Monday, July 13, 2009

A Crack In Steve Rattner Protection Racket

A Crack In Rattner Protection Racket

The attempt to hide Rattner in Washington to protect him from his partnership with indicted Hank Morris pension corruption scandal has failed.

Rattner Breaking News AP source: NY AG seeking settlement with Rattner *** What Happened to Steve Rattner?
Newser - Michael Wolff *** A lot of fuss about a little film from Queens

NY PROBE MAY HAVE STALLED RATTNER(NYP) *** Obama’s Chief Auto Adviser Steps Down (NYT) at a time when an investigation into his former Wall Street firm’s role in a scandal involving public pension funds has intensified *** President Obama's car czar Steven Rattner drives off under cloud (NYDN) *** Auto Czar Quits Post Six Months Into the Job (WSJ)

More From the NYT on Rattner:"It is unclear whether Mr. Rattner’s departure is directly connected to the inquiry"
You want to bet?

"Quadrangle faces potential civil charges"
Why Rattner Civil Charges and Hank Morris faces criminal?

According to the Washington Post Rattner payed off Morris and Morris faces criminal charges

From the Washington Post "In SEC filings, a "senior executive" at Quadrangle, whom sources have identified as Rattner, is described as having been directly involved in arranging a $1 million-plus payment to a middleman (Morris). The White House has said that Rattner brought up the investigation while he was being vetted and that no charges were expected to be filed against him."

More from the NYT "Mr. Rattner, according to people close to the investigation, arranged for his investment firm to pay $1.1 million to an agent who helped Quadrangle obtain New York pension business. The agent who received most of that money has been indicted and accused of selling access to the pension fund, but neither Mr. Rattner nor Quadrangle is expected to face criminal charges, according to people close to the matter. The Securities and Exchange Commission is also investigating pension fund abuses."

From CrainNY: Authorities have said that Mr. Rattner, an investment banker, was unlikely to face charges in the investigation which involved a giant state pension fund that provides retirement benefits for more than 1 million government employees.

As Morris Faces Charges, Will Rattner Walk?
ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO ANNOUNCES SWEEPING INDICTMENT IN PAY-TO ..., Indicted Alan Hevesi aide Hank Morris' shady dealings stretched ...

Rattner Powerful Clients Protect Him from Criminal Charges

Quadrangle manages Mayor Bloomberg's $16 billion fortune while he is in office Steve Rattner the Untouchable

Not in the NYT article is how Rattner is interconnced with the NYT and it ownerRattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk? This is how the NYT tried to cover up and help his business and themselfs in the past Equity Firm in Spotlight Is Said to Win a Confidence Vote. By the way is Car Zar Rattner bailout of GMAC former financial arm a conflict of interest with his role in the NYT Mortage which is also was owned by GMAC?

True News has been reporting about the Rattner's role in the nationwide pension scandal for months and the fact that the media has been protecting his role in the payoffs. Rattner even paid 80,000 to make a dumb movie called Cooch to a family member of someone who controlled who got New York pension funds NY PensionGate Explodes in New Mexico, Who's Afraid of Steve Rattner?, Carlyle Lies Nobody Listens, Gets Away With Pension Crimes, Whose Guarding the People's Pensions? COOCH? *** Pension Fund Scandal Expands: Rattner's Ties To Bill Richardson *** SEC Queries Los Angeles Fire, Police Pension Fund on Conflicts of ... *** Silobreaker: SEC Pension Probe Extended to L.A. Fund , Pay to Play? Firm Receives Government Contract after Donating to Bill Richardson. N.M. Investment Adviser Caught Up in N.Y. Scandal: Case focuses on ...,

NY Comptroller Candidates:
No Comment on the Pension Scandal
True News even exposed the New York Controllers' connected to the Rattner scandal and it own scadal with pension funds. Only the Village Voice Tom Robbins has also reported on the New York's Controllers pension problems. From True News The Wolf at Thompson's Door *** The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know *** OUT OF COMPTROL, AS SCANDAL SPREADS, CITY COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES LOOK FOR BIGGER ROCK TO HIDE UNDER *** State of FearState governments are in even more trouble than they seem to be. Here's how to save them.By Eliot Spitzer *** Candidates Accept Funds From Laid Off Workers *** Investors and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign NYT Firesale Times Co. Agrees to Sell WQXR Radio

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