Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Steve Rattner the Untouchable

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . The NYP Keeps pushing for charter schools while attacking UFT CHARTER EX-FOE A CONVERT LEADS PARENT ORG *** 'CONTROL' ENEMIES GO TO ALBANY . . . After the Wall Street Melt Down, Schumer finds a new cause to get on TV, bully whipping IHOP into using only NYS maple syrup in their local stores TAP OUR SAP, IHOP: CHUCK . . . when will the first story appear about New Yorkers leaving because of all the tax hikes CITY EYES TIX-BLITZ CASH FIX The cash-strapped city hopes to haul in a record $686 million in parking fines next year in what could become the mother of all ticket blitzes . . . While the early morning local news reports how New Yorkers are saved from a transit meltdown, because they only have to pay a 25 cent increase, the NYP & NYT & DN editorials seems to be more real world RAILROAD TO RUIN a jerry-rigged spending plan that puts the system on a fast track back to the '70s, No Fix for Public Transit NYT. Back to the future. DN Editorial: David's derailment "The capital budget to pay for upkeep, repairs and improvements -- "is not the real issue right now," said Paterson. Ravitch must be ready to explode . . . A city of the very rich and poor; it has already happened Lower Manhattan has hardly any middle class housing left From Downtown Express, Once ‘Very Good Rent Payers’ Face Eviction . . . You know things are bad when... A majority of New York voters would rather see Eliot Spitzer, the state's hooker-happy former governor, back in office than his beleaguered successor, Gov. Paterson, a new poll revealed Monday . . . the coming congressional bank war Biggest banks face even deeper black hole . . . To save MTA Albany raises fees on car rentals who are already in a deep economic crisis Car rental companies cut staff . . . Play to Play - why are the city's journalists limiting their reporting to summaries-of-what-we-already-know type stories about pensiongate? Where is the investigative reporting on this major story? Is Steve Rattner just too powerful and well connected enough to hide the truth? Connecticut Dismisses Pension Adviser Accused of Fraud *** Mayor Bloomberg defends friend, car czar Steven Ratner, amid ... *** Obama's Top Auto Industry Troubleshooter - NYTimes.com *** The (Mostly) Charmed Life of Steve Rattner Newsweek Small ... , Fox & Friends advanced disputed allegation against Obama "auto czar" *** One cannot argue with DN Bill Hammond writes “Given his consistently inconsistent past, it’s impossible to take Paterson’s spending cap as anything but a pander to moderate voters that he still hopes, beyond reason, to woo in next year’s election." Gov. Paterson Seeks a Cap on Spending by the State . . . Enough Already Steve Kornacki thinks Paterson "has inflicted so much damage on himself in the last year that the idea gaining a second look from voters, even those in his own party, is fanciful."

The City WEST TO GET THE 'WORKS FIREWORKS JULY 4 SHOW FLIPS SIDES *** KINDERGARTEN YOUNGSTERS SHOWING MORE SMARTS *** METRO-NORTH'S BIKE BAN EASED *** HACK TO SCHOOL NEW TESTS, CLASSES SET FOR CABBIES *** PHANTOM AIR FARCE PICTURES The $328,835 snapshots of an Air Force One backup plane buzzing lower Manhattan last week will not be shown to the public, the White House said yesterday *** WEEK JUST FLU BY HS REOPENS AFTER SCRUB-DOWN *** Times Square Sbarro Smashed in Sorcerer Shoot *** Relatives: NY victim wanted to quit gang *** Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Affair With Teen *** What's The Deal: The Roosevelt Island Tram *** 4th of July Fireworks Head to Hudson *** Stuntman in Nicolas Cage film injures two in Manhattan *** Cinco de Mayo 2009 NYC: Fiesta Forever *** Queens School At The Center Of Flu Outbreak Reopens *** High School Music Director Accused Of Relationship With Student *** Yearly Battle Heating Up For Rent-Stabilized Tenants *** More Children Take the Tests for Gifted Programs, and More Qualify *** Critics fire back at City Council bill requiring pharmacies to provide language translation help *** Variable Parking Experiment In Park Slope *** Schumer backs Lynch for U.S. Attorney in Eastern District

Road to City Hall KIDS URGED CAROLINE: QUIT, MOM 'JERKED BACK TO REALITY' AMID SENATE STRESS *** Kids tripped up Caroline run *** Bloomberg = 917-000-0000 If you should happen to see 917-000-0000 on your caller ID be aware that it is Mike Bloomberg's campaign calling to ask for your vote *** Mayoral race: It doesn't cost millions to advertise on YouTube *** It's William vs. Goliath for mayor New York's next mayoral election is six months away - but the two leading campaigns are girding for battle.... *** The poll was also bad news for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who now trails Gov. George Pataki in a matchup *** Michael Bloomberg, along with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, paid for 14 plane trips for Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who can’t estimate how much they’re worth *** John Desio is leaving his job as a reporter in the Bronx to become a spokesman for the new Bronx borough president *** Readers debate the diversity factor inside the Bloomberg administration *** Cindy Adams takes note of who designed the dress Christine Quinn wore at a fancy event last night *** Adam Lisberg provides a who's who of mayoral camapign staffers. (Bill Thompson has just seven people working for him, including fundraiser Cindy Darrison; Mayor Bloomberg has at least 22) *** Keeping the Beat in East Harlem Video: WNBC captures Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg playing the bongos at an event in East Harlem *** TNPM *** Perry Out (updated) *** Thompson To Bloomberg: Diversify! *** Bloomberg Poised To Take Manhattan (GOP) - Updated *** Bloomberg: Debate Issue Is a 'Distraction' *** In case you missed Bill Thompson's reaction ( and Bloomberg did not), his campaign twittered it *** Mayor Mike's 3rd term deception: New details?

City's Economic Melt Down CITY EYES TIX-BLITZ CASH FIX The cash-strapped city hopes to haul in a record $686 million in parking fines next year in what could become the mother of all ticket blitzes *** PA TO MOVE PAST THE HUBBUB moment of truth for over budget WTC *** A million more trees will be pruned less *** Cutting the bread (and the fat) in City budget *** Staffing Gap May Prove Troublesome For NYPD *** Hotels Roll Back Frills of Room Service *** The state Teachers Retirement Fund lost $7 billion.

Albany BACK ON TRACK HOLDOUT POLS ON BOARD WITH MTA DEAL *** GOV LOWER THAN LOW IN NEW POLL *** Gov. Paterson Seeks a Cap on Spending by the State *** Tentative MTA Deal Reached in Albany *** Senate Strikes Tentative Deal On MTA Bailout *** Bailout Plan for M.T.A. Gains Two Essential Votes *** Gov. Paterson Seeks a Cap on Spending by the State *** NYS Democrats Tentative Agreement on MTA Bailout *** Senate Dems reach tentative MTA deal *** Albany to pick up question of mayoral control of Schools *** Paterson moves to make Timothy’s law a permanent law *** Sen. George Maziarz embraces the role of GOP attack dog *** Sen. Ruben Diaz said that the governor backed the “Gang of Three” plan to block Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith *** Dan Janison sees trouble for Republican State Chairman Joe Mondello, but, then again who doesn't? *** In response to his latest dismal poll numbers, Gov. David Paterson said: "I don’t blame the public for how they feel. I’m just going to work hard so this state is in good fiscal condition next year and perhaps people will feel differently." MTA Capital spending could still be a sticking point *** Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith Statement on MTA *** TNPM *** State Agencies to Phase Out Use of Bottled Water *** Some Senate Dems Now Calling for Stimulus Transparency *** Lawmakers Strike Deal to Rescue New York Transit System

Judge: Policy Made In The Court Room WATCH VIDEO Bronx jurist Sonia Sotomayor -- on President Obama's shortlist to replace the retiring Judge David Souter on the US Supreme Court -- remarked in 2005 that the courts are the place "where policy is made."

President Obama White House to seek input on education law *** White House, House GOP convene meetings on climate *** Obama seeks assurances from Pakistan's leader *** BRINGING IT HOME OBAMA GOES AFTER OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS *** G.O.P. Résumé, Cabinet Post, Knack for Odd Jobs Ray LaHood’s title is secretary of transportation, but he functions as an ambassador to Capitol Hill Republicans *** Obama Calls for Curbs on Offshore Tax Havens *** RAHM: Thwarting Iran nukes conditional on Israeli-Palestinian talks... *** Obama wants to eliminate some tax deductions for businesses *** Obama Disappoints Human Rights *** Obama’s bid to end offshore tax shelters may face resistance in Congress *** Obama flubs his Cinco de Mayo salute *** The White House prepares to overhaul “No Child Left Behind.” *** TNPM *** Bam and Biden's power lunch - at a burger joint *** Obama refuses to release pictures of Air Force One buzzing NYC...

Congress & GOP DEMS NIX FUNDS TO SHIFT GITMO INMATES *** Republicans attacking Obama on terror policy *** Conservative to lead GOP fight on court nomination *** Analysis: Obama tests Afghan, Pakistan strategy *** Congress leery about Obama's plan on tax loopholes *** Schumer Offers Middle Ground on Health Care *** G.O.P. Picks Conservative for Senate Judiciary Post *** The Long Voyage Home Republicans are so much the party of individualism and freedom that they are no longer the party of community and order, Brooks *** Jack Kemp’s Futile Quest Jack Kemp meant well, but the great irony that cloaked his career was that it was not possible to achieve the ends he sought using the means he pushed with such zeal, Herbert *** Sessions Will Lead GOP's Scrutiny of Next Justice *** Ridge May Run for Specter's Senate Seat *** Democrats Seek More Interrogation Documents *** Time and the Political Tides The GOP may yet be attractive again, says the former Tennessee senator, Howard Baker *** NEEDS MORE: House Dems seek $94.2 billion in 'emergency funds'... *** The GOP begins attacking Obama on his anti-terror policy. Fearing that terror suspects will be brought to the U.S., Congress rejects Obama’s request for $50 million to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay *** GOP Tries to Dig Out of Its Hole

Pay to Play Murtha Nephew Received Millions in Contracts Murtha has long claimed credit for using his committee seat to steer work to firms, which has also benefited contributors, family *** Editorial: Reckless driving by Housing Authority The same city Housing Authority brass who can't keep the elevators running as the nation's largest public landlord have had no problem maintaining a mode of transportation more relevant to their lives *** Democrats across the nation have their share of ethics problems *** AG subpoenas feed guesswork on probe and LIPA *** New York City Police Pension Bans Placement Agent Use

National Pentagon cyber command to create force for future *** Swine flu could shine glaring light on uninsured *** Fighting foreclosure blight in California From the Wall Street Journal *** Court Bars Identity-Theft Law as Tool in Immigration Cases *** Choose the Next Supreme Court Nominee *** At Annual Meeting, Pro-Israel Group Reasserts Clout *** MGM MIRAGE Profit Falls 11% Amid Biggest Las Vegas Gaming Slump on Record... *** Stephens: Swine-Flu Hysteria *** TNPM *** Same-Sex Marriage Advances in Maine

Wall Street Melt Down BERNIE SWINDLE IS A PABLO BLOW A footwear mogul kicked hard by the Bernard Madoff scandal must now give his beloved Picasso the boot to recoup part of his $150 million loss *** FILENE'S FILES bankruptcy protection *** FUDGED JOBS NUMBER MAY BUOY MARKETS, SO BEWARE *** NO DOUBLE NICKELS UAW TO CHRYSLER: IT WILL SELL 55% STOCK STAKE TO TRUST *** AUTOMAKER'S AD SPENDING HITS $67M WALL *** POLAROID INVESTOR THROWS IN THE TOWEL *** Financial stocks lead markets higher *** Liz Claiborne shares soar on analyst forecast *** Where Home Prices Crashed Early, Signs of a Rebound *** Board Ties at Apple and Google Are Scrutinized *** UBS Reports $1.76 Billion Loss *** Chrysler and Fiat Have Hopes for Happy Relationship *** CITI eyes new ways to pay employees... *** Business Surprise! AIG Won't Need Another Bailout *** Dow up 200+ points, S&P 500 breaks even for 2009 *** 10 Banks Flunk Stress Tests *** Rally Sends Stocks Into Black for 2009 *** Fewer Banks Are Tightening Their Lending Standards *** More Banks Will Need Capital, Tests Show *** Chrysler Predicts Profit by 2012 *** Bargain Hunters Creep Into Bond Market *** TNPM *** Bernanke Sees Hopeful Signs but No Quick Recovery *** Stock Technicians' Verdict: The Market Rally Will Continue

International Report: Dozens killed in attack on wedding in Turkey *** Life Slowly Returns To Normal In Mexico City *** Porous Border With Pakistan Could Hinder U.S. Troops *** Georgia Alleges Russian Role in a Coup Plot *** Even as Fears of Flu Ebb, Mexicans Feel Stigma *** India, Suddenly Starved for Investment *** Germany May Help Fiat With Opel Bid *** E.U. Says Europe Faces Deep Recession *** Poverty Delays Trips to Hospital Economic situation and tendency to self-medicate may be crucial factors in flu deaths in Mexico *** Pakistan Seeks Nonviolent Path *** Mexico criticizes 'repressive' quarantines abroad... *** Hamas Leader: We've Halted Rocket Strikes On Israel, Now Support Two-State Solution ***
The Taliban's Deadly Advantage
*** Foiled Plot in Georgia *** Quiet, the French Are Sleeping *** Hamas Backs Two-State Solution *** Mexico Starts to Breathe Easy *** A U.S. negotiator signals flexibility in arms talks with Russia *** U.S. Troops Calm An Afghan Valley *** Pakistan Abandons Truce in Swat *** U.S., Israel Diverge on Palestinian Plan *** TNPM *** Pakistani Army Poised for New Push into Swat *** At the AIPAC conference, Joe Biden laid out a vision for Middle East diplomacy which is at odds with that of the Netanyahu government *** Peres: Israel for Two-State Solution

A World Without the Globe? From after several rounds of painful cutbacks and layoffs at the Globe, the Times is squeezing a further $20 million in savings from the Boston newspaper's unions -- and threatening to shut down the paper if the demand is not fully met. The economics of our industry are cruel and remorseless, but still it's alarming to witness what looks like an act of cannibalism, Robinson, Washington Post

Media & New Tech UNION AT NY TIMES AGREES TO PAY CUTS *** Boston Globe talks stalled *** Boston Globe union, Times Co. recess talks... *** Times Co. Postpones Threat to Close Boston Globe *** NBC wins big with Kentucky Derby ratings *** Glenn Beck stars in publishing deal *** Celebrities open up via Twitter *** Tony Award Nominations To Be Announced Tomorrow *** NBC Offers Marketers an Expanded Fall Lineup *** Liberty Media to Unite Assets With DirecTV *** White House: We Can't Save Newspapers *** Boston Globe talks stalled *** White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs shows a little snark when asked about the Globe *** TNPM *** Boston Globe to resume union-concession talks *** Past, present and uncertain future of Boston Globe *** MediaNew York Times Price Hike: Daily, Sunday Edition Prices Both Go Up *** The Onion Confirms Killing West Coast Editions

People and Places Selena Roberts Talks About A-Rod's Man Boobs *** Yankees will have hands full with latest A-Rod controversy *** Google unveils interactive city maps of yore *** Metropolitan Museum Looks Anew at Americana *** A Museum Gala Where High Cheekbones and Higher Hemlines Rule *** 'Lesbian? No dear, I'm Episcopalian!' Daly: Even in death, Brooke Astor had the brightest spirit in the room. Three times, her wit, as recounted from the witness stand, caused Manhattan Supreme Court to erupt in laughter *** Kids tripped up Caroline run *** Man discovers Dr. Pepper’s original formula in antiques shop *** Woody vs. Mia *** Gauguin Cut Off Van Gogh's Ear *** TNPM *** Dom DeLuise, Comic Actor, Dies at 75 *** The Caucus: Elizabeth Edwards Speaks on Affair *** Elizabeth Edwards on John: It's Complicated



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