Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodby Amigo Crorruption Khazeer (חזיר) (Pig) Kruger

Kruger Says he didn’t drift over to the dark side until late in his 28-year career

Former Sen. Carl Kruger was sentenced to seven years in prison. 
"I have no one but myself to blame, and that reality will haunt me."  “Everything I had is in ruins. I caused it and I suffer because of it.”*“I accept responsibility f*or my actions and am truly sorry for my conduct.”*Prosecutors sought nine years behind bars for Kruger, but Judge Jed Rakoff chose to issue a lesser sentence, citing the ex-lawmaker’s “many good deeds.

This was not the average bribery/political corruption case in which a venal politician took bags of cash, vacations or other personal benefits in exchange for official actions,” legal eagle Benjamin Brafman argued.
Brafman argued that other crooked pols have done much worse and gotten less time than the nine to 11 years in prison that prosecutors are seeking for 63-year-old Kruger. Ex-city Councilman Miguel Martinez got five years in prison for stealing from non-profit organizations he sponsored for “nearly his entire career as a Council member.”Ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio got a six-year sentence after first trying to hide the extent of his corruption — and he died in the slammer before completing the term. Brafman crowed that Kruger quickly came clean. Former Senator Kruger To Be Sentenced For Bribery Scheme(NY1) * Convicted former Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger says he's not as bad as other crooked politicians(NYDN) * A Bribery Case That Goes Beyond Corruption(NYT)

Judge Should Make Kruger Pay for the Special Election

'Kruger' election cost: $1M So Far(NYP)* yes, which explains why Storobin attacked Felder (for being an ally of Quinn A race that tight has landed in the courts, with assorted claims and counter-claims. Naturally, too, there looms a recount of the 21,000-plus votes that were cast. All this takes time and costs money, with a tab that already may be approaching $1 million. 

What throws this squarely into the realm of the absurd is that the two candidates are fighting over a prize that won’t exist after this year. The Kruger district was eliminated in the latest legislative redistricting. By the time a winner is officially declared, perhaps months from now, he may not get to cast even a single vote because the Legislature plans to close up shop in late June. This is Carl Kruger’s legacy as he shuffles off to his richly earned prison cell. * According to Team Storobin, nothing is really happening re: the fraud lawsuit in court today. * Storobin and Caller Meet to Discuss Campaign(NYO)


Kruger's New Roommate: Couple of Rotten Apples

Espada’s defense: So what?(NYDN) * Espada’s Lawyer Calls Embezzlement Charges ‘Rotten to the Core’(NYT) * What's w/Espada and props? He brings Bible, book on racial injustice to court. His attorney brings apple poster.* Using a poster of a red apple as a prop, Espada’s attorney called the embezzlement charges against him “rotten to the core.”


Cop union bigs plead to tix fix (NYDN) TWO POLICE UNION officials have pleaded guilty to administrative charges for fixing tickets, the Daily News has learned.  Plea deals include loss of vacation days and probation.
NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)

Simcha Felder says he won't vote for President Obama this time around 

Seems Felder is Brooklyn's New King Maker . . . Going to the Highest Bidder

He's not an Amigo. He's not an IDCer. He's Simcha Felder, political free agent

Simcha Felder Declares Political Free Agency(City and State) In an interview last night, Senate candidate Simcha Felder, a Democrat, said he had not made a decision about which party he’ll caucus with in Albany if he wins election in November – and that his choice would rest entirely on which party would provide the most resources to his prospective constituents. *Felder on Obama: "He’s been a terrible president"; Felder on being tie-breaking vote in the Senate: "a dream situation"

Renewed Interests in Damaging de Blasio and WFP
New investigation for Working Families Party (CrainsNY) A special prosecutor is investigating the powerful third party at the request of Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan. A special prosecutor appointed by the Staten Island D.A.’s office is investigating allegations the Working Families Party broke campaign finance laws in 2009 by giving campaign services to candidates through its for-profit Data and Field Services, Crain’s Insider reports.* The WFP is back under investigation. A special prosecutor requested by Staten Island DA Dan Donovan when he was running for AG in 2010 is now probing allegations that the labor-backed party skirted campaign finance laws in 2009. *Attorney Who Defended Corrupt Brooklyn Dem Boss To Probe WFP (Updated) * The special prosecutor tasked with investigating the WFP is Roger Bennet Adler, a former counsel to Clarence Norman.

The investigation could lead to renewed scrutiny of the successful campaigns Data and Field Services aided in 2009, including those of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Councilmembers Ms. Rose; Jimmy Van Bramer and Danny Dromm of Queens; and Brad Lander and Jumaane Williams of Brooklyn. A spokesman for Mr. Donovan said the request for a special prosecutor was made in February 2010, when Mr. Donovan was running for state attorney general. An Office of Court Administration spokesman could not explain why the application took nearly two years to process.* The incestuous relationship between Working Families Party & Data ... * Daily Kos: The NYC Working Families Party Scam UPDATED * Alleged Corruption In Obama's Working Families Party: “Inside The ...The incestuous relationship between Working Families Party & Data ... * Working Families Party Scandal (UPDATED) | The Daily Gotham

2012 Election  NY top court weighs Senate redistricting challenge(WSJ) * Former Port Authority Head Chris Ward Does Not Rule Out Mayoral Run(NY1) * Republicans See Gains in Brooklyn(TheBrooklyn Inc) * Pol keeps tax returns a secret(NYP) Former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson is the only mayoral candidate who refused to release his tax return to the New York Post * Tony Avella said Governor Cuomo intends to allow hydrofracking. * A poll conducted by a PAC opposing Nydia Velázquez shows her vulnerable. * Vito Lopez also made his case against her. * John Duane, Tom Duane’s Brother, Files For City Council Run (C&S) * Stringer Urges Donors To ‘Stand Up To Chris Christie’(YNN) * Sen. Toby Stavisky will formally announce her candidacy in the newly-drawn Asian-majority Senate district, thereby avoiding a primary battle with her fellow Democrat, Sen. Tony Avella.* Jeffrey Gottlieb AND his replacement, Stephen Green, have both declined to run in NY-6.The Bloomberg Quinn DanceInterpretations of a Bloomberg-Quinn dance (Capital) *Joe Addabbo does not believe his gay marriage change of heart will be an issue in his race against Eric Ulrich. * Ulrich does not agree.* Scott Stringer wants a new subway line through the outer boroughs. (CapNY) * Robert Mittman Drops NY-6 Candidacy, Could Still Be On Ballot (C&S) * Ward: If the M.T.A. withers, so will Manhattan and the whole regional economy(Capital) * Benjamin Kallos Praises Potential Rival Micah Kellner’s Record(NYO) * COA Hearing 63rd Seat Suit Today(YNN) * Rangel described Espaillat's candidacy as both "unfortunate" and "what our great country is all about" *Nick Perry Challenger to Formally Announce Tonight (NYO) * Sen. Adriano Espaillat told the Stonewall Democrats is he’s elected to Congress “we’ll repeal DOMA in DC like we passed marriage equality in New York.”* Rep. Charlie Rangel, who’s skipping votes in Washington this week to work from his district office, also skipped the Stonewall meeting after receiving multiple invitations to attend.* A YouTube video slams Simcha Felder for backing President Obama in 2008. (He says he won’t be voting for the president this year).* The Hill takes a look at all of New York’s congressional races.  * Cuomo predicted a quiet legislative session--unless the redistricting lawsuit blows everything up.*Bill Lynch Rallying For Scandal-Touched John Liu(NYDN)

Mayor Calls Living Wage Bill A Job Killer

Mayor Vows to Go to Court to Fight Council’s Wage Bills(NYT) * Wage Legislation Vetoed(WSJ) * After Wage Veto, Bloomberg Vows Court Fight(WSJ) * Mayor Vetoes Prevailing Wage Bill, Calls It Bad "Throwback"(NY1)* Bloomy vetoes ‘prevailing wage’ bill(NYDN) * Fed-up Mike vetoes council’s wage bill (NYP)* said raising the minimum wage "can create jobs" if "it's an intelligent increase." * Bloomberg opposes the living wage and prevailing wage bills because they are “throwbacks to the era when government viewed the private sector as a cash cow to be milked, rather than a garden to be cultivated.” * Speaker Christine Quinn: The Council will override Bloomberg's veto of the 'living wage' bill (AMNY) * Mayor Bloomberg Plans To Have a ‘Good Time’ At Christine Quinn’s Wedding Despite Their Prevailing Wage Disagreement


$50,000 raise shows Legislature's pay is out of control (NYDN Ed)  Aide to Senate Minority Leader John Sampson would earn more than his boss



The Cuomo administration is suddenly moving furniture around.* Issues in restacking: DEC employees are peeved that some of their spare desk chairs were carted away. (TU)





Cuomo Says Talk of White House Bid Is Premature(NYT) * Cuomo Finds Talk About Possible 2016 White House Run "Distracting"(NY1) * The governor insisted he’s not going to allow himself to be “pushed politically” when it comes to discussing his possible presidential aspirations.* Tom Precious wrote that Cuomo’s initial insistence that he wouldn’t speculate about 2016 was “reminiscent of his father’s oft-stated ‘I have no plans to make plans.’” * "I think he’ll think twice about going against her"--Bill Lynch re: Cuomo vs Hillary in 2016


UFT Never Ending Fights 

Teacher's Union Prepares Fight Against Expected Overhauls Of 26 Public Schools(NY1)* Fight over teacher evaluations(NYDN)Walcott said he's "prepared to stay all night and into the morning" at PEP meeting. They have P. Heights Campus reserved until 9am.

* Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott argues in favor of school closings in the Daily News  Dennis Walcott's op-ed: "we should remind ourselves that closing schools is not a punishment" Vs.  while Principals union president Ernest Logan argues against them * Petition Launched to Challenge Standardized Testing(NYT) * Cuomo is at odds with Mayor Bloomberg over the “total disclosure” of teacher performance evaluation data, and thinks the issue “has to be answered this session.” DOE pulls 2 high schools off execution list: Grover Cleveland and Bushwick Community High School.

The governor thinks it will be “difficult” to get the Senate and Assembly to agree on a public campaign finance system in the remaining eight weeks of the legislation session. * Goo-Goos Like, Not Love With Silver’s Campaign Finance Bill(YNN)

Lame News Reader Who Never Broke A Story Wants Regis' Job Get Coverage in the NYT

A Low-Key Anchor With High Expectations(NYT) Pat Kiernan, who has become somewhat of a sensation at NY1, hopes to trade his morning news chair for Regis Philbin’s old seat.* Kiernan hips to B’klyn Kiernan’s hip to B’klyn and nabs(NYDN) Kiernan, every hipster’s favorite morning anchor, is moving from Manhattan to Williamsburg. Kiernan paid $2.02 million for an unassuming-looking three-story, four-bedroom townhouse with aluminum … * News of Pat Kiernan’s big purchase in Brooklyn made Page Six.* Kiernan’s pitch to Kelly Ripa on why he’d be a better co-host fit than a celebrity: “There’s a point at which some of these people will have told all their personal stories, and you’re doing 200 shows a year. I’ve proven for 15 years that I can get up and keep it fresh.”

Why Do Local TV News Stations Send Reporters Out of the Studio to Read Headlines About A School Closing or Important Sports Game That will Start Hours Later?

State Taps Into Brewers(WSJ) In a blow to New York's growing number of small beer crafters, the state has quietly ended a tax exemption for in-state brewers after it was sued by an out-of-state distributor.

Birds Attack Planes Pols Discover A Way To Get Into the Press

Gilli targets jet-menacing birds (NYDN) *The Post finds rare common ground with U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand over her legislation allowing the USDA to deal with nuisance geese around airports

Harlem Gentrification 2012
 HBA chief: Spiraling rents are biz's biggest enemy(NYDN)




The 1% Always Pay the Fine Never Doing the Time

Bovs Lend Lease overbilled for overtime after dodging criminal charges (NYDN)  Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau had signed off on deal not to prosecute




Viacom Signs a New Lease to Expand in Times Sq.(NYT)


Ferry Service Gets New Push(WSJ)


How Come the Come Nussbaum's Paper the Queens Tribune Was Left Out of the City Council Hearings?

Where are the women's Groups Protesting This?

DA rips Voice’s sex ads(NYP) Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes yesterday said Village Voice Media must shut its Web site, which runs ads allowing pimps to sell often-underage prostitutes."most frequently used 2 exploit children & advertise trafficked * Emotions Run High As City Council Holds Hearing On Controversial Adult 

Crane Owner Found Not Guilty On All Charges In '08 Collapse

Verdict Expected Today In Fatal Crane Collapse Trial (NY1) *Lomma found not guilty of manslaughter in fatal 2008 crane collaps(NYP) * Crane Owner Acquitted of All Charges in 2008 Collapse(NYT)


Occupy Student Debt

Occupy Protesters Turn Focus To Mounting U.S. Student Debt(NY1) * Two arrested in tuition protest Cooper Union(NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street Betting It All on May Day With Big Targets (NY Mag)

The NYT is “encouraged” a deal appears close in Albany on AG Eric Schneiderman’s proposal of a real-time online database to keep track of prescriptions for controlled substances that are frequently abused.

Eric Schneiderman wrote an op-ed to explain his new foreclosure task force.* AG Eric Schneiderman responds in a DN OpEd to “mischaracterizations of the mortgage-backed securities working group” that he chairs at Obama’s request, saying the investigation is “a law enforcement exercise, not a public policy decision, and must proceed in a rigorous and deliberate fashion.”

Giant Rooftop Signs Move Closer to a Reality in Queens(NYT)

Republicans Urge Romney to Push Positive Vision(NYT) * 2 House Democrats Lose After Opposing Health Law(NYT)* Romney raising money in New York City * Politico has a list of the best parody Twitter accounts. * Biden to attack Romney on foreign policy(CNN) * Rep. Pete King says Mitt Romney never sought his endorsement prior to Tuesday’s New York primary, and “has not connected on a visceral level at all” with the congressman’s Long Island constituents. * It's Still About Mitt Romney, and We're Not Stupid - Charles Blow, NYT * Romney's Magical Capitalism - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *Frank Rich: Ann Romney Beats George Clooney(NY Mag)* Not just job approval: Obama popularity slips (Wash Post)* Karl Rove is is out with his first electoral map preview of 2012, and it contains good news for Barack Obama. * The GOP wants Barack Obama to repay taxpayers for his swing state trips. Nancy Pelosi tied the college loan debate to “The War on Women.” * Europe's Gathering Economic Storm - David Ignatius, Washington Post * The Romney Campaign's Dark Knight - Jason Zengerle, GQ Magazine * A Bad Day in Court for the Obama Admin - John Hinderaker, Power Line * Public Unions Bring Back Tammany Hall - Daniel DiSalvo, DC Examiner

Jon Stewart To Obama On Jimmy Fallon Appearance: ‘You Don’t Have To Do This Sh*t Anymore’

Maggie Haberman looks, comprehensively, at what would happen among New York Democrats if both Cuomo and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were to run for president in 2016. (Politico)

 Murdoch Admits Cover Up

Rupert Murdoch Returns for 2nd Day of Leveson Inquiry Testimony(NYT) * Rupert Murdoch admits "cover-up" of phone-hacking at UK tabloid newspaper(CNN) * Rupert Murdoch: there was a cover-up at my newspapers, and 'I failed'(Huff Post) * Murdoch Alleges Cover-Up(Daily Beast) * Murdoch blames rogue tabloid for phone-hacking - Reuters * Murdoch: 'you get a thing like The Huffington Post ... mainly just stealing stuff from newspapers. They have a few original reporters.' * How Rupert Murdoch gave one of the best non-apology apologies ever.(Fishbowl) * At British Inquiry, Murdoch Apologizes Over Scandal(NYT)

NYT Staff Protest

New York Times Staff Protest Company Shareholders Meeting


The Millionaire Madam is on/in Rikers and Eliot Spitzer's on "Current" TV? That just tells you everything.
NY's Political Prisoner Goes to the Internet to Seek Freedom

Someone on a high level is keeping her in Jail  Children Of Accused Madam Set Up Website To Help Collect Bail(NY1) * Website Solicits Donations To Help Bail Alleged Manhattan(WCBS) * Accused madam Anna Gristina’s hubby and kids turn to the Web to raise money for bail(NYP) *Accused Madam's Family Wants Bail Help(NBC) * Hotel Guest's Jewels Stolen, Suspect Sought(NBC) * New York Post Kills Scoop on Kushner Connection to Manhattan Madam (Gawker)

State Trooper accused of promoting prostitution ring(NYP)

 Law and Order

Another Brooklyn DA FU

Alleged B'klyn rapist walks free after 11 months in jail after bail reduced(NYP) * Judge Says Rape Suspect Should Be Released While Awaiting Trial(NYT)

After Man’s Death, Scrutiny for a Police Chase(NYT) * Appeals Panel Overturns Conviction of Lebovits in Sexual Abuse Case(NYT) * Court nixes rabbi abuse conviction(NYDN)* Chasing, and Catching, a Purse Snatcher(NYT) * NY doctor faces trial in skateboarder's death(WSJ) * Off-Duty Officer Charged With Assault In Manhattan Eatery(NY1) * Alleged Killer's Girlfriend Testifies That Officer's Fatal Fall Was Accidental (NY1) * ‘Vaseline bandit’ Luis Gonzalez indicted(NYDN) * He blames sex abuse in dad slay (NYDN) * Cop nabs subway iPad bandit1(NYDN) * Grieving dad: Truckers ignoring mirror law(NYDN) * Manhattan teacher accused of sexually abusing student on school grounds(NBC) * MTA: Subway Crime Soars; NYPD Releases Stunning Statist(WCBS) * Father Documented Teacher’s Alleged Abuse Of Autistic S(WCBS) * Brawl cop: self-defense(NYP) * ‘He kept pointing gun,’ says Harlem shootout cop(NYP) * Hotel diamond heist(WABC) * Charges dropped against bodega worker in undercover cas(WCBS) * Family Of Man Killed By NYPD Cruiser To Hold Rally(Huff Post)

Camera catches prostitute accused of stealing $500K worth of diamonds(NYP)



Terrorism Would-be subway bomber weeps in court as family recalls(NYDN) * US warns 'lone wolf' could look for revenge on anniversary of bin Laden's death(NYP) * Bin Laden Wanted 9/11 Follow-Up(Fox 5)