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NYC Board of Elections
Even the Post Got Caught in the Very Secret World of the BOE. NYP Blew Today's Editorial. Williams Petitions Were Not Hit With Specific Objections by Rangel. But the Charges the Paper Made About How the Bosses Use the Board to Protect Incumbents Still Rings True

 NYP Exposes How the Board of Elections Help Incumbents Block or Damage the Campaign of Challengers

It happens every year but almost never gets exposed in the press, it is the biggest part of the election cycle that yet to be exposed by the press or the goo goos that helps elected officials stay in off.  This time the bell has told for ex director of domestic policy for the Clinton White House  Clyde Williams Jr. who is among those challenging Congressman Rangel.  Williams petitions are under attack at the board by lawyers for Rangel.  New York’s ballot laws are intentionally written to discourage challenges. That helps the party bosses keep outsiders out, so they can pick and choose who gets to run — and, ultimately, who’ll take office. The NYP says the annual knock offs at the BOE serves the political bosses well. 
If Williams makes it to the ballot he has over 6000 petitions, six times of what is need his campaign funds will be spend on lawyers who are helping him stay on the ballot and his campaign will have lost valuable time in a very short campaign to get his message out.  So Rangel team who believes Williams will divided the black voted against a very strong Latinio challenger can at least by tying him up at the board and the courts damage his campaign. * I'm pretty sur*e Williams' petitions are not being challenged* I'm pretty sure Williams' petitions are not being challenged

The NYP Did Make One Very Important Mistake in Their Editorial Against Rangel and the BOE

The Post Blamed New York Dems for bending over backward to keep Rangel in power — by trying to gerrymander his district to maximize its number of black voters.  Rangel new congressional lines were drawn by the federal court when Albany could not make a deal to cut new lines * Bloomberg and DOI Commissioner Can Help Restore Democracy to the BOE 

BOE Wasted Millions 

The Cost of NYC Politics(The Independent) The price of democracy was awfully high this week. From a total of 441,233 active Republican New York City voters, a mere 20,749 turned out for the closed Republican presidential primary, an election staged at a cost of $12 million. That works out to $578.34 a vote. 




Jury Will Soon Begin Mulling Corruption Charges Against Espada(NY1)


The Run-Ray-Run Runaround (NY Magazine) The many winners of a merely rumored Kelly mayoral campaign.

 For more than an hour, Ray Kelly’s answers had been clear, emphatic, and expansive. But when I asked him about City Council speaker Christine Quinn’s statements that if she’s elected mayor in 2013 she wants Kelly to continue as police commissioner, his responses abruptly turned clipped. Had Quinn talked with Kelly directly about her proposal? “Well, she said it publicly,” he replied. Right, but wouldn’t it have been good form, at a minimum, to talk about the idea with him directly? “I don’t recall my conversations with her.” Silence.


Bloomberg Wants To Take Another Dump on SI

SI: Don’t tread - or dump - on us! (NYP) There are few touchier issues on Staten Island than garbage. So when Mayor Bloom-berg proposed soliciting companies to build a high-tech waste-to-energy plant last year, City Councilman James Oddo (R-SI) met with top mayoral aides to make it clear there would be an all-out war if the new plant were situated in Richmond County, where the reviled Fresh Kills landfill has been shut for a decade.

Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Obama, Republicans And The Press At W.H. Corrrespondents Dinner

White House correspondents’ dinner: Where Hollywood, Capitol Hill shine (Wash Post) * Even Chesley Sullenberger Can’t Save Jimmy Kimmel from Crashing a Little (Vanity Fair) * WATCH: President Obama's routine in its entirety  * 18 funniest jokes by Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondents' Dinner(Politico) * WATCH: Obama roasts Romney and Trump, toasts Hillary Clinton's new hipness at White House dinner(NYP) * How Attacks On Obama's Race And Religion Turned Into Jokes(Buzz Freed)


Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

This Is What WABC (7) Calls Informing the Public 4/29/12

6:30  weather,  :32 N: Subway stabbing,  :34 N: Bomb blast in Afghanistan, :35 N: Bus crash in Tokyo  :36   LA Riots reviewed 29 years later,  :36 N: Foreclosure event at Javits Center,  :37 N: White House correspondence dinner,  :38  Will & Kate's 1st anniversary,  :39 Commercials., :43 Parkinson's walk,  :44 weather, :46  Cardinal Dolan's mass in Milwaukee,  :47  Community Calendar,  :51  Health alert: Prostrate cancer,  :52  Entertainment-Tribeca film festival opining, :53 Commercials, Neighborhood Eats-Colonie Restaurant in Brooklyn,  :57  Commercials,

Breaking From FCC

FCC votes to require broadcasters in top 50 markets to post political ad records online(Poynter)

Behind Closed Doors, Broadcasters Battle Online Disclosure of Political Ad Buys

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote April 27on whether to require TV stations to post online public information aboutpolitical ad buys. Some form of the rule seems likely to pass, but the industry and others are lobbying the FCC to alter the nature of the final rule. (Publica) * Broadcasters Are ‘Against Transparency,’ Says FCC Chairman (Publica)
Local News  Dumb Down Journalism (True News)* Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency (Publica)

City Council To Begin Carrying Hearings Live On TV, Web(NY1)



New Outer Boroughs Taxi Apple Green

New 'Boro Taxi' Unveiled at City Hall(DNAINFO) * New "Apple Green" Taxicabs Unveiled At City Hall (NY1) * New Taxicabs Are Green (the Hue) (NYT)


True News Top 20 Local Stories of the Week

1.  Quinn ‘elbows’ Stringer (NYP) Mayor-race jockeying
2.  Giske: Your Eating Out Our Base Manhattan Vote(True News)
3.  The Stavisky See A Meng Win As Their Demise (True News
4.  Kingsbridge Armory Remains Empty As Bronx Unemployment Hits 19 Year Record High

5.  To Save the Brooklyn Democratic Party Assemblyman Cymbrowitz Must Go
6.  Abe Beame The Last Mayor to Be Elected From the Outer Boroughs (True News)

7.   Mat Hatter Fidler Throws A Press Tea Party(True News)
8.  Espada to clam up in court(NYP) 
9.  Quinn support spikes in poll(NYP)
14. Former Sen. Carl Kruger was sentenced to seven years in prison. 


Commish’s love life an open e-mail(NYP)




4 adults, 3 kids dead after vehicle plunges 150 feet off elevated highway(NYP)


City considers happy-hour ban: sources(NYP)



Joe Bastianich dishes on the underbelly of the restaurant world(NYP)




  Raising workers wages a communist plot? (NYDN)


Spineless at SUNY(NYDN Ed)  The anti-charter school forces have opened a new front in the war against the city’s most successful education reform movement. They are pressuring the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York to back away from the critical mission given to them by the Legislature — that of approving charter applications and regulating the schools.


 Liu: Top of the World Ma Battle

Liu Battles Bloomberg and the Feds

On April 6th

Liu challenges feds: ‘Prove it!’(NYP)

Feds Indite Liu's Treasurer Yesterday
The charges filed by the United States attorney, Preet Bharara, against Ms. Hou suggest that she was taking instructions from Mr. Liu as she was carrying out what is alleged to have been a fraudulent fund-raising scheme.  Liu $$ gal hit with new ‘lie’ rap(NYP) * Former Campaign Treasurer for Comptroller Is Indicted(NYT)* Former Liu Campaign Treasurer Indicted In Straw Donor Scheme(NY1)


After Exposing the CityTime and 911 Scandals Liu Continues to Hit Bloomberg on His Lack of Tech Management and DOI Cover-Up Through His Favorite Reporter Juan  Gonzalez

Mayor Bloomberg hires a technology executive even though the company he used to work for owes the city $500,000 (NYDN) Rahul Merchant helped lead Level 3, a company Controller John Liu says owes city for back fees.


Liu's campaign adviser Bill Lynch is organizing a non-campaign, non-endorsement rally for the embattled comptroller, according to an invite Celeste Katz obtained Liu rallies in the face of another indictment against his campaign treasurer(Capital)

Liu Hopes That Lynch Has More Luck For Him Than He Did For Gov. Paterson or  firm he Lobbied for to Win the Aqueduct Contract

Bill Lynch, a prominent Democratic operative and longtime Paterson associate, was signed to a $7,500-a-month contract by would-be Aqueduct operator SL Green on Nov. 1 for the purpose of "assisting in the venture's bid for a license to operate the video lottery facility at Aqueduct,"


Paterson Radio Host
On February 10th 2010 Lynch was fired by real-estate mogul Stephen Green fumed that Lynch was double-dealing by cozying up to the winning bidder Aqueduct-bid loser axes gov pal as traitor

On February 16th 2010 Embattled New York Gov. David Paterson won't run to stay in office(Washington Post)

More on the AEG Investigations(True News)

 Daddy Pedro Did It All

Son of a gun blames Daddy(NYP)  Pedro Espada Jr.’s son threw his dad right under the bus yesterday — with his lawyer telling a jury it was his father who ran the family’s scandal-scarred Bronx health care clinic. “It was always his father’s company,” defense attorney Russell Gioiella said during his closing arguments in Brooklyn federal court. “There really is no evidence to connect Pedro [Gautier] Espada to anything.”


Kruger Did More Damage To Brooklyn Politics Than Take A Bribe and It Lifelong Effort

In a letter to the judge Kruger got his sentence reduced from 9 to 7 years when he told the court  he didn't drift over to the dark side until late in his 28-year career


Carl Kruger politicized criminality. Kruger justified a cynical belief that “they are all crooks.”

What the court did not know was that Kruger was indicted over 25 years ago when he worked for his community board for bribery. Kruger was found innocent of that charge in a judge trial.  The Judge was the son of the machine back boro president at that time.   When Kruger worked for the state senate 20 years ago he was investigated for putting out racist flyers.  Kruger and his Thomas Jefferson club for years supported Clarance Norman and Vito Lopez and the corrupt Democratic Machine.  


Over a dozen pols and judges from that corrupt machine have gone to jail since Kruger has been state senator.  Did the judge who reduced Kruger suggested sentence wonder how Kruger raised $2 million in his campaign account. One million of which went to pay his lawyer after he retired from the senate. Kruger gets seven years for bribery(Brooklyn Paper)




It is Hard for Grace Meng to Smile Near Stavisky (Watch Video)

Stavisky Hypocrisy Revealed on Camera(Queens Politics) Toby's son Evan attacked her father with a lot of dirty flyers when he ran for assembly.  Evan called Grace's sister an Anti-Semite because she wrote on her blog that the Jewish vote sticks together after Barry Grodenchik. In the video Grace Meng graciously states her undying love and admiration for Toby, but deep down Grace knows the truth. She knows that Toby has never served the community and she knows her office worked overtime to help constituents when Toby turned a deaf ear. The marriage of Grace Meng of Toby Stavisky is a forced marriage that won’t withstand the test of time. Grace couldn’t possibly want to support someone who has shown so much anger and disdain for the Asian Americans of Queens County. * Kim pal aids pol Grace Meng(NYP) * The Queens Chronicle slammed Grace Meng for her connections to the Queens Tribune.


The Fight Between Cuomo and Bloomberg Over Teacher Evaluation Continues

Mike’s grade-A logic(NYP) Bloomberg was brimming with common sense yesterday when he talked about the folly of trying to let only parents see teacher ratings — while keeping them secret from everyone else. * Hizzoner says releasing teacher ratings to parents would lead to ‘chaos’ (NYDN)Bloomberg wants controversial evaluations to be available to everyone * Union president Michael Mulgrew slams school closure plan(NYDN)  * Independent Budget Office Suggests Scrapping Summer School to Save Cash(DNAINFO)



Asbestos removal at Brooklyn school riles parents (NYDN) * .S. 29 Parents Grill Officials Over Construction(NYT) * P.S. 29 Parents Grill Officials Over Construction (WNYC)

Cuomo Says He Makes History, Then Repeats It(NYT) *A Times Union columnist expressed concern over Cuomo’s 2016 plans.

Arsonist At City Hall Fired
This time firebug gets fired(NYP)*The council’s terrorist(NYP Ed)  Segal served six months in federal prison and four months’ house arrest, followed by three years’ probation, after he torched an Army recruitment center in The Bronx in 2005 to protest the war in Iraq. * Councilman's Spokesman Is Let Go After Past Prison Time Is Revealed(NYT) * City Council Spokesman Fired for Past Political Arson(NY Mag)


Where Was Bloomberg Great Management Skill

Ex-Finance Commissioner Martha Stark used office to benefit gal pals: repor(NYP) * In Report, Details of Misconduct Accusations Against Former Finance Chief(NYT) * New Details on City Aide(WSJ)


The Press No Matter How Weak Still Has the Power to Expose
State Senate Democrats’ $50,000 embarrassment (NYDN) Over-the-top raise for John Sampson aide Paul Rivera was nixed too late

Hizzoner’s ferry dust(NYP)  Bloomberg yesterday rhapsodized over the city’s blossoming ferry system, saying that the boats are so successful they might one day use MetroCards and offer free subway transfers.

Good Analysis of A Brooklyn DA Cover Up


23rd Street Stop When Trains Fly
Roll the 7 to Chelsea: MTA(NYP) *Transit chief: Crosstown subway extension to 23rd Street possible (NY World) * MTA to Install Location Trackers on Bronx Buses This Year(DNAINFO)

Jeremy Lin Offers Stuyvesant Class of 2012 Earnest Advice, Semi-Earnest Rapping(NY Mag)

Controller’s audit slams Paerdegat Athletic Club  for unsanitary conditions, stiffing city on fees  Club owes city $177,736 (NYDN) 


100 Years of Staying Put(NYT) A street of the Upper East Side, in Yorkville, seems to have a pulling power for residents, who sometimes spend most of their lives there.


Bottom of the 9th, Two Out and Two Strikes 

Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant Could Be Facing Eviction(WCBS) * Bottom of ninth for Mickey Mantle's?(WABC) *After 25 Years, Mickey Mantle's Restaurant Facing Eviction(NY1)

City Crackdown on Hotels Affects Quaint B&B’s Too(NYT) In the past year, New York has issued nearly 1,900 notices of violation for the growing industry of short-term rentals not in compliance with a new state law. * City cracks down on illegal hotels(WABC)* NYC cracks down on illegal hotels(CrainsNY)


 The Landmark $$$ Fight
Apollo Theater Competes Against Other City Landmarks for Preservation Cash(DNAINFO)




Punks use ‘kill switches’ to disable MTA buses(NYP)*The Staten Island Advance wonders if Cuomo is sending the “wrong message” by appointing his predecessor, ex-Gov. David Paterson, to the MTA Board.


NY's Broken Economy

Homelessness Up 23 Percent In New York City, According To Dept of Homeless Services(WCBS) * Hundreds Camp Out for Shot at Union Jobs(NBC) * NY ranked last in economic outlook study due to 'excessive' tax, spending policies(NYP)* Hundreds Line Up In Queens For Chance At Job As Ironwor (WCBS) * Mayor Bloomberg’s not really sure why the May Day protesters are protesting.

Big and Bigger (government) (Goodwin, NYP) The Labor Department reports that New York City’s unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent, but that’s not a surprise. Given government’s big feet and heavy hands, the surprise is that more employers aren’t running for the exits.*The battle between NYC and NJ over FreshDirect has brought attention to the issue of government subsidies for businesses.

Freed Crane Owner is An Asshole

Dead workers' kin 'smacked' by crane collapse boss boast(NYP)

Enoch Williams, New York Councilman, Dies at 84(NYT








What About the NYT Trying to Elect Quinn Mayor?

Is the NYT Saying it is OK for Newspaper to Act As Political Clubs Because Everyone Does It?

Murdoch's Denials of Political Favors Hard to Swallow in New York(NYT) “ ‘I don’t know if it will help, but we are endorsing you on the front page of The New York Post,’ ” Mr. Koch recalls Mr. Murdoch telling him.*

One World Trade Center Will Be America's Tallest Building, With An Asterisk(Huff Post)


The Making of A President 2012
As Obama Boasts About Bin Laden, Critics Pounce(NYT) * Florida’s Hispanic Voters Still Wary of Romney(NYT) * Ten Jokes That Killed at Past White House Correspondents’ Dinners(NY MaG) * Five Myths About Conservative Voters - Frank Luntz, Washington Post * Wedge Issues May Boost Obama's Prospects - Mark Barabak, LA Times * bama's EPA Could Be Toxic to Re-Election - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News *  The Next Battle in the War Over Women - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Obama Rocks the Youth Vote by Socking Taxpayers - Wall Street Journal * With Joe Biden’s Speech, The Democrats Finally Man Up (Daily Beast) * Gingrich to end White House bid Wednesday(CNN) * Opinion: Top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments - #1 'Diversity is strength' (Wash Post)* Obama's Senior Swindle - Jeffrey Anderson, The Weekly Standard *  Real Romney: Real Scary - Steve Benen, New York Daily News * The GOP's Fear of a Cool Obama - Leslie Savan, The Nation * Court Balance in Play This Election - Brian Calle, Orange County Register * A Winning Economic Agenda for Obama - Robert Reich, SF Chronicle * It's Cool To Be In The Tank For Obama - Investor's Business Daily * Obama Campaign Confronts Voter Identification Laws(NYT) * Recall Election Tests Strategies for November(NYT) * President Obama’s ties with Bill Clinton are growing.* Mitt Romney’s campaign oddly took credit for the auto bailouts Romney opposed.

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

LBJ returns, under Robert Caro's scrutiny (CBS)


Class Warfare: S.E. Cupp Battles Bill Maher And Panel Over ‘Demonizing Prosperity’

Busts in ‘iPhone slaying’(NYP) * Two Arrested in Holdup(WSJ)
= * 2 Bronx Men Charged With Murder In Death Of Aspiring Chef(WCBS) * Murder victim’s stolen iPhone leads cops back to 'killer(NYP) * 2 arrested in Bronx murder of chef during robbery(WCBS) * Two Charged In Deadly Bronx iPhone Mugging(NY1) * Bronx 'iPhone killers' held without bail(NYP)

Update Caught: Two people arrested in Bronx stabbing during cellphone fight * Two People Charged With Bronx Subway Station Stabbing(NY1)

Teen Stabbed In Bronx Subway Station Over Cell Phone(NY1)

Bronx teen stabbed during subway fight over cell phone(NYP)* Teen Stabbed In Bronx Subway Station Over Cell Phone(NBC)

No bail for iPhone ‘slay’ fiends(NYP)

Judges gobble up iPads, iPhones and computers using taxpayer cash(NYP)


Police: Suspect Sought For Punching MTA Conductor In The Face(WCBS)

Law and Order

Tigers slugger Delmon Young busted in 'anti-Semitic' attack: DA(NYP) * Apology After Alleged Slur(WSJ) * Detroit OF Delmon Young apologizes after arrest(WSJ) * Tigers OF Delmon Young arrested at NYC hotel(WABC) * Sources: Tigers' Delmon Young Arraigned On Hate Crime Assault Charge After Midtown Brawl(NY1)

Police Searching for Suspect in Fatal Bushwick Shooting(DNAINFO)Two cops injured in accident while rushing to a call in Brooklyn(NYP) * Family-killing DWI cop free after 10 yrs.(NYP) * Uncuffed thug attacks three of its members (NYDN) * ‘Ghost’ holster not cop friendly (NYDN) * Prostitution Inquiry Is Latest Scandal for State Police(NYT) * Stray bullet hits 8-year-old girl in Brooklyn(NYDN) *  Teen critically injured in subway stabbing(NYDN) * Former NYPD Officer Who Mowed Down Family With Minivan Released(WCBS) * Bronx teen sta(WABC)* 1 Critical After Bronx Subway Fight: Cops(NBC)* Police Seek Brooklyn Bank Robber(NBC) * Teen Stabbed In Bronx Subway Station Over Cell Phone(NY1) *Police Release Sketch Of Man Wanted For Punching Subway (NBC)* Man, woman shot in Williamsburg (NYP) * Protesters Of Stop-And-Frisk Policy To Appear In Court(NY1)

9-year-old shot in foot didn't shed a tear (NYDN)

The Human Cost of ‘Zero Tolerance’(NYT) New York City’s overzealous arrests and flawed record-keeping are placing families, homes and jobs at risk.