Monday, May 14, 2012

Pedro Espada Guilty: Health Clinic His Personal ATM

Breaking Pedro Espada Jr. guilty on four counts of theft for years 2005,6,7 & 8 

Espada Jury Finds Elder Guilty Of Theft, Mistrial Declared Against Son(NY1)  At first it was 9 to 3 against Espada. Feds have until June 5th to retrial the hung parts * WCBS will retry the hung parts of the case.  Feds in Westchester are waiting for their shot. Espada could be looking at 40 years.

Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada found guilty of stealing from his Bronx health clinic (NYDN)* Jurors Find Pedro Espada Jr. Guilty Of Four Counts Of Theft(CBS) * Ex-Senator Espada Found Guilty of Embezzlement(NYT) * Ex-state senator convicted of fraud after 2 weeks of jury infighting(NYP) * Former State Senator Espada Found Guilty Of Theft; Mistrial Declared Against His Son (NY1)

 NY Senate Will Not Talk About Espada
NY Senate Dems talk about their plan to capitalize on nat'l issues in bid to win back chamber *Siena Poll And Controlling The Senate(YNN)Cuomo Claims Victory In Espada Verdict(YNN) * Cuomo Hails Espada Conviction(YNN)

Will the 4th Amigo Diaz Be Joining Us Amigos Kruger and Monserrate ?

Kruger and his partner Dr. Michael Turano are going to the Kosher prison camp Otisville, just 70 miles northwest of the city in Orange County. Since Turano has become Jewish can Monserrate and Espada convert also and stay at the camp in Otisville?

9.6% Unemployment Rate, No Campaign Reforms and They Drew Their Own Lines to Assure Their Reelection . . .  Yeah Sure Give the Bums More $$$
"Now or never" for legislative pay raises, says Cuomo admin source. Gov doesn't want to do it close to #2014 re-elect. Clock ticks on pol hike$(Dicker, NYP) Gov out to beat re-elect heat Cuomo has told associates he’s willing to support a desperately desired pay increase for state lawmakers this year, but won’t do so next year as his own planned re-election. Andrew Cuomo is open to a pay raise for lawmakers, but is searching for some kind of reform in return, possibly the abolishment of the much-abused, highly lucrative per-diem reimbursement system that gives lawmakers an incentive to remain at the Capitol, doing nothing, Fred Dicker writes. approaches * 2016 or bust for Andrew Cuomo(NYDN) A new Siena poll finds 78 percent of New Yorkers support increasing the state's minimum wage, voters are split on campaign finance reform and disapprove of giving legislators pay raises

Raises for Albany Not Jobs for Graduates 

Class of 2012 faces tough job market, despite slight recovery(AM NY)

Fidler Losing to A Political Unknown and GOP
David Storobin Now Leads by 27(NYO)* After the final votes were counted, David Storobin led Lew Fidler by 27 votes in the never-ending race for former Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat. The NYC Board of Elections will now embark on a hand recount (I believe its first ever) of some 22,000 ballots. By the time this is over, it’s unclear if the winner will serve a day in Albany.* A 27-Vote Storobin Win In SD-27 = Recount?(NYDN)

Quinn's Running for Mayor Stands For Nothing
Speaker Christine Quinn primary sponsor of just two of 827 bills submitted to City Council since 2010 (NYDN)  Exclusive: Council sources say she avoids lending name to legislation so it won't hurt mayoral run * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the front-runner in the race to be NYC’s next mayor, was primary sponsor for just two of the 827 bills submitted since 2010, a DN analysis found

The Secret Congressional Race in Queens
The Media Does Not Want You To Know That This Former City Councilman is Running Against A Congressman Under Several Federal Investigations
The local Queens media has never been a fan of Alan Jennings.  When he was elected in 2002 the media arm of the Queens Democratic Machine the Queens Tribune attacked Jennings by calling him a gay pron star with the same name, titled “The Naked Truth”.  Jennings who beat the Queens machine candidate called the paper racist and threatening to sue this paper. It is the same paper which attacked Dan Halloran over his religion right before his election.  Jennings did provide the media with a string of odd behavior was given the council's strongest punishment for sexual harassment $5000.  The one thing clear about Jennings is that he is a strong man who keeps moving forward and knows how to run for office against the Queens machine or a council speaker. In the swamp of Queens politics jennings might be the only pol not owned by Crowley machine. Jennings is running in the Democrat primary and has the GOP and conservative lines.

Jennings Might Be the Only Pol in Queens Not Sent to Jail . . . Mclaughlin, Seminerio and Now Espada
Jennings was stripped of a committee assignment after voting against a property tax increase supported by the Speaker Miller.   But for all his problems, the NYT said Mr. Jennings also gained a reputation in his short time in the Council (he was first elected in 2001) for running an operation that was highly responsive to constituents. In fact, his office became known for responding to constituents’ calls with either a call or a personal visit within 48 hours. In Crowley Queens dictatorship Jennings is one of the few independents who have survived.  Is he any worse than Rubin Wells who is a Queens councilman with warrants for his arrest. There is no hint of corruption around Jennings in a borough that has seen many pols sent to jail or under investigation.  This Time Jennings is challenging Congressman Meeks who is under both congressional and FBI DOJ investigation for a series of things including a $40,000 loan from a indicted Guyanese businessman Edul “Ed” Ahmad who the congressman help get $$$. Rep. Gregory Meeks Investigated Over $40000 'Gift' * U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks Ethics Complaint  *  Feds probe New Yorkers Organized to Assist Hurricane Families led ... * The Stench Gets Worse | The New York Observer * Gregory Meeks » Queens Politics

The NYP Should Ask the Mayoral Candidates If They Would Continue All of Kelly's Anti-Terrorism Policing
 Keeping NYC terror-free(NYP) Will next mayor guard Kelly’s legacy? The Post wonders if New York’s next mayor will maintain the elaborate anti-terror policing system developed under Commissioner Ray Kelly: 

Was the Congressional Vote More to Stop Kelly Run for Mayor? 
NY Post Columnist: Democrats’ Attacks On NYPD Undermine Obama On Terror

Not One Question From the Host About the Economy or Unemployment in the ABC 6th Congressional Interview with the top 3 candidates

ABC Host Diana Williams also never asked how to pay for health care

ABC Hosts NY-6 Candidate Forum [Video] Ms. Crowley recently announced her opposition to a police funding amendment that the rest of New York City’s Democratic congressional delegation supported (including her cousin, Rep. Joe Crowley), arguing it undermined the NYPD. Quizzed on how he would have voted, Mr. Lancman said he would have voted the same as Ms. Crowley, but Ms. Meng said the anti-discrimination language in the amendment was too important and indcated she would have voted in favor of the legislation.

Election 2012/3 Thompson Oppose Fingerprinting Program(NYT) A plan to implement a fingerprinting program in New York was opposed by Democratic mayoral candidates because it placed undue hardship among illegal immigrants. * Charlie Rangel mired in primary (Politico) * Espaillat's cultural reference: Rangel elected in '70: "Joe Namath was wearing panty hose, throwing touchdown passes.” * Rep. Charlie Rangel didn’t use his walker as his campaigned in Harlem this weekend, but his voice “seemed faint” and he needed help getting seated in a chair, POLITICO reports.* Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is making the rounds of upstate college campuses to promote legislation to help veterans get education and training needed for civilian jobs. * Is It Time for Rangel to Go? (NY Mag) * Could SuperPACs come to the New York City mayor’s race? * Elizabeth Crowley wants the Dept. of Education to calculate teacher salaries against the entire department operating budget rather than against individual school so principals don’t simply try to hire the cheapest teachers.* Environmental Crusader’s Newest Goal: Congress(Towns district)(NYT) * Rep. Charlie Rangel was on hand for Obama’s Barnard speech, and got no shout-out. He nevertheless had good things to say.* After lunching today with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, former Staten Island BP Guy Molinari says the so-called GOP “dream” candidate for NYC mayor won’t be running in 2013, explaining: “He has been in the public sector for a very long time. He is past 70. He feels he owes to his family to spend time with them.” * John Catsimatidis refuses to believe it, saying he’ll wait to hear the news from Kelly himself.* The relationship between NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Jim Owles Club President Allen Roskoff has not improved.* LID'S Endorsed Candidates in Brooklyn *Adriano Espaillat, who was bored at second base, has been running(Capital) * Hamodia headline: “Rory Lancman: Congressional Race All About Israel” * Mayoral Candidates (Except Chris Quinn) Invited to Jim Owles Democratic Club Annual Awards Ceremony (C&S) *  Juan Pagan to Challenge Brian Kavanagh(NYDN)


City For Sale Again: Back to Boss Carmine De Sapio's Play to Play Parking Meters 
City Explores Private Deal For Meters(WSJ) New York City is taking tentative steps toward turning over the operation of its nearly 39,000 parking meters to a private company, with a cautious eye toward avoiding costly missteps made in other cities.
Back to the Future: Parking Meter Corruption Again Bloomberg?
New York City's parking meters have always been the gold mine that brings forth scandal.  Back in the 1980s, the Koch administration gave a $22 million contract to a company named Citisource to supply handheld computers for parking enforcement agents. Koch's folks also doled out another contract to an outfit called Datacom to process parking tickets. Both companies, federal prosecutors later revealed, had bribed scores of city officials to land their contracts.'Public-private' plan to earn more cash from city parking meters has been corrupt for decades
By the time the Parking Violations Bureau scandal was over, Stanley Friedman, Koch's close ally and head of the Bronx Democratic Party, was in jail, along with his sidekick, Bronx Borough President Stanley Simon, and a handful of others.  Queens Borough President Donald Manes committed suicide before he could be indicted, and their chief prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani, became a hero.


Tammany Hall Parking Again? Tammany Hall leader Carmine De Sapio steered valuable city contracts for streetlights and parking meters to the Broadway Maintenance Corporation and got kickbacks $$$.  Mayor Dinkins was forced to cancel the contract after the Department of Investigation revealed that Lockheed colluded with other bidders. The DOI also found several city officials improperly favored Lockheed and that a key City Hall staffer solicited a job with the company during the process. * City exec faces time rap (NYP)

Can't Wait to the Fidler Strobin BOE Hand Recount
We told you so: Newfangled voting machine screwed up (NYDN Ed) Board of Elections must be more vigilant about testing equipment . The Daily News says city Board of Elections voting machines are error-prone and temperamental and the Board is disinclined to fix the problems

Queens Politics Says Parkside is Growing Hacks in Queens
Austin Shafran has been groomed to be the perfect Parkside candidate. According to some accounts he’s bright, articulate and presentable.  But behind the scenes we all know where his loyalties are. He’ll do insider bidding over constituent bidding, Parkside’s bidding over the Democratic Party’s bidding. Behind the scenes people call him a handsome hack, the Mike Gianaris of Northeast Queens. Michael Gianaris Part Deux (Queens Politics)

Prospect Hts. parents fearful of new charter school(NYDN) Parents are worried that a plan to place a charter school for troubled teens in their kids’ school will make the Willoughby St. building dangerous




Commissions Multiply Under Cuomo(WSJ) * Cuomo has a thing for task forces and commissions, even though he pledged when he ran in 2010 to reduce their number.  Andrew Cuomo came into office pledging to prune the government bureaucracy, but since then  at least 10 new work groups, 11 councils, four task forces, two teams, two commissions and two committees have been formed, Jacob Gershman writes.  Delays Slow Review of Divorce Laws(WSJ) * Harvey Rosenthal, executive director of the NY Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, gives Cuomo high marks for trying to address the state’s system of caring for the disabled. But urges him to resist calls to expand or make permanent Kendra’s Law.* A small, unlicensed Indian-run casino has operated for decades on state land, thanks in part to former Gov. Mario Cuomo. It’s creating a costly headache for his son.* New York is forging ahead with creation of a health care exchange in advance of the US Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. * New Poll Shows Cuomo’s Approval Rating Taking a Slight Hit(NYO) * Assembly may vote on minimum wage bill this week. It would be a mostly symbolic move since Senate GOP won't support that bill.

Senate Democrats Forgetabout Local Issues
It All About Issues We Have Not Effect On
NY Senate Democrats, pummeled by redistricting and disorder, look to nat'l issues to recapture chamber (Gotham Gazette)

NY Post continues to insist hydrofracking in the Marcellus is the answer to all New York’s financial woes. The Post says New York can make up school budget deficits by supplementing them with income from allowing hydrofracking: 

Battles at One World Trade(WSJ) After years of delays and fighting over the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the site is the battleground for yet another dispute, as the tallest structure on the site nears completion.

Jimmy Kimmel Moves Back to Brooklyn for a Week(NYT)

Estranged Husband & Wife To Face Off In State Election(Huff Post)


Neglected, Rotting Trees Turn Deadly(NYT) NYC is paying out millions of dollars due to tree injury-related lawsuits, and struggling with the question of how much responsibility it has over its leafy canopy.  Cut backs in the Parks Department have led to less workers assessing the health of trees, and have led to an increasing number of injuries and lawsuits stemming from falling limbs.
Capt. Sully bashes Bloomberg's trash-station plan near LaGuardia Airport

Sully trashes Mike’s LaG plan(NYP) Hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is taking part in the fight against Bloomberg’s push to build a trash-transfer station near La Guardia Airport that opponents say will attract plane-crashing birds.

The Making of A President 2012
Newsweek declares O simply fab(NYP) * On Gay Marriage, Obama Struggled to Limit Religious Risk(NYT) * Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gay Marriage(NYT) *Obama Heading to New York for Commencement Address(NYT) * Bloomberg Defends Same-Sex Marriage in State That Rejected It(NYT) * Obama To Deliver Barnard Commencement Address(NY1) * Obama named ‘The First Gay President’ on Newsweek magazine cover (NYDN) 'Obama's earned every stripe in this haloed rainbow,' Newsweek’s editor-in-chief Tina Brown wrote on Twitter * Mayor Bloomberg Rips North Carolina Marriage Amendment(WCBS) * Obama leads Romney by 20 points in NY: poll(NYP) * Barack Obama: ‘The First Gay President’?(Wash Post) * Steelworkers Slam Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in Harsh New Obama Ad(NY Mag) * Heilemann on Obama's Gay-Marriage Gambit(NY Mag) 

Obama Drops the Bain Bomb (Daily Beast) * President Obama is in New York City today, giving the Barnard commencement, heading to a fundraiser hosted by Ricky Martin, and appearing on “The View.”Charlie Rangel in POLITICO: “I’m asking the people of the Bronx: Give me a try. Give me a chance. We’ll be good partners.” * Vince Morgan and Inez Dickens got into a debate about the future of Rangel in New York Magazine: Morgan: By his own admission, Mr. Rangel is at the twilight of his career. He’s said that at his age, he doesn’t buy green bananas. We need to transition to the next thing. Dickens: You’re not appointed to the best committees as a freshman. You’re put to the back of the bus, so to speak. * Political Insights: Obama Restarts Culture Wars on Offense (ABC) * 3 Scenarios for the 2012 Campaign - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner * Barack Obama's Gay Awakening - Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek * Obama Does Damage Control With Pastors - Baker & Swarns, NY Times * The Big Flip: U.S. Parties Have Switched Roles - Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair * Can Romney Catch Up to Obama Online? - Ben Adler, The Nation * Team Obama Panics, and It's Only May - Joseph Curl, Washington Times * Romney's Backward-Looking Attitude of Women - Anita Dun, CBS News * Obama Will Be In Spotlight at 3 Big Summits - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *Pat Buchanan: Obama ‘Put His Presidency At Risk’ With Embrace Of Gay Marriage * President Obama Scolds The Media During Barnard College Speech * Matt Taibbi Can’t Believe Wall Street Donors Have Dried Up For Obama * Obama and the 'first-gay' hype (Newsday) * The Daily Politics posted President Obama’s full speech at Barnard College. * Bon Jovi will help Obama raise money. * Mitt Romney’s campaign is downgrading the number of jobs Bain created. * Watch President Obama's Full Commencement Speech At Barnard(NY1)

Ron Paul Ends Presidential Campaign(NYO)* You won't have Ron Paul to kick around any more (kind of)(the Fix)


JP Morgan Fires Executives to Cover Ass
Chase firing squad(NYP) * CHARLES GASPARINO: Break up the banks(NYP) * JPMorgan Loss Claims Official Who Oversaw Trading(NYT)* 2008 changed nothing on Wall Street(NYDN) * The Dimon Principle - Wall Street Journal * JPMorgan Chase Executive Retires After Trading Loss(WSJ)

Controversy Over Handling Of Sex Abuse Cases In Hasidic Jewish Community (WCBS)

Injustices of Stop and Frisk(NYT) The mounting evidence of New York City’s stop-and-frisk program reveals a pattern of abusive policing that warrants the attention of the Justice Department. * NYPD Stop-And-Frisk Incidents On The Rise In The City(NY1)
Law and Order

Ct. dad busted in Queens with $70K worth of cocaine in his car — along with his 13-year-old son: police(NYP) * The right thing (NYP) G. Dep in jail: I’m OK with slay ’fess * Sentencing today for killer of Harlem boy(NYP) * Officers Testify Before Grand Jury in Shooting of Bronx Teenager(NYT) * Port Authority Investigating Lax Response in Test Breach(NYT)* Driver had drugs, son in car – cops (NYDN) * Woman, 21, fatally shot in head in Queens (NYDN)* Bronx man fatally shot outside housing project,  second(NYDN) * Brooklyn Man Arrested On Manslaughter Charges In Connection Drunk Driving(WCBS) * P’kwy shooting kills mom, 21(NYP) * Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver(NBC) * Elderly Woman Assaulted, Robbed Near Union Square: Poli (NBC)Queens Woman, 21, Fatally Shot in Head(NBC) * Joe Crowley votes to de-fund NYPD while pushing 1st responder bill (Queens Crap) * Report: Grand Jury Hears From Officers In Case Of Unarmed Bronx Teen  * Police Seek Tips on a Home Invasion Robbery(NYT) * Obama tells Barnard graduates to 'fight for your seat at the table'(NYP) * Couple Reaches Settlement In Alleged Police Beating(NY1) * 25% less likely to back Obama over same-sex marriage(CBS)

Pete King Tangles With Ryan Lizza Over NYPD [Video](NYO)* Joe Crowley votes to de-fund NYPD while pushing 1st responder bill (Queens Crap)

WATCH: Man wanted for robbing 90-year-old woman in Queens(NYP) * ‘Goon’  Samaritan tricked woman, 90 (NYDN)

Police assigned to patrol own station amid thefts(NYP)