Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Media Cover Up of Important Issues in New York

PM UPDATE M.T.A. Deficit Means Riders May Pay More (NYT) * Two Bronx synagogues to get grants for terrorism protection (DN) * Athlete in critical condition after NY triathlon (DN) * Heatwave Leaves Dozens Ill At NYC Triathlon (WCBS) * Ex-Gov. Blagojevich Likely To Testify This Week (Wcbs) * The Waiting Is Over! Alvin Greene Makes First Public Speech At NAACP Meeting * Peggy Noonan Fears the Whippersnappers in Cyberspace * EMT Who "Ignored" Dying Pregnant Woman Shot, Killed (WNBC) * Concern Over Capped Well As Seep Discovered (Wnbc) * BP, feds clash over reopening capped oil well (WABC) * China Entrepreneurs Peddle US Citizenship for $1,475 * Liberals Organizing a Tea Party of Their Own * One crazy night at the Board of Elections (Brooklyn Paper)

New York Attorney General Primary Debate
Sunday Update

The Media Covers-Up of Important Issues in New York

It been over a year since the papers reported on the Council Slush Fund (True News). Despite no budget in Albany the NYT has not called for Throwing the Bums Out since May when True News pointed out to them that the state's election law and member items millions make that goal almost impossible NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out. Now we learn today that even the unions are using the silent treatment against their member as pay and pensions are being cut. Lisberg: Unions facing pay, pension cuts quietly (DN). What ever happen to the media's role to inform?

Pay to Play Espaillat Job #1 for nonprofit: Employing Dem's pals

Pay to Play Ackerman Queens Congressman Gary Ackerman hires high-powered defender with campaign funds (DN) * Congress for sale (NYP ED) Countrywide VIP loan scandal on Capitol Hill had just gotten a whole lot bigger

Pay to Play Meeks
Pol's shady moneyman a 'loan' wolf Mortgage 'fraud' suit The mysterious benefactor of embattled Queens Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks is a scandal-scarred real-estate agent and importer under fire for alleged fraud. Edul Ahmad, who gave Meeks $40,000 in 2007, has been called "untrustworthy" by state authorities and is being sued for predatory lending, The Post has learned. (NYP)

Ex-City Councilwoman Helen Sears left A LOT of money off her latest campaign finance filing, and said she had no idea how that happened.

The special interests are gearing up for this year's elections, says The Buffalo News.

How street it is for kings of of the street fair (DN) * Groups get just a handful of dollars for street fairs

Cab-scam drivers quit Thirty-seven cabbies caught overcharging chose to surrender their hack licenses rather than face a judge (NYP)

Sunday PM Update EMT Worker Accused Of Ignoring Dying Woman Killed In SoHo * The budget is 109 days late and counting.

What About the Mob Tax? Mob makes most thing in NY more expensive Anti-mob $$ pinch on menu Fishmongers and meat and produce purveyors say restaurants and their patrons will feel the pinch of pricier porterhouses and higher-cost haddock if the Business Integrity Commission's proposal for a huge regulatory-fee hike goes through. (NYP)

New York City Economic Meltdown Fare Box Unrest Coming Soon (Again) (Regional Plan Association) * City’s Budget: The Buck Stops Here (Citizens Budget Commission) * Newsday's Dan Janison notes that those vetoes Gov. Paterson signed affect not just new spending, but projects already in progress.

Red Hook has its own mini spill with 15 gallons of fuel (DN)

PICS: Dangerous Decay Being Repaired at City Hall

Insurers Push Plans Limiting Patient Choice of Doctors (NYT)

Cause for insomnia: Failure to produce jobs is keeping the President up nights (DN ED)

Free Speech for Broadcasters, Too Technological change has undermined any justification for limiting the First Amendment rights of broadcast media outlets but not others. (NYT Ed)
TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Paterson’s Legal Bills Are Adding Up (NYT) * Dave's big crisis $$ Gov. Paterson, facing three major investigations, spent $700,000 on legal fees and another $150,000 on crisis communications in the last quarter (NYP)

Judge brushes off artists (NYP) A federal judge has upheld new regulations seeking to cap the number of art vendors allowed in Manhattan's busiest parks.

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Rick Lazio’s campaign has $688,000 cash on hand after a last-minute $200,000 loan from the candidate. This campaign is so over. * For New York’s G.O.P., a Fund-Raising Gap * Rick Lazio's Campaign Running on Less than $700,000 (WSJ)

Election 2010
In Attorney General Race, Five Seek to Stand Out (NYT) * For Cuomo, a Wide Range of Backers Real-estate magnates, the nation's leading gay philanthropist, soda companies, charter-school advocates, a cage-fighting promoter and a major health-care union are among the most generous contributors to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's campaign for governor this year. (WSJ) * Andy Cuomo's rich defense of war chest (DN)

Pay to Play Espada
Espada, Under Investigation, Faces a Well-Financed Opponent (NYT) * Chamber Refuses Espada’s Millions in Pork (Bronx News Network)

Bloomy: FinReg bad New regulations aimed at Wall Street will pinch regular people in the Big Apple more than rein in the big banks, according to Mayor Bloomberg (NYP) * Mayor doubts stimulus (NYP)

Police Cite Help From Stop-and-Frisk Data in 170 Cases (NYT) * NYPD will work around loss of crime fighting tool (DN) * Thrown to the wolves: Paterson yanks valuable crimefighting tool from NYPD (DN Ed)

Drown outrage Principal got tenure after schoolkid tragedy (NYP) * Attendance Plummets At 19 Public Schools Saved From Closure (NY1)

Terrorism NY Qaeda eyed NYC clubs(NYP) Al Qaeda may have planned a terror hit on New York City clubs * Kin of Lockerbie bombing victims bash Scots for releasing Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who's still alive (DN) * It's Murder Ink! Fear terror thug uses Web mag to recruit Yanks (DN) * City Religious Sites To Receive Millions In Federal Security Funds (NY1) * CNN: American Allegedly Writing for Al-Qaeda

Law and Order Unusual Twist in Hate-Notes Case (WSJ) *Boy, 9, shot riding bike (NYP) * Crashing juvie jail's orgy party (NYP) * B'klyn rape fiend gets 70 years (NYP) * Fear overtaking fun in Riverside Park (NYP) * Convicted rapist sneers at victim, screams at judge (DN)
* 82-yr-old, 14 others arrested in $80M medicare scheme (DN) *** Sunday Gay couple latest victims in bias attack spike in New York (DN) * Harsh lesson for N.Y.: Paterson yanks valuable crimefighting tool from NYPD (DN Ed) * 'Stop and frisk law caught my husband's murderers' (NYP) *Surveillance video in shooting of 9-year-old boy (WABC)

New York City's Cupcake EconomyThe latest unemployment data for New York City shows that cupcake bakeries are one of the main drivers of growth in the city's restaurant industry (WSJ)

SEC Split in Decision Over Goldman Deal (WSJ)