Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Put NY Voters to Sleep: Paladino's Fault Or Deeper Problem

Who Put NY's Voters to Sleep?
Paladino's Fault Or A Deeper Problem

New Yorkers’ Anger at Politicians Doesn’t Fuel a Surge in Voter Registration (NYT)  A sure sign of no change in NYS voters are not galvanized to come out and vote against incumbents, they are galvanized to stay home.

What Blocks Outrage To Showing Itself At the Polls In New York
In the 2008 the nation voted for change and elected it first black president.  This year because of the nation's economic mess and joblessness we expect the outrage of the tea party and Reagan Democrats to knock a lot of  incumbents congressman and senators out of office.
After years of newspaper headlines pointing out the dysfunctionalism and corruption in Albany, New Yorkers do not have the outrage you expect. 98% of the incumbents who ran in the September Primary were reelected. Organized Crime Politics: The Rigged Election System (True News)

What is Causing the Disconnect Between New York Voters and Outrage?

1.  NY'S Broken Political Parties   There is no competition inside any of the political parties in NY.  The same people stay in power forever.  Even when they are investigation like Vito Lopez of Brooklyn.  Parties have turn into cash cows that sell their ballot lines to incumbent elected officials like Bloomberg.  Paladino's poorly run campaign is a direct result of parties run by permanent insiders rather than party leaders who have won their position by competition.  Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News) * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again (True News) * What About Reforming New York's Democratic Party? (True News)

Joseph Mercurio Team Paladino cannot actually be trying to elect their candidate to office, it must be that they are trying to destroy the Republican Party in NYS so a new breed of conservatives can take over.Politically Crude (Twitter)

 2, Press More Interested in Hooking Up With Winners Than Journalism
The corporate owners of the New York media because they do so much business with government cannot afford to be on the losing side of a major race.  The paper's through the Albany Bums campaign was not backed up with coverage about the bums or their challengers.  If the incumbents got 10% of the negative coverage given Espada or Paladino they all be gone. NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out (True News) * The Media Cover Up of Important Issues in New York (True News) * Daily News and the Rest of the Media Just Does Not Get It (True News) * The the NYT Thinks Albany Will Fix Itself?

3. Unlimited Amount of Campaign Money
The amount of money available to incumbents this year is record breaking How Albany Operates Like the Mob (True News) * Paladino isn’t the only gubernatorial candidate who has spread campaign cash around. (Second item).  * Corporate cash is flowing and very difficult to track this election season, thanks to the US Supreme Court.

4. Social Activist Politics
From the tea party to gay rights we elected pols today to fight for whatever social issue we believe in.   Politics and the media are dominated by a matrix of rights groups.  There are no groups who push for candidates who have a proven track record of solving problems.  Rights groups support candidates who support their issue despite that candidate effectiveness or honesty.

Election 2010 Gay Rights
Democrats are hoping social issues will topple the Tea Party.
Rips Andy for taking kids to Gay Pride (NYP) * Team Paladino's Roger a tax 'dodger' (NYP) * Paladino's distraction (NYP Ed) * For Paladino and Rabbi, a Melding of Agendas (NYT) * Unrepentant, Paladino Calls Gay Parades ‘Disgusting’ (NYT)  * Politically Crude Carl Paladino’s bigoted remarks about gay people were another dip in his low-road campaign for governor of New York.(NYT Ed) * Paladino Reels From Gay Gaffe (WSJ) * Paladino's Remarks on Gays Reverberate Down Ballot   Eric Schneiderman, the Democratic nominee for attorney general, lambasted Republican rival Dan Donovan for standing by Carl Paladino's endorsement, following a speech in which Paladino criticized homosexuals.*  Paladino turns to damage control for gay comments (DN)  *  Feds link Gillibrand foe DioGuardi to Ponzi firm (DN) *Paladino's poison: Carl Paladino's message is failing, so he's dividing N.Y. with anti-gay rhetoric (DN Ed) * “Cuomo’s secret weapon is crazy Carl,” said political consultant Joseph Mercurio.* Paladino’s unofficial advisor, Roger Stone, said he’s “very disappointed” with Paladino’s verbal attacks on gays and insisted he didn’t advise the candidate to do anything of the sort.* The Washington Post blames politicians like Paladino for creating a culture of intolerance in which anti-gay attacks like the brutal gang beatings that took place last weekend in the Bronx can occur.* * campaign and declined interview requests from the DN and WSJ.

This dust-up is likely to solidify Cuomo’s support among gays, even though he hasn’t been all that specific about his plans to shore up LGBT rights or address the community’s issues.*  Paladino Admits to Some Missteps (NYT) * Cuomo Raising Off Paladino’s ‘Extremist Views’ 
* Carl Paladino... Apologizes?
*Carl Paladino says he should've 'chosen better words' in remarks about gays
  * Cuomo jumps on the foreclosure freeze bandwagon (NYP)
* Here’s Vanity Fair’s take on the NY governor’s race.
 *Political trickster Roger Stone takes a whack at NYP State Editor Fred Dicker for reporting that Stone is way behind on his taxes.

Government Failure Issues Not Being Address in This Year's Campaign

Sham Education Testing
Top brass in Albany ignored "red flags" and ran a sham testing scheme that for years masked school failure. Oppenheimer's continuing coverup (NYP Ed) * “I am disappointed with (the) Cuomo education agenda,” said Diane Ravitch, a noted education historian and fierce critic of charter schools. “This is not school reform.” * The Post wants to know why Senate Education Committee Chair Suzi Oppenheimer wasn’t more curious about inflated test scores.* NY1 Exclusive: High-Ranking LES School Has Nine Open DOE Investigations (NY1)

A think tank's new analysis details New York's loss of jobs over 15 years and finds the net loss stood at more than 148,000 jobs, the most of any state. BusinessWeek Logo
Board of Election Corruption Breeds Incompetence
 NY's blown deadline endangers troops' votes (NYP) * Elections Board In Ballots Failure(WSJ) * Board of incompetence: Election hacks won't admit to their primary disaster (DN Ed) *  Mayor Bloomberg: Overseas Ballot Gaffe Wouldn't Surprise Me

Pay to Play Vito Lopez  Kathleen Rice Paid Top Vito Lopez Aide Over $10k In AG's Race

* Vito Power Stalls Broadway Triangle (Obsever)

The Village Voice's Tom Robbins looks into the "license to loot" of Excellent Home Care Services, a firm linked to two politically connected men in the Orthodox Jewish community

Changes in Journalism 
Fit to Print to Shouting (Video)

Tales of Bike Lane Abuse (NYT)

Stuyvesant Town Auction Postponed Again

Terrorism  Defense Seeks Mistrial for 4 in Plot, Citing Error (NYT) * Closing the Case on the Cole (NYT Op) * Kin believe feds can nail '98 embassy bombings suspect (DN) * Questions in two terror trials taking place in NYC (WABC) * Embassy Bombing Suspect's Trial To Begin Today (NY1) * No Mistrial in Bronx Synagogue Bomb Plot (NYT) * Accused terrorist was determined to 'kill Americans': feds (NYP)

Law and Order SI kid's school horror (NYP) * Kid stabber stalked his prey: cops (NYP) * 'Hit-run' Bravest taken off job (NYP) * Inquiry in Fatal Hit-and-Run Looks at Firefighter’s S.U.V.(NYT) *Firefighter Relieved of Duties as Crash Inquiry Continues(WSJ) * Fireman suspended amid hit-and-run probe * Fireman suspended amid hit-and-run probe * Explosives Abandoned In Cemetery Are Mystery (NYT)Explosives Found in N.Y. Cemetery (WSJ) * EMT charged in death of pregnant woman (DN) * EMT Who Allegedly Ignored Dying Pregnant Woman Faces Criminal Charges (NY1) *David Tarloff displays bizarre behaviour during jury selection
* Hate Crime Arrests 9th gay-bash suspect busted (NYP) * 9th Suspect Is Arrested in Attacks in the Bronx (NYT) * Suspect Arrested In Alleged Antigay Attack(WSJ) * Evil clubhouse is subprime example of world gone mad (DN) * 10th arrested in anti-gay beatings: NYPD
* Muslim teen called 'terrorist' says he stayed silent out of fear (DN)* Muslim teen beaten, mocked by classmates (DN)

Media and New Tech Media, Tech Highest-Paid Executives * Internet Advertising Revenue Increases * “Parker Spitzer” is helping to give CNN its worst average primetime ratings in 10 years.

States to Probe Mortgage Mess A group of as many as 40 state attorneys general is expected to announce an investigation into the mortgage-servicing industry, an effort some of them hope will pressure financial institutions to rewrite large numbers of troubled loans.(WSJ)

Redistricting Battles Spur Wave of Cash Republicans and Democrats, hoping to pick up seats in Congress through redistricting, are pouring money and political muscle into statehouse races. (WSJ)