Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NYT Fixing the Mayors Race By Coverage and Mind Control

First the Baby Pictures Now the Wedding.  NYT Covers Quinn With Aim to Build Public Support for her Mayoral Campaign
NYT Says Quinn's planning a mayoral run, her marriage to her longtime partner will be a personal event, but one that is freighted with political significance. Does the NYT think that Quinn is not using the wedding for her political advantage by inviting Brooklyn and Queens Bosses Vito Lopez and Joe Crowley who both receives millions from her in member items funding to her wedding?  When you mix making history which electing a gay mayor which would no doubt Quinn winning would accomplish, that does not mean your are electing someone who can do the job or is not corrupt.  John Liu made history by being the first Asian to be elected citywide.  By covering the mayor's race like the royal family the public will not be voting on which candidate can do the best job but on who they are most familiar with and the NYT wants elected.  The leaders of the NYT understands this and are using this public behavior technique. to it fullest. * Christine Quinn's Big Gay Political Wedding (Atlantic Wire)

Staged Picture to Go Along With Staged Coverage

We wonder if NYT Metro Editor Carolyn Ryan will cover the de Blasio Family coming over from Germany or baby pictures of young Billy Thompson sitting on the judges lap.  How about Stringer playing with aunt Bella Abzug. What we need to know from these candidates if how they can reduce the city's 9.6% unemployment rate, keep hospitals open and make sure our school system get students ready to compete in the global job market.   For Quinn Wedding, Politics on the Side(NYT) * Titanic Ties in the Race for Mayor(NYT) * Council Speaker Previews Bid for Mayor in Address (NYT)* Ex-Chief Judge Kaye to perform NYC Council Speaker Quinn's May 19 wedding. She did AM O'Donnell's wedding, too. 


Is MTA Chief Lhota Trying to Help Kelly Run For Mayor by Highly Public Meeting on Crime
NYPD Police Commissioner, MTA Chairman Meeting To Discuss Surge In Subway Crime (WCBS) * Lupica on 72-yr-old Ray Kelly for mayor: "Maybe if he does run for mayor, he can say it will only be for one term."* Republicans are still doing their best to try to coax NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to run for mayor in 2013. He continues to insist he has “no plans” to run, but won’t rule it out completely. * Top Republicans like Peter King, Michael Grimm and Marty Golden think Kelly should run. * Mayor taps Merrill Lynch vet to tame tech projects (CrainsNY) * Mayor Mike Bloomberg DOITT Cover-ups Cleaner Rahul Merchant "Porno?"(Troy) *Republicans enthusiastic about a Ray Kelly mayoral run(NYDN) *Cuomo Confidante Gets Top NY MTA Post(Transportation Nation) * Hakeem Jeffries says Ray Kelly shouldn't waste his time on 'silly(Capital)


Election 2012 City Councilman Ulrich Launches Run Against Queens Senator Addabbo(NY1) * Retired postal worker, tenant organizer to challenge longtime Bronx state Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (NYDN)  Tenant organizer Maximino Rivera plans to focus on youth programs and housing *  Lancman, in blasting Wal-Mart, indirectly calls for probe into Cuomo, Silver (Lancman later clarified he was speaking in general terms). (C&S) . call 4 DOJ 2 probe pols who took $ from could make [Updated post] quietly returned campaign donation from in 2009 NYS Dem Party & Spkr Silver mad* Ulrich Blasts Addabbo’s Gay Marriage ‘Flip-Flop’(YNN)  *Jewish Tailoring: Increasing Orthodox Population Has Candidates Adjusting Their Message (NYO) * Gottlieb’s Successor Also Declines to Run(NYO) * 'Super Jewish' candidate in Brooklyn seeks a lift fromRomney(Capital) * Stringer denies comptroller-run rumor (NYP)* Stringer denies comptroller-run rumor - via
* Could Eric Ulrich’s Campaign Help Dan Halloran?(NYO) * José Peralta Openly Fundraising for Queens Borough President Campaign(NYO)Vito Lopez to Brooklyn tenants: Rep. Velazquez says “you don’t matter” (NY World) * The Redistricting Lawsuit’s Lawyer Discusses Its Impact in Harlem and More [Video](NYO) * In South Queens, new districts deliver fear(Queens Chronicle) * Former Sen. Frank Padavan will not try to reclaim his Queens seat from Sen. Tony Avella.* New Roosevelt filed an amicus brief in support of the Senate Democrats’ lawsuit challenge the 63rd seat.* Rep. Charlie Rangel was a no-show when Congress reconvened yesterday. His spokeswoman says he’s working from his district office this week.

Espada Read the Bible and "Black Robes White Justice While the Feds Pound Him in Closing Arguments

Fraud Trial for Espada Is Concluding After 6 Weeks(NYT) Prosecutors delivered closing arguments in the fraud trial of former state Sen. Pedro Espada, who they argued had used his government-funded health clinic as a personal ATM,* Closing Arguments Begin In Espada Corruption Trial(NY1) * Pedro Espada tunes out(NYDN) Espada prosecutor: "Most individuals try to avoid the minibar, but when it’s Soundview money, spare no expense.” 

Cuomo Says White House Talk Is Premature(NYT)

Another Example of Bloomberg Bad Management



After CityTime and 911 Scandals City Turns to Wall Street to Fix Its Tech Problems

City Gets Tech Officer, Expands Authority(WSJ) Bloomberg has hired a financial-industry veteran to take over the city's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. The Bloomberg administration named Rahul Merchant, who worked in technology leadership roles for Merrill Lynch and Fannie Mae, to head up its embattled tech efforts.



Paul Rivera an adviser to Senate Democratic Minority Leader John Sampson will get $50,000 raise (NYDN)  Rivera only works part time and got a 62% pay increase. Paul Rivera, an aide to Democratic Sen. John Sampson, is getting a $50,000 raise despite cuts for other Senate employees in the past year. He’ll make $130,000 a year and won’t have to work full time for it, even though the Democrats have laid off more than 300 staffers during the past 17 months.


A Permanent Non Majority in the Albany Senate

At an endorsement press conference yesterday in Boro Park, Councilman David Greenfield and Assemblyman Dov Hikind heaped praise upon Simcha Felder, the ex-councilman both lawmakers are backing in Brooklyn’s new “Super-Jewish” state Senate district. But definitive answers to the question of whom Felder, a Democrat, would ultimately caucus with in Albany remained elusive. Felder, who said he did not want to step on the endorsement press conference by breaking that particular piece of news, took no questions, leaving reporters to ask Greenfield and Hikind, themselves both Democrats, about Felder’s partisan loyalties, as Felder stood to the side watching. Hikind and Greenfield were asked whether either would rescind their endorsement for Felder,  when official word comes down whether he will caucus with Democratic Minority Leader John Sampson or Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos. Hikind said it would not matter either way. “I just want to say that John Sampson is a dear friend of mine, and he will verify that, by the way,” Hikind said. “John Sampson has been a great friend of the Jewish community, and Dean Skelos has been a great friend, and I mean that. If you said, ‘Which is a better friend?’ I would not be able to answer that.”

Local Turnout For GOP Presidential Primary Even Lower Than Expected(NY1) John Ward, the finance officer for the city’s Board of Elections, calculates the cost to the five boroughs alone is about $12 million, or less than $1.50 per city resident. * John Robin calculates that NYC taxpayers paid about $578 for every GOP vote in yesterday’s poorly-attended primary.

The Push Pull of Campaign Reform Again

Campaign Finance Reform Gets Major Push From Assembly Speaker Silver(NY1) Wall Street greed to fund state races? Fraud settlements to be used for voluntary public financing in plan. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s bill to use public financing for campaigns would be funded in part by money from Wall Street fraud settlements. Cuomo insists he has been pushing public campaign finance “very hard” behind the scenes. * Skelos: Spend Money On Education, Not Campaigns(YNN)

Are You Going Eat the Happy Meal?

The Daily News argues New York City needs more substantive proof of the link between free breakfasts and childhood obesity before it considers scaling back the program. A dangerous attack on school breakfast(NYDN)  Hunger is the real enemy, not obesity

Inquiry Examines 2010 Ferry Crash(WSJ) Crew members on the Andrew J. Barbieri were unaware they had lost control of a propeller in May 2010 until just before the ferry slammed into the St. George terminal of the Staten Island Ferry, injuring more than 40. * Ferry Riders Give a Lift to Expansion(WSJ) * Valve blamed for 2010 Staten Island Ferry crash(WABC)



David Paterson Appointed to the MTA Board, His Father Basile is the Lawyer for the TWU

Andrew’s transit travesty(NYP) Nicole Gelinas contends in the Post that Cuomo’s nomination of former Gov. David Paterson to the MTA board is ominous, given Paterson’s history of concessions to the Transit Workers Union* Once more unto the Paterson breach (2nd Ave Sagas)


Remembering Linda Lovelace and 'Deep Throat' 40 years later (Daily Beast)

 PA big got $500G kiss g’bye (NYDN)



Anger Yes . . . But Where is the Plan to Fix Education By Those Running for Mayor?

We Know That People Are Mad At the School System But What Do They Want . . . A Return to School Boards Where Many Went to Jail?

NY1 Exclusive: Bloomberg's Command Of The School System Gets Low Grades From Voters * NY1 Online: Wise Guys Sound Off On NY1/Marist Poll On Mayoral Control56 percent of New York City’s registered voters disapprove of how Mayor Bloomberg is handling public schools. 34 percent approve and 10 percent are unsure. * Ex-Bronx School Board Head Pleads Guilty in Corruption(NYT) * Battling Corruption in the Schools - The New York Sun * CORRUPTION MOVES TO THE CENTER: AN ANALYSIS OF NEW ...

Parents to occupy Cobble Hill school if city doesn’t push back asbestos removal plan until the summer.(NYDN)






 Union Leader Weingarten Not A Teacher Just A Special Instructor 

Randi Weingarten Said today on the John Gambling she was a social studies teacher.  Not quite true.  Unlike past presidents of the UFT Weingarten was not a teacher when she was chosen for the job.  In order to qualify for the UFT position she need teaching credits.  With the help of some federal government staff members Weingarten was made a special instructing of a project that taught and ran a constitution project in a Brooklyn High School. 


Math-test blunder(NYP) * More mistakes on New York State tests(NYDN)



How Come the Come Nussbaum's Paper the Queens Tribune Was Left Out of the City Council Hearings?

Emotions Run High As City Council Holds Hearing On Controversial Adult Classifieds Website(WCBS) Girl Testifies Of Ordeal After Being Advertised As Sex Slave On 'Backpage'



Has the New Building At Cooper Caused Financial Problems?

Change at Cooper Union(WSJ) After considering charging undergraduate tuition, Cooper Union will instead confront a budget crisis by charging students in an expanded graduate program and adding other revenue-producing courses. Despite its 110-year history of free tuition, Cooper Union will begin charging tuition for graduate students next year* Cooper Union graduate students to pay tuition(WSJ)


Route cuts along the G subway line(CUNY)





When Hospitals Close People Die and Developers Make $$$

Fire Sale At Peninsula Hospital In Queens(NYDN)


Midsize Farms Push for a Hub in the Bronx(NYT) Local food advocates say the Hunts Point produce market should make room for smaller growers.




Stylish Hotels Sprouting in Brooklyn and Queens(NYT)





WTC nearly ‘top’ notch(NYP)


1% Does the Crime and When Caught Red Handed Just Pay A Fine

Company Admits It Bilked Clients on Big Projects(NYT) * Firm to Pay $56.5 Million In Fraud Case(WSJ) Construction giant Lend Lease has admitted to systematically cheating clients out of millions of dollars in an overbilling scheme, including fraudulent fees for work on Grand Central Terminal and Citi Field.* Lend Lease, the giant construction company that worked on Citi Field, the renovation of Grand Central Terminal and other high profile projects, admitted yesterday that it overbilled clients and agreed to pay a $56 million fine, the largest construction fraud settlement in history.


Opening a Trove of City Snapshots, Not Quite a Million Deep(NYT)





Occupy Protesters Turn Focus To Mounting U.S. Student Debt (NY1)

Ferry Riders Give a Lift to Expansion (WSJ) East River Ferry ridership numbers have far exceeded expectations since the program’s launch last year, feeding speculation the City Council will try to make the program permanent




 The Making of A President 2012

Romney Uses Victory Lap to Shift Focus to Obama(NYT) * Election Results(NYT) * Five-Term Democrat Holden Loses in Pennsylvania Primary(NYT) * After 5 More Contests, Romney Solidifies Lead(NYT) * Romney Marches to Nomination(WSJ) * Mitt Romney's post-primary plan(Politico)* Romney campaign spent $18.50 per vote(CNN) *  New Romney adviser faces backlash over his sexual orientation, snarky tweets aimed at women(Wash Post) * Five primaries, lots of media, one winner, zero drama(Daily Beast) * Gingrich Says Romney Will Be Nominee; Urges Unity (NYT) 

Mitt Romney wins New York, without so much as showing up (Capital)* Blue Dog Democrats Lose Big In Pennsylvania Primary Races(Huff Post) UPDATE Gingrich to leave presidential race May 1, sources tell Fox News  *Gingrich Decides to Quit Race and Endorse Romney(NYT) * Singer Ricky Martin will host a fundraiser in NYC for Obama on May 14. The event is a joint production of Obama for America, the LGBT Leadership Council and the Futuro Fund. * Peter King says Mitt Romney never sought his endorsement, which, he says, speaks to Romney’s inability to connect “on a visceral level at all.” * Andrew Cuomo gave his most expansive comments yet about the 2016 speculation surrounding him, but still wouldn’t say much. * Romney "Sketches" a Threat to Obama - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Mitt Romney's Fantasy World - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect * What Do Springtime Polls Tell Us About the Fall? - Micah Cohen, NY Times* Mitt Romney and Flip-Flop Fatigue - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Romney Should Win Big in November - Robert Smith, American Thinker * State Polls: Virginia (RasRpts): Romney +1 | Arizona (BRC): Obama +2

  Pres Obama is looking to rally support among college students for his re-election campaign. He even appeared on Jimmy Fallon show overnight.

Obama: Jon Stewart Is 'Brilliant'(Rolling Stone)



Matt Lauer's interview with a girl who spilled yogurt on Obama is hands down the most stupid thing I've heard on TV . $30M a year, Matt?!




Murdoch Gives Testimony as Focus Shifts to British Official(NYT) The News Corporation chief, Rupert Murdoch, appeared before a judicial inquiry on Wednesday, a day after newly released e-mails pointed to ties between his media empire and the British government.* UK Minister Tangled In Murdoch Scandal Speaks Out(Huff Post)* James Murdoch Admits Discussing News Corp.–BSkyB Regulatory Deal with David Cameron (Vanity Fair)* Harold Evans Replies to Rupert Murdoch’s Statements(Fishbowl) * At Inquiry, Murdoch Plays Down His Political Pull(NYT)




Why Did the Main Stream Media Protect Edwards?

Guess who had early gossip on sleazebag (NYP) A prescient piece of gossip published by The Post’s “Page Six” column was among the damning evidence federal prosecutors submitted to the court yesterday in its criminal case against philanderer and ex-presidential hopeful John Edwards. “WHICH political candidate enjoys visiting New York because he has a girlfriend who lives downtown? The pol tells her he’ll marry her when his current wife is out of the picture,” the column asked in its Aug. 28, 2007, issue. NYPost bragging its blind item on Edwards affair from 8/28/07 appears as prosecution exhibit 754 in trial* Brutality of Servility(Dowd, NYT* John Edwards called his mistress a "crazy slut" when she got pregnant (NYP) * Paranoid Edwards and ex-aide turned on each other(NYP)



City Councilman Jumaane Williams argues in a letter to the Times for increased funding of youth public safety programs as an alternative to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy(NYDN)

 Law and Order

Video shows 'guilty' bodega clerk actually NOT selling booze (NYDN) * Prosecutors: Scammer caught on video in drag(NYDN) * Man nabbed with anti-Bloomy lit convicted on weapons raps(NYDN) * First-degree murder trial begins in NYPD cop's death(NYDN) * Mafia rat bites boss on stand (NYDN)* NYPD Detective Arrested After Queens Hit-And-Run Involving(WCBS) * Family searches for answers after son run over by NYPD(WABC) * Bandit robs McDonald's, locks workers in freezer(WABC)* Subway Victims Snap Photos of Suspects(NYDN) * Armed McD's Bandit Locks Workers in Freezer(NYDN) * Gay cop’s ‘brutal’ suit(NYPNYPD, you’re just not doing your job.  That’s what an openly gay police sergeant says his supervisor at the 24th Precinct told him, one of a number of taunts that took aim at his manliness.* Cops: Man tied up, robbed in Melrose home (News12BX) * Chasing, and Catching, a Purse Snatcher(NYT) * Police Seeking Tips on Armed Robbery of McDonald's in Queens * Man Shot and Killed in Flatbush(DNAINFO)

Handyman's Lawyer Complains About Media Leaks In Etan Patz Case(NY1)


Times columnist Jim Dwyer argues the illogicality of New York City’s policy of giving out free condoms while allowing them as evidence of prostitution for sex workers:


Judge a deal buster(NYP) Slapped for informant’s too-harsh sentence


Terrorism  Doom scenario(NYP)