Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jobless Recovery? Labor Day as Crisis Grows

Jobless Recovery? Labor Day as Crisis Grows

LABOR DAY PRAY: UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 26-YEAR HIGH *** In Unemployment Report, Signs of a Jobless Recovery *** Kudlow: The Jobless Recovery *** The Jobless Stimulus Wall Street Journal *** *** US Recovery Leaving Workers Jobless May Spur Company Profits
Bloomberg *** Republicans jump on jobless rise
Boston Globe *** US Recovery Leaving Workers Jobless May Spur Company Profits *** Jobless benefits dwindle away Houston Chronicle

Labor Day Union Report Local in Largest City Union Is Put Into Trusteeship *** Union Head Would Back Bill Without Card Check *** LABOR DAY PRAY: UNEMPLOYMENT HITS 26-YEAR HIGH *** Petro: Sweating the swine flu? Support Council sick day bill An estimated 1 million working people in NYC are still forced to choose between their health and employment because they don't get paid sick days *** Stand Up for Health Care! A Labor Day Message From RWDSU President ... *** Protecting Workers' Rights for Labor Day *** Unions Must Stop Supporting Legislation That Kills Jobs *** Obama's 'Green' Groups Eye Lots of Greenbacks *** Unhappy Labor Day - Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive *** Party Leaders Put Best Spin on Unemployment Rate (Roll Call) *** EMPLOYED... BUT ON FOOD STAMPSNumber Of Workers On Food Stamps Surges... "A Dire Warning"

Breaking News Obama's Health Care Speech, Revealed *** Obama 'Green Jobs' Adviser Quits Amid Controversy *** Embattled Obama Aide Resigns (Washington Post) *** Glenn Beck Gets First Scalp: Van Jones Resigns

Albany Thug DEMOCRATIC ASSEMBLYMAN CALLS PEDRO ESPADA A THUG In a rare, intraparty slap, Buffalo's Mark Schroeder says he's offended that Espada is a perceived leader. So Called Manhattan and Brooklyn reformer Duane, Krueger, Squadron and Schneiderman can't find a desk big enought to hid under *** In call to resign, Dem calls Espada a "thug" *** State Lawmaker Calls For Espada Jr. To Step Down *** State Senate shelves key tenant-protection bills *** Senate leaders will address ethics bill on return to Albany *** Gov Paterson aims to push bill on gay marriage *** Pension Thugs Spin reform while saving no money Editorial: Tom punts on pensionsState Controller Tom DiNapoli dropped a multibillion-dollar bomb on taxpayers - then headed for the hills. Which is the opposite of what New Yorkers need from their supposed watchdog in Albany (DN Editorial)


Albany Power Blocks Public authorities need reform now NY 'Shadow Government' Debt Rises To $140 Billion (Queen Crap)

Pay to Play Albany Albany Afterlife: Could Malcolm Smith's golden parachute be landing in Ozone Park as a future casino partner? (NY Magazine) *** Aqueduct casino-race winner expected by Sept. 29

Overthrow Albany OVERHAUL BID FOR NY STATE GOV'T A proposal to call a "people's constitutional convention" to overhaul New York state government, possibly including term limits and tax caps, is gaining a critical majority *** *** Democrat signs on to NY ‘people's convention'

Pay to Play Campaign Funds Piggy Pols Cash In Campaign money goes for cars, spas & travel Luxury cars. Fancy dinners. Foreign trips. Spa treatments. All perks that politicians have managed to claim as campaign expenses under a law that critcs say is far too vague *** WFP straddles thin, blurry line between party and nonprofit The Working Families Party was called on the carpet last week for potentially violating New York's tough campaign finance laws.

Road to City Hall Mike MTA 'outrage' just politics: foes *** Bloomberg Education Spins on How stupid do they think we are? From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance ***Civil Court Follies Calls for reform yea yea yea both the NYT endorsed candidates did not have the guts to support Judge Lopez Torres against the machine - talk is cheap NYT

Saturday *** GREEN RUNNING $HORT ON GREEN*** In Race for Advocate, Each Candidate Has His Own Approach *** NYT Coverage of Mayorial Race Today Naked Cowboy Drops Out: No Singing Mayor in Briefs *** NYT Edorsement for some City Council races *** Was AY a factor? The Times's endorsements: Simon in the 33rd; Lander in the 39th; and silence in the 35th *** Thompson Spends More Than His Campaign Raises (NY1) *** Controlling the Ballot is never reported on in this story? How the gov and queens organization used the special election to prevent candidates from running is all forgotten Queens Assembly District Prepares For Special Election *** Norman Siegel is getting his message out in niche publications, using the same local ad buyer who is helping Bloomberg *** Time cards reveal mayoral aide Sheekey's long hours of power ... *** When an Election Lawyer’s Campaign Work is a Donation(City Hall) *** Is Quinn a goner? NY1 POLL: 76% SAY QUINN SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED *** Pol cries over spilt milk Jug o' war vs. dairy

Bloomberg Spining Stats Is it only limited to the Dept of Educaiton? What about Police? Editorial: Stupid card trick Chancellor Joel Klein and Mayor Bloomberg get a D for this year's school report cards, which paint a Norman Rockwell picture of a school system that still has miles to go *** Schools' bonuses cost taxpayers millions *** Steven Brill: The battle over New York City’s worst teachers (New Yorker) *** Monday NYT hides negative story on many saves story for the holiday City Board Set Up to Monitor Ethics May Have Conflicts of Its Own

Eateries struggle to survive the summer

The Tax Man ‘Ethics’ for sale Is Charlie Rangel worried that the House Ethics Committee — notorious for handing out little more than a slap on the wrist for even the most egregious congressional misconduct — might make an exception in his case? (NYP Editoriail)
Saturday *** GOP BOSS BOEHNER: STEP DOWN, CHARLIE *** Rangel Pushes the Envelope of Arrogance - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Boehner wants Rangel to give up gavel


Saturday ***
SHOWDOWN: White House attacks Israel over West Bank settlements *** PoliticsKey Senate Dems Signal Resistance To Troop Increase In Afghanistan *** 'Gang of 6' Urged to Act On Health by Baucus *** Court to Revisit Election Law Hillary Clinton film opens review by Supreme Court about financing of federal elections *** Warren Buffett keeps cashing out of Moody’s *** House GOP #3 Calls on Van Jones to Resign - Martin Kady, Politico *** The history behind opposition to Obama's speech to students *** From School Talk to ‘Propaganda’
A speech that Obama plans to give to students quickly became a partisan jump ball (The Atlantic) *** Obama Green Jobs Adviser Under Fire - Stephanie Condon, CBS News *** White House Takes Step Toward Transparency - San Francisco Chronicle *** Right backs Obama on Afghanistan *** Obama Yields on White House Visitor Logs - MSNBC *** Pushback on Afghan Troops

Pay to Play Health Care Bill Moyers: "We Should Be Treating Health As A Condition, Not A Commodity"

Saturday ***
Health care lobbyists boost key players in debate *** White House's new health care pitch *** Tom Daschle invokes Ted Kennedy in road map to healthcare reform *** Occam's Razor Can Cut Down the Health Care Lobbyists *** Video: Congressman Barney Frank on the economy and health care *** It's Time to Take Back the Health Care Debate - Joe Conason, Salon *** The Unwitting Birthplace of the 'Death Panel' Myth - Washington Post*** Sunday

Wall Street Corruption & The Economy Wall Street Gambles Again: Bankers To Buy Up Life Insurance Policies Of Ill And Elderly Picking Our Bones Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance

Saturday ***
TROUBLE IN PARADISE BROKE CAYMAN ISLANDS MAY BE TAX HAVEN NO MORE *** Teenage Jobless Rate Reaches Record High *** States Cut Back and Layoffs Hit Even Recipients of Stimulus Aid *** In Unemployment Report, Signs of a Jobless Recovery *** S.E.C. Report Details Lapses in Madoff Inquiries *** Construction Loans Falter, a Bad Omen for Banks *** CIT CEO Who Lost Billions Gets to Keep Job *** David Paterson Defended Wall Street Bonuses *** Lehman Brothers Movie Sounds Pretty Awesome *** A Long To-Do List Awaits Lawmakers *** Madoff Report Shows Extent of Bungling *** Opposition Lines Up to SEC Rule Investment firms and pension funds are strongly opposing a proposal to ban the use of middlemen to solicit investments from state and municipal pension plans *** Bank Seizures Hit 89 for 2009 *** Deficit Dangers Must Be Exposed - Pete Domenici, Washington Times *** THE ECONOMYThe 100 People, Places, and Things That Got Us Into This Mess (Vanity Fair) *** Labor Day Sales You Can't Afford to Miss
In the sluggish (US News & World Report) *** One Year On: Lessons of the Global Recession (Tme Magazine) *** Looking Back at Lehman With anniversary of the investment bank’s collapse near, a debate begins on how the day should be observed (The Atlantic) *** Cash-Strapped States To Set Inmates Free *** SEC Releases 477-Page Report On How It Missed Madoff *** SEC prober's kin put 2M in Bernie Madoff scam

International The West Plays Gaddafi's Game - Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times *** Obstacles to Peace in Holy Land - Jimmy Carter, Washington Post *** The Vote That Changed Japan - The Economist *** G-20 Cracks Down on Banks *** Sunday From Baby-Sitting to Adoption After eight years of work in Afghanistan, we still do not have a reliable Afghan partner to hand off to. It’s time to discuss if nation building is still worth doing and at what cost

The Summer Of Our Discontent: Town-Hall Brawls, Rain, Woodstock Nostalgia

Letterman's Top 10 "Top 10 Signs You Wasted Your Summer" The #1 reason? "You played for the Mets!"

Media and New Tech EX-GLOBE EXEC SEEN IN LEAD FOR PAPER *** The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times Plan San Francisco Editions *** Offers to Replace Copies of Orwell Book *** Mark Cuban: Kill News Aggregators, End Free Links *** Magazines Now Willing To Create, Customize Ads For Advertisers *** 'Sundays with Sullivan' explores show's sweep *** SF Chronicle cuts 4 workers, more cuts expected after Labor Day *** Old Media Rules Allegedly Prevent Crediting Competitors *** Post ModernThe Washington Post faces the same grim odds as the rest of the newspaper industry. Will pragmatism be enough to save it? (Wolff Wanity Fair) *** VIDEO: With Congress away, pundits play *** Google Homepage an 'Unexplained Phenomenon' *** FORESTWEB Report: U.S. Newsprint Consumption Continues Sharp Downward Trend *** Throwing Spitz balls at the New York Post (Columbia Journalism Review) *** The Beatles Stage a Comeback *** FALL 2009 BOOK PREVIEW: Publishers Bring Out The Big Guns *** When Publishing Had Scents and Sounds

Blog Report Coney Islad Century Old Dreamland Artifact Resurfaces (Kinetic Carnival) *** Bloomberg Shorting Mass Transit(DMI Blog) *** Should the City Have Cleaned the Highline Graffiti?(iHeart)