Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 2009 Campaign Boycott of Real Issues

The 2009 Campaign

Boycott of Real Issues

The City's Economic Melt Down is not part of campaign 2009. Blame the media and the challengers. Challengers all around town are running the usual campaign, promising smaller class sizes and more city services ignoring the fact of the melt down of Wall Street, real estate and business tax revenue for the city. The city is running 35% behind in their tax receipts this year already. We know why Bloomberg and the city hall slush fund incumbents are in on the game not to mention the bad shape of the economy until after their 2009 elections. But why the challengers? They even allow Bloomberg to shape the issues in the campaign with his millions in TV ads and mailings. He even use the media which on most days has no coverage of the 2009 campaign to deliver his campaign message on how is is helping the city's economy CITY'S PUSH TO AMASS MEDIA (NYP) *** City Starts Program to Foster Entrepreneurial New Media (NYT) *** Bloomberg rides to media’s rescue (CrainNY) *** The Malaise-Proofing of Michael Bloomberg (Politicker)

Left Out of Campaign 2009 Harlem’s Real Estate Boom Becomes a Bust, NY Times update on Harlem's missing "Big Apple" *** Pension Costs for Local Governments May Triple by 2015, Analysis Says *** At Stella D’oro, a Long Strike Evoked Battles of a Bygone Era *** Study shows Bronx not getting its share of city's private sector jobs (NYDN) *** Homeless Families Flock To Shelters During This Summer *** Half-off sale for Apthorp condos *** U.S. Apartment Vacancy Rate Hits 22-Year High *** New York City Sees Slide in Tourism (WSJ) *** New York City’s pension problems aren’t as bad as the state’s. But still, they're bad *** Pension costs are the M.T.A.’s biggest problem, says Nicole Gelinas *** Hundreds of children are still on wait-lists for kindergarten

On the Road to City Hall No campaign news in today's papers (Rose Garden) *** The DN accuses Manhattan DA hopeful Leslie Crocker Snyder of playing politics with the Etan Patz case, and says her "flamboyance" is a question voters should consider.

Albany Circus SENATE 'AMIGOS': D-DAY TOMORROW After a provocative breakfast meeting yesterday, the state Senate's "Four Amigos" declared tomorrow the deadline to end the feud that has paralyzed the chamber for a month (NYP) *** Senator, can you spare a dime? No paychecks for do-nothing senators (NYDN) *** Three amigos - Sens. Ruben Diaz Sr., Hiram Monserrate and Carl Kruger - walked out on a regular session held by their fellow Democrats *** The governor and Senate Democrats are using outside attorneys (and paying them big bucks) for coup-related lawsuits; the Republicans and state comptroller are relying on in-house counsel *** David Paterson will address the state at 5:01 p.m., and the speculation is he might name a lieutenant governor ***

Constitutional Convention Why are the good government groups and the media not pushing for a Constitutional Convention everyday to really change the way politics works in New York Albany Jam Leads to Talk of Convention

More City News Public Library’s Online Catalog Causes Delays in Troubled Debut *** We should be spending health care money on people who need insurance not on redeveloping a hospital and giving housing developers a grand profit Residential complex to land on St. Vincent's site

Pay to Play Senators A small group of lobbyist and elitist are trying to sell the idea that letting the voters choose in a primary is not about democracy but making sure a Democrat U.S. Senator wins in November. There is no evidence that primaries hurt candidates, in the Schumer case it helped him beat senator pot hole. What the Gillibrand insiders should be saying is we control a Senator and we don't want to give anyone else a piece of our power, especially not the voters NY-Sen: The Pros And Cons Of A Primary *** Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza abruptly asked the city to end the STAR tax break on her Queens home after the DN revealed her primary residence is on Long Island *** The New York Post editorial board agrees with Charlie Rangel: Barack Obama shouldn’t clear the field for Kirsten Gillibrand.

The NYT MAUREEN DOWD likes to hunt Palin Sarah’s Secret Diary *** The Palin Sympathy Effect (Wasington Post) *** Sarah Palin is smarter than the media think *** Sarah Palin continues to dominate the political airwaves and internet *** Poll: 7 Out Of 10 Republicans Likely To Vote For Palin In 2012 ***Sarah Palin Is a Long Distance Runner, Not a Train Wreck (Newser)

Health Care War Support Slips for Health Benefit Tax (WSJ) *** Health Deals Could Harbor Hidden Costs *** In Health Reform, a Cancer Offers an Acid Test *** Weighing Limits on Health Care (Washington Post) *** PoliticsReid Orders Dems: Stop Chasing GOP Votes On Health Care

Washington U.S. Considers Curbs on Speculative Trading of Oil *** Staggering Budget Gap and a Reluctance to Fill It *** Obama Refutes Biden on the Stimulus *** Stimulus Slow to Take Hold (Washington Post) *** Attack Targets Federal Web Sites *** FBI: Mortgage Fraud Rampant And Growing *** U.S.: No Freedom for Some Detainees *** Obama Arrives in Italy *** U.S.-Russian Summit Has Mixed Results (WSJ) *** Obama Shares McNamara's Fatal Flaw (Washington Post)

Wall Street Melt Down Jury Sides With ‘Lying’ Hank Greenberg in AIG Case

International Swiss Vow to Block UBS From Providing Data to U.S. *** Unrest Spreads in China; President Skips Summit *** How Race Policies Affect Malaysia's Growth *** The G-8 Summit: Serious Business and a Berlusconi Sideshow *** Clinton Helps Push Honduran Foes to Negotiations

Media and New Tech Google Plans a PC Operating System *** Music Labels Reach Online Royalty Deal *** Funeral of a Superstar as a Media Moment *** Murdoch, Google Eye Twitter As Moguls Gather In Sun Valley *** Media Moguls Stand Pat *** News Corp.’s brass among NYC’s highest paid *** The TU laid off 15 full-time and three part-time employees, 11 of whom worked in the newsroom *** Blogs-on-Paper Idea Runs Out of Steam