Tuesday, April 28, 2009

City's Economic Crisis

City's Economic Crisis

FORECLOSING IN ON 90,000 APARTMENTS *** MTA A TECH WRECK AGENCY RUINED $250M SECURITY SYSTEM: SUIT *** MTA Projects Additional Budget Shortfall *** M.T.A. Forecasts $1 Billion Deficit Next Year *** Workers Walk the Plank While Wall Street is breaking out the Champagne, the rest of the economy is beyond terrible, and will be for the foreseeable future,Herbert NYT *** Tourism industry could be big loser *** Tuition up, funding down at CUNY, SUNY *** $621M MTA deficit will remain after doomsday plan *** Mayor sees more fear than flu *** JVC ends sponsorship of NYC jazz festival *** Closed-Door Meeting on MTA Yields More Finger Pointing *** NY Ports Hurt by Recession *** Mysteries of the Property Tax *** Office Brokers, Banks Face Woes *** General Growth Claims Bankruptcy, Seaport to Stay Open *** Credit Freeze Could Ice WTC Site

The City AIR HEADS IN DC TERRORIZE CITY: FED WING NUTS' IDIOTIC FLIGHT SPURS '9/11' EVAC *** PLANE DUMB,NYP Ed *** Low-Flying Plane Strikes Fear In Some New Yorkers *** Jet Flyover Frightens New Yorkers *** Mayor: Military photo-op was plane stupid *** Flyover gives flashback to 9/11 *** SEX-SLAY SHOCKER: NYPD CRIME-LABBER'S BODY BOND IN BED *** 2 COPS INDICTED IN VILLAGE RAPE *** Knife Killings in City Increased 50 Percent in 2008 *** A Concierge Who Holds the Key to the City *** Work Begins on World Trade Center Checkpoint *** Grisly slay hits home: NYPD investigator stabbed in apartment DN Editorial: And he's still getting paid The teacher who barricaded himself in a Bronx middle school last week should long ago have been removed from the classroom as a dangerous nut job - except this is New York, where even dangerous nut jobs have virtually ironclad job protections *** New BP Ruben will hit the ground running *** Female-led Hunter gets mystery $5M *** New York City's New Voters *** Obama's travels during his first 100 days have not included a stop in NYC *** Queens GOP Meets Tonight To Vote On Mayor ***
Mayor Bloomberg Cleared to Run for Third Term A federal appeals court has agreed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg can run for a third term this year *** CITY LIMITS INVESTIGATES:A Week At City Council

Pay to Play City Scrutinizes Councilman’s Role in Sister’s Appointment to Panel Omnicom Group said it was not initially aware of the relationship between Larry B. Seabrook and Priscilla A. Jenkins and that it hired her even after finding out that she was his sister *** Union Money vs. the Mayor's Money *** Lobbyists Try to Skirt Stimulus Ban *** Mr. King and His Courtiers The curious case of the law firm and New Mexico's AG *** Comptroller Scandal: Crony Was Paid for Cohen's Seat: AG *** State Inspector Demands Financial Records from BPC Authority

Albany SMITH REPORT SEEKS BAD OLD SCHOOLDAZE A report commissioned by Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith would gut mayoral control of education and make it harder to close failing city schools, The Post has learned *** GOV HACKS AT $1 FEE FOR TAXIS Paterson and the MTA's chief yesterday slammed a plan to bail out the agency with a $1 surcharge on taxi rides, as transit officials said they will announce tomorrow another round of... That smell at the state Capitol was Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith's latest proposal for bailing out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority stinking up the place.*** NY-20: WSJ editorial piles on Tedisco *** Democrats Like Any Plan for M.T.A. That Can Pass *** Last-ditch cuts, fare hikes won't cover deficit *** Clyde Haberman conducts an unscientific poll on the Upper West Side and determines Smith is unknown. Conclusion: It's hard to lead "when you’re the opposite of the “Cheers” theme song and nobody knows your name." *** Slouching Towards Doomsday: Smith Lacks Votes, Paterson Takes Offense *** To curb rising property taxes, David Paterson is trying to enforce a "pay-as-you-go" system *** Desperate Albany Senate Says Any MTA Bailout Bill Will Do *** Gov. David Paterson takes another whack at property tax reform — a popular issue that didn’t gain traction in the legislature *** Amended MTA Bill Moves, Yellow Cabs Get 'Screwed' *** Paterson Camp Accuses Cuomo of Sabotoge

Swine Flu KEEPING EYE OUT FOR FLYING 'PIGS' AIRPORT STAFF ON ALERT *** PAL TOOK TRIP - BUT I GOT SICK *** FEVER ON RISE AT 'FLU' HS: NO SIGN OF BREAKING AS 20 MORE STRICKEN *** Worst case scenario underlies US pandemic plan *** World health officials race to stem deadly flu *** What you need to know about swine flu *** 2,000 people in Mexico hospitalized with serious pneumonia... *** CDC: No vaccine prevents... *** Borders Are Tightened as Flu Cases Rise *** Teenagers From Queens in Swine Flu Spotlight *** Globalism Goes Viral Swine flu isn’t only a health emergency. It’s a test for how we’re going to organize the 21st century, Brooks NYT *** Epidemic threat level raised for 1st time The World Health Organization *** TV outlets try to avoid feverish flu reports *** WHO raises global threat level *** Swine Flu Cases Found In Israel, New Zealand *** Swine Flu Case Confirmed at Orlando/DISNEY...

President Obama SOLID AS BARACK THRIVES AFTER 100 DAYS, BUT *** Obama team offers calm, experts for swine flu *** Obama initiates sweeping foreign policy changes *** WHITE HOUSE CAUSES TERROR SCARE IN NYC... *** FOX SAYS 'NO' TO PRIMETIME PRESS CONFERENCE... DEVELOPING... *** Obama Acts to Ease Flu Fears; U.S. Says It Is Prepared *** Holder Hails Progress on Extradition Treaty *** Obama to Unveil Mortgage Incentives *** Obama Seeks to Reverse Mining Rule *** Obama Urges More Science Funding *** President Obama to Visit FBI Headquarters *** Obama-Notre Dame: Speaker Backs Out *** Obama gets ahead of prompter *** NY Fed Releases Geithner’s Schedule But don’t go calling it a FOIA *** George in Real LifeGeorge W. Bush takes on his most daunting challenge yet: his own legacy

Breaking News .... Sen. Specter to Switch Parties to Democrat
Congress & GOP Lawmakers advancing much of Obama's budget agenda *** Senate set to confirm Sebelius as health secretary *** Democrats Announce Agreement on Budget Pact *** Ryan Grim Bankruptcy Bill Watered Down, Still Fiercely Opposed By Banks *** U.S. Lawmakers May Speed Pakistan Aid *** Can Alabama Spark a Democratic Revival in the South? *** Pelosi Will Pay for Forgetting September 2002 - Bret Stephens, Wall St Jrnl *** Becoming the Party of Cheney - Robert Shrum, The Week *** Senator Burris: Running Again? *** Liberals push Bybee impeachment *** Swine flu has D.C. pointing fingers *** Leahy to keep with truth commission *** Bunning bleeds; McConnell shrugs ***Is Van Tran the GOP's future? *** Bennet gets a challenger in Colorado *** Five Dems arrested at Darfur protest *** Dingell Dems fret about cap and trade *** Groups strategize for single-payer plan *** The GOP's comeback tea party *** The annual fight over gun control is poised to reumse at the Capitol today, but with Democrats in charge of both houses, but battleground has shifted *** Becoming the Party of Cheney - Robert Shrum, The Week

Wall Stree Mess $70M PONZI NIGHTMARE *** UAW BACKS CHRYSLER PACT *** IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT US TO TAKE 89% CONTROL OF GM FOR $11.6B RESCUE *** QUESTIONS ABOUT GOLDMAN SACHS' ROLE IN MARKET *** G.M.’s Latest Plan Envisions a Much Smaller Automaker *** Daimler Reaches Deal to Unload Chrysler Stake *** Deutsche Bank Posts $1.6 Billion Profit *** Bank of America Chief in Battle to Hold His Job *** Never Mind What It Costs. Can I Get 70% Off? *** Investors Buy Up Shares of Flu Drug Makers *** F.D.I.C. Chief Calls for Broader Powers for Agency *** S.E.C. Charges California Money Manager with Fraud The S.E.C. is accusing the head of the PEM Group of lying to his clients about the value of investments *** GM will cut 21,000 more jobs, kill Pontiac by 2010 *** Lawyer in $700M fraud to plead guilty, att'y sez *** Grab for Madoff money *** Bank of America drops Countrywide name *** UAW To Get 55% Stake In Chrysler For Concessions *** BusinessAIG Criminal Probe: Feds Investigate Three Former Execs *** BofA, Citi Urged To Boost Capital *** Wilbur Ross, Invesco Plan Toxic Superfund *** For big banks, money still talks *** Inside the Wall Street Rehabilitation Facility *** How John Thain Is Like Jennifer Aniston *** Geithner Could've Been America's Most Hated Man *** Feds Tell Citi, BofA To Boost Capital
According to the Wall Street Journal *** Free cars, deep discounts lure condo buyers *** Will Profit or Politics Prevail with U.S. Owning GM? - Detroit News *** Stress Test: Tell It Like It Is - Washington Post

International Terrorists moving from Afghan border to Africa *** China Still Presses Crusade Against Falun Gong *** Pakistani Offensive Puts Truce on Shakier Ground *** Clinton Says U.S. Is Ready to Lead on Climate *** Italy Seizes Millions in Assets From Four Banks *** In China, Knockoff Cellphones Are a Hit *** Japan Predicts 3.3% Contraction *** Pakistan: Osama 'may be dead' *** China Faces Grad Glut After Boom at Colleges *** Pakistan, Taliban Fight Escalates *** Czechs Pay Immigrants To Head Back Home *** Mexican Peso Slumps in Sell-Off *** Has Ahmadinejad Softened His Position on Israel? *** The End of Thatcher Era - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times *** Egypt: Iran's New Target - Abdel Monem Said Aly, Wall Street Journal *** The Kremlin's Sochi Project - Nikolai Petrov, Moscow Times

National Court to hear case on power to investigate banks *** Source: New gov't rules aimed at safety of workers *** U.S. Plans Attack and Defense in Cyberspace Warfare *** A Quiet Day in Iowa as Same-Sex Couples Line Up to Marry *** Keeping Jobless Rules Intact, Florida Declines Stimulus Money *** When Banks Discriminate The Supreme Court should allow state banking officials to investigate discriminatory lending by nationally chartered banks, NYT ed *** I.R.S. to Pursue Foreign Banks Assisting Tax Evasion *** Gay couples begin seeking Iowa marriage licenses *** MediaHow ABC Interview Tilted Torture Debate *** More Homes in California Are Selling *** We Are All Torturers in America - Naomi Wolf, The Guardian *** Church-Shopping: Why Do Americans Change Faiths? *** Court Rules in Favor of Indecency Regulations

Media and New Tech DOWNLOAD MA FACES THE MUSIC, PAYS 7G *** MYSPACE ADDS TWO WEB VETS *** CLOSED PORTFOLIO: CONDE NAST'S BIZ MAG FOLDS UNDER ECONOMIC *** Audit Bureau: Steep Circulation Losses at Newspapers [except WALL STREET JOURNAL]...List... *** Evening Newscasts Have Covered Obama More Than Bush & Clinton Combined... *** Verizon Said to Be in Talks for the iPhone *** A Merger of Agencies Shakes Up Hollywood *** Fall in Newspaper Sales Accelerates to Pass 7% ***
Portfolio Magazine Shut, a Victim of Recession *** NY tabloids see steep circulation declines *** Business Reporters Explain How They "Blew It" In Covering The Meltdown *** WSJ Only Top 25 Newspaper To Report Circulation Increase *** Doing More With Less: Some Local Newscasts Adding Hours Despite Cuts *** NEW YORK TIMES CO. MAY PUT CLASSICAL MUSIC STATION WQXR UP FOR ...SALE$$$ *** April Ratings: FNC Beats CNN and MSNBC Combined *** Swine Flu Coverage: Panic or Proper?

People and Places ASTOR CASE 'MAID' IN SHADE SERVANTS WILL NAIL SON FOR LARCENY: DA *** Prosecutor in Brooke Astor Case Points Finger at a Daughter-in-Law *** Jayson Williams' hotel room: Pills, booze, multiple suicide notes *** Jackson’s letter recovered, a bit of history revealed *** The Times Union has recorded one of the biggest audience gains of any daily newspaper in the country *** Mary Tyler Moore opens up about her struggles

Blogger Report Albany Ready To Screw Up Again {transitblogger.com} *** Markowitz, McCullough, Me and Other Merry Minions of the Blogosphere {Noticing New York}