Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Inside Carl Kruger's Camp Fed Prison

Carl’s castle behind bars (NYP) Steak and HBO at cushy fed jail The prison’s store doubles as a delicatessen, serving up such favorites as rib steak, gefilte fish, kugel, salmon, chorizo and smoked oysters. It’s only a 90-minute drive for visitors from the city, and it has boccie courts, horseshoe pits and enough room to play soccer. Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are celebrated with cookouts serving hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon and potato salad. Even Forbes magazine ranked Otisville one of America’s “10 Cushiest Prisons,” calling it the only one of 115 federal joints where “Bernie [Madoff] wanted to spend the rest of his life.” Some high-profile cons who have luxuriated at Otisville include “Crazy Eddie” Antar, the electronics mogul convicted for stock fraud; Harlem heroin kingpin Leroy “Nicky” Barnes; Sam Waksal, the insider trader tied to Martha Stewart; and George Jung, the drug trafficker from the movie “Blow.


Chinalink to Liu(NYP) Comptroller John Liu’s former financial fixer is tight with the hard-line Chinese party boss who busted blind dissident Chen Guangcheng, anti-government protesters in New York alleged.


Bloomberg To Grads: Ignore Congress, Think Independently(Huff Post)

NY's Segregated School

‘Why Don’t We Have Any White Kids?’(NYT) A charter school in Brooklyn is indicative of a larger problem in New York City’s public school system, one of the most segregated in the nation.* Mayor Bloomberg Given ‘F’ Grade For Education Policies(UFT Grade)(WCBS) * NYC Public Schools More Segregated Than Ever(NY Mag)

Enterprise removed from jumbo jet at Kennedy (Newsweek)

True News Top Stories of the Week
3. Meet Quinn’s Jersey girl(NYP) Shy fiancée reins in candidate 
12. Bob McCarthy explains why the Conservative Party has influence beyond its small ranks. (BN)

33.  Report Finds Stop-and-Frisk Focused on Black Youth (WSJ) 
34. When It Comes to Sexual Abuse Brooklyn Justice is Unequal (True News)
35. Meng supporter says sex ads are 1st Amendment right(Queens Crap)  
36. Union Contract Battle May Be On Horizon For Next Mayor(NY1)
37. As Greenpoint Gentrifies, Sunday Rituals Clash: Outdoor Cafes vs. Churchgoers(NYT) 
38.Black population surges in East New York as it falls across the borough and city (NYDN)
39. In Congress, City’s Lawmakers Tackle NYPD Surveillance (WSJ)
40. City Releases Map Of Bike Share Stations(Huff Post) 
41. After Decades, Directory Shifts to the Web(NYT) 
42.Kelly: Feds should brief us on underwear bomb plot(NYDN)
43. Espada: FBI Using Black Magic Voodoo Tactics To Influence (WABC)

Bloomberg Attacks DA Hynes' Double Standard
Bloomberg Among Critics of Prosecutor in Brooklyn(NYT) Bloomberg on Friday sharply criticized the Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, over his handling of child sexual abuse cases among the borough’s large ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.  * Who Speaks for the Children?(NYT Ed) Religious leaders in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities must ensure that molesters are brought to justice.

Charles Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, follows different rules when dealing with abuse cases involving the ultra Orthodox Jewish community, like keeping the names of convicts secret. For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules(NYT) * Pressure mounts on Brooklyn DA over Orthodox sex abuse cases (The Guardian) Victims' families urge Charles Hynes to release identities of Orthodox sex abusers and allay community fears. Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes is under mounting pressure to respond to criticisms over his handling of child sex abuse in the ultra-Orthodox community. Victims advocates and bloggers lined up on Thursday to demand that Hynes reverse his policy of special treatment for abusers in the largest Orthodox population outside Israel. Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse(NYT) * Mr. Zimmer’s lawyer was Asher White, who is married to Henna White, Mr. Hynes’s longtime liaison to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Ms. White, an adherent of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic movement, makes $138,000 a year, more than most of Mr. Hynes’s prosecutors.” * In its ongoing series on sexual abuse in ultra-Orthodox communities, The Times takes a look at how Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes has mostly deferred to rabbinical authorities on the matter. * For Haredi Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules (

Koch Disagrees With Hynes
Koch, who is Jewish, said Hynes should prosecute the rabbis who interfered with victims reporting accusations of abuse. "We're all equal under the law and they have to subscribe to the law without getting preferential treatment," Koch said. "It's just dead wrong. And there's no explanation to make it right in any way." *'Joe Hynes has to live in the real world and he has to live in the world that they're(Capital)

Hynes seems most adept at finding a way of living in whatever world keeps him in office

Fidler the Hypocrite Defends Hynes and Funds Child Abuse Prevent Programs

As chairman of the City Council's Youth Services Committee Lew Fidler has funded millions of dollars of city funds to prevent and treat sexual abuse.  This is what Fidler said about the mayor plan to cut the Teen RAPP — Relationship Abuse Prevention Program — operating out of 62 host schools throughout the City.  Filder is blasting the proposed cuts, pointing out that early prevention is key in abuse and domestic violence cases. “I’ve fought repeatedly to protect our City’s children and most vulnerable citizens,” said Fidler. “This is part of that fight. Appearently that fight ends at the door of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.  Lew Fidler, ran two of Hynes' political campaigns, defended the D.A.'s response to the times. "It makes sense to me," Fidler said. "One size does not fit all. It makes sense to me intuitively that sometimes the full frontal assault is not what gets you the most [results]." He said these communities are heavily controlled by rabbis whose dictates carry more weight than police, school and elected officials. Fidler said Lesher, in calling for the names of sexual abusers to be made public, doesn't appreciate the dynamics of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. 'Joe Hynes has to live in the real world and he has to live in the world that they're in'

Where Was No Attempt Made to Stop Elizabeth Crowley From Running for Congress?
As the Meng campaign works to remove Juan Sheng from the ballot and Rory Lancman works to remove Robert Mittman, why is Councilwoman Crowley getting no pressure to stop her from running.  It is very curious that Speaker Quinn who has endorsed Meng did not threaten to cut Crowley's member items when she opposed her cousin Joe and decided to run against the Queens organization.   Quinn slashed Vallone annual discretionary funding -- a move widely seen as punishment for his vehement opposition to renaming the Queensboro Bridge in honor of the former mayor.  

After all Nassbaum who is involved in Meng campaign tried to find a Jewish candidate to split Lancman votes in that community. Where is Crowley's Punishment? Or is Quinn in on the conspiracy to soak up ethic votes that would not go for an Asian candidate. Is Quinn non response to Elizabeth Crowley part of a deal to get the Queens Democrat Machine support for her for mayor? 

The Jury Wait and Fighting the Evil Voodoo
Double ‘cross’ by Pedro(NYP)  Ex-Sen. dons crucifix to fight FBI talisman * Espada Jurors End 2nd Week Undecided(WSJ) * Espada Trial Jurors End Week With No Verdict (NY1) * Pedro Espada Jr. Corruption Trial: Red All Over(NYDN) * Espada: FBI Using Black Magic Voodoo Tactics To Influence (WABC) * Pedro Espada's supporters wore red to ward off ‘evil (NYDN) *Pedro’s crimson tide(NYP) * Clueless Espada maintains a rosary outlook(NYP)


Election 2012 Rangel's Re-Election Bid Gets Boost From Bronx Borough President(NY1) *Rep. Rangel Refuses To Take A Side In Proposal To Rename Harlem Street For Slain Cop(WCBS)* Public Advocate reboots dormant public information oversight panel (NY World) * Lancman Campaign in Talespin Rory Lancman may have secured a few endorsements today but his worst fear is now a reality. Grassroots candidate Robert Mittman wins in court and may split Lancman’s core voter base.(Queens Politcs) * Does Tony Avella Hate Young Activists?(Queens Politics) *

Say goodnight, Charlie(NYP Ed) In 1971, Rangel was the young dedicated pol who defeated living-legend incumbent Adam Clayton Powell Jr., who had lost touch with the public. You’d think he might note the similarity and see the writing on the wall. Maybe he’s serious about serving another term; maybe he intends to (try to) muscle past November and then (also try to) hand-pick a successor in a special election. * Snubbed Rangel’s Bam ‘damn’(NYP) * Will he get a shout out? Spox says will be at Barnard when O speaks tomorrow.








Emails of Bloomberg's Push for Charter School 

E-Mails Provide Inside Look at Mayor’s Charter School Battle(NYT) The city released hundreds of e-mail messages Friday, providing a look at one of Bloomberg’s major battles, the 2010 campaign to expand charter schools.

The NYP Attacks the NYC Congressional Delegation for Voting Against NYPD Funding 
Democrats bash the NYPD(NYP Ed) Most of the members of New York’s congressional delegation this week outrageously voted for a measure that implicitly rebuked the NYPD’s anti-terrorism efforts and sought to deny it funding.  The measure would’ve cut off funding to the NYPD  for their anti-terrorism Muslims programs. * Kelly: Feds should brief us on underwear bomb plot(NYDN) * Dems betray the NYPD(Goodwin)

The Push to Make Cab Rides Smarter(NYT)

MTA: Un‘fare’ billboard war(NYP) The Buildings Department started the feud in March when it ordered the state transportation agency to remove 19 advertising signs on its properties along major highways in Queens.


Harlem Split on Plan to Honor Officer Killed in Mosque in ’72(NYT)  Some residents say a plan to name a street after Officer Phillip W. Cardillo, who was fatally shot in a renowned Harlem mosque in 1972, will reopen old wounds, not heal them. * Fallen NYPD officers added to ‘Wall of Heroes’(NYDN)


State Health Commissioner’s brief visit to Far Rockaway stokes anger(NYDN)  Nirav Shah leaves hearing on closure of Peninsula Hospital after an hour

End of an Era at Temple Emanu-El(WSJ) * Orthodox Internet Rally Divides a Community(WSJ)

Iconic Koenig Sphere sculpture to be moved to new temporary home(NYP) * Sen. Schumer: Move World Trade Center sphere to somewhere (NYDN)

A ‘Phantom’ Has Not Vanished Entirely(NYT) Posters advertising a new movie set in New York show a skyline missing what has become a prominent part of Lower Manhattan.






Critics Speak Out Against Proposed La Guardia Marine Transfer Station(NY1)




Sneak Peek at Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Visitor Center(Park Slope Patch) Opening Wednesday, 20,000-square-foot building has a living roof and what may be the first two-walled event space.





New Bike Stations 

City Unveils Locations of Bike-Share Stations(NYT) * Bike-Share Map Shows First Wave of Stations (WSJ) * No Bike Share Locations in Park Slope Until Spring 2013(Park Slope Patch) * Mike’s spin on bike-share(NYP)


Queen's Comrie the Experience to Bring Both Both Together?

Neighboring Bronx Dems split on nutritional standards bill(Gotham Gazette)


City Reverses Policy Barring Performances in Washington Square Park(DNAINFO)

Hue & cry for green cabs(NYP)

MTA big accused of using police placard to illegally create personal parking zone outside midtown hotel (NYDN) Charles Moerdler left Mercedes for hours, assistant manager charges in complaint* Abusive Parkers Irk Residents (The Forum)

The Making of A President 2012
Romney, Obama steer clear of gay marriage issue in Saturday speeches(NYP) * Romney Commencement Address At Liberty University: Marriage Is 'Between One Man And One Woman' (VIDEO) 

Frank Rich on Obama's Gay Marriage Call: At Last!(NY Mag) * Why Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Won’t Much Matter in November (Daily Beast) * The Battle for Mitt Romney's Mind (Daily Beast) * Obama’s stance on gays mobilizes religious right(Wash Post) * Obama Returns to Topic of Economic Recovery - Jackie Calmes, NY Times * President Seeks to Energize His Liberal Base - Jonathan Easley, The Hill *  Obama's Trying to Win the West, Not Ohio - William Galston, New Republic * Is It Standard WaPo Practice to Quote the Dead? - Bryan Preston, PJ Media * Mitt's Bully Story Not Actually Debunked - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * Obama's "Bend Toward Justice" - Robert Borosage, Huffington Post *  Obama vs. Romney: A Clash of Capitalisms - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Can Romney Breach Dems' Formidable "Blue Wall"? - Ron Brownstein, NJ * 

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

On SNL, ‘Joe Biden’ Complains About Being Overshadowed By Obama…To Pal ‘George W. Bush’

On Week of Obama's Gay Marriage Switch, Who Fared Better—Cuomo or Christie?(WNYC)

Maher: If Biden’s Gaffe Forced Obama’s Hand On Gay Marriage, ‘Biden Must Make More Gaffes’

Dodd Frank Banking Reforms Forgetaboutit
Battle stations(NYP) * JPMorgan Lobbied for Loophole on Risky Trading(NYT) * In Bet That Blew Up, a Failure for Risk Management(NYT) * Confidence Yields to Loss in Trading Bet(NYT) * JPMorgan Chase’s $2 Billion Loss The lesson of JPMorgan’s stunning $2 billion trading loss is that the banks haven’t learned their lesson, and neither have the politicians.  * After JPMorgan loss, a call for stricter oversight(WSJ) * JPMorgan Trading Loss Suggests Little Has Changed Since The Financial Crisis(Huff Post) * JPMorgan losses revive calls for tighter controls on banks(Wash Post) * Now We Know The Truth About Wall St. - Henry Blodget, Business Insider * We Must Break Up the Big Financial Houses - Peter Morici, FOX News * WATCH: Jamie Dimon admits JPMorgan was 'sloppy' (NYP) * Jamie Dimon says he was 'dead wrong' to dismiss concerns about JPMorgan's trading(NYP) * Dimon Says JPMorgan Made an ‘Egregious Mistake’(NYT)

Hora Hispana, New York Daily News’ Spanish Language Newspaper, Folds(Fishbowl)

Here’s Johnny: At his best and worst(Wash Post)Twenty years after the king of late night’s sign-off, PBS offers a bittersweet look at the man.

Cuff-love gal pal charged in boyfriend's attempted slay(NYP) * Almost fatal attraction (NYP)Stab couple will reunite: nabe* Accused of stabbing beau, she sobs in court (NYDN)

Sunday Update After hit & run, family is blaming the Mets(NYP) * John’s pals on parade(NYP) * Investigators Probe Death Of Man In Queens Fire(NY1) * Queens: Grand Central Pkwy & Northern Blvd NYPD reporting a Female shot, Victim is DOA at Elmhurst hospital, Active crime scene. * Lawsuit filed against Mets in hit-run that killed grann(NYDN) * Detective retires before trial (NYDN) * Vandals Hit Staten Island Cemetery, Residents In Shock(WCBS) * After hit & run, family is blaming the Mets(NYP) * Police investigating burning body found in Queens(WABC) * Woman Stabs Boyfriend in FiDi Brawl(DNAINFO)

Possible Manhattan bias crime(NYDN) 

Shame on killer(NYP) Won’t look at victim’s kin * Hotel’s killer deal A deadly shooting Thursday inside a Kennedy Airport hotel cafe came during a meeting to discuss an Internet get-rich-quick scheme * Businessman Killed at Hotel Had Host of Critics(NYT)* Brooklyn teen stabbed on playground (NYDN) * Police Seek Bogus Rental Agent Who Stole Deposits(NYT * Queens Apartment Hunters Scammed By Phony Landlord(NY1) * Bravest rescue jumper at Staten Island Ferry Terminal(NYDN) * Rash Of Attacks Against Elderly Continue, This Time Up In(WCBS)* Cold Case Connection? Police Probe If Same Suspect Killed Others(WCBS) * Tower cop’s ‘shot’ fright(NYP) * Boy, 6, victim of attempted kidnapping(WABC) * Suspect sought in Manhattan robbery spree(WABC) * Apartment seekers get scammed in Queens(NYDN) * Gang Of Teenagers Stab 15-Year-Old Boy In Chest In Bushwick Fingerprints Program Stirs Wide Dissent(WSJ) * Despite Opposition, Immigration Agency to Expand Fingerprint Program(NYT) * Controversial Immigration Program To Begin Next Week(NY1) * Gang Of Teenagers Stab 15-Year-Old Boy In Chest In Bushwick  * Police Seek Manhattan Bank Robber Who Struck Twice in the Past Month(DNAINFO)

New York Police Tally Shows More Stops on Streets(NYT) * The NYPD thinks stop-and-frisk led to this year's low murder rate. That'll happen when you think to use it on everyone: (Village Voice)


Authorities Search For Robber Who Assaulted Elderly Man(NY1)

Police Seek Man Who Tried To Lure Six-Year-Old From Bronx School(NY1)* Cops hunt would-be kidnapper(NYDN)




Police Seek Robbers Who Held Up Bronx Storage Facilities at Gunpoint(DNAInfo)

Grandmother Guilty in 4-Year-Old’s Death(NYT)  * Brooklyn Grandmother Guilty In Granddaughter's Starving Death(NY1) * Woman convicted in granddaughter's death(WABC)