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Albany Cannot Fix Itself; If Sex Sells Newspapers Why Not the True News Blog?

Albany Cannot Fix Itself;
If Sex Sells Newspapers
Why Not the
True News Blog?

Today's NYDN story of the two female teachers caught naked by the school janitor in a classroom not only would make a great porn movie (staring Tiger's Holly Sampson) it shows how far New York's tabloids are trying to sell newspapers. Every day the DN and NYP turn over their main news pages to this burning issue. Putting babes on has worked for fox and the news programs why not for the dying newspaper business. Language teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroom * When 1010 WINS’ 22-minute morning newscast includes a story about a voicemail message from an athlete to his mistress, attributed to Us Weekly magazine, there needs to be some introspection. Media companies can’t claim to be better than TMZ and then use the site to support their reporting. They also can’t win the celebrity news game while following the rules of reputable journalism News media’s bogey

Throw the Albany Bums Out
NYP Editorial says the Only Way to Fix Albany is for incumbents to lose. They point out how Albany cleverly uses member item funds to get reelected. It was very interesting that members of Bruno's jury said their were reluctant to convict because the former majority leader of the senate did so much for their community. Bruno just understood what Tammany leaders like George Washington Plunkett tough over a hundred years ago, that you can get away with graft if you give something back to the community. Plunkett did not have to deal with the federal "honest services" law which unfortunately is being challenged by other crooks in the U.S. Supreme Court. Meanwhile the Albany cesspool looks for ways to get over this new conviction * Assemblyman: Bruno shows what is wrong with NY * Senator Bruno’s Legacy (NYT Ed)

Albany understanda the lesson on how to keep a corrupt system going of Tammany leader, Boss Tweed. ""The appearance of law must be upheld, especially when it's being broken." A nonsense bill to ban the use of state workers for personal business is being sold in the media as the magic pill to reform Albany. Brian McLaughlin nor Tony Seminario never used a state worker. Hank Morris was Hevesi political consultant not a staff member. Both Daniel Squadron and Eric Schneiderman have turned into grandmas pressure cooker as they try to decrease public anger with fake reforms Bruno scandal sparks new sleaze bill * Meaningless unless there is strong enforcement, according to some. (BN) Albany is so cocky with their ability to get away with everything they might not even past meaningless reforms In Albany, a Legislature Indifferent, if Not Averse, to Ethics Rules New York State’s ethics laws do not do much to deter corruption. Rather, they often enable it and even help conceal it from the public Need change of ethics in Albany, says Bruno juror The media is so clueless Albany lawmakers are working on it. (NYS Public Radio/ AP) True News wrote about the media cluelessness to the cause of the Albany corruption a year ago When Watchdogs Don't Bite

Today's NYP Editorial understand the lasting power of
Albany's Incumbent Protection Society

Real Problem: Incumbents are re-elected literally 98 percent of the time, not Bruno followed the lack of laws (TU) "Albany's real problem isn't so much that lawmakers take bribes, but that they give them. Using tax dollars. This year alone, they spent $170 million in public funds on "member items" -- pork-barrel projects -- intended chiefly to buy votes in their districts. And they routinely appropriate hun dreds of millions in pension and work-rule sweeteners for public-employee unions, while lavishing billions more on New York's well-connected health-care cartel. n the wake of the Bruno trial come sincere calls for tougher ethics laws. But corruption is embedded in Albany's DNA -- it's systemic, pervasive and quite impervious to the quick fix. Change won't come without a cleansing of the political establishment -- a process voters may well have begun last month by booting some entrenched pols, like Westchester Executive Andrew Spano and Nassau Executive Tom Suozzi. If that continues, there's hope. If it doesn't -- well, there isn't. It's that simple." (NYP Ed) The Albany cesspool

Non Profits Battle for Public Office Again
Jose Peralta campaign against Hiram Monserrate just demonstrates how important non profit's member items have become to campaigns. Democrats to back Assemblyman Jose Peralta vs. disgraced Hiram Monserrate In today's NYDN we see the results of Monserrate's team research to put down his challenger Assemblyman Jose Peralta scored $500,000 in taxpayer funds for inactive nonprofit Jose Peralta landed more than $500,000 in taxpayer money for a nonprofit that never filed federal tax records, has no employees and has been inactive for more than two years. The cleaver Monserrate which now include friends of Joe Tacopina are old bulls who know how to win. Look what they did in court! MONSERRATE PAYS PR FIRM TO BOOST IMAGE. What the NYDN left out is that Monserrate has he own non profit election organization, Libre Monserrate Campaign Connected to Director of Dysfunctional Nonprofit *** Diaz Sr. Throws a Stone at Peralta

Earlier this year race pitting incumbent councilwoman Diana Reyna beat back a challenge by a Vito Lopez back candidate was really a fight over the money making “Broadway Triangle"
Bermuda ‘Triangle’! Huge controversy over city’s East Williamsburg housing project
It was really a fight over which non profit would get the millions in development funds, Reyna St. Nicks or Vito Lopez's Bushwick Senior Citizens to run their campaigns and make millions for their friends. It won't hurt they bank account either Bargaining for Brooklyn: insights into Vito Lopez's influence and how affordable housing lotteries work * Growth of a New-Age Political Machine

Bloomberg's Matrix Mayor Fights Over Power, Not Money NYT JIM DWYER does a good job of showing up what the reason for the fight between the Bloomberg and the Manhattan DA. For the last two weeks the media master mayor used the press to attack Morgenthau on a fake issue, bank accounts. "Some weeks back, the state attorney general’s office sent the city a request for records of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, one of these invisible public agencies wearing the costume gowns of a nonprofit operation. The attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, was looking into a report that the city, through the Economic Development Corporation, was the source of funds for lobbyists who helped persuade the City Council to condemn land in Willets Point, Queens. It is illegal for a not-for-profit corporation to use city money for lobbying" (Dwyer NYT) Bloomberg's campaign issue that he has improved the school system, while it has not been discredited is in trouble because of federal test scores Fuzzy math behind NY test gains: critics New York City fourth- and eighth-graders have made little if any improvement since 2007 on the "gold standard" national math test * National Test Scores Show Stalled Progress For City Kids

Alice's Mad Hatter Kruger and the M.T.A., Again ""Our ability to budget is only as good as our ability to forecast. . . Furthermore, our projections were based on the fiscal year rather than the calendar year. . . It is my hope that the MTA will not create an atmosphere of confusion or a needless sense of unrest."Albany says no bailout for MTA after payroll tax fails * Running off the rails: Blame Albany incompetents for upcoming transit service cuts * Mayor Bloomberg warns MTA chairman Jay Walder that transit financial crisis is tall order Bloomberg called the MTA "A piggy bank that keeps getting raided." What about by his campaign? We are still waiting for the Mayor's campaign promise free crosstown buses. A bigger tall order Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room

Time Agrees with True News on
Politics Has Turned into Organized Crime

Testimony during Bruno's trial "suggested the Senate often looks over its shoulder in the same way the mob does," writes Danny Hakim in today's New York Times

You Read It First in True News
Political Organized Crime - Part I * Organized Crime Politics: The Rigged Election System * Organized Crime Politics Ballot Lines for Sale * The Real Campaign is to Suppress Challengers * Political PARTIES 4 SALE, Organized Crime Politics * 100 Years Without Change: How Tammany Hall Still Controls the NYC Board of Elections' Mess

And About the State's Economic Melt Down
First in True News
Paterson Goes to Wall Street to Praise, Not Condemn ( NYT) * Paterson: State Has Run Out Of Cash *** New York is Broke: Paterson Delays School and Local Payments NBC New York

City's Economic Melt Down: You Read It in True News * New York Budget Sinking, Where the Real Fix? 9/24/2009 * New York's Economic Melt Down, No Clown Affair 7/1/2009 *City's Economic CrisisNewspapers Coverage of the Budget Crisis: A Tail of Two Standards of Coverage 12/17/2008* What is New York Goes Bust? 12/23/2008 * Election Year Cover Up? NY's economy is in a lot more trouble than the public understand 4/8/09
City's Economic Crisis 4/28/2009 * What Economic Crisis? Senate pay raises and waste 7/13/2009

Washington Delivers $$$ for those that pay them or elect them to office. The Health care bill is being written is a total windfall for the insurance industry with the cost controlling public option removed Reid Says Deal Resolves the Impasse on the Public Option sideline but not kill a government-run health insurance plan Now a campaign consultant get $6 million from the stimulus bailout Report: Firms Owned by Clinton Pollster Received $5.97M in Stimulus Money Was this a backhanded way to pay off Clinton campaign debt by the federal tit?

Charles Barron Needs Another 15 minutes Instead of reporting on the race to become the next council speaker against councilman Barron, we get a Quinn's Makeover. Yesterday the press covered the fact that she is for food for the poor today she is against toy guns City takes aim at realistic-looking toy guns

Pay to Play Pensions Leuschen to Pay $20 Million to Resolve Pension Probe (Update3) *** $100K investment in movie, 'Chooch,' costs financial firm head $20M in pension pay-for-play scandal *** The Peggy Lipton Affair Brings Down Another Mogul

Inside City Hall Mayor sticks it to parkers vetoed a bill that would give motorists a five-minute grace period at most parking spots, including muni-meters *The Council will likely override Bloomberg's veto of the five-minute grace period parking ticket bill ** Bloomberg calls for 100 trainers to help New Yorkers get fit *** Mayor Bloomberg, DA Morgenthau come together *** War of of words between Mayor, Morgenthau put on hold at Chanukah party *** Landlords Have a Party *** Next week, Bloomberg goes to Copenhagen *** Community Boards fear mayoral hit list *** AIDS activists are turning up the heat on Bloomberg *** NYC takes up legislation on 'green' buildings*** Bloomberg To Feds: 'Can't Have It Both Ways' On Business*** Looking To 2013 (Take II) This time they will abolish term limits *** The City Council postponed its vote on the Kingsbridge Armory *** The real estate industry reportedly spent $500,000 on the dry run of its nascent partnership with the state Independence Party. Don't think a candidate will be helped much when the opponent attacks them for being the landlord candidate, sought of takes the glow off independent *** NYC Passes Laws to Make Buildings More Efficient
Gov of La Mancha Albany Paterson Makes Political Pitch In Queens *** Gay marriage advocates are gearing up for a 2010 fight. (GNS) * Paterson is touring black churches are he tries to boost his poll numbers *** Libby Pataki doesn't think her husband wants to run for the US Senate, saying: "(W)hat he wants is for things to change, so he'd only make a run if he thought he could help." *** Gov. Paterson to unveil budget-slashing plans *** Paterson: State Has Run Out Of Cash *** Gov. Paterson to unveil budget-slashing plans *** Paterson: I'm Stalling the Payments so We Don't Run Out of Cash *** Ravitch: Fiscal Crisis Should Trump Ethics Crisis In Albany *** Lawsuit over funds? Bring it on, says Paterson Albany Times Union *** Sources: State Senate House Cleaning *** Paterson says Wall Street bonuses are "misunderstood." *** Paterson Tweeted: "Iowa, corn. Michigan, autos. Texas, oil. NY, Wall Street...We must stand behind the engine of our state's economy & strengthen it." *** The county clerks are still beating the drum on the new license plates.
Pay to Play Bruno Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno leaves CMA Consulting after being convicted on corruption charges amid inquiries into the companies’ state contracts. (TU) *** Federal rules give the court wide latitude in sentencing Bruno. (TU) *** And its unclear whether the Supreme Court’s review of the “honest services” statute will affect his conviction. (CN9) *** “From one end of the mahogany bench to the other, and across the court’s notable ideological divide, justices took turns criticizing the 1988 law that makes it a crime to “deprive another of the intangible right of honest services,” writes the Washington Post *** It was met with “almost universal hostility” by the court, writes the New York Times *** The jury forewoman in the Bruno trial says that ethics reform is needed in Albany. (DN) *** "There should be someone watching, requiring disclosure or requiring approval for what jobs you can take on," Patricia Hurley-Dyer, the jury forewoman, told the News. "I would imagine that there are some people who are a little nervous. I am sure Mr. Bruno is not the only one who crosses the line." * Conviction?!?? Bah, we still love ya Joe. And we love having your name on our stadium and your bust in our airport *** Janison: Law that pegged Bruno should be put on trial

Pay to Play Judge Former state Supreme Court Justice Tom Spargo might spend three years behind bars

New York's Economic & Competency Melt Down Spreading New York's bad medicine individual health-insurance market *** MTA eyes service cuts *** Rockaway beaches being claimed by the sea *** St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC lays off 180 *** Sale of 485 Lexington dies *** State cuts put small drugstores in peril *** Civil legal services fund plummets *** Consumers should prepare to pay more for lettuce *** Call for emergency food is highest in Bronx, up 110% *** Unemployment eats McDonalds *** Good as Goldman: Bank lets public off hook for $161M Ground Zero building penalty *** Gov. David Paterson and Bloomberg worry the health care bill will cost New York millions of dollars *** Paterson asks Schumer to push for more Medicaid funds Newsday *** Another Creepy Story About the Threat to New Yorkers' Drinking Water

Crime, Law and Order Case of genetic justice Bronx judge has ordered DNA testing of a dead man *** Morgy throws flag on Plax end run *** Bikers in the spokey Police yesterday busted two of the hipster Brooklyn cyclists who repainted whole sections of Williamsburg bike lanes the city had just removed at the request of the neighborhood's Hasidic community *** DA gets creative with SI anti-shoplifting campaign *** Arrests Made In Brooklyn Bike Lane Divide *** Clues pour in as Queens Ponzi schemer is profiled on 'America's Most Wanted'
More City News LaGuardia Airport Turns 70 *** Muslim Prayers and Renewal Near Ground Zero *** NYC Gets Security Cash Boost -- and More Competition *** $583M Contract Awarded for Hudson Tunnel Project *** Prison Population Drops In New York, Grows Across Country
White House To tackle the Taliban, try the tribes *** Big no to O's Nobel: poll Two-thirds of Americans believe President Obama does not deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize he'll be awarded tomorrow *** McChrystal: Afghanistan rebels will hit wall in 2010 *** Obama's stimulus-lite plan to aid small businesses, build roads *** President Barack Obama lays out a strategy to respond to the country’s job crisis. (WP) *** The general overseeing the war in Afghanistan assures lawmakers that that the surge will cause demonstrable change. (WP) *** Obama prepares to give his Nobel Peace Prize speech at a time when he is presiding over two wars. It will be a tricky endeavor. (WT/ NYT) *** The White House mandates more information disclosure by federal agencies. (WP) *** Obama's FDR Moment - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** President Obama's Whiny Blame Game - Michael Goodwin, New York Post *** Obama's Problem Prioritizing His Agenda - William Galston, New Republic *** Afghanistan: Too Much Spin - Tony Blankley, Washington Times *** US History is Littered With War Blunders - Robert Dallek, USA Today *** Evil Geniuses Do a Number on Obama - Reg Henry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** Mr. Obama's Jobs Plan - Washington Post *** Obama's Risky Sex Czar - Washington Times *** EPA: U.S. making up lost time (Wash Post) *** Obama Pushes New Stimulus (WSJ) *** DHS takes action in bungled posting of airport security secrets *** Geithner Extends TARP *** Treasury to Extend TARP *** Petraeus Urges Patience With Surge*** Geithner Outlines Future for TARP *** Edible proof of the ACORN-White House link has been uncovered *** Nobel peace prize: Norwegians incensed over Barack Obama's snubs *** Obama praises Senate deal on public option *** EPA: U.S. making up lost time *** Bin Laden 'key' to defeating al-Qaeda
Congress These clowns getting federal grants ***Dems ditch public option *** Gate-crashers: We'll take 5th *** Finding the Nerve to Cut Health Costs *** Idea of the Day: Fair and Square Redistricting *** Senate Dems KO public option in health care measure *** They should take a hike: Congress needs to fix the country, not college football *** Senate Democrats KO public option in health care reform measure *** Republican Sens. Tom Coburn and John McCain release a report detailing 100 examples of what they call “pure waste” in the stimulus projects. (WT) *** Sen. Orrin Hatch pens a Hannukah song, entitled “Eight Days of Hanukkah.” *** No Master Plan for Curbing Health Care Costs - Atul Gawande, New Yorker *** The CBO and the Battle Over Obamacare - Peter Suderman, Reason *** The Scariest Thing McChrystal Said to Congress - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Czar Obama Takes Aim at Congress With EPA Rules - DC Examiner *** Reid Says Deal Resolves the Impasse on the Public Option *** Public option tentatively cut *** Senators Strike Health Deal Wall Street Journal *** Stimulus IIIDemocrats want TARP to become a revolving line of political credit (WSJ) *** Senate Health Deal Leaves Many Issues Unresolved *** Elizabeth Warren: Treasury Must Scrap Foreclosure Program *** Dream of Universal Coverage Within Reach - Matt Miller, The Daily Beast *** Bi-partisan fiscal task force unveiled *** Congress lower than car salesmen (Politico) *** Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash *** Is Barney too frank? *** Kennedy staffer's clock winds down ***The Fix: Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) won't seek reelection Washington Post *** Democrats: Private Medicare plans waste billions Reuters *** Schumer Leads The Way In Health Bill Compromise (WCBS) *** Congress 'less trusted than ever,' per poll*** For Some Ages 55 to 64, Medicare Will Cost Too Much (WSJ)

Political Party Sarah Palin pens an op-ed, calling out ” highly politicized scientific circle” of Copenhagen’s climate change conference. (WP) *** 'Big Business' Democrats - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *** The Voters Are Upset - Jennifer Rubin, Commentary *** The Annals of Palinoia - Matthew Continetti, Weekly Standard
Wall Street, Jobs & the Economy High Court: Vague law may free Conrad Black *** Dick Fuld's atonement: help the little guy *** Britain to Levy One-Time Tax on Bank Bonuses *** Protection Chief Struggles With Madoff Claims *** CIT Group to exit bankruptcy protection Thursday *** Many of the Lost Jobs Aren't Coming Back - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg *** Market Has Many Similarities to 2002-2003 - Robert Moreno, TheStreet *** When Will the Government Bubble Pop? - B. Wesbury & R. Stein, Forbes *** TARP Gains Only a DC Politician Could Love - David Reilly, Bloomberg *** Bernanke's FAQs: Forget Any Quick Rate Hikes - Randall Forsyth, Barron's *** How I'd Create Jobs: Fourteen Authorities Weigh In - The Daily Beast *** Uncle Sam Flies To Boeing's Aid *** U.S. Mumbai Suspect to Be Arraigned *** CBS News Taps EXEC'S SON To Helm "Early Show"*** BofA Repays TARP Loan

Environment Tempers heating up over US 'secret' *** Climate Deal Likely to Bear Big Price Tag *** Going Cheney on Climate - Thomas Friedman, New York Times *** Copenhagen's Agenda-Driven Science - Sarah Palin, Washington Post *** Gore on Global Warming, E-mails, & His New Book - John Dickerson, Slate *** Seeing Green in the Natural History Museum's Food Court *** Politicized 'science' (Wash Post Ed) *** Climate Deal to Cost Trillions *** 'Science' Responds to Climategate - Clive Crook, The Atlantic *** Critics start fast in Copenhagen *** Climate Deal to Cost Trillions

National AG gets Dem nod for Ted seat Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last night handily defeated three rivals -- including one personally backed by Mayor Bloomberg *** Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley wins four-way Dem primary to fill Ted's Senate seat *** In their first opinions of the session, Supreme Court Justice takes a swipe at colleague Sonia Sotomayor. (NYT) *** New Jersey Transit to Approve Tunneling Contract *** Recession reins in wanderlust New study shows fewer Americans changing residences than at any time since World War II (Wash Post) *** S&M Politician Wanted to Ban Gay Sex *** Kennedy's Likely Replacement Chosen *** Atlanta Mayor Recount Goes to Reed *** 2009: The Year We Sold Our Souls for Fame - Mitch Albom, Boston Herald *** Lawmakers Delay Gay Marriage Vote in NJ*** S.C. Drops Sanford Impeachment*** ACLU faces financial problems after largest donor bails*** Smoking 'kills 5 million' yearlyTerror Cheney: Trying 9/11 suspects in NYC 'huge mistake' *** Grand jury hearing evidence in 9/11 mastermind's trial *** Riches: 9/11 killers must face justice in NY *** The ‘Terror Gap’Individuals on the government’s terrorist watch list can be barred from boarding airplanes, but not from purchasing firearms. This should end (NYT ED) *** U.S. Mumbai Suspect to Be Arraigned *** FBI to Assess Actions Before Fort Hood *** Report: Grand Jury Hearing Testimony In September 11th Case] *** 5 Americans Arrested In Raid In Pakistan *** 5 N. Va. men arrested in Pakistan *** Chicago man pleads not guilty in terror plots (CNN)
International Peril in Pakistan - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** While US debates gay marriage, Uganda eyes death for gays *** In India, a Case of Innovation Envy *** Karzai: Give Us 15 to 20 Years *** Countries' Debt Woes Pose Risk to Upturn *** China Unveils New Economic Measures *** Pakistan: 5 U.S. Citizens Detained In Raid*** Greece could befirst EU default*** Pakistan gets first AWACS plane
Media and New Tech Morning shift Juju is in at 'GMA'; Chris seeing '20/20'? *** Woods no handicap for Yahoo! *** NY Times sees ad revenue bouncing off bottom ***Text Messages: Digital Lipstick on the Collar ***Google to bundle news from NY Times, Wash. Post *This comes as News Corp, Time, Conde Nast and Hearst team up for their own joint venture. (Sunday Times) ** MySpace picks up imeem for less than $1M *** Texthook gizmo allows for texting while pushing stroller*** Texthook gizmo allows for texting while pushing stroller *** How a NY Times Columnist Hurts Fellow Blacks - Dennis Prager, Townhall *** Staten Island residents respond to 'SNL' skit *** Cheating? Watch that e-trail ***Apple tablet computer may arrive by March ***Stephanopoulos Gets GMA ***WashPo Slammed for Palin Op-Ed ***Pepsi Drops Tiger Drink ***Niche Sites Going After eBay *** The Rabbit-Ear Wars Get ready for a rumble over the future of over-the-air TV *** THOMPSON STATEMENT ON SOLE SOURCE DEAL TO ALLOW GOOGLE TO DIGITIZE 70-YEAR-OLD MUNICIPAL ARCHIVE PHOTOS ***Media Celebrates Curmudgeon Crime Reporter Jimmy Breslin***CNBC In 4th Year Of Double-Digit Profit Growth ***CBS News Taps EXEC'S SON To Helm "Early Show" *** Publishing Palin: What is WaPo Thinking? - Matt Yglesias, Think Progress ***Fox's North off air during treatment ***Jenny 8. Lee @ NYT RIP *** Apple expels 1,000 apps after scam***The New York Times Buyout List (Updated) (Gawker) *** News media’s bogey (Interactive Journalism) *** Television news: The Early Show has a new boss as of today; profits are up at CNBC; and Joy Behar's new show on HLN is doing pretty well in the ratings *** The pay wall is back. Variety will once again charge readers to access its website this week; meanwhile, the Times is still contemplating the idea *** Howard Stern's contract with Sirius expires next year. Will he stay? Will he end up leaving? Everything is a bit murky for the time being. [WSJ] *** Time has issued its list of the 10 best magazine covers of 2009. [Time] *** Legendary journalist Jimmy Breslin is still live. But the big celebration held in his honor last night felt like a memorial service, apparently. [NYT]