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Parkside's Stavisky Tries to Move A District So He Can Continue His Illegal District Leader Positon

 All the Kings Men

Hick Stavisky Above the Law

When The Bow Breaks Evan Will Fall(Queens Politics) Rumor has it absentee District Leader Evan Stavisky is lobbying Governor Cuomo to keep Mitchell Linden from the 22nd Assembly District into the 26th Assembly District in a scandal-ridden move to maintain his district leadership. It looks like Evan could possibly be getting his way after muscling Shelly and Governor Cuomo like it’s going out of style.

How Corrupt is Stavisky (True News)

True News Question of the Day to NY1's Political Director
Why to you allow the corrupt Stavisky to Appear on NY1?

Benedict Arnold Dadey
Watch This NY1 Video That Shows Dick Dadey, the Executive Director of Citizen's Union Double Dealing on Reforming Redistricting 

NY1 Online: Sounding Off On Congressional Redistricting An Update on New York Redistricting(NYT) * Cuomo battles on redistricting(NYDN) GOP objects to judge’s redistrict plans(NYDN) * How is a good redistricting plan like pornography? * Source: Pelosi Gets Involved In NY Redistricting(YNN) * Citizens Union doesn't want people to know what they're up to on redistricting.* The courts won’t intervene on the 63rd State Senate seat until the map is finalized.* Growing Concern Over Multiple Primaries(YNN) * McLaughlin Says Redistricting Holding Up Senate Decision(YNN) * A state Supreme Court judge agreed to dismiss the Senate Democrats’ lawsuit challenging the Republicans’ plan to create a 63rd seat because the issue is “not ripe for the court’s review.”* How long before the Senate Democrats turn on Cuomo in connection with redistricting?*State court on 63-seat senate proposal: we can’t get involved yet–updated(WNYC) * A reporter asks when Democrats who oppose the redistricting compromise will turn their attention to Cuomo? [Casey Seiler]


The Great Brooklyn Boss Dictator Vito Lopez Coup d'état Attempt of the Kings County Committee

Nightmare Scenario For County Committee Races Sparks Feud In Brooklyn [UPDATED] (C&S) As Liz Benjamin reported this morning, Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez recently sent out an “urgent” memo instructing candidates for Congress, Senate and Assembly that petitioning for those races would “likely” be starting on March 20.  . .  Boss Vito has already moved to cancel the county committee races in Brooklyn for 2012..  Morgan Pehme, New Kings’s vice-president, said the potential move was a “brazen, dictatorial power grab by Vito Lopez” and a “tactic we are used to seeing employed by third-world tyrants.”  All of this comes as various reform-oriented political clubs across Brooklyn are uniting to take county committee seats in order to challenge Lopez. * New King Democrats: “Not that Brooklyn is Moscow and Vito Lopez is Vladimir Putin. But it’s funny to think about this as if Brooklyn was Moscow and Vito Lopez was Vladimir Putin.” * Walter Mosley explained his relationship with Lopez, as well as other matters.


Albany Builds A New Berlin wall Around Brighton Beach Russian Jews

Redistricting and neighborhoods: How Albany broke up the Soviet bloc (New York World)




NYP: "excessive complexity and unfettered discretion, combined with an oppressively heavy fine schedule invitation to corruption”

Mike’s Corruption Incubator(NYP Ed)  The City Council this week shed necessary light on Mayor Bloomberg’s two-year-old restaurant letter-grade regime — and found it wanting.  In a nutshell, the council found the system to be too arbitrary, with inspectors granted far too much discretion. Moreover, the Health Department — which runs the program — seems to be more interested in raising revenue through fines than it is in providing for the public health. * "when u take the fines away, it's only to serve lower quality food"-- 




Election 2012  Rudy Giuliani is poised to endorse David Storobin in the March 20 special election for ex-Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat.*DeBlasio Small Business Round Table in Brighton Beach (Bay Ridge Journal)
Velazquez Addresses Dilan Challenge, Jeffries and Barron Face Tough Questions (C&S)

Grimm relying on mix of his charm, determination and retail politics

Rising G.O.P. Star From Staten Island Draws on Political Gifts to Fend Off Criticing, his centrist voting record and his background as a Marine and FBI agent to stay popular despite questions about his fundraising, (NYP) Restaurant ratings a rack Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm writes a column in the Post criticizing city restaurant inspectors, based on his experience owning a health food restaurant on the Upper East Side

Ex-state Sen. leader Bruno won't get $2.1M from taxpayers to cover legal costs(NYP) * State racks up multimillion-dollar bills for officials’ legal defense (New York World)

Where In The World is the New Albany Ethics Watchdog JCOPE On Sen Libous Pay to Play?
At a press conference yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declined to comment on whether JCOPE or another investigative body should look into the possibility Senate Deputy Majority Leader Tom Libous improperly used his position to secure a position at a law firm for his son, as a witness in a federal corruption trial in White Plains testified this week. “It is an appropriate area for an attorney general, for JCOPE to comment on.  But for me, I don’t think it’s an appropriate area to comment on,” Cuomo said. Cuomo has called for investigations in the past, he admitted, but said that was “mostly when I was the attorney general.” But twice last year, Cuomo made headlines when he called for investigations from then-Inspector General Ellen Biben, first into the Nassau County Crime Lab, and then when he directed Biben to audit the Long Island Power Authority. Cuomo’s spokesman Josh Vlasto said Cuomo could call for those investigations because the Inspector General is under the executive branch’s control, whereas JCOPE is overseen, but not controlled, by his administration. Cuomo, who reportedly has a very good working relationship with Libous, said he didn’t have enough information about the case. “I only know what I’ve seen in the newspaper,” he said.

Spying Quinn Cops 
Christine Quinn Laughs At Community Members Demanding a Hospital in her District! Question NYPD Quinn detail Spying on the Protestors?(Video)

Stringer: The Peoples Member Items
Let the people into their budget (NYDN) Reforms are needed to make the process less opaque Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer writes in the Daily News he is setting up independent panels to distribute $910,000 in member items, and urges similar reforms for the entire city budge

Unions ‘tier’ into gov on pensions(NYP) Gov. Cuomo yesterday turned the heat up on lawmakers to cut New York’s staggeringly expensive pension system — while the state’s biggest labor organization launched a million-dollar TV ad blitz to protect it * Union big: pension plan is a Dubya move(NYDN) * DC37′s Lillian Roberts, who was critical of “cowboy” Cuomo on CapTon this week, kept up her line of attack on his Tier 6 plan, saying it was modeled on “George W. Bush’s defeated plan to privatize Social Security.” * Cuomo called Tier 6 a “vital part” of his budget plan.* The Journal News deemed pension reform “essential” to the state’s fiscal health.

Media Covers Up NYC Unemployment Raisers to 9.3%
NYT Says the City's Economy is Improving Rosey

2 Spins Offered by Latest City Jobs Data(NYT) The economic picture in New York City seems to be improving, even though the unemployment rate rose in January.* Jobs Report 'Exceeded All Expectations'(WSJ) * Officials: NY Recovered More Jobs Than Thought(NBC) * New York City's Recovery Ever So Slightly Stronger Than Predicted(NY MaG) * National unemployment rate unchanged at 8.3% in February even as payroll employment rose by 227,000.

NYT NYPD Muslim Spying Criticism WSJ Program Saves Lives, Holder Looking

The N.Y.P.D. and Muslims (NYT ED) The Times says NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s loud defense of his Muslim surveillance program “should not do that so loudly that he drowns out reasonable criticism” * Feds probing NYPD tactics(NYP) * More Smoke From Jersey(NYP Ed) That was some blast Michael Ward, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Newark office, laid on the NYPD’s so-far hugely successful counter-terrorism efforts.* Holder Disturbed by Reports on New York Police Surveillance of New Jersey Muslims(NYT) * NYPD docs: 'Focus' scrutiny on Muslim Americans(WSJ)Muslim Surveillance Shows Tensions Between NYPD, FBI(WSJ) * Attorney General Holder Finds Reports On NYPD Muslim Surveillance Programs "Disturbing" (NY1) * New slap in spy flap(NYDN) * New York's Finest Are Getting Smeared (WSJ)  The police department's counterterrorism work protects lives and civil liberties. * Critics of the NYPD’s Muslim surveillance tactics are speaking out because it “gets you publicity” to do so, according to Mayor Bloomberg.* An NYPD backer dares the attorney general to ask Kelly questions about surveillance(Capital)


NYC could be forced to pay up to $128 million in damages in connection with a federal court's ruling that the FDNY used an entrance exam that intentionally discriminated against black and Hispanic 

FDNY minority retort (NYP) The city could get socked with a bill of up to $128 million to compensate minority applicants who were rejected because of discriminatory hiring practices, a federal judge said yesterday. Judge Nicholas Garaufis * City Is Ordered to Provide Back Pay in Fire Department Bias Case(NYT) * The N.Y.P.D. and Muslims(NYT Ed) The loud defenders of the Police Department’s Muslim surveillance operation should not drown out reasonable criticisms. FDNY Exam Now Looking Costly to City(WSJ) * 128M for FDNY discrimination(NYDN)
* The FDNY has only 24 female firefighters, but 3,481 women have signed up to take the test for new firefighters next week, Record number of women set to take FDNY exam(NYDN)  Nearly 3,500 ladies want to be firefighters*Fire Commissioner Feels FDNY Does Not Owe Backpay Due To Discrimination Lawsuit(NY1)

City Inquiry Says Nonprofit Falsified Job Placement Data(NYT)




Mob Rat Says No Kickbacks on the Waterfront

Wharf rat: I lied about mob kickbacks for jobs (NYP)  A crooked longshoreman admitted yesterday that he lied under oath when he denied discussing Christmastime kickbacks to the mob in exchange for plum assignments on the docks of New York and New Jersey.

Chancellor Walcott Has Had To Deal With 8 Incidents Since February

Teachers Gone Wild? Recent Rash Of Accusations In Schools(WCBS)
* Catholic Schools Recruiting Latinos (Fox5) *

Principal Is Removed Over Findings of Falsified Student Records(NYT)

MTA Chairman: Fare Hike Is Certain(NBC)

There are uncertain costs in helping illegal aliens attend public colleges.

On Tier Six, Bloomberg Has Cuomo’s Back(YNN)* The AFL-CIO agreed to halt its ad campaign on pensions.

$120M ambulance hit (NYP) New York City writes off $120 million worth of ambulance bills every year for people with no health insurance who simply don’t pay, which is 32 percent of the $380 million cost of running the city’s EMS system




It's The Medical Bill That Kills

Albany must protect consumers from the pain of surprise medical bills (NYDN) Insurance doesn’t always provide for ruinous health-care expenses  The Daily News says Department of Financial Services Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky is right to crack down on hospital and insurance billing practices, and offers steps for reform *

Whither the health insurance exchange?(WNYC)

Bank of America Protest

Bawdy protesters bust up Brian’s Bof A speech(NYP)


Broken Playground Slow Fix

Audit says playground hazards slow to be fixed(NYDN)




WTC Arts Center Advances(WSJ) The performing arts center at the World Trade Center has hired Maggie Boepple, former president of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, to raise money and focus the design of a 1,000-seat theater there




Old South Wiliamsburg

South Williamsburg Keeps Grip on Old Ties(WSJ)



 Rail Road Bridge Bad Paint

A Bad Impression Outlasts a Bridge's New Paint(NYT) The three-and-a-half-mile steel span is owned by Amtrak and is a crucial link along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor line between Washington and Boston. It carries both Amtrak’s passenger trains and some freight trains.


 Former NYT Co. Chief Executive Officer Janet Robin’s exit cost the company $23.7 million – more than it earned in the past four years.


 Election 2012

White House Works to Shape Debate Over Health Law(NYT) * Mitt Romney Clinches Key Endorsement in Must-Win State for Gingrich(NY Mag) * Frank Rich on Maddow: Limbaugh Blew the GOP's Contraception Cover(NY Mag)* Romney Really Might Not Have the Delegates by June - Sean Trende, RCP * A Once Great Party Is Circling the Drain - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail * A Vote for the GOP Is a Vote for War - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Obama vs. Israel - Charles Krauthammer, Investor's Business Daily * Election 2012: Delegate Count, Upcoming States | Polls: Obama vs. GOP *The GOP Primary: No End in Sight - The Economist * Axelrod: Republicans Have A "Back To The Future" Platform * Kansas’ caucus night tomorrow offers Rick Santorum an opportunity for delegates. * The Jobs Report Is a Boon for Obama - Robert Reich, Salon * GOP Voters Not in Love With Choices - Chris Cillizza & Aaron Blake, The Fix * Mitt's Fuzzy Math for a Fuzzy Campaign - Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax * Is Romney's "Southern Problem" Overstated? - Scott Conroy, RCP * Only Gingrich Has Made Obama Squirm - Milton Wolf, Washington Times * Republicans Against Education - Paul Krugman, New York Times * Alabama (GOP): Alabama St.: Gingrich +1 | RCP Average: Romney +2.3 *Ron Paul: Unemployment rate is ‘probably closer to 20 percent’ (Wash Post)* Legislators Recall a Governor Who Didn’t Mingle(NYT) * 9 Tough Questions for President Obama (The Atlantic)


Stewart Pummels Breitbart’s Obama College Footage; Exposes Hannity’s Secret Videos


As Stars Rally for Warren, Rival Objects(NYT)

DA putting the screws to 'brothel boss' Anna Gristina (NYP) Rikers Island interview with mommy madam* ‘Brothel boss’ bares pressure to name names * ‘I’d bite my tongue off before I talk,’ she promises * Claims moneyman is tied to ‘legit’ dating service.  * Video: Inside the NYC madam’s Upper East Side love lair(NYP) * Madam money trail hard to find(NYDN) * Pol Hopeful on "Madam" Ex-Wife Arrest(NBC) * Morgan Stanley Financial Adviser On Leave As UES Prostitution Ring Investigation Continues (NY1) * For Woman Charged as Madam, Unusual Tie to Law Enforcement(NYT)* 'Millionaire Madam's' 'Bodyguard' is Retired Detective Who Worked for DA (DNAINFO) * Civil Rights Lawyer Ron Kuby to Appear at 'Millionaire Madam' Hearing (DNAINFO

Jail guard admits to  sex, drugs at Rikers (NYDN)


'Snub-Nose Bandit' has struck six times(NYDN)

Law and Order
3 innocents shot in gang chase(NYP)*Subway-station sex attack(NYP) * Vacant Queens House Used for Sex Crimes, Police Say(NYT) * Trucking Company Workers Are Indicted in Fraud Scheme(NYT) * Police Officer Guilty of Falsifying Information(NYT) * No Word Yet on Review of Police's Crime-Tracking System(NYT) * Rare-Wine Dealer Accused of Fraud(WSJ) * Judge Keeps Rule on Law Firm Ownership(WSJ) * NYPD seeking suspect in subway sex attack(WSJ) * Five Men, One Woman Allegedly Force Teen Runaway Into Prostitution In Queens(NY1) * Feds bust dealer of phony French wines (NYDN) * 3 shot inside Bronx bodega (NYDN)* Nab 3 in rape of woman, 60, at B’klyn office (NYDN) * Hunt for sex attack creep (NYDN) * Wired wiseguy bites bullet(NYDN) * Book teacher in assault on student, (NYDN)* 135 more eyed in med fraud scam (NYDN) * Gang raped and pimped out(NYDN) * Nightclub owners sue NYPD(NYDN) * Suspect Sought In Early Morning Manh(WCBS) * Subway-station sex attack(NYP) * Men attempt pharmacy robbery, 1 dressed as woman(WABC) * Opium drug ring busted in Queens(WABC) * Pastor arrested for inappropriate pictures of child(WABC) * "Snub-Nose" Bandit Leaves Six-Month Trail Of Crime Across Brooklyn, Queens(NY1) * B'klyn mom charged with daughter's death blasts plans to allow son, 6, to testify (NYP) * Seven Testify to Character of Defendant in Rutgers Dorm Case(NYT)