Monday, October 11, 2010

True News Updated All Weekend: Filtering the News With New Tech Pols Become News Providers

The only thing saving the Democrats in NYS is the Republicans in NYS  

NY's Schizo Voters -  Angry at Albany but set to back Dems

New Yorkers must be glut tons for punishment. They're unhappy with gov ernment — which is run these days by Democrats, both in Albany and Washington. Yet polls say voters here are planning to send most Dems back to power next month. Is it any wonder the state's ills are so . . . chronic?  Nearly nine out of 10 New Yorkers are "angry" with state government, or at least "dissatisfied," Friday's Quinnipiac University poll reported. Seven in 10 feel likewise about Washington. Now, Democrats hold every top state office in New York. They control both houses of the Legislature. Plus, nearly all our House members and both our US senators are donkeys. Oh, and Dems also run the White House and Congress.  Given their anger, shouldn't New Yorkers be champing at the bit to dump the Democrats, as other Americans are planning to do?

Election 2010 Monday Update
Paladino Attacks Gays in Brooklyn Speech (NYT)  * In New York Governor Race, Two Italian Identities (NYT) * Paladino Criticizes Homosexuals(WSJ) * Lupica: Carl Paladino's anti-gay rant shows us his true colors (DN) * Andrew Cuomo, Rev. Al Sharpton engage in delicate dance with one another (DN)
* Paladino says kids shouldn't be 'brainwashed' into thinking homosexuality is OK (NYP * Paladino on 'Today' show says he doesn't discriminate against gays * Team Paladino eyes 'anti-Semite' smear (NYP) * As Republicans are grumbling about his spending (or lack thereof), Paladino is poised to re-launch his paid TV advertising for the first time since the GOP primary with a campaign that brands Cuomo an “Albany insider.” * Jim Odato parses the Cuomo-Farkas connection. * Paladino went out of his way to avoid answering reporters’ questions in Williamsburg. * Paladino’s business dealings have dogged him on the campaign trail.* Paladino Explains, On Morning Television * Paladino Stands By His Anti-Gay Remarks * The Paladino Meltdown: Not Deadly, Just A Waste of Precious Time (Thirteen) * Andrew Cuomo: Carl Paladino's Remarks On Gays Were Reckless, Divisive

$$$ King Buys the Media
Before Bloomberg Runs for President Take Over the Washington Media
Bloomberg Attempting Coup of Washington's Subscription-Based News Game

Perhaps the media obsession of reelecting Bloomberg got in the way of the warning signs
On New York School Tests, Warning Signs Ignored (NYT)
Bloomberg Campaign
Bloomberg Campaign Attacks Thompson on His Record in Education (September 25, 2009, NYT)

Daily News Survey Finds Problems with new machines
$90,000 BOE Finds None
Why is the BOE spending money on a fake poll? To protect their jobs
BOE survey finds thousands of voters have 'major issues' with new machines (DN) * Board of incompetence: Election hacks won't admit to their primary disaste (DN) * A $90,000 poll commissioned by the city Board of Elections found there was no “royal screwup”, but lots of minor issues, with the new voting machines on primary day.* Board of Elections gaffe may cost NYC soldiers' absentee ballots * Schumer: NY missed deadline for military ballots (NYP)
* Board of Elections gaffe may nullify NYC absentee ballots

True News Has Pointed Out the Problem with the Board of Elections Against and Again (History of BOE Corruption) 

Filtering the News

With New Tech Pols Become News Providers

News has always been filtered in New York. The media like to be close to elected officials in this city who control power.  Bloombergs has gotten so used to having his press spins printed with editing that he has begun to freak out about the uncensored bloggers and Facebookers * Bloomberg says he doesn't get Facebook , Twitter * Bloomberg Tells Twitter Users to Get a Life

Frank Rich in the NYT today says the pols using the new media are cutting out the old media and even bloggers and becoming their own news providers.  As the old media cuts back because of loss readership and advisers  to the Internet the new social communication tech makes it easier for pols to control the news.  How else can you explain how 98% of the incumbents were reelected in this past primary. Facebook Politicians Are Not Your FriendsThe Web, with its potential to hold politicians accountable, has also given partisans license to find only the “facts” that fit their prejudices. (Rich, NYT)

 Another Reason the Pols are Gaining Power Over the Press and Public - Government Funded Political Machines

Daily News Discovers Government Funded Political Machines

Did the Daily News come up with these recycled stories today because that were responding to the rumors that the NYP had a big hit on Vito Lopez?

Lopez has secret army from his senior center Brooklyn boss Vito Lopez routinely uses employees from his nonprofit empire to run his political machine(DN)

The City Council Slush fund is the same thing. A government funded machine for the pols.  Perhaps the Daily News should investigate why City Hall is covering up the slush fund investigation for two years.

 NY's Watergate: Several Slush Fund Cover-up (True News) 

What's the 'story,' Vito?  Feds eye low-rise plan as Hasid favor The feds' interest comes after a state judge threatened to put the $50 million, 159-unit housing proposal on ice over questions as to whether the city's decision to build Hasidic-friendly housing was "preordained," despite the city's claim that it considered proposals for taller buildings. (NYP) * Assemblyman Vito Lopez's long reach is not nearly enough to save girl from death (DN) * Treasurer of Vito Lopez's Bushwick Senior Citizens board told, 'You don't have to do nothing' (DN)

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

Sunday Update

Election 2010
Andrew Cuomo scores huge political win with Alan Hevesi's guilty plea, Paladino not impressed  "Andrew Cuomo has shown a disturbing pattern of letting Democratic bigwigs like McCall and Rattner off the hook," Paladino said. (DN) * Italian flavor to elex thanks to gov's race (DN) *The Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino gubernatorial campaigns are taking very different views of the Alan Hevesi guilty plea.  * Carl Paladino: Kids Shouldn't Be "Brainwashed" Into Thinking Being Gay Is "A Successful Option" *Paladino made the rounds of the Orthodox Jewish community today, emphasizing at times his stances against abortion and saying he'd take a stand against same-sex marriage if elected, Maghabe notes* Video: Carl Paladino's Full Speech To Orthodox Jewish Leaders * Andrew Cuomo has returned more campaign cash than Paladino has raised.* Whether Paladino can win depends on just how angry voters are, Alan Chartock says. * Republicans would like Paladino to spend more.

Bloomy backers are ballot slackers 
Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson,  Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano and Alan Aviles, head of the municipal hospital system

People Die When Hospitals are Closed
St. Vincent's closing was a 'disaster,' says Bellevue chief Six months after St. Vincent's Hospital closed its doors, ERs at nearby hospitals are bursting with patients. (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown
Flick tix would $oar with new law: theaters
The sick-time bill being mulled by the City Council would increase the cost of movie tickets, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners.(NYP) * No sale for NYC tax  Retailers fear customers will flee (NYP) * Kill this bill: City Council has no business toying with law to guarantee sick pay to all (DN) * Sorry, seniors, Social Security raise stalled for second year in a row (DN)

Happy Birthday John

 John Lennon's Imagine (Video)

Lennon's New York Universe The Journal's music writer John Jurgensen takes a look at some of the lesser known landmarks from John Lennon's life as a New Yorker.(WSJ) * City Marks John Lennon's 70th Birthday (NY1) * John Lennon's 70th Celebrated in Central Park(WSJ)

Convicted Pensions
You can't Hev it!  New Law could strip crook pols like Al Heveis of his 167,000 pension.  In the end the courts would have to decide if Hevesi and the other convicted pols would receive their pension.   The state Constitution clearly states that pension benefits for government workers are part of a "contractual relationship" that "shall not be diminished or impaired." (NYP)  Get ready for court again former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, Bronx Sen. Guy Velella, former Brooklyn Democratic leader and Assemblyman Clarence Norman and Queens Assemblymen Brian McLaughlin and Anthony Seminerio, among others.

Election 2010Andy: I positively won't 'gutter' snipe at Carl (NYP) * Paladino Serenades a Former Target Patched things up with New York’s Republican chairman. * Mr. Paladino and the System Carl Paladino may say he’s just a regular guy from Buffalo, but he has the track record of a political inside (NYT Ed) * Carl's excellent adventure: Paladino's out-of-control campaign careens every which way (DN Ed) * Cuomo Continues To Stay On Message Following Latest Paladino Accusations (NY1)* Anger isn't enough for Paladino - Times Union

AG Mud Fight
'General' mayhemAG debate bares 'party' animals  The Rev. Al Sharpton, Pedro Espada Jr. and Carl PaladinoNYP) * Attorney General Rivals Are True to Form in Debate (NYT)
Vito's Goodfellow Above the Law
Vito snares $135M pact despite probe (NYP) The city and state are moving forward with $135 million in new home-care contracts with the Ridgewood Bushwick social-services agency controlled by Assemblyman Vito Lopez -- even as months-long investigations into its activities are going full steam ahead, The Post has learned. (NYP)

Paterson jokes: Rev. Al 'doing for justice what Tiger did for cocktail waitresses'

Liu's Trip to Ireland
Critics Question Comptroller Liu's Ireland Trip  City Comptroller John Liu's efforts to find city pension-fund investments in Ireland, which lately has drawn headlines for its economic woes, is raising questions about whether he's focused on investment or political returns. (WSJ)

Pay to Play Union  TWU Local 100's No. 2 officer gets the boot for giving contracts to live-in lover (DN)
Terrorism  In Bomb Case, Turmoil Over What Jurors Saw (NYT) * Don’t Try Terrorists, Lock Them Up (NYT Op Ed) * Bx. terror jury sees off-limits evidence; trial in peril (DN) * Conflict Over Evidence Brings Bombing Trial Deliberations To A Halt (NY1)
*** Sunday Update JetBlue JFK security scare (NYP) * Outraged, and Outrageous Pamela Geller has emerged as a lightning rod for anti-Islamic fervor through her blog, Atlas Shrugs. (NYT)
*** Monday Update No Appeal in Exclusion of Witness in Terror Trial * Feds expecting conviction in U.S. embassy bombings (DN) *The terror-trial difference (DN Ed) * Guantanamo Trial To Move Forward Without Key Witness (NY1) * Four Staten Island Teenagers Charged With a Hate Crime After Taunting Muslim Classmate - WPIX

Law and Order Gay-bash 'gang bangers' nailed (NYP) * Monster: It'll cost to kill me (NYP)  * Lured Into a Trap, Then Tortured for Being Gay (NYT) * Gang goes on sick rampage, sodomizing teen with plunger and forcing another to burn lover with cigs (DN) * Stopped by cops, ex-con shoots self in head (DN) * Cop big's quota crack is caught on tape (DN) * Fox 5 newsman suspended after child molestation charges (DN) * Plea deal for Mets closer K-Rod gets the nod (DN) * A victim defamed: Judge and DA trash memory of woman killed by cop driving drunk (DN Ed) * Brooklyn DA Investigates Death Of Underweight Girl (NY1)  *** Sunday Update 11 jailers busted in a month  (NYP* Tot kin to sue in tree tragedy (NYP) * Boy, 8, Stabbed in Long Island Video Arcade (NYT) * EXCLUSIVE: Fox perv Charles Leaf abused kin, says sister (DN) * City FBI office gets new chief, she's a whiz of a G-woman (DN) * Deranged lunatic stabs 8-year-old with hunting knife (DN)* Dead body in burning car found in Queens (WABC) * Man Stabs 8-Year-Old With Hunting Knife in Dave and Buster's (NBC)
*** Monday Update Bronx Attacker’s Ultimatum: Be Hit With a Bat, or a Pipe  * Bail Denied for Six Bronx Hate-Crime Suspects(WSJ) * Fireman Probed in Brooklyn Car Death(WSJ) * It's all just a big joke to vile Bronx torture crew as they rot in jail (DN) * Shrink-wrapped killer to plead insanity in murder (DN) * Queens man gunned down in Brooklyn (DN) * Cops took too long to nab a suspect, biz owner says (DN) * City Officials Livid Over Gang-Bang, Torture Of Gay Men - WPIX * Sources: City Firefighter Questioned In Brooklyn Hit-And-Run (NY!) * Beaten up by my own 'family'  Gay bashers told victim: 'It's not personal (NYP) * Ninth Suspect In Bronx Anti-Gay Attacks To Surrender To Authorities (NY1) * Explosive Device Found in Cemetery (NYT) * Explosives Found in N.Y. Cemetery(WSJ)

Media and New Tech

Number of Competitive House Races Doubles
Around 87 House races can be seen as competitive this year, nearly twice as high as in recent years.(NYT)

Projected Republican Gains Approach 50 House Seats -

Fearing the anti-incumbent wave that may or may not be sweeping the country, lawmakers are avoiding using the “r” work – “re-elect” – in ads and on campaign lit.