Thursday, April 30, 2009

NY PensionGate Explodes in New Mexico

New York Pension Scandal Explodes in New Mexico

We Need A Judge Like John Sirica to Unravel What is Really Going On in New Yorkv

Richardson Takes Action Against Aldus
"New Mexico Ousts Adviser Investigated in New York Gov. Bill Richardson decided the state should sever ties with Aldus “due to concerns raised by an ongoing investigation in New York” . . . The firm had agreed to split fees from the pension fund with Hank Morris, a top political consultant to the former state comptroller, Alan G. Hevesi. . . The council found that “placement fees” had also been paid by private equity firms to various marketing agents, which Charles Wollman, a spokesman, said the council had not known about. That raised questions about Aldus’s role. One of the fees was paid to Dan Hevesi, the son of the former New York State comptroller, by the Catterton VI Fund, which received $25 million in 2006. "

Morris Payoff Leads to Indictment of Aldus Owner
"Texas businessman Saul Meyer snared in pension scandal State and federal investigators are readying charges against a Dallas financier in the mushrooming state pension pay-to-play scandal, the Daily News has learned. Saul Meyer, a partner at Aldus Equity, is the latest figure caught up in the probe headed by state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Meyer agreed to pay a hefty fee to Hank Morris, the top political consultant to then-Controller Alan Hevesi, so Aldus could manage a $175 million pension fund investment."

Will Thompson Oust Aldus Like Richardson?
"City Controller William Thompson told The News Editorial Board yesterday he will recommend "action" on Aldus, which is a private equity adviser for the city pension fund system. He would not say what that action would be."

Will DiNapoli Oust Aldus Like Richardson?
"In early 2006, the state pension fund added another $200million to its commitment to Aldus, bringing the total to $375 million"

Will Thompon and DiNapoli Oust Quadrangle?
Aldus was not the only fund that paid Morris as a middle man. Steve Rattner's Quadrangle paid placement fees to Morris and funneled money into a movie titled Chooch *** If Steve Rattner's Scandal Sounds A Lot Like Bill Richardson's *** Pension-Deals Scrutiny Spreads - *** Morris Emerges as Central to Probe of New York Fund (Update1 ... *** Rattner Firm Used Indicted Adviser for New Mexico Bid (Update1 ... *** Quadrangle Facing Questions Over Pension Funds - *** US - Rattner Involved in Inquiry on Fees

Will Thompson Oust Blue Wolf?
Daily News Editorial: Out of control: The New York Times reported that former top Thompson aide Josh Wolf-Powers leaned on Rattner to hire a placement agent, telling Rattner, according to The Times, that he could not recall an investment firm that had won a city pension fund investment without using a placement agent ***The Wolf at Thompson's Door

Will Thompson Return 10,000 Contributed by Blue Wolf?
After the City Council outlawed campaign contributions from limited liability corporations and partnerships went into effect, Thompson and his fellow Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner quickly collected as much money from LLCs and LPs as they could before the ban went into effect, aggravated good government groups that argued that Thompson and Weiner had undermined the spirit of campaign finance reform. Of the $50,174 Thompson raised, the Times noted one particular contribution to Thompson’s mayoral campaign. “On July 9, 2007, six days after the ban was passed, [Thompson] accepted a $4,950 donation from the investment firm Blue Wolf Capital Management L.L.C. and a $4,050 contribution from its co-founder and managing partner, Adam Blumenthal.

No Answer to True News to Comptroller Candidates
One candidate promised to answer our questions very soon. We will make that candidate name public once the are answered. True News Questions The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know

Breaking News Fraud Charge in N.Y. Pension Case *** Another Pension-Scheme Charge From Cuomo, With 'More Actions' Likely *** Cuomo Speaks, and Thompson and DiNapoli Dump Aldus

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The City OHIO SLAPS NY ILLEGAL VOTERS *** NYPD USED A 'SWEATSHOP STATE RAIDS COP-UNIFORM FACTORY ***Two Alleged City Sweatshops Worked On NYPD Uniforms *** BRONX BUYBACK GOES GREAT GUNS *** STRIKING A BAD CHORD OPERA MAY WALK *** Postal union decries waste of time From the Queens Courier *** Proposed Tower A Challenge To Neighborhood's Past *** Updates on Flu Spotlight New York’s Health Chief *** New regulations for dogs in public housing *** The Disgrace of the Yankees *** Cops get masks to guard vs. swine flu *** Record-setting numbers for Rockette auditions *** City begins soliciting bids for new Coney Island park *** Markowitz tosses two boons to Thor in approval of Coney plan *** What was FEMA thinking? The agency pulls a coloring book from its site called “A Scary Thing Happened” that depicts the burning twin towers on the cover - with a plane heading straight for one of them *** Man Convicted of Stalking Tyra Banks *** Randi Weingarten told Congress yesterday she thinks mayoral control in New York will be renewed, with some new concessions *** The city’s 59 community boards face budget cuts of around $7,000 each *** Postal workers in Queens said snail mail could actually be slower, thanks to budget cutbacks *** Waiting Lists for Kindergarten Put Manhattan Parents on Edge *** TNPM *** NYPD Announces New Stop And Frisk Pilot Program

Are the Subways Safe? Biden: Avoid ‘confined spaces,' planes, subways - Swine flu- *** Daly: With swine flu here, simple subway ride makes me nervous *** Biden advises family to stay off planes, subways - KTNV ABC ... *** Walking Back Biden

Albany MAL JUNKS JUNKET IN SWINE WHINE Maybe there's something to be said for swine flu. It provided a very convenient excuse for Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith to back out of a controversial junket to Puerto *** 'PRAISE' DAMNING GOP BOSS top Republican conspicuously refused a vote of confidence for GOP Chairman Joseph Mondello yesterday as two party leaders called for his ouster in the wake of a string of loses *** SMITH TO MIKE: I SCUTTLED MY OWN ED. REPORT *** ALBANY NEEDS STIMU-LESS SECRECY *** MEDIFRAUD BONANZA *** DN Editorial: The worst show on Earth The circus plays on - Malcolm Smith, ringmaster - while New Yorkers face the bitter realities created for them by a government of clowns *** The Senate considers microstamping guns, one of a few gun control measures that have highlighted an upstate-downstate divide *** Gov. David Paterson says he has a secret plan to bail out the MTA that he thinks lawmakers will support *** Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith cancels his junket to Puerto Rico, citing health concerns for his daughter and wife *** Attorney General Andrew Cuomo recovered nearly $300 million in Medicaid Fraud in 2008 *** The Daily News accuses senators of "acts of clownishness." *** Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos barely defends state GOP Chair Joseph Mondello against calls for his resignation *** MTA Executive Director Elliot Sander said this would take the transit system "beyond doomsday." *** Can Malcolm Smith, or Anyone, Make the Senate Function? *** David Paterson tells Gay City News he’s not fighting with Malcolm Smith: *** Smith also said he called Michael Bloomberg to assure him that a report on mayoral control of schools was nothing more than a draft *** TNPM **** The chair of the State Liquor Authority, Daniel Boyle, is out *** Golisano to run against Paterson? Not just yet, despite a “quote of the week”

President Obama PREZ'S DARLIN' ARLEN BROMANCE BLOOMS AT WELCOME FOR NEW DEM *** PAKISTAN'S NUKES NO THREAT: BAM *** Analysis: Obama's fate largely in Congress' hands *** Obama doesn't wield heavy stick on banks *** FACT CHECK: Obama's job, deficit claims are iffy *** Obama says waterboarding was torture *** Obama: Clearing economic "wreckage," fixing U.S. image , Video *** Obama says Pakistan internal threat grave, Video *** Obama ‘Gravely Concerned’ About Pakistan *** Memorable Moments of Obama's First 100 Days *** Obama Details DeparturesFrom Bush-Era Policies *** The Principle At Stake at Notre Dame *** There's one crisis too many, says Bam *** Obama gripes about multiple crises in prime time *** Goodwin: Bam believes so completely it makes me nervous *** Obama gives himself a passing grade *** Hillary Clinton earned a B- in a new national poll on how she's doing as secretary of state *** Obama Was Wrong: Britain Tortured Nazis - Michael Tomasky, Guardian *** Nationalizing GM Won't Help GM - or the Nation - Denver Post

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Pay to Play
SEIU president Andy Stern has been bashing Bank of America - the same bank that gave union big

National US Prepares for long haul as swine flu spreads *** Closing schools may not stop flu transmission *** The 2009 TIME 100: The World's Most Influential People *** CNN: Miss California to Star in Marriage Ad *** Immigration Agents to Turn Focus to Employers *** Undoing the Damage, Step by Step After eight years in which nature was often sacrificed to private interests, it is a relief to see the Interior Department taking the protection of endangered species and the environment seriously, NYT Ed *** WHO Warns of Likely Swine Flu Pandemic

International Mexico Shuts Down as Flu Alert Raised *** Swine flu prompts Mexico to shut down economy *** Mexico Limits Many Activities as Flu Alerts Are Increased *** Britain Ends Combat Iraq Operations *** Sri Lanka’s Dirty War The international community should withhold financial aid to Sri Lanka until all civilians are evacuated from the war zone and aid workers have full access to refugee camps, NYT Ed *** Germany Predicts 6% Shrinkage in Economy *** Toyota’s Troubles Slam Japan’s Motor City *** Russia and Ukraine Settle Natural Gas Dispute *** In India, a Grass-Roots Shift New parties compete in month-long election as Mumbai attacks spur more political engagement *** Israel warns EU to tone down its criticism...

BERNANKE'S GREEN SHOOTS SEEN BY MARKETS *** Chrysler Bankruptcy Looms *** GM bondholders to present alternate plan: source *** UBS axed 2,000 U.S. jobs in latest round of cuts *** Chrysler Bankruptcy Looms as Deal on Debt Falters *** Bank of America Chief Ousted as Chairman *** As Detroit Is Remade, the U.A.W. Stands to Gain *** Economic Decline in Quarter Exceeds Forecast ***Starbucks, Awaiting Recovery, Says Profit Fell 77% *** MGM Mirage Reaches Deal on Project in Las Vegas *** Reimagining Ken Lewis's Shareholder Meeting *** Chrysler Tips Toward Bankruptcy *** Lawyers asks for 'pity' to counter Madoff clawbacks *** Is Apple looking to stir up trouble between AT&T and Verizon? *** Chrysler Bankruptcy Plan Is Announced

Media TIMES, GUILD OK PACT ON PAY CUT *** Radio Giant Faces Crisis in Cash Flow Clear Channel *** Time Warner Is Moving Closer to AOL Spinoff *** Keeping the News Crawl Running During Ad Breaks Media buyers and other executives say a channel’s news and information ticker can keep viewers tuned in and watching commercials *** 100 Days: The Media-Overkill Awards *** TIMEWARNER forced to absorb film costs; Studios face financing problems... *** Redstone: 'I'm not sure there will be newspapers in 10 years'... *** ABC, Disney Channel, ABC Family, SOAPNet Shows Coming To Video Site *** Al Jazeera To Broadcast In DC Area *** Viacom Earnings Fall 34% *** Media Buyers: We Like News Crawls Running Through Commercials

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