would be put to work quickly

Three candidates sue the Campaign Finance Board as unfair to non incumbents *** Prosecutors add details to Kerik corruption indictment *** Juan Gonzalez remembers Ramon Velez

The MTA has security cameras on 272 buses in Manhattan but none in Brooklyn were driver was murdered the other day *** Feud Between City Agencies Delays Moderate-Cost Housing

The Office Party Is Over? Poll By FreshDirect & BizBash Reports That More Than 65 Percent of New York Businesses Are Eliminating or Scaling Back Their Holiday Parties *** Queens Small Biz Hurt By Credit Crunch *** New York's property-tax burden is the highest in the country - fully 78 percent above the national average

NY Post: To avoid a court lawsuit Mayor Bloomberg have told City Council members that City Hall is ready to send out long-delayed property-tax rebate checks this month. Daily News: $400 rebate: Sit and wait

BIG 3 BAILOUT AN INSULT TO NY WORKING STIFFS *** Give Us $34 Billion for green cars *** Struggling Citigroup has not struck out with the Mets *** Brooklyn's low gas prices

Rupert Murdoch is stepping up the Wall Street Journal's war with the New York Times.

Pol Using Headline Buzz
POL SOUNDS ALARM ON VOTE SNAFU by Board of Elections *** Why the Board is a Mess