Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New York's Economic Melt Down, No Clown Affair

New York's Economic Melt Down No Clown Affair
While the circus is the media story of the day the real story is the destruction of the state's economy. New York tax receipts may be down 35 percent this year. Paterson's already warned of a $3 billion shortfall on the budget past 2 months ago. Comptroller DiNapoli has also noted that receipts are tanking: Personal-income-tax receipts were down nearly $3 billion, or 44 percent, from May 2008. General-fund revenues dipped by nearly $4 billion, or 36 percent IT'S ONLY JUST BEGUN *** NYC's jobless rate jumped to 9% in May over 100,000 in the last 9 months *** Wall Street job losses may hit 46000 by 2010 *** Manhattan: Downturn Leaves Familiar Imprint On Financial District *** Job losses continue in northern suburbs; Westchester unemployment ... *** Buffalo job losses mount - Business First of Buffalo

DN All Bark, No Bite The Daily News could not even get enough support to suspend pay to the senators now they are going to pay them back? Editorial: Payback time They broke their oaths of office. They shredded the Constitution. They cast aside common decency. And they told 19 million New Yorkers to drop dead. Now it's time to return the sentiment . . . And now most apt are the closing lines of "Planet of the Apes," whose simians are far more advanced than our senators: "You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Circus Continues The real fight is about who will control the billions given our by the senate. The Million given out by member items (80 million for majority, 8 million for minority party). This fight has become more important than serving the needs of citizens of the state BD. OF ED. IS RISING FROM DEAD CLOWNS ARE OUT OF 'CONTROL' *** FUMBLES AND BUMBLES OF GOV. PIPSQUEAK *** Blame Panic in G.O.P. for Standoff in Albany *** Glimpsing a G.O.P. Passer-By, Senate Democrats Grab the Gavel *** Senate Dems shoot down mayoral control, city tax *** Rejected by rejects State senators Tuesday night defied Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg by failing to extend mayoral control over the schools and rejecting the city's sales tax plan *** State Senate To Hold First Session After Missed Deadlines *** Senate Coup Plotters' Hidden Agenda Tabloids call it a circus, but the lobbyists' goal is to squelch reforms

MTA Melt Down, No Accountability AILING MTA SPLURGES ON EXEC MED EXAMS The MTA is blowing nearly $600,000 over five years on medical-exam perks for its top officials *** 2ND AVE. TENANTS RIP 'TRAIN WRECK' Furious Upper East Side residents, scrambling to salvage belongings from their evacuated Second Avenue buildings, charged yesterday that bureaucratic blunders by the city and the MTA have left them *** Trains in D.C. could run manually for year *** A Fiscal Oversight Control Board is proposed for the M.T.A.

No Campaign Commercial Promise, This One is Real At least the mayor acts to save NYC jobs after the council bowing to union pressure voted to allow city workers to live outside the city. Maybe the council does not know the city has the highest unempoyment rate in 16 years, 9.1%. And we thought the senate was out of touch Veto ends city worker residency battle

A monkey wrench in Schumer plan True News will offer $$$ to any reporter who asks Schumer what he thinks of Maloney challenge Maloney vows to challenge Gillibrand for Senate seat

New York City grew by more than 53,000 residents for the 12-month period ending July 2008 *** New York' population is changing also City Council resolution calls for Muslim school holidays, Bloomberg: Schools can't observe Muslim holidays

Maybe the MTA can give Ratner 200 years to pay back their loans State’s Top Court Will Hear Appeal Against Atlantic Yards. What ever happen to the Steve Rattner investigation of the pension fund? ***
The Post editorial board endorses Curtis Sliwa for public advocate, because he’ll close the office