Monday, July 13, 2009

What Economic Crisis? Senate pay raises and waste

Young Media Doomsayer Rivets Media Industry
15 year old Matthew Robson claims that his generation has no use for newspapers—they “cannot be bothered to read pages and pages of text”—or regular television or radio either. He calls advertising "extremely annoying and pointless." Robson comments have become the talk of Wall Street and Sun Valley, with CEOs and fund managers old enough to be his grandparents jumping on its conclusions.

What Economic Crisis? Job Losses Show Wider Racial Gap in New York Who has the Typewriter Contract? TYPEWRITE & WRONG NYPD 'WASTES' $1M ON RELICS *** COUNCIL'S $$ GOES MISC.-ING SUPPLIES SPREE-FOR-ALL Councilman Martinez spent $511 on packets of wedding invitations, envelopes *** BOZOS DOLE OUT BIG RAISES Despite a $3 billion state budget deficit and tens of thousands of lost jobs, 11 of the state Senate's highest-paid staffers got pay hikes of up to $32,000 when it appeared Democrats would lose control of the chamber *** During crisis, state Senators doled out fat raises to staffers *** Golisano: You Bet I Would Push Another Coup

Election Year Budget Cover Up
Clueless Challengers By Not Making the Cover Up the Issue of their campaigns are the Enablers of the Budget Lying by Incumbents "Last year Governor Paterson and the state legislature covered up the state's fiscal problems until after the election, by passing a budget that was a fraud. This year, Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council have done the same. It happens over and over, and yet Paterson and Bloomberg are different. In each case, they are barely hiding from anyone who bothers to read the newspaper the fact that their budgets failed to address the facts they are thus hiding. "Make no mistake about it, we're going to have to start right now economizing if we're going to get through 2011," the Daily News reported." Larry Littlefield, Room 8 If They All But Announce They Are Lying Is It Still Lying? More Government Cover: Up Jim Odato writes about a SUNY report about public relaitons that you paid for but can’t read.

Road to City Hall THOMPSON CAMPAIGN WINS SILVER *** 1 THING RATTLES DA-HOPEFUL DAD ***Mark Green Should not count on a NYP endorsement HE RUNS, YOU PAY; HE WINS, YOU PAY ... (NYP Editorial) Attacks Mark Green at the same time they print another (not their first) Gioia press release LET'S BANK ON POOR: POL *** Maybe not the NYT either Back on the Campaign Trail, Despite His 2006 Vow *** How tweet it is for these candidates: City politicians discover Facebook, Twitter


Inspector Clouseau Carrozza saga raises more questions So Ann-Margaret Carrozza moved back to Bayside after she was caught double-dipping on a STAR rebate for her home on Long Island and the Daily News rightly called for her resignation *** Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s lawyers are asking for a delay in his trial until the Supreme Court rules on the legitimacy of “honest services” prosecutions.

Bloomberg's School Control Still in Question MAYORAL-CONTROL WRENCH State Sen. Sampson, the head of the Democratic Conference, will attempt to ram through several last-minute amendments to school-governance legislation in exchange for extending Mayor control of the schools Gov urges vote on mayoral control of schools *** DEMS VOW MAYORAL-CONTROL VOTE

Playing with Number and Passing Rates? Makeup Work Allows Students to Slide by, Critics Say

More City News Man Fatally Shot in Fight With Officer *** Court fight promised over new building rules From The Wonkster *** Subway overhaul not jibing with landmark "Peace Pentagon" building *** Tisch: N.Y. must start putting teacher training schools to the test

Your Fired DONALD TRUMP DELIVERS A 'VITCH SLAP TO GOV "The only thing Richard Ravitch has been good at is getting appointments and convincing the press he's done a good job when, in fact, if you look at the real numbers and what has happened with the places he left, you would see just the opposite," the "Apprentice" star wrote *** Trump's two-page letter

Press Obsessed with Sara Palin’s Route to Resignation: Missteps and Ignored Advice (NYT) *** Palin to stump for pols who believe in 'right things' after quitting (NYDN) *** Peggy Noonan Goes Off On Sarah Palin In Column: "Horrifying" *** Palin Blew Off GOP Leaders (The Daily Beast) *** Sarah Palin and the Pseudoscience of Diagnoses (NY Magazine)

Washington Sotomayor Hearings Have Broader Purpose (Washington Post) *** Lawmakers Say Health Reform Unlikely by Deadline *** President warns 'long way to go' in war... *** The Five Pillars of Obama's Foreign Policy *** How Health-Care Reform Could Hurt Doctor-Owned Hospitals *** Healthcare faces hurdles in the home stretch (The Hill) *** Heavy Lift for Health Care (Roll Call) *** A Stimulus Cyber Fight How is the government tracking economic recovery funds?

Wall Street Mess For Goldman, a Swift Return to Lofty Profits The Great American Bubble Machine Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression *** UBS and Prosecutors Seek Hearing Delay

National States Seek to Cut Prison Costs *** An End to the Space Station? *** When Caregivers Harm: Problem Nurses Stay on the Job as Patients Suffer (Publica)

International Kim Jong Il Has 'Life-Threatening' Pancreatic Cancer: Report *** Abbas Says He Won't Resume Talks With Netanyahu *** India's First Wal-Mart

Media Study Measures the Chatter of the News Cycle Findings suggested traditional news sites were typically ahead of blogs by two and a half hours when a story line spread *** How the Media Wrestle With the Web *** Web Traffic (or Lack of) May Be a Reason for a Columnist’s Dismissal *** San Francisco Chronicle Outsources Its Printing *** Now Hiring at Talking Points Memo *** James Warren: This Week In Magazines *** Bruno Scores Big

Blog Report NYPD's new warnings about high-risk buildings bolster argument for additional look at Atlantic Yards security (Atlantic Yard Report)