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Mat Hatter Fidler Throws A Press Tea Party

Will Lew Fidler Take The Oath of Office?

Fidler Speaking to a Reporter: “That is not true,” he said. “And quite frankly there are a lot of ifs ands and buts, and a lot of things that are moving parts here. So anyone who has told you that I have made any kind decision about anything is absolutely out of their minds, because I haven’t.”

Later though, Mr. Fidler clarified to say that no decision has been made, especially since he is not sure when or if he will be sworn in. 

“I don’t know. I don’t know. That is the answer. I don’t know what to tell you,” he said.  ”It may be certified in a day. It may be certified in a week.  It may be certified in three months."

"Don’t you think the answer to those questions will have a bearing on the question you just asked me." * Another Day in Court for Brooklyn’s Florida(NYO) * The Election to Nowhere (True News)

John McCain is trying to convince Mayor Michael Bloomberg to back Mitt Romney in the presidential race, the NY Post  * Another old Romney rival, Sen. John McCain, paid a visit to Bloomberg at City Hall to talk up the candidate in hopes of securing another endorsement.

How Much Will NY Waste Today On A Meaningless Primary That Few Will Vote In?

Cost $20-25 Million

Not Much Suspense Likely in New York G.O.P. Primary(NYT) * State GOP Presidential Primary To Continue Despite Obvious Outcome(NY1) * Scenes From an Empty Brooklyn Polling Station on GOP Primary Day (NY Mag) * 22-Person Poll: Why Did New Yorkers Even Vote Today?(NY Mag)


Espada Has Nothing to Say

Espada to clam up in court(NYP) Ex-Bronx-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. is “highly unlikely” to testify at his embezzlement trial before summations today in Brooklyn federal court, where he is accused of looting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a health-care charity he controlled, his lawyer said. UPDATE: Closing Arguments Begin In Espada Corruption Trial(Y1)

Clueless Pollster Who Had Bloomberg Winning By 16% (He won by 5%) Now Says Quinn Has Widen Her Lead

Daily News Poll 46% Want Kelly to Run

Quinn support spikes in poll(NYP) The New York 1-Marist College poll reported that Quinn shot up 10 percentage points since September and now holds 32 percent of the vote in the six-way Democratic primary. Poll: Bloomberg widens lead in NYC Mayoral race – CNN Political * City Council to Assess Easing Steep Fines on Street Vendors(NYT) 

Daily News Says Run Ray Run!

 NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Quinn Is Clear Leader In 2013 Mayoral Democratic Field * GOP Kelly girls like Ray(NYP) *A Daily News poll finds 46 percent of New Yorkers want Ray Kelly to run for mayor: * http://nydn.us/I7wYZM The Daily News urges Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to run for mayor: * only Dem who beats Ray Kelly, according to poll re: 2013 * The DN gets on the Ray Kelly 2013 bandwagon after commissioning a poll that find the NYPD commissioner “in the hunt” (as Bloomberg pollster Doug Schoen put it), though he trails several of the Democratic candidates by several percentage points.* would win if mayor's race were today, even if Ray Kelly ran cc*Greg David on NY: Ray Kelly for mayor? Nonsense(CrainsNY)

Sex Ads Keep Meng Adviser's Newspaper in Business
Dear Ms Jawin:

Next Saturday, April 28, 2012, your esteemed organization, the Center for the Women of New York will be honoring Assemblywoman Grace Meng at the Douglaston Manor with one of your "Women in Leadership" Awards. As you are well aware, Assemblywoman Meng has employed as a campaign consultant in her race for the United State House of Representatives, the Multi Media consulting firm headed by the long time Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune, Michael Nussbaum. Multi Media shares the same premises with the Queens Tribune. As you are further aware, the Queens Tribune is notorious for having published and continuing to publish demeaning-to-women sex-trafficking classified ads in its back pages. How can your organization, a champion of women's rights, in good faith laud Ms Meng by presenting her an award when she is indirectly promoting this degradation of women through her affiliation with Multi Media? Your organization states that you are "Honoring women . . . who are committed to women's rights . . ." It makes absolutely no sense. Assemblywoman Meng's relationship to Multi Media is a commitment to women's rights? Is this a joke? Your public reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.
GeorgetheAtheist's blog

Election 2012 Grace Meng accepted campaign cash from family friend with checkered history (NYDN) Simon Ting pled guilty in 2007 to falsifying voter registration forms * Clyde Williams accused Charlie Rangel of pushing him off the ballot.  * Bill Thompson swears his mayor campaign is not a low-key affair. (CapNY) * Healthcare Workers Aid Lancman’s Congressional Run(Queens Politics) * Halloran Sparks Fire Marshals Endorsement(Queens Poltics) * Ulrich Switches Course, Will Run For Senate Against Addabbo(C&S) *Giuliani For Senate(YNN)
* Eric Ulrich Announces for State Senate [Video](NYO) * Gabriela Rosa Readies Run For State Assembly(NYO) * Greenfield and Hikind Embrace Felder, Whose Partisanship Remains in Doubt(NYO) * Long To Primary Opponents: Let’s Debate (Update)(YNN) * Two selected at ‘secret GOP’ meeting(Queens Politics) * Labor Coalescing Around Rangel(YNN) * Few Answers To Felder Caucus Question As Hikind and Greenfield Endorse(City and State) *Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries says he’s taking his NY-10 primary opponent, NYC Councilman Charles Barron, “extremely seriously” even though he appears to have a considerable edge now that Rep. Ed Towns is out of the running.* Assemblyman Guillermo Linares hasn’t yet announced his campaign for the seat Sen. Adriano Espaillat is vacating to run for Congress, but that hasn’t stopped candidates looking to succeed Linares in the Assembly from forging ahead.* Don’t count Noach Dear out yet as a potential super Jewish district contender.* Bronx Democrats are backing Judge Nelida Malave Gonzalez for the Surrogate Court seat that former Assemblyman Peter Rivera was eyeing before he joined the Cuomo administration as Labor commissioner.* NYC mayoral candidates compete for strongest anti-Walmart stance.(Capital) * Long Issues Debate Challenge; Turner Accepts(WNYC) * Vito Lopez will hear from loft tenants tonight about holes in the Loft Law.  * Scott Stringer held an anti-stop-and-frisk rally with Martin Luther King III. *Qns. Rep. Ulrich announces candidacy for state Senate(NYP)

How the Conservative Party Can Slow Down Felder
The Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman, Jerry Kassar, has become an increasingly staunch supporter of Storobin, and the socially conservative positions that Storobin put forth during the race. Kassar, who worked on Storobin’s campaign, is likely to back Storobin with the Conservative line regardless of whether or not Storobin wins the recount. If Kassar does decide to stick with Storobin no matter what, that could bring up an intriguing situation. The Inner Workings of the Political Process(The Independent View)

NYP Says NY Pols Do Not Care About the Cities Rising Unemployment Rate 9.6%

NY’s no-jobs machine (NYP) A federal report last week had some grim news about New York’s jobless numbers: They’re up over last year. The question is: Do New York pols — both in the city and statewide — care? Sure doesn’t seem that way. * Wall Street Gets Lean(WSJ) * In a one-two punch editorial, the Post comes out against the living wage in NYC and raising the minimum wage at the state level.* Larry Seabrook compared the current minimum wage to slavery.* Campaign Finance Reform Gets Major Push From Assembly Speaker Silver(NY1)

"There's only one thing worse than a sore loser - and that’s a sore winner."
The Daily News’ Bill Hammond says the Cuomo administration is too concerned with its image, leading it to lash out at criticism in an “excessive” and “ugly” fashion:  * Two progressive groups say the pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY is a super PAC trying to conceal the identity of its donors.* Cuomo: No PR “Track” On Campaign Finance Reform(YNN) * Cuomo Hopes To Forego ‘Public Relations Tract’ For Campaign Finance Reform(NYO) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not taken the subway since being elected to his current office."(Capital)

Former City Finance Commissioner Fined $22,000 for Conflict(NYT)

New Bus Regulations
New Bus Limits Sought(WSJ)  A bipartisan group of state lawmakers will push to give New York City new power to regulate private bus operators, seeking to control an influx of carriers that critics accuse of clogging streets and operating outside meaningful oversight. * New rules proposed for intercity buses(WABC)

State considers making too-hard Regents test optional(NYP) * Standards shell game(NYP Ed) The Post decries the State Board of Regents’ testing standards as the board considers making a difficult state exam optional for students * The the Board of Regents proposed a plan to allow three or more districts to create one centralized high school while still maintaining their own distinct identities.* Cooper Union to Charge Tuition for Grad Students(NYT)

High Court Turns Aside Rent Case(WSJ)


U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Suit Challenging the Rent Stabilization Law(NYT) * Supreme Court To Not Hear NYC Rent Laws Appeal(NY1)


Access-Ride MetroCards(NYP)




1 WTC will eclipse Empire State Bldng as tallest NYC building next week


Insurers Alter Cost Formula, and Patients Pay More(NYT) Consumers are paying more for healthcare because of insurers’ switch to Medicare-based reimbursement, an unexpected consequence of a 2009 settlement brokered by then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo* A loophole in a settlement then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo brokered with health insurers has left consumers with little relief. (NYT)

State Ponders Relinquishing Its Oversight of Vulnerable(NYT) New York is considering relinquishing oversight of developmental disability programs to an outside group, after the current oversight agency issued a report charging it could not effectively advocate for the disabled


Occupy Evicted From Its Outpost(WSJ) * Judge Rules That Protester Can't Oppose Twitter Subpoena(NYT)



N.Y.U. to Create Research Institute in Brooklyn(NYT) * NYU Bringing Science Campus To Former Brooklyn Transit HQ(NY1) * NYU to turn former NYC Transit headquarters into B'klyn campus(AM NY) * An 11-page press release and 14-speaker news conference heralded the new NYU applied sciences campus to an abandoned MTA building in downtown Brooklyn. Critics said that it was a giveaway to NYU and a loss for transit riders. * More mistakes were found on state education tests.

Company Admits It Bilked Clients on Big Projects(NYT)


Even in a Prime Neighborhood, Some Forlorn Vacancies(NYT) * Even prime neighborhoods like the Upper East Side have their share of abandoned and neglected buildings. 


Walmart Finish in New York

Is Walmart Finished in New York? Greg David Seems to Think So, and That’s Bad for Walmart(NYO)


MTA Alter 21 City Bus Routes To Match Riders' Demands(NY1) * Former Gov. Paterson Joining MTA Board(NY1) * Cuomo said former Gov. David Paterson will be a “powerful and informed voice” on the MTA Board, and his presence will “make the MTA better.”






Time Expires on the Nets in New Jersey(NYT) * Gov. Christie To Brooklyn-Bound Nets: ‘Good Riddance!’ (CBS)





For an Old Italian Game, a Crescendo of Sorts(NYT)* Latest hipster undertaking: bocce.


New York City portrayed online in 870000 images

The Making of A President 2012
ABC News projects that Mitt Romney is the winner of the NY and CT primaries, sweeping all five states in Tuesday's races.

Romney wins Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania & New York(NYP) * Romney, in Victory Lap, Focuses on Obama(NYT)

Pursuit of Senate Brings Aggressive Spending Campaign(NYT) * Running Mate Dance Begins(WSJ) * End of the line for Gingrich? (CBS) *John Boehner: ‘One In Three Chance’ GOP Loses Control Of The House * John Dickerson argued that Marco Rubio may lack the experience to be the Veep pick. *  With the primary season over, the money race begins in earnest.  *2 012 Election Could Turn on X Factors - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Romney Braces for 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy' - Byron York, DC Examiner * Romney Roadmap Leaves Voters Guessing - Steve Peoples, Associated Press * Will Voters Believe Mitt's an Extremist? - Alana Goodman, Commentary *  A Tight Presidential Race - Charlie Cook, National Journal * It's Romney Versus Carter - Joe Allbaugh, Washington Times * The Anti-Mormon Temptation - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast * Newt Gingrich Is Right About Space - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg * Romney Begins Dramatic Reversals(Huff Post) * Reid: Romney has gone into Etch A Sketch mode sooner than expected (The Hill) * (TPM) * Barack Obama embarked on a two-day trip to capture the youth vote.   * Young voters back Obama, but by less of a margin than they did in 2008.* GQ writes about “one of the undeniable pleasures of the 2012 campaign: the chance to see our actual goofy, lovable veep out on the campaign trail. * Ezra Klein notes that if Romney wins, it will likely mean that the GOP takes the House and Senate too. * Romney's Insult to All Women - Lilly Ledbetter, CNN * Rethinking the Hispanic Vote - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * N.H. Could Be Decisive 2012 Battleground - Matt Viser, Boston Globe * How Obama Banks Off of Buffett - Andy Kroll, Mother Jones * Senate Polls: VA: Allen 46, Kaine 45 | NM: Heinrich 48, Wilson 43 * Romney's prepared remarks: "A better America begins tonight" (Wash Post)

Newt Gingrich: We Will Remember You… A Video Tribute

 Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Republicans’ Refusal To Compete In Romney’s Veepstakes

James Murdoch Testifies Before Judicial Panel(NYT) * James Murdoch Says He Was in Dark on Scandal(NYT) * Hints of Collusion Between News Corp. and British Minister(NYT) * James Murdoch sticks to his story that he never saw an incriminating email at 'News of the World' (Daily Beast) * Murdoch minor may just about stay out of jail by claiming to be an idiot—an option not available to his father. (Nation) * Dial M for Murdoch' is part part Hitchcockian thriller, part 'All the President's Men'(Daily Beast) *Cabinet Minister Becomes Focus in Murdoch Inquiry(NYT)

Daily News EIC Under Fire for Allegedly Intimidating UK Investigators (Fish Bowl)

Late Innings for the Sports Cartoon(NYT) Even before the recent contraction in the newspaper industry, editors began to view sports cartoonists as vestiges of a bygone era and as budgetary luxuries.

Ex-Edwards aide testifies donor's money going to baby mama, not White House run(NYP)

13 Year Old Shot Dead

13-Year-Old Girl Gunned Down by Brother, Cops Say(DNAINFO)

13-year-old girl shot, killed in Harlem: cops (NYDN) Gunman shot 2nd victim before being wounded in shootout with police* Police Wound Alleged Suspect In Double Manhattan Shooting(NY1) * Man kills teen sister and wounds mom, then gets into shootout with cops(NYP)

Big construction firm guilty of record fraud(CrainsNY)

Etan dig comes up empty (NYP) New heartache for parents grieving since 1979* No Sign Found of Boy’s Body as a Search in SoHo Ends(NYT)* SoHo Search for Clues Ends(WSJ)* On Prince Street, the End of a Deep Dig Into Cold Case (WSJ) * Evidence Search Concludes In Etan Patz Investigation; No Remains Found(NY1)

NYPD Officer Stabbed In Head Leaves Intensive Care(NY1)

Law and Order

Instant rat stuns mob trial(NYP) * Wiseguys cop a plea (NYP) * ’Fess frees ‘wrong man’ con(NYP) * Suspect shot by police outside NYC housing project(WSJ) * Slain mogul’s wife on trial(NYDN) * EXCLUSIVE: Karl Vanderwoude Tells CBS 2 He Is Not The ‘Gentleman(WCBS)* Mexican cops rob Finest in Cancun(NYP) * Driver arrested in Queens hit and run(WABC) * Video released of engagement party stabbing(WABC) * Police shoot armed suspect in Washington Heights(NBC) * Accused Groper: Police Have the Wrong Guy(NBC)* Queens Pedestrian Hit, Driver Arrested: Police(NBC)*Man accused of pushing cop to death knew 'danger' of actions: prosecutor(NYP) * Cops bust 2nd suspect in dramatic East Harlem drug-store robbery(NYP) * Cops bust Queens man carrying gun with hollow-point bullets(NYP)

No FOIL on Sex Crimes
Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes denied a FOIL request for the release of the  names of Orthodox Jews charged with sex crimes.

NYPD: Help Us ID This Subway Upskirt Perv On The 4 Train(Gothamist)



Soleless bastard: Shoe-bomb plotter’s twisted testimony(NYP) * A Would-Be Shoe Bomber Testifies in a Terror Trial(NYT)