Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk?

Rattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest
Is the NYT at Risk?

It is not only the auto industry that Steve Rattner has ties to. As Rattner races to jump- start the ailing automotive sector, the car czar's connection to a hedge fund heavily invested in the car business is raising eyebrows as a potential conflict of interest: CAR CZAR MAY FACE CONFLICT. Rattner does not have a potential conflict, he is a walking toxic conflict of interest swamp. His business Cerberus Capital Management, is an investment firm in New York that owned majority shares in Chrysler and GMAC, the financing arm of General Motors. The sad thing about the deal is that it puts the great newspaper The New York Times in the middle of the conflict of interest investigation all around Rattner. The NYT headquarters was financed in part by GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation after the company could not get its hands on 9/11 Liberty Bonds. New York Architecture Images- Times Tower, Auto Financing - Commercial Finance - Real Estate Financing : GMAC, Liberty Bond problems continue. Rattner is the close personal friend and financial advisor to the publisher of the Times, Sulzberger Steve Rattner Declares Times Co. Safe -- Daily Intel -- New York ... Who really controls the NYT? What is going on in the WH, GMAC and is the NYT connected? Should the greatest paper in the world get itself in deep shit dealing with guys like Rattner, Carlos Slim and all the insider-type secret financial dealings that go on in their world? Carlos Slim's $250 million New York Times investment. Who is protecting Steve? Rattner has yet to be legally connected to the pension fund scandal although Hank Morris and others he used to get access to pension funds around the nation are facing serious time The Smart Asset - Murdoch smells a Rattner in pension-fund scandal. Double standard with balls? Fed grants GMAC bank status, access to TARP bailout The same GMAC that holds part of the mortgage to the NYT's troubled new headquarters. Now the same Times says: No more public cash for Larry Silverstein's WTC.

Nobody Asked Me, But. . . One of the stories going around is that the leaders of the Queens organization had a sit down with Weiner and told him not to run. In 2005 when the Queens' organization backed Gifford Miller, Weiner beat Miller by a more than 4 to 1 margin (34,026 to 7,956). With recent pols showing Weiner running even with Thompson and the varied news stories about his reason for dropping out, it is clear there is more to the story: Weiner struggles to spin his City Hall dreams, WEINER WEAK IN BILL'S DEFENSE Now that he's officially out of the mayoral race, Rep. Anthony Weiner couldn't bring himself to explain yesterday why Bill Thompson would be better at the job than Mayor Bloomberg... Weiner Denies Being Fazed by Bloomberg's Money, Would-be mayoral candidate: Bloomberg too rich to beat , The event ended with some reporters still wanting to ask questions, says Erik Engquist . . . It is clear that budget cuts are being kept quiet to protect incumbent pols running for reelection. The press for the most part is helping them in their conspiracy. Here is one story in the NYP that threw PRINCIPAL DOUBT ON BUDGET $$ Schools are taking a bigger budget battering in the coming fiscal year than education officials claim, a group of principals told The Post, MTA moves to reduce "eyes and ears" of system . . . New York pols like New York's voting system just the way it is. With political machine control of the Board of Elections in the state, they have successfully resisted change for decades City Resists State on Voting-Machine Program . . . FDR hired Joe Kennedy because he said he wanted a Wall Street crook to catch the other crooks in the financial world. The CIA now has the same idea to protect America from overseas financial criminals CIA IS BULLISH ON WALL ST. INSIDER $POOKS . . . Does the NYT know or care that thousands of New Yorkers are losing their jobs? Always the pro-development positive spinner, the NYT offers us this crap: Preparing Workers for Jobs After the Junkyards Go . . . The city will pay $2 million to the family of a woman who died last year on the floor of the Kings County Hospital Center's psychiatric emergency unit while awaiting treatment.

Road to City Hall DODD-ERING POL 'DONE' Embattled Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) would be ousted from office if the election took place today *** Bloomberg begins Willets Point land grab *** Thompson Reacts To Weiner's Decision To Drop Out Of Mayoral Race *** No Heyer love! Club president quits rather than campaign for John *** Working Families taps Aborn in DA race *** Weiner walks away from mayoral fight *** The DN calls Weiner's decision "regrettable, if realistic," but also wonders what the Democrats' "message" is to convince voters to oust Bloomberg *** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told NY1 she doesn't think Cuomo will run against Paterson next year. Ben Smith thinks her remark was a bit on the cryptic side *** Thompson Says Mayoral Race "Is Just Beginning" *** Liz Benjamin reminds us that Bloomberg still hasn’t agreed to any debates or public forums. WNYC’s Arun Venugopal said Weiner “made a real production” out of his withdrawal announcement *** On the radio this morning, Errol Louis said he didn’t think Leslie Crocker Snyder will be endors'ed by the New York Times again *** Michael Bloomberg Isn't Doing Interviews *** Mike 'N' Whoopi, Together Again

Pay to Play Cloud from Illinois continues to hang over Burris *** Burris Says Audiotape Confirms Innocence *** When Politicians Talk in Private Only in Illinois might a politician like Senator Roland Burris claim a clean bill of health from a wiretap that flatly contradicts his initial claim under oath of a clean bill of health, NYT ed *** Comptroller's race shaping up as most heated campaign of summer *** State Secretary of State Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, who was tapped to report on whether deregulation of the sports and entertainment ticket business is working, has ties to the industry *** The Legislature is considering a bill that would require companies that receive taxpayer-funded subsidied to provide greater detail about their plans to hire local workers, pay prevailing wages and consult to regional unions *** A New Reason Burris Must Quit - Chicago Sun-Times

The City MIKE: SHELLY'S SCHOOL PLAN SHOWS REAL CLASS *** IT'S THE BEST OF 'TIME$' VENDORS' HAPPY B'WAY MELODY *** SCHOOL PARENTS' 'NET GAIN KIDS' RECORDS ONLINE *** TAXI-SHARE PLAN FOR EA$Y RIDERS NEW METERS WILL SPLIT FARE *** NATIVES ARE 'HOSTEL' COOPER SQ. HOTEL BLASTED OVER BAR *** LIRR IS BACK AT BELMONT *** 'STEALTH' $1.3B STIMULUS FOR CITY *** FOOD STAMP OF APPROVAL FOR COSTCO *** 'AWOL' ACS GAL BUSTED CASEWORKER IGNORED TRUANT KIDS: PROBER *** ADMIRAL-BLE COMPROMISE Operators of the Brooklyn Navy Yard have agreed to a compromise that will save a former military residence and shed on historic Admiral's Row *** How many construction violations are allowable? From the Daily News *** Toys R Us Acquires High-End Retailer FAO Schwarz *** New York and the Supreme Court: A History *** Hundreds cram Coney Island job fair *** Prince of the city: Harry touring town *** City to Pay $2 Million in Death After Hospital Wait *** Coming to a Taxi Near You: Total Strangers *** Language Barrier Adds to Swine Flu Mayhem *** Happy Trails: City Full of Routes For Runners *** Casino Plan Could Save Or Ruin The Hamptons *** Tenant in Sotomayor's old Bronx apartment feels pride *** Queens: Borough's Diversity Provides Stable Force In Down Economy *** Plans Would Let Strangers Share Cab Rides in New York *** Group Begins Ad Blitz Against Same-Sex Marriage *** Broadway Receipts Increase Slightly *** Stalemate at Ground Zero The Port Authority’s board has authorized over $800 million so far to help with the developer’s financing. The mayor and his dealmakers should not drain any more of the authority’s funds, NYT Ed *** Mayor boosts Fashion Week *** Admiral’s Row demolition near *** Upper East Side pastry palace may close *** City modifying film tax-credit plan *** NYC cemeteries dying from neglect *** Daly: Dreams live on at Sotomayor's old school *** Prince of the city: Harry touring town *** The damage done to Brooklyn: Atlantic Yards has shrunk, and with it good jobs and affordable housing, Louis, DN *** Sunset Park drivers fuming over street cleaning regulations *** Notify NYC's e-mail, phone, text emergency alerts go citywide *** City players eliminated in National Spelling Bee *** Taxi Commission Approves Ride-Sharing Experiments

Albany NEW DEPOSIT-LAW BOTTLENECK A federal judge has temporarily blocked a new law requiring return deposits on water bottles sold in New York *** Bottle Bill, Bottled Up *** New COBRA law to up employer health costs *** Hemmerdinger & interim CEO vie for MTA gig *** DN Editorial: Keep mayoral control Parents of the city's 1.1 million schoolchildren may be on their way to owing a debt of gratitude to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for keeping the essence of mayoral control of education *** Lawmakers propose a bill that would require more disclosure by companies receiving public funds and tax subsidies *** Gov. David Paterson threatens to be his own spending cap and veto legislative bills that include spending. He’s upset that they haven’t done anything with his spending cap bill. And the Senate GOP appears ready to back him. He chided legislative leaders publicly *** GOP Sen. Frank Padavan seeks to change a provision of the Rockefeller drug law reform that allows judges to seal the criminal records of some drug offenders. District Attorneys from around the state also fight the provision*** Gov. David Paterson, annoyed by legislative leaders' lack of action on his spending cap, threatened to take matters into his own hands *** The case against Gay marrage is on the air *** Democrats distribute more member item money than Republicans.

President Obama PROUD MAMACITA I'D LOVE SONIA EVEN IF SHE CLEANED TOILETS *** Obama orders review of government classification *** Obama touts economy, Sotomayor, at fundraiser *** Obama nominates top diplomats to London, New Delhi *** Court Pick Held Ground In Previous Hearings (Washington Post) *** Lone Bank Regulator Weighed *** Obama Orders Review of Government Secrecy *** Bill Clinton Very Much an Obama Administration Adviser *** THE TOUR: Clinton and Bush to clash for cash in Canada... *** POLL: Obama car involvement gets mixed grade... *** Obama Admin Considering Creation Of Single Agency To Regulate Banks *** Sotomayor Pick a Product of Lessons From Past Battles *** On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Are Uneasy *** When Sallie Met Barack The student loan system is a mess. Why doesn’t the government cut out the middlemen and just lend the money out itself?, Colins, NYT *** Geithner Prepares to Meet With Chinese Leaders *** Geithner's Incredibly Shrinking Plan *** Sotomayor on Abortion: Unclear ***
Castro Criticizes Cheney on Prisoners
*** Single-Regulator Plan For Banks Now Close *** Sotomayor's mom: We overcame a lot *** Freed journalist Saberi meets with Hillary *** Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau pens an op-ed saying those who call Sotomayor a radical don’t know her *** 'Empathy' Is Code for Judicial Activism - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Sotomayor is No Leftist - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

Congress & GOP DON'T EXPECT MUCH OF A FIGHT FROM GOP *** Interest groups already engaged in nominee battle *** Consumers, investors protected under overhaul *** Pelosi appeals for China's help on climate change *** Insurers' Role Key to Health Reform, CBO Says *** Warring Sides on Health Care Carry Their Fight to TV and Radio Ads *** Health insurers suggest ways to save the government $500 billion *** Conservative pundits Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh call Sotomayor racist. Bloomberg defends Sotomayor against Gingrich, saying, “Some things Newt says never make any sense to me.” *** A Delicate Matter for the GOP - David Broder, Washington Post *** Battle for Soul of GOP Best Waged on Ideas - San Diego Union-Tribune

Wall Street Mess BERNIE BURN NOTICE GETS LONGER STILL *** MOODY'S AFFIRMS US TOP RATING *** CH.11 CRASH COURSE GM HOLDERS REJECT DEBT FOR EQUITY OFFER *** BOFA'S $26B CAPITAL JOLT *** FREDDIE MAC ATTACK $1B RATINGS DEAL SNUBS MOODY'S, S&P *** $1M MORTGAGE BUYBACKS SEEN *** PEQUOT SINKS UNDER THE WEIGHT OF PROBES *** U.S. Control at GM to Continue *** Will the Government Save GM? *** Chrysler Cures a Bankruptcy, but Tests Loom *** Talks Fail to Secure Deal on Loan for G.M.’s European Unit *** China Is Said to Plan Strict Gas Mileage Rules *** U.S. Home Sales Remain Sluggish as Supply Soars *** More Small Banks Ailing as Recession Toll Mounts *** BofA raises another $5.9B to repay TARP *** JPMorgan’s Dimon sees rising credit card losses *** Pequot to Shut as Firm Faces Probe *** Plan to Buy Banks' Bad Loans Founders *** The Bond Vigilantes *** Stiffing GM's Creditors Will Backfire - Investor's Business Daily

International Abbas pushing pan-Arab peace with Israel *** U.S., S. Korea Raise Alert Level *** OPEC Banks on Recession End to Lift Oil Prices *** RUSSIA FEARS NKOREA CONFLICT COULD GO NUKE... *** To Protect Ancient City, China Will Raze It *** Minor Damage After Honduras Quake *** China Is Said to Plan Strict Gas Mileage Rules *** Taliban Wages War on Police in Pakistan *** U.N. Push for N. Korea Sanctions Advances *** Argentina Crime is Election Focus *** Somali Insurgency Roils Peace Efforts *** Iraq's South Oil Co. Gets New Chief *** North Korea, the Next Iraq? - Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic *** The Media, Islam and Political Correctness - Cathy Young, RealClearPolitics *** No Freedom in Cuba, No OAS Membership - Miami Herald

National Feds ready to spend $2 billion on Hanford cleanup *** More college grads join Teach for America *** Group Aims to Block D.C. Marriage Bill *** Deadly casino shooting in Atlantic City *** Bush v. Gore Lawyers Joining Forces To Fight Proposition 8 *** Bush v. Gore Foes Join to Fight Gay Marriage Ban *** States Jockey for 'Weatherizing' Funds *** California Cities Face Bankruptcy Curbs *** Government May Worsen Detroit's Woes - Cole & McAlinden, Detroit News *** Gay Marriage: Only a Matter of Time - Carl Cannon, Politics Daily

Media COMING OUT EMPTY YAHOO! CEO'S DEBUT IS SHORT ON SUBSTANCE *** Boston Globe Still Alive, Struggling *** Lounging in the New Times Square *** Time Warner Close To AOL Deal *** NYT's New Social Media Editor: "I've Just Been Playing Around With It For The Last Few Weeks" *** Research: Print Readers Aging Rapidly *** Music Labels Cut Friendlier Deals With Start-Ups *** Cigarettes in Popular Films Are Target of Health Groups *** CBS Radio applauds Microsoft’s new Zune HD *** Plastic Logic Previews New E-Book Reader *** WASHINGTON TIMES set to launch syndicated morning-drive radio show... *** Boston Globe Newsroom Circulating Petition To Limit Pay Cuts *** Staff Favorite Named Interim Editor Of New York Observer *** Time Warner To Spin Off AOL

People, Places & Sports JAIL JAYSON OVER COVER-UP: DA *** RUDY HECKLER: SEE YOU IN COURT *** IMPRISONED MOBSTER: I WANT MY $$ *** Allegiance of Lawyer Is Examined at Astor Trial *** Lakers Regain Focus, Shaking Off the Nuggets *** Red Wings Are Back in Cup Finals *** Adam Lambert: The full scoop

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