Sunday, May 16, 2010

NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out

NYT Missing the Boat Again
Can't Throw the Bums Out

NYT attacks everyone in Albany for the late budget and says lawmakers are blaming each other and hoping the economy will bounce back or that somehow they can put off painful decisions until after the election. The NYT says the voters should keep in mind two important dates Primary day, Sept. 14. And Election Day, Nov. 2. Jobs for Albany’s Do-Nothings

What the NYT does not understand is that the power of New York's incumbent reelection racket and the bad economy will result in most if not all of the Assembly and State Senate member not being challenged with serious challengers. Incumbent controlled redistricting, member items and million dollar reelection war chests guarantees that most incumbents will not have any oppositon. Those few challenger that do run campaigns will be loaded with special interest and union money that if they are elected they will not rock the Albany Incumbent Protection Society.. The NYT wrote about the lack of challengers in 2004 when it asked voters to Casting a Meaningful Vote

In 2004 the NYT Editorial Stated:
"This year, however, the few primary races for New York's abysmal State Legislature are a special case . . Our state government has totally broken down. The Legislature holds the national record for late budgets, and often appears incapable of passing even the simplest bills. The Assembly speaker, Senate majority leader and governor control all the power, and individual lawmakers are responsible for little more than showing up. Then every election season they go home to face what is, at most, token primary opposition. Since so many of the districts are gerrymandered to be safe for one party or the other, election results are usually preordained. . . But the real story this year is less about good men and women under attack than about terrible lawmakers who are getting a free ride.

If there is a primary race in your district, vote against the incumbent. Vote for an opponent, any opponent." (NYT, September 12, 2004)

New York's Fixed Election System
Unless there are competitive elections Albany will never care about harm they are causing. The times in its new heavy mortgaged tower can think they are going to throw the bums out, but the street smart Albany legislators know that got the election system fixed. All over the county elected officials are beginning to be throw out. Not New York, New York. We have an appointed State Comptroller and U.S. Senator who do not have serious challengers by design. Every one who wanted to run was given an offer they could not refuse.

True News have reporting on the real problem of Albany the election system: The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers * Organized Crime Politics - The Rigged Election System *Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale * Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again * True News - How Albany Operates Like the Mob * NY's Falling Voter Participation *Can't the Media Play This Game Anymore?

Voters Shun Incumbents, Two Sons Are Defeated. Budget Is 44 Days Late NY Civic Henry J. Stern

NYPD,MTA Broken Cameras Everywhere
The NYPD Camera closest to the Times Square car bomber did not catch Faisal Shahzad because it had been broken for over a year. We know the MTA is a joke when it comes to fighting terrorism or even running the trains. Were are the newspaper editorial boards questing the City Council Transportation Committee and the Albany legislative committees overseeing the MTA.

MTA Camera Incompetence

More than three years behind schedule, nearly nine years after the 9/11 terror attacks, only 46% of the city's 4,100 subway system cameras are wired to working recording devices, the MTA admits. Subway cameras cost $23K a piece - but don't even record MTA admits only 46% of cameras are hooked up to recording devices. last week both the city and state comptroller start to investigate why so many subways line are closed for track work each weekend how about investigating why the MTA screw up its camera installation so much. Are they doing it with other programs. Comptroller Liu should have a head start he was chairman of the city council's transportation committee for 10 years. City, state comptrollers to audit MTA track work Newsday

Bloomberg's Trickle-Down New York

Mayor Bloomberg under fire for his 'trickle-down theory': Spend money to make money He believes in generating jobs through big projects like rebuilding Coney Island and Willets Point- subsidizing them with tax breaks and public money if necessary. At the same time, he protects rich New Yorkers from any more tax hikes, saying their big spending creates jobs for everyone else *Bloomberg tracked dollars around the world to show how companies avoid paying billions in taxes through a method known as "transfer pricing." *Does Mike even care anymore? (Goodwin, NYP) *Bloomie screws the Jews (Queens Crap)

Sunday Update Cancel the party, Andy: Cuomo must not toe Working Families line (DN Ed) *
A Question From Lydia In an interconnected world, pain spreads. Lost in Athens, felt in Berlin. Lost on Wall Street, felt in Iceland (Friedman, NYT) *Dave just dogging it: Silver (NYP) *Gov. Paterson's proposed furloughs leave 100,000 state employees in life-changing limbo (DN) *Laguardia Airport Body Scanners Coming (Fox 5) *Do the math already, Albany (Crains NY) *Roughed-up Rangel: I'm running anyway (NYP) *Giant Plumes of Oil Found Forming Under Gulf of Mexico (NYT) * Lawmaker Birthday Cards a Waste of Ink (and Taxpayer Money)
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Saturday PM Update
US demands oil spill costs 'clarification' from BP BBC News * Latest effort to plug gushing BP Gulf Coast oil spill hits snag * Voters want Dems to control Congress, but not this crop * Secretive Speed Traders In Spotlight After Wall Street's Flash Crash (Huff Post) * Diaz Sr. Hospitalized, Budget Extenders In Doubt? (Updated)* Canada jets escort passenger plane 'under bomb threat' BBC News

Napolitano Blasts NY Officials
Newspapers Downplay

The NY Newspapers did not play up Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claim that NY didn't spend $275M in security funds the blog reported her statement fully:

Obama administration fires back on terror funding (WABC TV) * Homeland Officials, N.Y. Lawmakers Continue Quarrel Over Anti-Terror Funds (NY1) *DHS hits back at NY officials Politico * Obama administration fires back on terror funding * Fact Check: New York's Homeland Security Funding Is Rising The Atlantic * Napolitano: NY Sitting on $275M in Security FundingWNYC * White House, NY Pols Love Arguing About Anti-Terror Funds (Gothamist)

Election 2010 A TV Cook’s Next Serving? Cuomo Family Style * Voters want Democrats to control Congress, but not current crop: poll * NY Green Party Nominates Howie Hawkins * Donovan Throws Hat Into State AG Race

Facebook Joseph Mercurio People want Democrats to control Congress after this fall's elections, a shift from April, now 45% to 40% prefer a Democratic Congress. The survey showed Republicans losing some support among married women. Democrats picked up ground among young and rural voters. Only 36% want their own member of Congress to win re-election. Associated Press-GfK poll * 'Super Tuesday' for both parties Tuesday's primaries in Kentucky, Arkansas and Pa. could offer insight into the coming elections * Joseph Mercurio Dan Donovan, Staten Island DA, enters Attorney General race—finally a serious Republican running state wide.

Facebook Azi Paybarah #agny candidate dan donovan says all political corruption cases should be prosecuted as felonies.

Public Advocate Fights to Save the Position
Up to Bloomberg's Charter Commission

Is de Blasio Changing his position on Wall Street a move to save his job?
Bloomberg Takes Aim at Watchdog Agency Again Bloomberg, who called for abolishing the office of public advocate last year, is proposing to trim the city watchdog's budget 11% this year on top of a nearly 40% cut the previous year. *Does the Public Deserve An Advocate? NBC New York * Bloomberg Blasts Gotbaum Service (WSJ) Bill de Blasio Takes Controversial Stance in Defense of Wall Street * Let Comptroller, Not Public Advocate, Succeed Mayor In Emergencies Western Queens Gazette * Developers' Advocate Bill de Blasio: Eminent Domain Was Needed for Atlantic Yards Housing (develop Don't Destroy)

Charter Reform Mayor: Term Limits Will Go to Voters (WSJ)

New Anti Gouging Taxi Alert

Citing Gouging, New York City Acts to Lift 633 Cab Licenses (NYT) * Taxi Commission Applies Brakes (WSJ) * DA preparing cases against scheming hacks: source * TLC Releases Taxi Overcharge Report (Fox 5) * Plenty of $cam hacks to whack (NYP)

Inside City Hall Bloomberg Defends His Budget (WSJ) * Comptroller to demystify city budget

Mike backs MTA chief's shutdown plan (NYP) * MTA Subway Repair Plan Irks Straphangers * MTA considers round the clock construction (WABC TV)

"I'm small time compared with these crooks!" proclaims an apparently reformed Gordon Gekko as he surveys 2008's world financial meltdown It's art Gekko at timely debut of 'Wall Street 2' * 'WALL STREET 2' Review from Cannes...

Washington Bank Regs
Vote to Limit Debit Card Fees Is Surprising Loss for Banks

Can Tenants Gain Control of the Pension Funds From Wall Street Investors?
Stuyvesant Tenants Woo Calpers Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village tenants association is hoping to take advantage of a recent decision by the California Public Employees' Retirement System, known as Calpers, to change its real-estate investment policy in favor of protecting tenants benefiting from rent control. Calpers lost $500 million in the ill-fated $5.4 billion acquisition of the sprawling complex by a group led by Tishman Speyer Properties and BlackRock Inc. New York's comptrollers should make the commitment of Calpers to protect tenant over developers.

True New have written how investors use housing programs to make billion from the pension funds and Wall Street Investors: Wall Street Hijacks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for Stuy Town

TV Show Ends: New York Loses 79 Million A Year
During its 20-year run, “Law & Order” is believed to have spent as much as $1 billion, and provided 4,000 jobs. Employed thousands of camera operators, costume designers, truck drivers and bartenders, as well as the hordes of hungry actors who came to New York chasing Broadway dreams. Dropping of ‘Law & Order’ Creates Hole in Economy (NYT) * Law & Order fadeout (NYP Ed) * City's Economy, Actors in Losing Role The cancellation of Law & Order, which employed nearly 4,000 people each season, will have far-reaching effects (WSJ) * Hinckley: Dick Wolf did the basics justice on 'Law & Order' (DN) * 'Law & Order' boosted NY actors' resumes * Why TV Crime Shows Are to Die For Dramas Like "CSI," "NCIS" Have Passionate Fans Around the Globe, but Their Popularity at Home May Reflect Our Post-9/11 World (CBS) * NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly will miss “Law & Order.”

New York Economic Meltdown
City Libraries Say Cuts Will Mean Closings and Layoffs * Arts Groups See Mayor’s Budget Plan and Shudder 31 percent cut in New York City’s cultural financing * Budget Squeeze Shuts N.Y. Parks (WSJ) * MTA Subway Repair Plan Irks Straphangers (Fox 5) * Gov delays $1.5B in school aid so state can pay bills (DN) * Empire Diner Serves Its Last Meals (NY1) * New York State to Close 55 Parks, Historic Sites (WCBS) * Renowned New York City Diner to Close Its Doors (WINS) * Jay-Z's 99 problems (NYP) *Retiring workers' 'ill'-gotten gains (NYP) * Sanitation Admits Our Streets Don’t Matter (Sheepshead Bites) * NYC managers stockpiled sick days and vacation time to get the public employee equivalent of a golden parachute * No charter schools deal as federal deadline nears * Cuts on Several LIRR Lines Will Take Effect Monday

New York's Indian Smoke War
Looks like the Indian tribes facilitating New York's massive criminal butt legging enterprises owe Gov. Pater son another big wet kiss. David hearts buttleggers (NYP Ed)

Reform Mayor: Term Limits Will Go to Voters (WSJ) * Hizzoner poops on party voting True News Nobody's Voting What Mandate?

WATCH: Christie Berates Reporter: 'You Should Really See Me When I'm Pissed'

Charter School
O's ed. czar charters a course to Brooklyn (NYP) Archbishop Timothy Dolan welcomes charter school competition Happy to compete (NYP Ed)

For Car Bomb Suspect, a Long Path to Times Square The few details that surfaced about Faisal Shahzad after his arrest echoed a familiar narrative about radicalization in the West, but the roots of his militancy appear to have sprouted long before. SATURDAY Details Emerge About 3 Men Detained in Bomb Case * Two more busted in Pakistan in connection to Faisal Shahzad * Man slams FBI for profiling him in terror questioning
* Vendor in Times Square bomb scare turns fame into fortune
* Forget Miranda warnings: Rights guarantee was not meant to empower terrorists * Terror Training for Parking Attendants (WCBS) * Times Square Bomb Suspect Shahzad May Have Turned Militant Years Ago (NPR) * Bag of garbage in tin foil causes latest false alarm since Faisal Shahzad's failed car bombing Law and Order Cops hunting B'klyn burglar * Bloomberg Plan Would Simplify Gun-Permits * Raped, drugged and beaten: Girl, 14, escapes Crown Heights basement after two weeks of torture * B'klyn basement kid-rape torture * Queens house party turns deadly when teen is shot dead * Man found shot to death inside overturned car * City gangs are facing 'Cy'clone

Pay to Play City Hospital
Coney MDs' $4M 'doctored' books

Media and New Tech Cronkite 'aided' Viet Nam protests (NYP)* 10 juicy details from the iPad affidavit Fortune * How Google Plans to Save the News (The Atlantic)* 'Robin' in the Wrong 'Hood (WSJ) * A Mentoring Program to Keep Young Talent in New York (NY Tech Meetup) * The City’s Shortage of Entrepreneurial Tech Talent (Business Insider via NYConvergence) * Marquee: TV shows learn fates (CNN)

The New Sheriffs Of Wall Street
They skipped the partner track. They were underestimated by men. But the women who will regulate banking and finance for the next generation are not accustomed to taking no for an answer
Wall Street Corruption The Securities and Exchange Commission is eyeing another part of Wall Street, reports The Wall Street Journal. This time, it's looking at banks that sold municipal bonds yet set themselves up to profit from their failure ($) * Greece says to probe US banks role in debt crisis: PM Reuters * Merkel: Euro rescue package 'just buys time'.. * Geithner Tries to Calm Nerves Over Europe’s Uncertain Fate *Fears Intensify That Euro Crisis Could Snowball (NYT) *Class Warfare: Hundreds Protest Outside Bankers' Houses In DC (Huff Post) Huffington Post Turns 5