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It has been a week since True News asked the City’s Comptroller candidates to answer our questions about the pension fund scandal – and still no response from any of them. You would think that in the spirit of transparency and good government the candidates would embrace this public forum to condemn the perpetrators of this scandal and make it absolutely clear that they themselves have no involvement in the widening probe. But, apparently, that’s of little concern to these candidates, who continue to go out of their way to ignore the elephant in the room.

True News, Wednesday, April 29, 2009
The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know

Or maybe it’s a blue whale at this point.

In the past week, the pension fund scandal has only continued to grow. The big news yesterday was that another former State Comptroller, Carl McCall, and Rudy Giuliani’s first Deputy Mayor Peter Powers, have both been subpoenaed for their companies’ involvement in pension fund “pay for play”.

This announcement from Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – who is looking more like Eliot Ness each day – comes as the AG made it clear that this scandal is as big as True News has been saying it is. AGs in at least thirty other states are investigating more than a hundred firms who may have grown richer by pocketing pieces of the life savings of union and city workers and calling their theft “investing”.

“What has developed is a corrupt system, where Wall Street, various fiduciaries, politicians and corporate managers are draining America’s savings,” said hedge fund manager Frederick S. Rowe to the Times, stating a fact that is increasingly obvious to anyone not named Melinda Katz, David Yassky, John Liu, or David Weprin.

If this scandal keeps getting bigger, New York is going to run out of bold-faced names, who are not somehow implicated or entwined in “pay for play”. This week, Tom Robbins tied in Ed Koch’s former attorney William Howell, media mogul Leo Hindery, and Brooklyn lawyer/lobbyist Norman Levy, whose long record of public service dates back to the days of Mayor Lindsay, when Levy was indicted for his involvement in the parking-tickets-fixing scam.

What do you have to do to get drummed out of town in New York City politics? Apparently, all you have to do is rewrite your Wikipedia entry and lay low for a year, until the media fills their dwindling newsrooms with another crop of college graduates who think that City politics began in 1998.

Of course, that’s the system that lets our City’s Comptroller candidates to get away with not answering even the most basic of questions. But, not to be too cynical, True News will resend the questions we asked last week to the Comptroller candidates, just to make sure they didn’t get marked as spam or accidentally deleted.

For the record, here they are once again:

1) Do you think that it is a criminal conflict of interest that Josh Wolf-Powers and Adam Blumenthal left their jobs as Bill Thompson’s top deputies in the Comptroller’s office managing the City’s pension fund to set up the private company Blue Wolf Capital Management, which then secured $70 million in investment for Blue Wolf from the Comptroller’s office? And should Bill Thompson resign as Comptroller for taking almost $10,000 in donations for his mayoral campaign from Blumenthal and Blue Wolf Capital?

2) What is the connection between the growing pension fund scandal in Bill Richardson’s administration in New Mexico that the state’s AG is trying hard to keep a lid on and Andrew Cuomo’s bold investigation into New York’s pension fund scandal? Are you troubled that Deborah Gallegos, the Chief Investment Officer for the City Comptroller in 2005 – the year Wolf-Powers urged Steven Rattner to hire the now-indicted Hank Morris as his placement agent – had come to Thompson’s office directly from New Mexico, where she worked in Richardson’s administration as deputy state investment officer for the New Mexico State Investment Council and was deeply involved in the private investment of billions of dollars of taxpayer money under similar (and suspicious) circumstances to the investigation into New York City’s Comptroller’s office. Are you aware that Richardson, who is being investigated for pay-to-play with New Mexico’s pension funds, also received money from Hank Morris and Steven Rattner?

3) Have you met with Andrew Cuomo to learn more about the pension fund scandal and what you could do to end corruption in the Comptroller’s office? Other than the smoke screen concession of eliminating placement agents enacted by Bill Thompson and State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, what would you do to really reform the Comptroller’s Office?

Really, Melinda, John, the two Davids, you know these are just the easy questions. True News is pretty sure we could come up with much more difficult ones if we started researching a complete list of your staffers and contributors. Why not answer these simple questions, while we can still assume the best about your intentions to bring much-needed reform to the terribly tainted office of City Comptroller?

Please send your answers to as soon as possible. We’ll be waiting in suspense

PensionGate Where the big guys pay to play MCCALL, RUDY PAL IN PENSION SCORE Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry More States Start Pension Inquiries Cuomo’s investigation into deals involving the New York State pension fund has spawned similar inquiries nationwide.

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What They Said:
"We didn't return the donations in question, but we didn't claim them for matching funds." John Liu Campaign

What They Mean:
Keep the money 'til it starts to stink. Liu Campaign Returns Some Potentially Problematic Contributions, Keeps Some Others

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