Monday, December 8, 2008

Lawmakers-turned-lobbyists Al D'Amato and Susan Molinari

Lawmakers-turned-lobbyists Al D'Amato and Susan Molinari collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from Freddie Mac to help thwart government regulation *** DC 'CHARITY' BASH A CASH & LOBBYING GRAB *** A Good Power Broker Is Getting Harder to Find

D'Amato was paid $500,000 by the owners of 2 Broadway to work out a dispute with the MTA, the building major tenant over repairs, even though Al was not their registered lobbyists *** Mob indictments over renovations of 2 Broadway *** More D'Amato lobbyists corruption

Obama Warns Economy to Worsen
OBAMA THREAT TO RUN EXECS OFF ROAD - WARNS BIG 3 TO CHANGE – OR ELSE *** Obama more must be done to help embattled homeowners and workers ***Obama: Workers staging sit-in 'absolutely right' *** Obama's Africa opportunity *** first Vietnamese-American Congressman Beats Jefferson who keep his "tin box" in his freezer ***

Economy and Politics
New York City council plots own cuts - Cut: police recruiting, standardized test prep and grass clippings *** The hospital industry is unhealthy for the city *** Weak Patchwork of Oversight Lets Bad Hospitals Stay Open *** Economy hurt the recycle biz *** Detroit Bailout Is Set to Bring on More U.S. Oversight ***Drivers, pols gear up to fight for bridge toll break *** Mayor wants to give express bus riders a break from planned higher fares *** City's law firms cutting back on year end bonuses

***Dozens of Queens GOP workers repay patron by raising funds for reelection *** Why the Board of Election is never reformed *** Board employees work in campaigns *** COPS MACHINE-GUN TRAINING PREP FOR 'MUMBAI' *** The 'charity' that plotted the Mumbai attacks

Albany - NY1 Video: Is the State Senate Leadership Battle Over? *** Smith Addresses Concerns of Upstate, by appointing Buffalo lawmaker Stachowski majority leader *** Mike tries to make nice with Malcolm *** Viewed as the Democrats' "weakest link," DiNapoli might be the GOP's top target in 2010

Dicker: PATERSON COOL ON CAROLINE * more on Paterson not as hot as the media *** Amid Talk of Kennedy, Paterson Turns to Humor *** Put Off by Term-Limits Fight, Green Ponders Another Run for Public Advocate *** Family push' will be deciding factor *** Albany Project: Obama Taps Carrion? *** Chief Judge Judith Kaye declines to discuss judicial diversity *** Jeffrey Toobin looks at Judith Kaye’s reform of the jury system

Mike to attend Vito Fossella farewell bash seeking the Republican line for his reelection *** Thompson blasted Bloomberg for ducking the politically sensitive issue of tolling the free East River bridges

Media's Economic Bloodbath Continues
Chicago Tribune Hires Advisers to Help Stave Off Bankruptcy *** HITWISE INTERNET NEWS RACE: YAHOO! TOPS CNN.COM... DRUDGE OVER NYT *** David Gregory is taking over for Tom Brokaw at "Meet the Press" *** ABC News Contemplates Job Cuts in the New Year *** Times Co. to Borrow Against Building *** Tribune files for bankruptcy protection