Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What If New York Goes Bust?
Comptrollers Report: NYC may lose $2 billion in tax revs from Wall Street and 175,000 jobs *** MORE FAMILIES IN CITY SHELTERS *** City faces budget gaps of $3.5 billion and $8 billion

KEEP THE FLAK JACKET, DAVE - Post, Dicker - Gov faces when he gets back from Iraq 1) Tax payer revolt 2) Wealthy leaving the state to avoid higher taxes 3) Budget Cuts 4) Kennedy, Cuomo and half a dozen congressmembers who want to be senator and their supporters 5) A Leaderless State Senate with Republicans sniping at Democrats using the Monserrate arrest as bullets 6) MTA threatening to raise the fare to $3 *** Fare Scare Shock *** MTA Warning subway fare could go to $3 a Ride?

Economic Meltdown
Panicking stores are practically giving the goods away with last-minute sales in a desperate bid to save the so-far-disastrous season - Post *** TOURISTS LOOKING BUT NOT BUYING - Post *** As Economy Dips, Arrests for Shoplifting Soar - Times, interesting how they look at suffering *** PARIS FAKER DUPES TIMES Times embarrassed itself yesterday by publishing a Fake Letter from someone purporting to be the mayor of Paris criticizing Caroline Kennedy *** France 24 a news agency reports on the fake Kennedy letter in French and English

Political Dog Fight Over Senate Seat Bloomberg: Attacks on Kennedy are 'Getting Out Of Control' *** Mike Asks Gov to Hurry Up *** Kennedy Declines to Make Financial Disclosure *** Elder statesman for Hillary seat to stop the political wars - Daily News, Hammond *** Kennedy will back Dem, aide says

Another Kennedy Started A Similar Fight
The 1964 Senate Campaign of Robert Kennedy also started a political war. Kennedy obtained the support of the Democratic bosses of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Buffalo and Harlem who were on the outs with Mayor Wagner who had run against them and won as a reformer in the 1961 election. A NY Times Editorial on August 12, 1964 said “Why Kennedy has any claim on New York to rescue him from non-office is a mystery . . . The constitutionality of Mr. Kennedy’s running in NY does not seem to be in doubt; his utter innocence as to New York State problems should be. . . . Does New York really need Bobby Kennedy?”

Fallout from Surrogate Indictment Suspension Recommended in a letter sent by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for indicted Surrogate Judge-Elect Nora Anderson *** Counsel Asks N.Y. High Court Not to Suspend Surrogate-Elect Over Campaign Contributions

No Accountability Anywhere

"We have not disclosed that to the public. We're declining to." - Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in emergency bailout money

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret Not really, $1.6 B to execs in cash bonuses, stock options, personal use of company jets and chauffeurs, home security and country club memberships *** No restrictions were put on the billions *** As winter sets in, 13% more in our city will be without shelter.

City says it now "accepts responsibility" for the firefighters' deaths.

DA Robert Morgenthau: Greed and incompetence sparked fatal Deutsche fire ***3 CONTRACTORS CHARGED in Deutsche Bank Fire deaths *** Post Editorial: TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE *** Daily News Editorial: DA charges fall short of full accountability for the sweeping malfeasance that enabled the two deaths *** Unforgivable crimes fueled Deutsche fire tragedy - Daily

"What message is this sending out to the New York City police officers today? " - Rosa Nazario, sister of slain Bronx cop Daniel Enchautegui

Former ‘Sopranos’ Actor Clear in Officer’s Killing *** Outrage *** SLAIN OFFICER'S KIN DEVASTATED BY THE VERDICT *** Juror’s Illness Leads to Mistrial in Killing of Officer

Cops Vs Monserrate, Republican Vs Democrats
Republican Golden introduces resolution to keep Monserrate out of the State Senate *** Where was Golden's outrage when one of his own senate aides was arrested last spring for his own alleged domestic violence incident? *** Cops fight back as details are leaked to the press *** Monserrate's girlfriend pushes prosecutors to drop assault charges *** Colleagues Are Reluctant to Criticize Monserrate *** Labor and interest groups appeal to “Gang of Three” to come back into fold *** Sexual harassment suit alleges Former City Commissioner Edwin Mendez-Santiago had lust in his blood

Political Roundup Finally a real good roundup about Bronx Politics by Kappstatter. Fix the headline Bob *** Empty Padavan seat in senate is grim prospect as election wrangling goes on *** Diaz Sr. on Diaz Jr.'s run for Bronx Borough President.: ‘My position is hurting him’ - he would not be anywhere without you dad!

Washington Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept. *** Franken Leads in Recount