Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Media: Why Not Ask Comptroller Candidates About NY Pension Mess?

Media: Why Not Ask Comptroller Candidates About NY Pension Mess?

While Reports Truckle Out About Serious deficits in the State's Pension Funds, the Media Does Not Put the Questions to the Candidates About How Bad They Believe the state and the city is in the whole for.  If you believe that campaigns should be about issues that the position controls and not about side issues the pension time bomb is what should be ask of each comptroller candidates.  The media is not even asking questions about how to avoid the abuses of the pension fund by Hevesi and his pals. It is the role of the media to ask the questions the public needs to know.

Can a Comptroller -- Any Comptroller -- Fix New York State's Budget? (Gotham Gazette)

Pension Time Bomb Kept Ticking
Bloomberg has poured $20 billion into the retirement system over the past three year.

The threat to New York from the pension time bomb is made frighteningly clear in a new study out of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. City's pension funds are $122 billion in the red.

By the most aggressive measure, New York's total long-term price tag is $215 billion - almost twice the amount carried by the city and county of Los Angeles, which have a population almost 2 million larger than New York's.

 N.Y. Faces $200 Billion in Retiree Health Costs (NYT) * Former New York gubernatorial candidate John Faso's law firm settles to pay in play probe (DN) * Pay the pension piper: New York is using junk accounting to figure its obligations (DN) * The best way to avoid another Alan Hevesi-type pension fund scandal is to turn defined benefit retirement plans into 401(k)-style defined contribution plans, the WSJ says.

Election 2010
Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo took responsibility for failing to catch the most offensive parts of the speech prepared for his candidate by ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Levin.  * Paladino was dogged by gay protestors on the campaign trail. More here and here. * Former Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro, who lost to Cuomo in 2006 after a short-lived US Senate run, is helping Paladino with debate prep.
Carl's gay nephew rips insulting rant (NYP) * Paladino Apologizes for Remarks About Gays (NYT) * New York’s Debate Gap  The two major candidates for governor of New York should have a debate (or two or three), not one group news conference. (NYT Ed) * Paladino Says He's Sorry Now(WSJ) * GOP governor hopeful Carl Paladino cashed in on Buffalo gay clubs Cobalt, Buddies II (DN) *  Gay nephew shows Carl how to keep mouth shut (DN) * Federal regulators confirmed U.S. Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi had financial ties to California businesses accused in federal court of defrauding investors by of dollars. The former congressman’s campaign insists he did nothing wrong. * On Andrew Cuomo's plan to create a state infrastructure bank, Christopher Jones of the RPA says, "The rationale for it is very sound." * Carl Paladino: MTA Not Going Voters' Way  * Paladino Invokes Bloomberg In Blasting MTA (YNN) * Paladino pressured by family to apologize for anti-gay comments (NYP) * Breaking: Rabbi Yehuda Levin Pulls Support For Carl Paladino - Updated With Video

Not Up for Debate? Schumer Seems Shy for a Change(WSJ)

Board of Election Inept and Corrupt
U.S. Sues To Ensure Military Votes Are Counted (NYT) * U.S. Sues Over Ballots(WSJ) * Feds sue state over absentee ballot delay (DN)

More Parking Tickets
 Parking violators could lose breakA program that offers reduced parking-ticket fines is set to expire. In what several politicians are blasting as just one more way to raise revenue..(NYP)

Lauded Harlem Schools Have Their Own Problems (NYT) * State Is Likely to Ease a Rule on Extra Help for Students (NYT)

Pay to Play Health Care The Hasidic Looting Of New York's Home Health CareThe Sick Looting of Home Health Care A connected company's license to loot—at the expense of the taxpayers, elderly, and infirm (Village Voice).  Vito Lopez And Vito Lopez cannot help them this time.  He has his own problems Judge moves to delay B’way Triangle development further (Brooklyn Paper)
* "A Bushwick nonprofit that gets $1 million in taxpayer dollars to provide services for seniors is instead renting out its first floor to Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s political clubhouse — and giving back some of that money in “consulting fees” to the embattled lawmaker," reports The Brooklyn Paper.

 200 Twinkies' Jobs Lost
The more than 140-year-old factory at 168-23 Douglas Ave. was in need of modernization and the corporation could not afford the large undertaking, according to Brian Driscoll, the chief executive officer of Hostess. Hostess to close Jamaica factory

Terrorism  Trial of Man Once Held at Guantánamo Opens (NYT) * Judge Denies Bid for Mistrial in Synagogue Bomb Case (NYT) * Juror Is Dismissed From Bomb-Plot Trial(WSJ) * Opening Statements Begin In Trial Of Embassy Bombing Suspect (NY1) * Judge sets $500G bail for hate-crime cabby slasher (NYP)

Law and Order EMT's rap in gal's death (NYP) *E.M.T. Accused of Failing to Help Pregnant Woman Is Arraigned in Her Death * SI foster-kid vanish lawsuit (NYP)  *  W'chester cop in cross-border Bronx slay *Pelham Manor Officer Kills Suspect in the Bronx * What street gangs do Three cheers for the NYPD, which swiftly bagged 10 Bronx gang (NYP Ed) * Suspect in gang torture of gay men proclaims innocence (DN) * Arrest Expands Suspect Pool in Bronx Attacks (NYT) * Shootings Kill Three in Queens, Brooklyn(WSJ) * Teen charged in newsman slay laughs at confession (DN) *  I fully 'intended to kill her,' Tarloff admitted after attack (DN) * Man Shot Dead In Bronx Following Police Chase (NY1)* 44 Charged in Huge Medicare Fraud  (NYT) * Hip-hop Record Exec Bryan Leach Charged With Gun Possession In NYC - WPIX

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