Friday, May 15, 2009

Carlyle Lies Nobody Listens, Gets Away With Pension Crimes

Carlyle Lies Nobody Cares
Gets Away With Pension Crimes

The connected and powerful always walk. The $20 million in fines and an end to pay-to-play campaign contributions as punishment for private equity giant The Carlyle Group, is a joke $20M PAY-TO-PLAY SLAP . Here is the BS explanation from Carlyle in the Washington Post "We were the unwitting beneficiaries of a corrupt system," said a Carlyle official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. "The $20 million payment is effectively returning some of the economic benefit that unwittingly accrued to us." In their NYT quote Carlyle said the opposite “We may be slow, we may be old, we may be plodders,” Mr. Leuschen (Carlyle/Riverstone energy investment fund) told New Mexico officials when making a pitch for their business in 2005, “but we think we know the right people, and this is very much a relationship business.” We know that Carlyle plays politics, but how come the writers for the NYT and WP do not google each other's stories to catch liars like Carlyle on such an important story as Pensiongate? By the way, how come the unions are not outraged by the looting of members' pension funds by Carlyle, Morris, Rattner and the other bums? Are they getting their cut somehow? Stay tuned? The Carlyle Web More Web More on how the big guy rips off pension funds Inquiry Focuses on Ex-Pension Official for Bush . . . Sometimes your public relations consultants can get you in trouble by making ethics into a political game. A meek-sounding Gov. Paterson backpedaled yesterday on his earlier call for members of the renegade Commission on Public Integrity to resign GOV LOSES 'INTEGRITY' . . . Here's a negative story that Mike's mastery of the press cannot kill MIKE GRILLED ON HIS FIRM'S 'BIAS' . No fault violations? Gov says those that violate the state's proposed Sunshine legislation would be forced to pay for their violations, and that this is the reason he vetoed a measure that would add teeth to the state’s open meetings law: Paterson vetoes sunshine measure . . . Lopez has built a machine with gov funds over at the Bushwick Senior Citizens Center and every pol kisses his ass including the mayor and the DA so he is investigation-proof: Brooklyn's Lopez emerges Assembly's top hog in pork spending Lopez doled out $3.2 million in member items, topping all other individual Assembly members - even Speaker Sheldon Silver, a spending analysis. . . The rose color glasses story of the day to the NYP: the wielding double-digit rate hikes will be less severe than projected this year -- but only by a puny 1.1 percent 'DROP' OF RELIEF (NYP) Water Rate Increase Will Be Smaller Than Expected (NYT) . . . He really cares about us Tom Golisano, the Rochester billionaire and former gubernatorial candidate, says he's moving to Florida because of NY's high taxes and he is going to still keep Floridian Golisano Will Retain Responsible NY . . Seler for the Albany Time Union has a good catch when he described the Albany mess as Mad magazine was "Spy Vs. Spy," 'Who watches the watchmen?' is latest Albany game . . . State PR spinners are working overtime State Tourism Director Thomas Ranese sees a "silver lining" in the economic downturn: Staycations. . . How Waterboarding Is Drowning Pelosi

Pay to Play DEM DAZE OF WINE & POSES VINTAGES & POL PIX IN DONOR'S PONZI PAD *** Cuomo investigating all the Hevesis *** Carlyle Settles With New York in Pension Case *** Uncle Sam and Uncle John The latest allegation that Representative John Murtha helped his nephew win no-bid Pentagon contracts should add pressure to a long overdue House ethics investigation, NYT Ed *** Carlyle will pay $20M in Cuomo pension fund probe ***
*** Democrats brought home vastly more bacon than Republicans, according to a list of Assembly member items *** The Post says Albany is "in desperate need of a serious and independent ethics watchdog," adding: "The Commission on Public Integrity, sad to say, simply isn't it." *** Murphy Explains His Vote to Investigate a Democratic-Linked Lobbying Firm *** Pension probe: Hank's Multi-faceted Enterprise Inc.

What they say:
The State Comptroller rolls out a reform plan for the state budget process, including moving the deadline to July 1.

What they mean:
Any day DiNapoli and his public relations advisers can get a story about reform in the press and not looked at his role in pay to play with the people's pensions is a plus *** Comptroller Tom DiNapoli ripped the state's enacted budget, and predicted spending will balloon to $145 billion by 2012.

On the Road to City Hall Firm's bias charges tangle Mayor Bloomberg *** Bloomberg Is Deposed in Bias Suit Against Firm *** Bloomberg on hot seat in harass case *** Source: Israel Will Not Challenge GillibrandSource: Israel Will Not Challenge Gillibrand *** The $18.67 Million Dollar Man (Updated) *** Weiner raised less than Councilman/Mayoral candidate Tony Avella over the past two months. ($7,201 for Weiner; $9,070 Avella) *** Bloomberg Reaches Highest Rate Of Campaign Spending

The City YANK FANS GET BREAK Yankees have decided to let fans move down to the outer reaches of the lower deck during batting practice *** ANOTHER WHIRL: NEW COASTER EYED FOR CONEY *** CITY ON AN UP 'CYCLE' 143% JUMP IN PEDALERS *** CITY SWINE SURGE SHUTS 3 SCHOOLS *** Stephon Marbury Is Now a Playoff Hero *** City Council passes 12 construction safety bills *** Silverstein facing uphill struggle downtown *** POLL: Should WTC plans be scaled back? *** Chrysler closing 28 NY dealerships *** 3 Queens Schools Closed After Flu Strikes Principal *** 7 Firefighters Injured in Chinatown *** New York Red Cross Chapter Plans More Than 40 Layoffs *** Water Taxi Will Add Real Beaches to Its Sandbox Shtick *** Yankee Stadium Off to an Ugly Start *** Baseball's $1.5 Billion Flop? *** Gonzalez: Beacon School's racial hope dims *** Quiz reveals New Yorkers know little city *** Take our quiz: How well do you know New York City? *** Answers to our quiz: How well do you know NYC? *** After a long delay, crews will start dredging the Hudson River for P.C.B.s. *** Work Starts Soon on Broadway's Car Ban *** Minorities Hit Hardest by Foreclosures in New York *** Schumer Aide Named To Be Manhattan U.S. Atty. *** Six City Schools Now Closed Due To New Flu OutbreakSix City Schools Now Closed Due To New Flu Outbreak

Albany GAY NUPS GAIN IN NY poll numbers up *** New York Divided on Gay Marriage
A new Quinnipiac poll shows a dead-even 46-46 split.
*** The governor might have a legal nuclear option in the standoff over ethical lapses at the Commission on Public Integrity *** The state Public Service Commission has approved a $39 million annual increase in gas rates for National Grid *** Paterson may have power to fire lobby watchdog's board *** Sander was OK for MTA - Spitz *** Why Carbonetti Is Giving Up His Job With Rudy

President Obama SUPREME COURT FAVE SOTOMAYOR TEETERING *** LEFT RIPS O'S PHOTO FLOP *** DESERTING DISSIDENTS OBAMA'S DANGEROUS SILENCE *** Tribunals to return, detainees to have more rights *** AP source: Rove to be interviewed on US attorneys *** Obama's barbed words worry corporate world *** Report: Obama selects Frieden as CDC director *** Groves rules out use of sampling in 2010 census *** For Gates, a Single-Minded Focus *** Prosecutor to Interview Rove *** Obama Turns ASU Snub Into Life Lesson *** Obama's Delicate Balance On National Security (Time) *** On a Supreme Court Prospect’s Résumé: ‘Baseball Savior’ *** Obama Planning to Keep Tribunals for Detainees *** Obama Planning to Keep Tribunals for Detainees *** Fiscal Suicide Ahead For President Obama to sustain his agenda and prevent national insolvency, he has to control health care and entitlement costs, Brooks, NYT *** Health Care Leaders Say Obama Overstated Their Promise to Control Costs *** Obama Says Debt Load 'Unsustainable'; Warns of skyrocketing interest rates... *** Cheney rebuffed on secret docs *** Holder grilled on torture, detainees *** Documents shed light on TARP action *** Activists plan Notre Dame protest *** Bolden Likely to Lead NASA *** Obama taps Frieden to head CDC *** The Indecipherable Language of Government - Peggy Noonan, WSJ *** Obama Risks Turning From J.F.K. Into L.B.J. *** The Height and Breadth of Obama's Control - Orange County Register *** Obama to Keep Tribunals; Stance Angers Some Backers

Congress & GOP PELOSI'S CONFESSION DEM BOSS KNEW OF WATERBOARDING *** DEMS EYE SWEEPING HEALTH BILL *** House votes $97 billion war funds, despite doubts *** Proposal would require all to have health coverage *** Comments Raise Stakes In Detainee Debate *** Washington Sketch: Speaker in the Spotlight *** McCain's Mom Lays Smackdown on Limbaugh *** Congress' Credit Card Bill: Playing Fair, Not Foul *** Building a Better Census Bureau The confirmation of Robert Groves to head the Census Bureau is a good start, but Congress must do more to revitalize the weak agency, NYT Ed *** Dems: Franken isn't enough *** Nancy Pelosi's war *** War bill passes House but Dems wince *** Key Dem backs Waxman climate bill *** Specter clears Dem field, for now *** Inside Obama's Hispanic strategy *** Axelrod tries a game show *** Senate Dems raffle off Obama dinner *** Jewish pols, players emerging *** Credit Card Restrictions will hit poor, minorities *** Who takes lead criticizing Dems? *** Pelosi, CIA Clash Over Key Briefing *** House Passes War-Funding Bill *** CIA fires back at Cheney, Pelosi's terror-torture criticisms *** Graham: CIA Lied to Me, Too *** Speaker Pelosi in the Spotlight - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** After the Democrats Have 60 Senators - Michael Kinsley, Washington Post *** Green Politics Cause NHTSA Nominee to Pull Out - Manny Lopez, Det News *** Pelosi's Brazenness is a Thing to Behold - New York Daily News *** Tackling Health Care - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Lacking Health Care Packages, Parties Fight On Message - The Hill *** Senate Bid Abandoned, at Obama's Request Representative Steve Israel of Long Island said President Obama had asked him not to challenge Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand.

National Scotus prospect draws criticism from gay groups *** New Hampshire Inches Closer to Marriage Equality *** Tired and Confused, Doomed Pilots Made Bad Choices *** Food Companies Are Placing the Onus for Safety on Consumers *** Astronauts hook up new camera for Hubble... *** CASH: Schwarzenegger to propose selling San Quentin... *** America's Quiet Border *** NH Set to Legalize Gay Marriage *** Schwarzenegger to Fire Thousands

Wall Street Mess SONY SEES FIRST LOSS SINCE '95 *** MGM LEANS ON MOELIS FOR SUPPORT *** RESCUE $$ FOR INSURERS *** PROBE EYES SEC INSIDERS *** NO TRADE-IN VALUE FEDS TO DRIVE HARD BARGAIN WITH GM STAKEHOLDERS *** MONEY MANAGERS GETTING NEW REGULATIONS FROM US *** BANKS WANT OUT OF TARP *** MADOFF FAMILY CLAWBACKS WORTH MILLION$ *** $600M DEBT RATTLE NEIMAN MARCUS HUSTLES TO REWORK LOAN TERMS *** A New Form of Trade War Brews *** Treasury Agrees to Aid Insurers *** Madoff Sentencing Postponed for Essay Contest *** Goldman Sachs CEO Pretends to Be Poor *** Madoff victims’ payouts: $61M and counting *** Chrysler Plans to Shut 1 in 4 of Its U.S. Dealers *** Six Insurers Named to Get U.S. Taxpayer Aid *** New Rules for Derivatives President Obama’s proposal to regulate derivatives stops shy of creating a fully transparent market, NYT Ed *** Trustee Sends $30 Million to Victims of Madoff Fraud *** Jump in Food Costs Drives Up Prices *** U.S. Jobless Claims Rise on Auto Layoffs *** Pfizer Will Provide Prescriptions for Free to Jobless *** Ex-Lehman Trader Is Guilty of Fraud *** CHRYSLER Dealers Lay Into Automaker: 'They Turned Their Back On Us'... *** Madoff Sentencing Postponed Till June 29 *** Prices Suggest Little Deflation Risk *** BofA Urged to Revamp Board *** GM Nears Crucial Deal With UAW *** Chrysler Ax Falls Across U.S. *** Madoff stuck stewing as judge delays sentencing *** Is 'Buy American' Good for America? *** The Banking Industry: Three Trillion Dollars Later - The Economist *** The Rich Keep Getting Richer on Wall Street - Colin Barr, Fortune *** Bankers Might as Well Shoot Craps in Vegas - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg *** G.M. Notifying 1,100 Dealers That They Will Be Dropped *** GM: The Deep, Dark Shadows of Bankruptcy

International AP source: US wants faster training in Pakistan *** A Dangerous Deadlock Persists in Gaza *** Mexican Data Say Migration to U.S. Has Plummeted *** Afghan Villagers Describe Chaos of U.S. Strikes *** Empire of Carbon China cannot continue producing greenhouse emissions at an escalating rate because the planet can’t handle the strain, Krugman, NYT *** Pakistan Eases Curfew in Swat *** British Phone Company to Trim 15,000 *** China's yuan to usurp $ as world's reserve currency... *** CIA chief's secret mission to stop Israel bombing Iranian nuclear plant... *** Jordan king: Israel must accept Palestinian state... *** UN WATCHDOG: 20 NEW NUCLEAR STATES IN COMING YEARS... *** Egypt Outflanks Muslim Brotherhood *** Pakistan Refugees Urged to Flee ***
Afghan Survivors Speak Out

Media & New Tech WEB A-TWITTER OVER PAPER'S HACK JOB NYT twitter hacked with porn messages *** TIMES 'TALKS' ALL GUFF: GEFFEN David Geffen's "talks" about acquiring Harbinger Capital Partners' 19 percent stake in The New York Times are a myth, The Post has learned *** AT FORBES MEDIA, THE KNIVES ARE COMING *** Vulture Presents the Top Ten Sketches of Saturday Night Live, Season 34 *** Bruni Out As Times Times Food Critic *** The 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade *** NY Times restaurant critic stepping down ... *** Angry Ads Seek to Channel Consumer Outrage *** Hulu Questions Count of Its Audience *** NEWSWEEK dramatic overhaul; Cover price raises to $5.95... *** Inside GOOGLE's Plans To Save Old Gray Lady... *** STAR IS BORN? Miss California to Guest-Host one hour on FOXNEWS 'FOX & FRIENDS'...

People and Places LEYRITZ TALKED SUICIDE EX-YANK'S BOOZY WOE *** JUDGE GIVES KERIK BOOST *** Clemens Still Lying As Feds Close In *** Springsteen vs. Ticketmaster *** Neil Patrick Harris Set to Host Tonys *** Catholic League's Head Gadfly Enjoys South Park Parody

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