Thursday, September 24, 2009

New York Budget Sinking, Where the Real Fix?

New York Budget Sinking, Where the Real Fix?

New York's leaders can offer no more than budget modifications every three months to cut the state's sinking budget and fill it with every fiscal gimmick they can get away with. As the state and city continues to hemorrhage jobs there are no clear plans to rebuild the states' economy coming from anyone. It not even an issue in the campaigns. The red inked NYC Budget tied to the declining state's budget and failing Wall Street melt down, sinking job market and national economy has not been an issues in this years city elections. It is clear that the candidates and their handlers set the issues agenda and they pander to the voters by promising more and better services. In short we have elected leaders which are not held accountable or responsible for the budget they put together or vote on. Everyone is not held accountable except the weak Paterson. He is now a punching bag and the only person being held responsible for every problem know to man. The media does not understand that with the political attacks on him, the way he took office and the values and behavior of the elect officials the voters elect to office, the governor has no power to accomplish anything beyond plugging holes in they leaking dam.

New York's road to ruin California, here we come. State political leaders met yesterday to discuss the state's yawning mid-year budget gap -- and hinted that New York may be heading down the same perilous path as the Golden State. In a matter of just months, Gov. Paterson said, the state may be forced to delay payments to vendors, the first sign of a Sacramento-style meltdown. Meanwhile, this year's deficit has soared to $3 billion (if not more). And time is running out to plug the gap. Now, New Yorkers can be forgiven their déjà vu: Only six months ago, the pols supposedly addressed a $14 billion budget hole with massive tax hikes and gimmicks -- and just two months before that, a $1.6 billion mid-year shortfall. But this time, the state's fiscal crisis is worse -- as is its political paralysis. State revenues continue to plummet, Paterson warned. Plus, he said the tax hikes and accounting tricks used last time would make the gap harder to close now. And no one has a clue what to do (NYP Editorial) *** Day care cuts put squeeze on parents *** MTA workers hit Midtown streets to protest *** Paterson: NYS deficit to hit $3B *** New York State Budget Deficit May Grow to $3 Billion (Bloomberg) *** Risky business: NY taxes the rich at some peril (Forbes) *** Business leaders outline concerns on doing business in New York (Plattsburg Press Republican) *** Paterson says the state probably lost jobs and people by taxing the rich (AP) *** NY budget deficit a political challenge

New York's Blago 'Andy's tricks behind Bam nix' *** Gov wife to O: how dare you?! *** Reluctant Governor Explains: ‘I Did Not Sign Up for This’ *** Governor Paterson hints he might drop 2010 re-election bid *** Sen. Hiram Monserrate’s girfriend will have scars for life, according to the doctor who treated her. (NYP) *** Monserrate’s trial commences; judge says he has been lobbied (Queens Courier) ***New Yorkers To Obama: Mind Your Own Busines The backlash has begun. Today's Marist poll finds 62 percent of New Yorkers think it was wrong for President Obama to stick his nose into local politics and pressure Gov. David Paterson not to run in 2010.

While the State Comptroller Moves Towards Ending Pay to Play
NY comptroller bans pay-to-play practices *** DiNapoli limits donations to curb 'pay-to-play'
The Candidate for New York Comptroller Remain Silent and Campaign on non-issues while the media and editorial boards give them a pass on corruption
Only True News Asked Will the Corruption in the Pension System Happen in the Future Again? What was run into is a wall of The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know On April 29, 2009 we asked each comptroller candidate and the media the following question, we have yet to receive an answer. OUT OF COMPTROLLER, AS SCANDAL SPREADS, CITY COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES LOOK FOR BIGGER ROCK TO HIDE UNDER *** Everyone is Covering Up the Pension Scandal for Their Own Reasons Problems inside the NYC Comptroller Office True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut

Road to City Hall Liu: I'll cut off seed $$ for ACORN *** A Reputation for His Outspokenness Liu *** Known for His Pragmatic Approach *** Green and De Blasio Focus on Attacks and Endorsements in Public Advocate Debate *** Today's Tip Sheet: No Primary Bounce for Thompson Survey Shows *** Races tighten for public advocate, city comptroller NYDN Editorial: Green for public advocate Intelligent, creative, well-tested in the crucibles of New York politics and government, Mark Green has more potential than his rival to lead the office into constructive problem-solving *** Michael Bloomberg’s campaign hits Bill Thompson on education *** Fred Siegel thinks Joyce Purnick is soft on Bloomberg, and doesn’t focus enough on the city’s fiscal problems *** Julie Bosman watched Mark Green and Bill de Blasio debate, and writes, “No one watching the debate would come away with much insight on the candidates’ positions on the issues, for they were rarely asked about them.” *** A new Q poll shows Mayor Bloomberg with a 16-point lead over Democrat Bill Thompson, who doesn't appear to have received a post-primary bounce *** Village Voice Barrett: Bill Thompson's TV Ad, and Bloomberg's Snippy Response

More City News New York Police Official in Terror Unit Is Removed *** Complaint Suggests NYPD Misstepped In Terror Probe *** Richest Russian’s Newest Toy: An N.B.A. Team *** Huge Atlantic Yards project wins crucial approval *** State and city unready for voting machine headaches

Washington Obama Eyes New Nuclear Treaty *** The White House looks to improve No Child Left Behind. (AP) *** The IRS severs ties with ACORN for its volunteer tax preparation program. (AP) *** There will soon be a replacement for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy *** The Anti-Bush Woos UN With Bold Speech - Michael Tomasky, Guardian ***Obama's Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost - Joe Klein, Time *** More TV Appearances Can't Rescue a Bad Argument - Karl Rove, WSJ *** President Obama, Take Off the Gloves - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times *** Mr. Policy Hits a Wall - David Broder, Washington Post *** Public Knows the GOP is Fibbing - Gene Lyons, Salon *** Independents Desert Obama, 2010 in Play - Chris Stirewalt, DC Examiner *** Don't Close Gitmo - Judith Miller, City Journal *** UN Report a Victory for Terror - Michael Oren, Boston Globe *** ACORN Fights Back With Lobbying & Lawsuits - Jake Sherman, Politico *** What Obama Did and Didn't Say - New York Times *** Obama Right to Question Afghan War Plan - San Francisco Chronicle *** Obama Hits Mideast Roadblocks

Pay to Play Lawyer: Democrat fundraiser's donations were legal *** 7 city hospital workers arrested in insurance scam

Wall Street Corruption Banks Cover their Ass A Small Step Back From Usury Moves by some of the country’s largest banks to revise usurious overdraft policies are no substitute for federal legislation (NYT Editorial) *** Britain’s Top Financial Regulator Takes On Banks *** Wells Fargo Joins in Cutting Overdraft Fees *** Watchdog: It's "Extremely Unlikely" Taxpayers Will Recoup TARP Money *** Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg asked a judge to throw out a case brought by then-AG Eliot Spitzer, saying Spitzer pursued him to boost his political reputation.

International Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks From Base in Pakistan *** Russia urges incentives for Iran on nuclear issue...

Media and New Tech Katie Couric Should Probably Call the NPR Support Line This Year *** Timothy P. Knight, Publisher of Newsday, Quits *** Newsday publisher steps down