Thursday, July 14, 2011

Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield

Newfield and Wayne Barrett
Dead Wood: NY's Investigative Reporters
Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.  Today over a decade later nothing has changed.  The new Queens Surrogate Kelly was like Nahman elected without a primary.  Today's Queens Democratic machines still use the Surrogate Court as their personal bank.  All that has happen has Crowley has replaced Manton.  Crowley Bolz and Reich all receive most of the loot from the Queens Surrogate Court.  The only difference is Newfield is long gone and the clueless, inexperienced and none caring corporate journalist of today report political gossip, don't do investigative pieces and only write about corruption when the U.S. Attorney indicts a pol.

NYP and Daily News Both Being Sued By Judges
Have the lawsuits against the NYP and Daily News scared those papers away from corrupt judges? Errol Louis and the Daily News are both being sued about an investigative story Lewis wrote about Judge Martin. What interesting about both of this cases is that one lawyer is suing both papers. Howard Schwab from Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer LLP.

Newfield Before Today's Corporate Hired Guns Reporters on the Corrupt Queens Democratic Mob

In 1998 Newfield reported that Frank Bolz III, chairman of the Queens Democratic Party's law committee, is the single biggest recipient of assignments from Nahman - collecting $178,050 for 47 paid guardianship appointments since 1992.  Bolz is the law partner of Queens Assemblyman Joseph Crowley's father and brother. Gerard Sweeney, Manton's former law partner and campaign treasurer, is the current counsel to the public administrator - appointed by Nahman. Sweeney's law partner, Michael Reich, is executive secretary of the Queens Democ-ratic organization and has received 27 real-estate receiverships from nine differ-ent Queens judges. In 2000 Newfield wrote "The law firm of Queens Democratic Party leader Tom Manton has received more than $400,000 in court patronage since 1997. One partner -- Frank Bolz -- heads the party's law committee. Another, Gerard Sweeney, is counsel to the public adminis-trator. A third, Mike Reich, is executive secretary of the Queens party organiza-tion. They should apply antitrust laws to Manton's Monopoly." The rule is that a lawyer can get only one assignment of more than $5,000 during any 12-month period. Records show that lawyers like Batra, Bolz and Harvey Green-berg get a lot of assignments for $4,800 each.

Funeral for tragic B'klyn boy draws thousands of mourners(NYP) * How Police Traced a Boy and a Suspect(NYY) *Thousands Mourn Boy Killed in Brooklyn(NYT) * Assemblyman Hikind on Kletzky Killing(NYT) * With Boy’s Killing, Parents Confront Worst Fears(NYT) * In Borough Park, Whispers About a Loner (WSJ)

Huge crowd attends Brooklyn funeral of murdered schoolboy Leiby Kletzky(NYDN)* Lost boy asked for directions from the man who would kill & dismember him: cops (NYDN) * Evil still exists': Boy's grisly murder mirrors infamous 1979 case(NYDN) * DNA Sample To Be Taken From Suspect In Murder Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky (WPIX)  * Man who allegedly murdered B'klyn kid gave neighbors the creeps




Thousands Pack Brooklyn Streets To Say Goodbye To Leiby …(WCBS) * He was pegged as nabe creep(NYP) * The Investigation in the Death of Leiby Kletzky(NBC) * The Accused Killer in His Own Words(NBC) * Thousands Attend Murdered Brooklyn Boy's Funeral(NY1) * Thousands Attend Murdered Brooklyn Boy's Funeral(NY1) * Wounds on Suspect in Boy’s Death Suggest Struggle(NYP)



Cuomo inability to win pension overhaul was the biggest failing of the session that just ended 
Cuomo concern that high taxes are driving residents away . . . "I'm sort of the Antichrist to the Conservative Party." Doesn't see a way to compromise with legislature on redistricting. Says Washington GOP "lost control of the extreme right." Cuomo

Cuomo Says Curbing Public Pension Benefits Will Be His Top Goal in ’12 * Andrew's pension smackdown(NYP) * Gov nixes school-loan bill(NYP) * Former top legislative aides and secretaries to past governors say Cuomo has a lot to be proud of during his first six months, but his budget could pose a problem going forward.

Poll: 83% of NY'ers don't think Cuomo should do 2016 White House run(NYP) * Andrew Cuomo Shouldn't Think About Being President Yet, According to Poll (Village Voice)




Non-partisan lines backer to Cuomo: Act now on panel (Newsday)

 State Senate: A good overview of the campaign money fight. [AP] * The Senate Republicans out-raised the Democrats (not unexpectedly) as both sides gear up for 2012.




Republicans Attack Weprin for His Campaign Putting Out A Flyer Last Year attacking his opponent with a Swastikas

NY-9: Weprin called himself a "congressman-in-training."  * NY-9: "Do you really need David Weprin who used swastikas…" [abierubin / Red State]






Traffic on all four of the bridges and tunnels across the East and Harlem rivers fell between 2008 and 2009, while ridership increased on 10 of the city's free bridges, the New York Post reports: 

Even Before Scandal, Weiner Raised No Mayoral Money(WSJ)


Bloomberg's Money Does It
No Money for Bad Boy Kruger
Mike hail$ gay-nup GOPers(NYP)* Bloomberg GOP Donations(Fox 5) * same-sex marriage advocates "pumped about $50K" into campaign account of GOP Grisanti "after he voted" on June 24.  * Same-Sex Marriage: Votes were "sold" said Diaz.(TU) * Mayor Bloomberg maxed out to five of the seven key Senate “yes” voters on same-sex marriage. The two who didn’t get his love – Sens. Shirley Huntley and Carl Kruger – have legal troubles.

Prez abruptly leaves 'tense' meeting with congressional leaders(NYP) * Tensions Escalate as Stakes Grow in Fiscal Clash(NYT)

Cuomo on Spitzer: He didn't get the delicate Albany dance btwn Legis, gov, press, public. "l don’t think that was his forte.”

Spitzer strikes back at NY Post for exposing him on Troopergate- hardly a dispassionate observer.(America Blog)

Ex-state cop boss admits Troopergate role - * Troopergate: Spitzer's Plot - HUMAN EVENTS(NYP)




Busted W'burg Bridge gal cops an 'altitude'(NYP)

Pretty much everyone concedes that New York state's judges deserve a pay raise, given that they haven't gotten one in a dozen years. But 62 percent in one shot? That's approaching 5 percent a year since 1999 -- more than twice what federal jurists have received over the same period. An injudicious raise(NYP)

Pothole That Nearly Claimed Al D'Amato Has Been Filled(NYT)







Second man vandalizes Ed Sullivan Theater(NYP) * 'Late Show' Theater's Entry Is Smashed Again (NYT)





The Post also reports that the state Board of Regents approved new rules that allows more New York high school students to learn in online environments, with less face-time with teachers:




Judge Blocks City’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Law A law that would have required centers to detail what services they provided was ruled a free speech violation. (NYT) * Free Speech Cited in Clinics Ruling(WSJ) * Judge blocks law forcing pregnancy centers to disclose services(NYDN) * 'No-abort' law nixed(NYP) *  Judge Blocks Bill Regulating Pregnancy Centers (NY1)

NYS's development agency erred in granting a 2009 approval to developer Ratner's Atlantic Yards basketball arena and housing project by not first conducting a thorough environmental review Court Says State Erred in Ratner Plan Review(WSJ) * Judge: Not so fast, Atlantic Yards (NYDN)


State Troopers Receive Layoff Notices(Fox 5)


If Indian Point Closes, Plenty of Challenges(NYT)





Young Man Dead, Another In Critical Condition After Exercise In S.I. Public Pool(NY1)


MTA To Install Surveillance Cameras On 341 City Buses(NY1)





Judge Halts Landmark’s Alterations(NYT)



 Law and Order

Drug Ring Arrests(WSJ) *Ten arrested in takedown of ruthless drug ring that terrorized the Bronx(NYDN) * Exotic dancing mom on run after two young children die in house fire(NYDN) * Teen girl shoots her ex with stun gun, watches as thugs pummel him(NYDN) * Cops who beat teen over 'doo-doo' comment ordered to stay away(NYDN) * Feds bust 37 in Albanian drug ring, accused of smuggling pot into NYC(NYDN) * Dozens Of Albanians Charged In NY Case Related To Violent …(WCBS) * Qns. slay-suicide(NYP) * Fed drug-gang arrests in Bx.(NYP) * Paz poised to cop a plea(NYP) * Heated argument ends in murder-suicide in Queens(NYP) * Police Seek Serial Sexual Assault Suspect In Manhattan (NY1)


Bin Laden worked to assemble team for US attack this year on 9/11(NYP)


FLASH: News Corp says Rupert and James Murdoch will attend UK parliament hearing next Tuesday (not Thursday) *F.B.I. Opens Inquiry Into Hacking of 9/11 Victims(NYT) * Rupert Murdoch said News Corp. has handled the hacking scandal “extremely well in every way possible,” making just “minor mistakes.”


TIME: ‘Tabloid Meltdown’ Threatens Rupert Murdoch And His Media Empire

Pols: Did News Corp. reporters try to hack phones of 9/11 victims?(NYDN)



Tensions Escalate as Stakes Grow in Fiscal Clash(NYT)