Friday, December 18, 2009

New York's Perfect Storm of Public Anger, Distrust and Hopelessness

New York's Perfect Storm of Public Anger, Distrust and Hopelessness

It his era of cable, Internet the sausage of making laws and running government are put in our face 24/7. The economic melt down and the election of "change" Obama has made everyone focus on government to fix things. Dysfunction Albany and lobbyist in Washington, Albany and City Hall have made the public into pawns in a game they no long can control. At his birthday party last night Cuomo lamented the sorry state of Albany, saying the level of distrust New Yorkers have in government and their elected officials "has never been higher." How this anger is expressed or not expressed in 2010 will determine the direction of this county for the next 20 years. The low voting turn outs this year are the clearest of signs that a large number of New Yorkers have given up on government ability to solve problems.

Fare and Anger Protesting school bus pass cuts by children who parents who has lost their jobs or worried they will soon be unemployed

Frustration and Anger Reading day after day about the failure to Albany to come up with a balanced budget, Washington to pass a health care bill that covers every American and is not a give away to the health care industry.

Irresponsibility and Anger How can the city's leaders be so incompetent that they could not come to an agreement with a developer in the Bronx to create 2500 jobs when more than 10% of New Yorkers are unemployed Ideology Over Jobs Kingsbridge Commissar (NYP) *State Senator Betty Little, a Queensbury Republican, of Albany: "It is now beyond dysfunction. It is madness, or something" * Labor vs. Labor over Kingsbridge

Forgetaboutit Pay to Play Markowitz Markowitz's used his chief of staff, Carlo Scissura, as a lawyer for his home closing. City law bars public servants from representing their bosses in private legal matters. Scissura did the work on his own time and wasn't paid for the service that typically costs several thousand dollars. And Marty Markowitz paid for his house, in part, from a slip-and-fall accident * His kingdom for a house: Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz is a New York Knucklehead This is the second public tit that Markowitz has sucked on that we know of In 1988 Markowitz, pleaded guilty to election fraud in his 1985 race for Brooklyn Borough President. Strapped for campaign funds, he illegally laundered $25,000 through his personal bank account to disguise contributions from the Hyfin Credit Union, whose treasurer, Edward Lee, was later convicted of stealing credit union funds. Mr. Markowitz avoided jail, but must pay a $7,500 fine and perform 75 hours of community service. For State Senate: Candidates, Crimes * Miller's Campaign Files Subpoenaed - The New York Time
Who Judges the Judges? . . . Nobody? The city's corporation council Michael A. Cardozo recently said he was frustrated with repeated delays in trial decisions, and maintained that the “entire culture must be changed” to “improve judicial accountability and, with it, judicial performance.” 18 of 20 justices of the First Judicial Department of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court delivered a letter published Thursday in The New York Law Journal which barely contain their contempt for Cardozo. In a break of the tradition of restraint in at least public comment, the judges lashed out of Cardozo. Cardozo said he was talking for other who felt the court's decision were not timely delivered. From State Judges, a Rebuke of a Top Bloomberg Adviser

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Crain's New York is trying to spin positive in its headlines that city's economy has turned around. For example the city has gained half the usual November holiday-hiring-season bump. Crains Headline: City gained 10,700 private-sector jobs in Nov. The decline in office rents in the most recent six months slowed to 11% from 14% in previous half-year Crains Headline Drop in Manhattan office rents slowing

Saturday Night Live Meets the Senate Senator Franken is not following the path of a typical freshmanAdvise & Consent (1962) * WATCH: Franken Shuts Lieberman Up On The Senate Floor

You Scratch My Back (Congress)
I Scratch Yours
(Health Care Industry)

Lieberman get campaign contributions from the insurance and Lieberman makes money for the industry as their stocks go up. Rising stock prices is proof positive that the senate was purchased by the health Insurance industry. Lieberman Statement Sends Health Insurance Stocks Up * Watchdog Group Says Ties to Health Insurance Companies Make Sen. Joe Lieberman An 'Insurance Puppet' * Sen. Bernie Sanders: Who Owns Congress?

CUNY Analysis Kiss Pols Ass . . . So What Else is New
City University has always been a good place for elected officials to get themselves and their family members jobs. Now their profession are defending as victims of a party gone wrong those pols many elected who personally benefited from what many believe is the corruption of our election system. Professors from the Baruch College of Public Affairs should not be defending a crime against democracy. David Birdsell who is often quote is stories by journalist who do not have much understand of the subject they are reporting, said the FBI inquiry doesn't necessarily reflect badly on individual candidates. "I don't think this casts a cloud over the people who earned the support of the WFP," he said. "This is clearly a question of the internal organization [of] the party." With the circus in Albany, the slush fund in the city council and the lowest voting turnout in the history of the city, Mr. Birdsell is not doing the job of the professor to inform and give us insights into the political world we live in. He is operating more like a pol who wants to make Friends with those in power. More incoming councilmen acknowledge being approached by feds concerning Working Families Party * Feds bid to shell ACORN * Government urges judge to overturn ACORN ruling * The Working Families Party has been sending money around the country through its various non-profit arms * Probe draws attention to NY's Working Families PartyNewsday * Source: More WFP Subpoenas

Truman vs. Dewey 1948 Paterson vs. Cuomo 2010
A Paterson supporter compares the governor’s race for reelection to Truman v. Dewey. Very poor read of election history, presidents are elected state by state. There was Progressive Party and the Dixiecrat revolt, not to leave out some real Truman accomplishments like desegregating the military, western military alli...ances, ending World War II sooner, and the policy of containing communism—not too shabby an list of accomplishments for a president who was running against a former governor of New York who campaigned like the little groom on the top of a wedding cake.

The Making of A Newspaper Mob Rat
Sources said Wayne Mitchell will make an appearance before US District Court Judge James Francis and is currently hammering out a plea deal. Mitchell is accused of writing checks from union bank accounts to give himself an extra $250,000 in compensation at a time when the union bounced checks to outside vendors and failed to pay federal and state taxes and pension contributions. Will the feds make his testify about how the mob controls the mailers union? Ex-newspaper union head faces charges It is unbelievable that the newspapers have accepted and enabled a mob control union for decades. Newspaper Deliverers Are Probed Police and prosecutors in New York City are examining whether a newspaper-delivery union with a history of ties to organized crime is involved in illegal activity, including taking bribes in exchange for doling out jobs to favored people, a law-enforcement official said.
*** Gimme a break Rentals cut back, but incentives are still on offer *** Get ready to be $oaked Get set for a 148 percent increase in water bills over 10 years -- unless the city builds a new filtration plant. Then bills would soar 171 percent *** New Yorkers worry about how they will get by *** Rent voucher snafu may overfill city shelters *** City's jobless rate falls to 10% *** Bloomberg: Think This Is Bad? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Inside City Hall
More City Agencies Hold Millions in ‘Hidden’ Accounts *** Thousands of 'secret funds' uncovered *** The city finance department found 2,261 hidden bank accounts holding more than $226 million *** Bloomberg vetoed the City Council's rejection of Kingsbridge *** Bloomberg said the plan would created 2,200 jobs *** City Council to probe CityTime; timekeeping and payroll system costing city $700M *** Queens street to be named for Sean Bell *** Taxi drivers who talk and drive are outta luck *** McMahon Proposes Patching MTA Budget With Federal Stimulus Money *** Big Tim Sullivan, Tammany Kingmaker *** Bloomberg decides against big inauguration bash *** Top School Officials to Get Smaller Raises *** Schools Chancellor Announces Pay Raises, Layoffs For DOE (NY!) *** Mayor Says City's Not Responsible For Cuts To Housing Vouchers *** City Finalizes Deal To Buy Coney Island Land

Election 2010 Q pollster
Mickey Carroll thinks outgoing Comptroller Bill Thompson will be Cuomo's LG *** False Report: Peralta Got $17,900 In Excess Funds,Admits To Bad Election Filings *** Sources: Thompson Still Considers Senate Run (NY1) Gov of La Mancha Albany Gov. Paterson helps likely future election foe Andrew Cuomo blow out birthday candles *** Gov gives Andy b'day surprise *** Dave's Big Gamble Maybe he can scare off Andrew *** N.Y. must get in the race: $700 million in aid hangs on speedy school reform by Albany (DN Ed) *** Layoffs are in play: gov *** If the state of New York was a movie studio, we could have closed half the deficit by not making “Avatar.” Think about it. Now the news *** Paterson tells Larry King he doesn’t expect President Obama to get involved in a possible gubernatorial primary in 2010. Clip above. (DN) *** Gov. David Paterson sees his poll numbers rise as his battle with the Legislature enters a new phase. (NY Public Radio) *** A new Senate report says the system of state tax exemptions is at odds with the effort to stem property taxes. (GNS) *** Much ado about nothing: Ridiculous ruckus over Ravitch fund-raising*** Crocodile whines Teachers unions, school-board officials and their allies in the state education cartel are predictably enraged over Gov. Paterson's holding back $667 million in school aid. They've sued (NYP Ed) *** "Andrew looked shocked," said one guest. "The governor bum-rushed him. They greeted each other. It was stiff and cordial. It was like seeing your old girlfriend at the prom *** "Andrew Cuomo may not be able to waltz into the governorship after all," writes Jacob Gershman *** The Syracuse Post-Standard says: "If the governor is getting a bit more traction, it’s still not nearly enough to haul him out of the hot water." *** A new study found New York is the unhappiest state in the nation.

Pay to Play Bruno Bruno Sentencing Bumped Up *** Prosecutors Assail Albany Recordkeeping *** Regulator Criticizes Ethics Plan
More City News
Brooklyn Bridge Park finally set to open *** Jets, Giants seek to host the Super Bowl in 2014 *** Wanted: 'Taxi of Tomorrow' *** TLC launches search for design of 'taxi of tomorrow' *** Bikers in the buff to protest demise of bike lane
Law and Order Man who claimed to be too fat to kill gets life in prison *** Court: NYPD can test hair samples for drugs *** City asks public about grading eatery cleanliness *** Report Condemns Police Lab Oversight *** Four Men Dead in West Side Shootings *** Court Backs Police Commissioner on Drug Testing of Officers *** Leandra's law takes effect Friday *** Feel the 'Bern' Nobody's going to be pushing Bernard Kerik around in the prison yard *** UWS triple-murderer's pants were down before fatal fall ***Connecticut Woman Charged In Fatal Brooklyn Hit And Run *** Kerik's "Lying" Email To The White House

Environment China Boycotts Session as Obama Seeks Climate Deal *** Dictators' toxic spew at summit *** US scrapes up big $$ for climate aid *** Alter eco New ideas promise to make buildings greener*** A Planetary Movement - Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation *** How to Manufacture Climate Consensus - Patrick Michaels, Wall St. Journal *** Climate E-mails Don't Alter the Evidence - Michael Mann, Washington Post *** Copenhagen: Does the Human Race Deserve to Survive? - The Guardian *** Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure
White House Nearing New Arms Pact, U.S. and Russia Look Beyond It *** Liberal Revolt on Health Care Stings White House *** Bill cites '94 fiasco as he backs O *** Obama urges world to take "substantial step forward" to address climate change *** Labor big scolds O: Keep your health care promises *** Monica Lewinsky (yes!) believes Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury about their affair. (DN) *** Peeved Obama takes other nations to task over climate inaction *** Lewinsky believes Bill lied to grand jury: book *** Obama top adviser: Health care reform foes are 'insane' *** A Very Marine Christmas in Afghanistan ***At Copenhagen, Obama takes countries to task over climate inaction *** Iran, North Korea stoke nuke anxiety for Obama administration *** Obama's Imaginary Consensus - David Harsanyi, Denver Post *** Obama's Enemies Conference Call - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics *** Closing Gitmo is a Colossal Mistake - New Hampshire Union Leader *** Cindy Adams says the "political odds" are that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn't sign on for a second term with the Obama administration *** Obama Presses China on Rules for Monitoring Emissions Cuts *** President Obama top adviser David Axelrod: Health care reform foes are 'insane' *** The Bad Polls Aren't Obama's Fault - Jill Lawrence, Politics Daily *** Nat Hentoff: Obama Dangerous, Destructive - John Whitehead, Oldspeak *** Best to Do Nothing on Iran - Roger Cohen, New York Times *** Climate Deal Announced, but Falls Short of Expectations

Congress A Race to Win One More Vote for Health Bill *** Defense Bill Clears Senate Hurdle *** Pass the Bill The current health care bill falls a long way short of ideal, but it is better than anything that seemed possible just a few years ago (Krugman NYT) *** Does Sen. Ben Nelson Stand in the Way of Health Care Victory for Democrats? ABC News *** The Hardest CallDoes the Senate health care bill put us on a path toward real reform, or does it head us down a valley in which reform will be less likely? (Brooks NYT) *** War Opponent to the Rescue of Defense Bill *** Anti-Lieberman Drive Tops $1 Million *** Panel Backs Bernanke for Second Term *** Chrysler May Challenge Dealer Legislation *** Franken shuts down Lieberman on Senate floor *** House narrowly approves year-end jobs measure without single vote from Republicans *** Reid's Path to 60 in Doubt - Patricia Murphy, Politics Daily *** Who Can Play Health Care Hardball? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** The Democrats' Health Care Dilemma - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** How Democrats Can Get Back in Shape - William Galston, The New Republic *** New Spending Shows Democrats Are Out of Touch - Mary Cary, US News *** Dishing Out Some Shock on Debt - David Broder, Washington Post *** Banks Don't Belong in the Student Loan Business - Arne Duncan, WSJ *** Historic Improvement in Our Healthcare System - Los Angeles Times ***Boehner: We Can Stop Gitmo Transfer *** What a Difference a Year Makes: the 2010 Senate Outlook By Stuart Rothenberg *** How Deep Is The Water For Democrats? | The Cook Political Report *** WATCH: Barney Frank vs. The Credit Raters *** Healthcare May Require Continual Reform - Ron Brownstein, Natl Journa *** Wait Goes On for Reid to Release Details of Bill - Carrie Brown, Politico *** Yes, I Can Be Excited About This Bill - Jonathan Cohn, Talking Points Memo *** Paul Krugman's Selective Effigies - Matt Welch, Reason *** Reid, Thune Tell Tale of 2009 - Chuck Raasch, USA Today *** Reid and Nelson in 'Marathon' Negotiations *** Reid Faces Millionaire Opponent *** Congressional Ethics Office Closes Inquiry Into Murtha, Dicks and Moran

Political Parties
Palin 'brims' with Mac pride *** Sarah Palin hits back at Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson’s claim that her views on climate change have changed. (Politico) *** Will Bush Save Dems in 2010? *** Palin Cuts Hawaii Vacation Short Over Visor Scandal

Wall Street and the Economy
Big drop for your Citigroup shares *** Questions on Security Mar Foreign Investments *** Greenspan backing a debt-defying act *** Teamster trouble Goldman bets draw union ire *** Lewis girds for fight in backing Moynihan *** Citi share slam *** Renewing Ford's Entrepreneurial Spirit - Carl Schramm, Detroit News ***G.M. Plans to Close Saab After Sales Talks Collapse ***If Morgan Stanley Walks Away, Why Shouldn't You? Firm Walks Away From 5 Properties ***3.2 Million Foreclosures Must Be Prevented To Stabilize Housing Market ***G.M. Plans to Close Saab After Sales Talks CollapsePay to Play Wall Street 'B'klyn Madoff' in court over $45M scheme *** Steven Cohen's ex-wife dished to FBI Hedge-fund billionaire *** Madoff victims outraged at trustee's pay

Muslims Say F.B.I. Tactics Sow Anger and Fear *** Accused Mumbai Gunman Recants *Mumbai gunman recants confession, alleges torture ** Seeing Nazis Massacred, Followed by a Discussion *** Mental State of Suspect May Be Issue in Terror Case *** FBI vs. Muslim Americans *** Auschwitz Sign Stolen *** U.S. Charges 3 in Drug Case With Helping Al Qaeda *** 3 alleged al-Qaeda members arrive in NY to face charges *** Fort Hamilton to Get Federal Antiterror Money

Hired by Customs, but Working for the Cartels Mexican drug traffickers, facing heightened border security, have stepped up efforts to corrupt border agents *** Twitter Downed By 'Iranian' Hackers *Twitter hacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army' ** Leader of Mexican drug cartel killed *** Sign at Auschwitz Memorial Is Stolen - *** WorldIraqi Official: Iranian Troops Seize Iraqi Oil Well

National Federal Hate Crime Cases at Highest Level Since ’01 *** Washington Mayor Signs Gay Marriage Bill

Media and New Tech NY Post, WSJ partner with Sony e-reader *** NY Times lays off 18 newsroom workers *** Google Is in Talks to Buy Yelp the review site for local businesses ***‘American Idol’ Creator Plans Web Show *** Executive to Become Adviser to the Chief of CBS *** ABC dyin' with Diane ***Sony, News Corp. set e-reader deal *** Clear Channel lenders balk ***How Tiger Killed 2007 Enquirer Story On Affair ***Salahis to Get Reality Show?
***Privacy Groups Report Faceboo ***Charlie Gibson Signs Off From "World News" (VIDEO)