Thursday, September 9, 2010

True News Wags the Dog

Breaking News Pastor says Koran burning off after deal with NYC imam (DN) Pastor Cancels Koran Burning and Plans to Meet Imam (NYT) * Imam and developer: No deal for moving Ground Zero mosque * Manhattan Imam Says He Won't "Barter" Over Mosque Site (NY1)

True News Wags the Dog

75% according to the latest poll of New Yorkers want to throw out the bums but can't Poll

Today's NY Post
NY pols feel safe from national unseat heat With few exceptions, New York incumbents in Tuesday's primary elections can expect to be spared the anti-incumbent anger sweeping the nation. Arcane election laws, high campaign costs and the state's history of re-electing incumbents 95 percent of the time keep challenges down, experts say.

True News Said it First May 16, 2010
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Stop the Presses
Arthur Sulzberger: 'We Will Stop Printing The New York Times Sometime In The Future' * Murdoch Takes On The NYT: Wall Street Journal Launching Book Review

Al Sharpton's National Action Net work is in such fiscal disarray that an internal audit just five months ago concluded that its very continued existence is in "substantial doubt," as The Post reported this week. But Sharpton isn't worried about losing his headquarters. That's because state Sen. Eric Schneiderman has publicly promised that if he's elected attorney general, Sharpton & Co. "will have an annex in Albany for the first time in the history of the state." Eric the insider (NYP Ed)

DiNapoli warns of "risky" numbers in state budget (DN)

Election 2010
$4.1M raised in East Side race for House seat (DN) * Pedro's a poster boy of littering (NYP) * Paladino, Lazio boost cash days before primaries (NYP) * Wayne Barrett thinks voters should be afraid of Staten Island DA Dan Donovan.

Poor attendance: 77% of kids went to first day of school (DN) * Parents grumble over wacky back-to-school schedule (DN) * Sources: "Rubber Room" Teachers To Begin Desk Jobs Monday (NY1)

Audit Assailed Group Hired to Aid Family in Abuse Case (NYT)

Plumbing an Obstacle to 2nd Ave. Subway (NYT) * Making Subway Bad News Look Better (NYT) * MTA to unveil clearer signs for subway service changes (DN)

Shifting Ground in Debate Over Muslim Center (NYT) * For High Holy Days, Rabbis Weigh Their Words on Proposed Islamic Center (NYT) * Koran-burning Florida pastor will cancel plans if Obama calls (NYP) * Obama tells minister to call off Koran burning (NYP) * President tells Rev. Jones to call off 9/11 'Burn-a-Koran Day' (DN) * On Koran burn and mosque, Bloomberg blinded by 1st Amendment * Mosque developer: I'll sell the buildings - for right price (DN) *
Mosque Supporters Discuss September 11th Rally (NY1) * Donald Trump makes bid for proposed mosque building

Terrorism In Bronx Bomb Plot, Tapes Shed Light on Informer (NYT) * Pak to charge 3 in Times plot (NYP)

Law and Order Cop pleads guilty to killing preacher's daughter (DN) * Too little for a life: DA should not have accepted 90-day sentence in drunk driving death (DN Ed) *
Landlord Accused Of Murdering Tenant (NY1) * Brooklyn Mother Indicted On Assault Charges In Wake Of Girl's Death (NY1)

Lobbyists Rush to Hire G.O.P. Staff Ahead of Midterm Vote (NYT)