Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily News and the Rest of the Media Just Does Not Get It

If You Have No Opposition, The Public Cannot Throw the Bums Out

The writers of the Daily News should read the NYP and come to a better understanding of the New York election law. Yesterday the NYP reported that Speak Silver used the fixed election law to remove even token opposition Ballot bully Silver kicks GOP underdog (NYP). So today's editorial by the News to Throw the bums out: Here’s the list of legislators to vote against this fall is impossible because most of the people on their list which comes from the legislatures who did not sign on to Koch's redistricting reforms have no or only token opposition.

Opposition Parties Keeps the Bum In

As True News has reported most of the opposition party leaders are into pay to play deal. They are puppets of Albany offering the public false hope of election change.Indy 'pay-to-play' GOPers backed after hiring chief's pal.True News says all parties are Pay to Play NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption (True News) * Just like comptroller candidate Harry Wilson this year, 2006 DA hopeful Jeanine Pirro hired the Roosevelt Group, a consulting firm with ties to state Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay, prior to landing the party’s endorsement. * The Post thinks Cuomo may come to regret accepting the Indy Party line. * DiNapoli Gets NARAL, Declines to Comment on Indy Party

Only Story today in the media about the state budget being 115 Days Late Gov's soda tax may go flat in Legislature vote * Gov. David Paterson is reportedly ready to make state lawmakers’ lives “miserable” for the next few weeks, calling them repeatedly back to Albany in hopes of avoiding the latest state budget in history. * “I know it’s summer and everyone is tired of this, but everyone is tired of this because they have acted unprofessionally,” Paterson told the AP. “At this point, I’m not in the negotiating mood…until the job is done, I think the Legislature is delinquent.” * Paterson ’100 Percent’ Behind Rangel * Gov: Legislative Inaction ‘Slap In The Face’ Of NYers * Bloomberg: No-tow bill will “kill people”

ManhattanInst "The Man who Saved New York" by E.J. McMahon...New York's Harry Truman is Gov. Hugh L. Carey

Election 2010 Lazio lagging as GOPers call on Paladino * Chris Smith takes a look at black politics in the near-post-Rangel era Harlem. “They’re saying, ‘You gotta wait your turn,’ ” says Senate hopeful Basil Smikle. “No, I don’t want to wait my turn. Did you tell that to Barack? Did he wait his turn?” * Cuomo’s campaign returned $6,000 worth of political cash to a prominent nursing home operator who is under investigation by the AG’s office. * Chuck Schumer is keeping his distance from Charlie Rangel. * Despite House ethics probe, Charles Rangel's support remains strong in Harlem (Wash Post) * Pedro Espada was spotted playing the slots * Law Firm Donates More to Rice Campaign

Shelter plan hid shady business A controversial bid to open a shelter in Chelsea for 328 drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless won initial city approval based on plans that hid key elements that violated regulations, while likening the project to Donald Trump's luxury hotel in SoHo * Bonuses on line over 'phony' test scores on state exams (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown Metro-North, LIRR Push Higher Parking Fees (WSJ)
* County-Level Revolt Brewing Frustrated by Albany's backlog of unpaid bills, cash-strapped local governments around New York are threatening to suspend their Medicaid payments to the state. (WSJ) * NFL to Move to Smaller Headquarters (WSJ) * Deputy Mayor has no problem closing firehouses (Queens Crap) * Latest M.T.A. Capital Investment: Water Coolers (NYT) * Gov. Paterson says planning for layoffs to start immediately * Train schedules change to get NY jurors to court (NYP) * Many Not-for-Profits Lack State Cash

On Pleasant Avenue, a Grisly Past Fades, and a Target Moves In (NYT)

Terrorism NY About that mosque (NYP Ed) * Jury Hears Closing Arguments In JFK Terror Trial -

Today's Pentagon Papers: Afghanistan
Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert (NYT) * View Is More Bleak Than Official Portrayal (NYT) * Website Releases Secrets on Afghan War (WSJ) * Leaking Afghan files 'threatens national security': official * Daniel Ellsberg in 2010 * Twitter newyorkpost WikiLeaks to Release More Secret Afghan War Documents

Law and Order Suicidal 'killer' gets liver transplant (NYP) * Mother, not teen, behind Staten Island murder-suicide fire (NYP) *Cops shift focus on mom in Staten Island fire horror (DN)* Inquiry Into Staten Island Fire Shifts to Mother (NYT)* Taconic-ma kin in $100G film deal (NYP) * Stray shot strikes tot in Brooklyn (NYP) * Child Shot in Crossfire in Brooklyn (NYT) * Does Crime Rise With the Mercury? (WSJ) * Pakistani immigrant gunned down on bloody day across city (DN) * Probe: Married NYPD Finest had 100 hookups with officer* Judge tosses out conviction in 1981 murder of doctor (DN)* Police Investigate Deadly Shooting In Astoria (NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: Girlfriend Of Victim Shot By Suit-Clad Gunman Speaks Out (NY1) * Ice-T still incensed over arrest (NYP) * Gas Station Attendant Among 4 Killed in Separate Attacks (NYT) * Rapper Ice-T blasts NYPD for 'disrespect' after arrest

Wall Street Madoff suits to target victims(NYT) *Madoff Investors Brace for Lawsuits (WSJ)* Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts (NYT) * Warren’s Candidacy Raises a Partisan Debate (NYT)

Twitter Joseph Mercurio Imagine the Republicans campaigning to save a Bush measure, though I’m not thrilled with increasing taxes during a recession. Geithner pushes plan to let tax cuts for wealthy expire

Oil Leak Round Up the Usual Lobbyists New data provide worthwhile insight into just how tight the government and the oil industry have become. (NYT ed)
Media and New Tech Google Music takes a step closer to reality