Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gov Where Is Our Seabury Commision? To Investigate the Crime Wave of Corruption in NY

Gov Where Is Our Seabury Commission?
To Investigate the Crime Wave of Corruption in NY

New Yorkers in the 1930s lacked the means to ferret out collusive arrangements among their elected representatives, organized criminals, and corrupt police. Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Judge Samuel Seabury to quench Tammany Hall corruption in the city's magistrate's courts and police department. The Seabury investigation, which resulted in the resignation of Mayor James J. Walker, was the result of public indignation of widespread uncontrollable corruption in the city. For Mayor James “Jimmy” Walker, a Tammany stalwart known and beloved as the “Night Mayor” for his evening excursions and libidinous escapades, the investigations into New York’s police, lawyers, and municipal officials would circle closer and closer to City Hall until they eventually led to his downfall. When Seabury looked into the mayors financial records, he declared Walker's letters of credit "the fatal blow to Tammany Hall." He discovered that politicians and businessmen in the city had maintained a slush fund for Walker in exchange for favors. If Governor Roosevelt appointed a commission to investigate the Walker slush fund why doesn't Paterson appoint a commission to investigate the City Council slush fund? Speaker Quinn has yet to say a word about Martinez, Ex-Councilman, Gets 5 Years for Stealing $100000 for his own specialized slush fund * Miguel Martinez's leniency plea falls on prosecutors' deaf ears * Bruno will likely face jail time, say federal prosecutors* Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up
Cover Up At City Hall Continues * Quinn's Con Game * Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up

Why Not Paterson's Seabury Commission?

Paterson who all reports is running against the legislature should expand he enemies list and add in the council and corrupt political parties in New York. With his low poll numbers, the gov should remember what my grandmother used to say "with the mess your in, it can't hurt." Wake up handlers Bill Lynch and Harold Ickes you can also run against Bruno, Brian McLaughlin, Tony Seminario. Paterson might even get elected if you can position himself as running against corruption, unless he or his friends are involved.

True News Was Right
Yesterday: Albany's Three Card Monte Game: Pols Attacking Their Own Actions - Students are Pawns

Today's Daily News
Gov. Paterson, pols whacked student MetroCard program: Hidden deal revealed as MTA unveils cuts

Council Flip Flops The NYP editorial Quinn's selective outrage asked how can the council say they are trying to find revenue to pay for student bus passes, when they rejected a day before voted the day before to kill the Kingsbridge mall project, and the thousands of tax-revenue-producing jobs that went with it. Mike rips blunder in The Bronx Filling the MTA budget hole with cash from the agency's capital fund with money set aside to prevent track fires and keep the subway-car doors from falling off (NYP) No Job Beats Low Jobs In City Council's View. Mayor, Newspapers Want 2200 Workers To Get Armory Jobs (Henry Stern NY Civil

Development Trumps Cops? When the city does not have enough money to hire new police why is it spending 1 Billion dollars police training building? It is understandable how the city can and needs to build projects like Yankee Stadium and the Westside Rail Yards in good time, but in this budget crisis as we cut services or cops (6000) why build a new training HQ when the old one work for years? Work Begins in Queens on Academy for Police

Lying Bitch, Go to Jail for Jerk?
Activist who wrote 'The Jerk' on Molinaro campaign poster is suing cop who arrested him *** Schumer in 'bitch' & moan He said, she lied Unaware that Schumer had already 'fessed up, Gillibrand who was sitting next to Schumer in the plane insisted he'd been "polite" with the flight attendant, and "turned off his phone when asked to. (NYP Editorial) *** Schumer has history of being plane aggressive *** Word Prompts Apology From Schumer *** Schumer's Shuttle Swearing *** The Dark Side of Chuck Schumer *** Schumer’s Outburst Recalls D’Amato’s Vulgarism *** "Bitch" vs. "putzhead".

WFP Organized Party or Crime? What does any of the candidates supported by the party think? It time for the Daily News to send someone to Public Advocate de Balasio's House SI probe of WFP $$ SI DA Donovan is investigating whether a WFP subsidiary violated campaign laws in the election of Debi Rose to the City Council *** Is the WFP's game up? *** On Unreleased 2008 WFO Tax Returns, $60k Grant Reported As Coming From Progressive America Fund (City Hsll) *** Lander Hit With WFP-Related Subpoena *** Williams: WFP Probe Result Of 'Sour Grapes' ** D.A. probing Working Families Party in Rose election, report says *** GAO opens ACORN investigation *** Government Urges NYC Judge to Reverse ACORN Ruling

Tax It and They Will Leave New York's middle class are already leaving the state because of high taxes. The 200 million shorts falls in the millionaires and MTA tax collection are proof of that. Now on top of the increase taxi fares and taxes they are going to bring back congestion pricing. Is the only way Albany know to plug a budget gap is to raise taxes. The teachers and education and other interest lobbyist make cutting anything impossible and the lack of intelligence makes economic policies to attract business impossible also Paterson: I'm Sure Congestion Pricing Will Come Back * Shelly Silver: "Everything [bridge tolls, even congestion pricing] is on the table * MTA Cuts Produce Deja Vu Along with Outrage

True News Understood the City's Economic Condition Before the Election City's Economic Melt Down: You Read It in True News First ** Election Year Budget Cover Up ** Sea of red ink facing the city and state budgets The 2009 Campaign Boycott of Real Issues July 8, 2009 * New York's Economic Melt Down, No Clown Affair July 1, 2009 * Jobless Recovery? Labor Day as Crisis Grows * Sept 6, 2009 New York Budget Sinking, Where the Real Fix? * Sept 24, 2009 * Going Broke: New York Failing Health Care System October 5, 2009 *** Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore?

Where was the Times with these stories BEFORE THE ELECTION? Welfare Rolls in New York City Begin to Rise, Belatedly - *** Bloomberg wins elections and then cuts back on everything he promised 4 Schoolyards Cut From Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Goal of 290 Parks - *** City nixes 3,000 Section 8 vouchers

Gov of La Mancha Albany 'Class' action vs. Paterson *** MTA lowers the boom with doomsday cuts *** Education groups sue to stop Gov. Paterson from withholding aid money *Here are the lawsuits - suit #1; suit #2 - for your reading pleasure ** A coalition of education groups files suit against Gov. David Paterson, Budget Director Robert Megna and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Paterson blasts the plaintiffs for seeing themselves as “extra-special interests.” (TU/NY Public Radio/DN) *** The Senate Republican conference sends a message that its members won’t be lured into disloyalty by Democrats bearing gifts — or chairmanships. (TU) *** Paterson hasn’t yet released an advisory opinion on whether or not it’s OK for Lieutenant Gov. Richard Ravitch to raise funds for a nonprofit set to do policy work for the state. (DN) *** In Sheldon Silver's world, school kids pay full subway fares while motorists pay nothing on bridges (Daly NYDN) *** MTA budget cuts to greatly impact Access-A-Ride clients *** Paterson Sued Over School Payments *** "They're saying, 'We're not special interests, we're extra special. We're supposed to get all the money and everybody else can just divide up the crumbs,'" Paterson responded. "It's clear to me they don't care about anybody but themselves." *** Dean Skelos isn't biting on a proposal to give some of his Republican state senators committee chairmanships *** Holiday jam from the Spitzers *** Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb wants a "people's" constitutional convention *** The governor's office refused to release an ethics opinion on whether it's OK for LG Richard Ravitch to fund-raise to hire staffers *** The Watertown Times hails Paterson for handling the state budget with "straightforwardness and common sense." *** After securing likely federal recognition, the Shinnecock tribe is wasting no time in moving ahead with a casino plan *** Paterson's 'Modest' Thank You for County Chairs *** Espada Revives The Real Estate Argument With MTA
*** NY Tribe Faces Many Hurdles In Bid To Run Casino WCBS-TV *** Espada Calls for Audit of MTA NBC New York
Inside City Hall City Council panel mulling 'Bell St.' A City Council committee today is expected to vote on a controversial bill to rename a Queens street after Sean Bell, who was killed in a hail of 50 police bullets on what was to be his wedding day *** FDNY stovetop fire draws warning *** A Settlement, but No End to Mayor-Morgenthau Rift *** Stage Set for Showdown Over School Closings *** Katrina crisis leader Parr may be new FDNY boss *** It appears the detente between Bloomberg and Morgenthau is a shaky one *** Oddo and Vallone Oppose Sean Bell Street *** DOT Begins Annual Pothole Filling Campaign *** Election Officials Hold Voting Machine Test Run *** Committee Approves Sean Bell Street Renaming *** The New York City Atheists and a priest are suing the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Democratic Chair Vito Lopez for robocalls the bishop made boosting the chairman.

New York's Economic & Competency Melt Down DA feud costs city cool $20M * 'FDNY flub' guy to sue ***"Wall Street has recovered much faster than expected, but other industries are still hurting, and the recovery is expected to be slower in New York City than in the nation as a whole," DiNapoli said. State tax revenue through November was $1.1 billion less than a year earlier, mostly in personal income taxes, the comptroller said in a separate report *** Broadway faces possible labor strike *** New law to help owners facing foreclosure *** Welfare Rolls Grow in City, but Increase Is Modest *** M.T.A. Approves Big Service Cuts in Mass Transit *** Strains Felt in Health Coverage for Jobless *** 24 Sites Cut From City Plan for 290 Parks *** This stinks: Saks cuts cosmetics staff*** Broadway theater cleaners, porters say SEIU Local 32BJ is ready to strike *** The full slate of MTA cuts, now approved, represent the deepest erosion of service since the 1980s. (NYT) *** MTA approves 2010 'doomsday' budget *** Top Quotable Zingers in Response to the MTA’s Latest Cuts *** Why Is the M.T.A. Always in Trouble? *** City’s Unemployment Rate Dips to 10 Percent *** Rail Stimulus Funds to Bypass Northeast - Boston Globe

Law and Order Andy death threat LI bizman: You'll know who shot AG *** Party's over for Chelsea trouble spot Judge ordered shut *** Falafel slay guy is free Cleared by jury *** 9/11 Families Press Judges on Sifting at Landfill *** 'Sex for Series tix' Phillies fan sent officers nude pics: cops *** Woman says officer snapped midriff tattoo with cell camera *** Swiss sleaze: Long-time Manhattan DA Morgenthau goes out on a high note *** Bronx man jailed for five years because of court backlog cleared of murder charges *** A judge sided with the MTA over Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn *** Inquiry Condemns Oversight at State Police Crime Lab ***Court OKs Hair Samples for NYPD Cops' Drug Tests *** Man who claimed to be too fat to kill gets life in prison *** At least 3 dead in Upper West Side shooting *** 4 Shot To Death On Upper West Side (Wcbs) *** Court Backs Police Commissioner on Drug Testing of Officers
More City News New area code on tap: NYC running out of numbers *** 2009 In Review: Development Battles Tower Over Brooklyn *** New voting machines are on display in Queens, starting at 6 p.m. *** NY Electric Grid Operator Wants New Control Center*** Russian Billionaire Signs Off On Brooklyn Arena Deal *** Housing Commissioner Signs Off On Starrett City Deal *** City To Get New Area Code *** Brooklyn Bridge Park finally set to open

White House
Bam: Bankruptcy if health bill fails *** Prez: We hope to steer clear of tax hikes *** O's Dear Kim note *** Pakistan Reported to Be Harassing U.S. Diplomats *** White House Plan Would Increase Clean Energy Tax Credit *** When the Charm Rubs Off - George Will, Washington Post *** Obama Defends HC Bill, Says It Will Pass - Karen Travers, ABC News *** Obama Needs Health Care Exit Strategy - Matthew Dowd, Washington Post *** Only Obama Can Rescue These Climate Talks - George Monbiot, Guardian *** The Democrats' Bush Nostalgia - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** The President is No B+ - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approval rating is much higher than President Obama's ***Iraqi Insurgents Hack Drones ***Axelrod Blasts Liberal Opposition *** US drones hacked by Iraqi insurgents *** Quick Primer on EPA's Coming Carbon Regulations - Brad Plumer, TNR

In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job that Congress is doing? Approve 22%, Disapprove 68%. Wall Street Journal NBC TV poll. * In the next election for U.S. Congress, do you feel that your representative deserves to be reelected, or do you think that it is time to give a new person a chance? Deserves to be reelected 38%, Give new person a chance 49%. Wall Street Journal NBC TV poll. Worse than the 2006 election and before the 1994 election!

Congress Why I Can't Support This Bill - Howard Dean, Washington Post *** The House narrowly approved a jobs program without any GOP votes Pelosi's climate air farce Leading a large delegation on at least two Air Force jets to Copenhagen for the climate summi *** In Senate Health Showdown, Round Goes to G.O.P. *** Bills Pass on Debt and War Funds *** Democrats vow to close Medicare coverage gap for drugs *** Kerrey: In praise of Joe Lieberman *** Nancy Pelosi says she’s not going to bend over backward to lobby for Afghanistan surge funding. (WashPost) *** A chance to debate single-payer health care is stymied in the Senate. (NYT) *** The House passes a jobs bill without a single GOP vote. (NYT) *** Is former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson tomorrow’s Ron Paul? (Politico) *** Senate Republicans vow to delay health-care vote Washington Post *** 'Cadillac Tax' Will Hit Middle Class Hard - Patricia Murphy, Politics Daily *** It's Not Perfect, But HC Bill Should Pass - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post *** Democrats' Blues Grow Deeper - Peter Wallsten, Wall Street Journal *** Amid Discontent, Dems Head for the Exits - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** Why Democrats Should Pass Health Care - Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight *** Contemplating the Badness of Lieberman - Gail Collins, New York Times *** Dems' Healthcare Plan Doesn't Deliver - Sen. John Thune, RealClearPolitics *** Congress Raises Debt Ceiling, Lowers Confidence - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** Health Care Muck: Not Too Late to Start Over - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Curbing Big Banks: Draw the Damn Line - Robert Borosage, Huffington Post *** TV ad, grassroots battles stalk healthcare debate Reuters *** Senate panel endorses Bernanke nomination *** Senate Stuck in Full Nelson *** Senate Panel Backs 2nd Bernanke Term *** Democrat Blues Grow Deeper in New Poll *** Former Rep. 'Proud Of Being An Ex-Con," May Try To Go Back To Congress *** AFL demands 'substantial changes' *** Vote by Christmas in peril ***PM Nation's Largest Union: Change Health Care Bill Or Else *** Holdout Sen. Nelson rejects abortion compromise *** v. Joe Lieberman *** WATCH: Franken Shuts Lieberman Up On The Senate Floor *** The Priority is to Get Something Passed - Paul Krugman, New York Times *** Victory by Dems on Health Care Could Turn Sour - Gloria Borger, CNN *** An Enormous Advance for Progressive Agenda - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones *** Is Health Care the Stimulus Redux? - Ezra Klein, Washington Post *** Panel probes 'protection racket' House panel examines allegations that security firms pay off Taliban to ensure safe passage.

Political Parties
Check out the visor on Sarah! *** Palin Explains McCain Hat *** Palin smacks Post columnist

Wall Street BofA names chief *** Iconix hops away from Playboy deal ***Treasury delays its Citi sale *** Abu Dhabi alleges fraud in Citigroup dispute *** JPMorgan nearly doubling mortgage centers *** SEC to require broader disclosure on executive pay *** 4 Big Mortgage Backers Swim in Ocean of Debt *** Challenging Intel An overdue antitrust suit by the F.T.C. against Intel could finally open the door to increased innovation from rival firms *** Government Reconsiders Quick Sale of Citigroup Stake *** Accenture, as if Tiger Woods Were Never There*** BofA taps Moynihan as CEO *** Here's Why Banks Aren't Lending - Gerald O'Driscoll Jr., Wall Street Journal *** How America Let Banks Off the Leash - John Gapper, Financial Times *** 5 Lessons for Next Time Banks Come Begging - Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg *** A judge approved $50 million worth of Lehman Brothers bonuses *** Citi to suspend foreclosures for 30 days*** Analyst: Bernanke's Made A 'Pig's Breakfast' Of The Financial Crisis *** Group: SEC ices staff probes

Pay to Play Wall Street Claims of Insider Trading From Trader’s Ex-Wife *** Wells Fargo Faces Federal Probe over Securities Lending - Star Tribune

Limousine liberals enjoy the weather in Copenhagen*** Clinton Says U.S. Plans to Contribute to Climate Fund *** Tap Water Might Be Legal, but Unhealthy *** On Upper East Side (Gasp!), Some of the City’s Dirtiest Air*** Mott Haven 'Swamp' Was Deeper Than Thought *** Two Days and Counting With time running out, negotiators in Copenhagen need to produce, at the very least, an interim political framework for a global *** Hillary Clinton Pledges $100B for Developing Countries *** Why Climategate Just Got Much Bigger - James Delingpole, The Telegraph *** Time Running Out in Copenhagen - New York Times Ed ***The Copenhagen PR Scam - National Post *** Copenhagen Talks in Danger *** Big Applause for Hugo Chavez at Climate Summit - Andrew Bolt, Hld Sun

Terrorism Terrorist Foes Remain Elusive & Motivated - Michael Bronner, Vanity Fair

International Bandaged Berlusconi leaves hospital *** U.N. Officials Say American Aide Plotted to Replace Karzai *** Reputed Mexican Cartel Chief Is Killed in Shootout *** Mexican navy kills top cartel kingpin in two-hour gunbattle *** Berlusconi Leaves Hospital *** The Plot to Pull Karzai *** Prince Is Royal Pain for Lawmakers *** Irish Bishop Resigns After Scandal *** The World' islands will keep expanding, Dubai says

National Massachusetts Antismoking Plan Gets Attention *** S.C. Panel Kills Measure to Impeach Governor *** The City Without a Bookstore *** White Americans' majority to end by mid-century *** Calif.‘s Failed No-Bid Bond Sale - Bloomberg

Media and New Tech
NBC actors 'steal' show *** WSJ's glossy mag growing *** Editor & Publisher closing after 108 years *** Hard stance: HarperCollins joins the e-delay crowd *** Charles Gibson always put solid reporting first *** Facebook researchers have found that 11 percent of the approximately 100 American users are African-American, 9 percent are Latino, and 6 percent are AsianHow White Is Facebook?*** The Science Behind James Cameron's Avatar *** Nightline” Bests “Tonight Show” For 25th Consecutive Week In Total Viewers" *** New York Times Layoffs Begin *** COLBERT BUMP: Magazines See Sales Increase On Colbert Cover *** SAY WHAT? Joe Trippi Joins Fox News *** I QUIT! Nancy O'Dell Leaves "Access Hollywood" Over 'Sensational Direction' *** Ex-Head of NYC Newspaper Mailers Union Accused of Stealing $200,000