Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Even the Meltdown Economy is Helping Incumbents Get Reelected Nobody Has Any Money to Run

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Bloomberg Moves to Block Teachers’ Raises (NYT) *UFT Won't Give Up Teacher Raises Without A Fight UPDATED (DN)* Republicans Tap Lazio to Run for New York Governor (NYT)

Even the Meltdown Economy is Helping Incumbents Get Reelected
Nobody Has Any Money to Run

More incumbents that ever will be not be challenged or face very weak opponents this year. Usually it is the state's election law and member items which protect the office holders. 98% get reelected every year. This year the lack of funds of challengers is giving incumbents a helping hand. Lack of funds is causing candidates all over the city to drop out of running or run campaigns on a shoe string budget. This past weekend Gail Goode and Afro-American lawyer who was trying to run a long shot campaign against Gillibrand drop out because she could not even find the funds to get on the ballot.

The incumbents have won again because of this bad economy, which they help cause, even in this era of Espada and Monserrate, before the felony convictions of Bruno, McLaughlin, Seminerio and a legislature who to this very day refuses to make the hard choices every family in our community makes cutting the budget in hard economic times.

NYP Wants to End WFP Ballot Access
Without Cuomo leading their ticket the WFP will have a hard time gaining the 50,000 votes to receive a permanent ballot line in the state. NYP says the Judith Kaye reporter was Fair warning for Andrew showed the WFP used an opaque, for-profit appendage to funnel illicit campaign cash from its labor-union backers to favored candidates. That company, Data & Field Services, would drastically undercharge candidates for a range of electoral services, helping them duck city spending limits. Another finding of the Kaye report WFP money sloshed about with no apparent accountability. * An anonymous bill introduced in the Senate would make it easier for the Working Families Party – and other third parties – to keep their ballot status. * Kaye Report Proposes Transforming DFS Into Non-Profit (City Hall)

Bloomberg Wants to End Democratic Party Ballot Power
Partisans Rising for Battle Four potential 2013 Democratic mayoral candidates will join forces to combat an initiative to abolish partisan primary elections, a proposal that would dramatically alter how New Yorkers elect their leaders. (WSJ) * The nonpartisan elections issue is expected to come up at tonight’s Charter Revision Commission forum in the Bronx. * Democrats Hold Pre-emptive Press Conference Against Nonpartisan Elections
* Would-be 2013 Democratic mayoral primary opponents are united against nonpartisan elections.

Election 2010 GOP Convention a Tense Scene * GOPers set to battle over governor candidates (DN) * It’s do-or-die day for Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy * State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long called state GOP Chairman Ed Cox’s float of a new third party “mind-boggling” and “irrational.” * The New Democrats’ New Line * Levy, Lazio or . . . other (TU) * Governor, Attorney General Nominations Expected At State GOP Convention (NY1) * Levy ‘Confident,’ Cuomo’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Updated: Levy: It Was ‘Well Worth It,’ Options Open (YNN) * Paladino Nominates Himself

Facebook Joseph Mercurio And TV is still the biggest push media in American politics that moves the numbers fast. A Maker of Mayors Has His Moment in the Spotlight - City Room Blog -

All the Kings Men and All the Kings Horses Could Not Put . . .
Deep Insider Steve Rattner Political Power Might Not Save Him
There are two New York. Most of us and then a very secret group of insider who usually can do what ever they want and get away with it. One of the main symbols of the secret New York Steve Rattner's luck might have run out. Rattner made millions using money to buy access to the nations pension funds. He paid Hank Morris and other around the county to do the dirty work for him. For the most part people like Rattner involved in the nationwide pension looting have walked with small fines.

Steve has some powerful friends who have protected him in the past. The even got him a job as the car czar in Washington when things got to with the pension investigation. The mayor still has Rattner as his financial advisor. His pal is the publisher of the NYT. Stave and his wife have raised million for democratic candidate in congress. He has a few political emenies like Senator Schumer because Rattner tied to run Ford against Gillibrand (along with Bloomberg and the NYT). He is also running Wall Street's Manchurian candidate Reshma Saujani against Congressman Maloney.

Why is the SEC after Rattner? After being used by Madoff and his Wall Street buddies is the SEC trying to use Steve Rattner to make their bones? Or maybe it is the movie Chooch Rattner funded to pay off the brother of the many who controlled the distributions of Hevesi pension funds. Seems the New York's wonder boy time is up. Not to worry he has been protected from a criminal trial and only faces being bared from working in the securities industry for up to three years. Not something that will go over to well in the dinner circuit of Rattner. S.E.C. Is Said to Seek to Bar Wall St. Financier More on Rattner from True News Steve Rattner Summary (TN)

New York Economic Melt Down Labor stink at Co-Op City (NYP) * At Co-op City, Trash Piles Up as Workers Go on Strike (NYT) * Co-Op City Hit by Staff Lockout *Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg might cut school nurses.* City Cuts Continue Mayor Proposes Cutting School Nursing Positions State Cuts Continue Paterson Defends Layoff Plan, Blaming Union Leaders * Gov sharpens ax Laying groundwork for layoffs (NYP) School Cuts New N.Y. Schools Face Extra Pain From Layoffs Brooklyn Brownstone School three star teachers. Each had been chosen from a pool of hundreds of candidates and now routinely works as many as 60 hours a week, but because they are among the city’s most recently hired, they stand to lose their jobs. (NYT) * State Budget Director Robert Megna used the b-word – as in “broke.” * Megna said the state started out the month of June $500 million in the red. * NY Nearly Goes Broke Again, Delays Paying Bills (MSNBC)

Mike: I feel parking pain sympathizes with New Yorkers weary from double-parking tickets, but balked at the notion that ticketing agents only dole out the fines to collect revenue. * Burned Morgy slaps at city as he quits FDNY bias fight (DN)

NY ed. bigs 'furnish' better $chool plan *NYS makes second push for Race to the Top funds (DN)
* Tuition Plans Discussed by Preschools Is the preschool cartel legal?

There Off Again?
Six entrants emerge to become Aqueduct operator What happen to the Aqueduct investigation Delusional New York Politics: You Can Run But Can't Hide (True News)
* Aqueduct Investigation Continues (True News)

Untimely Daily Newspapers
News on the Blogs and TV Yesterday Afternoon But in Today's Paper's Morgenthau Withdraws as Monitor on Fire Jobs * Morgenthau Out in City Fire Case (WSJ) * For Luna Park, Rave Reviews and an Echo of Coney Island's Dark Side (WSJ)

Law and Order
Qns. store hero grabs thug's gun (video) (NYP) * All-Crimes DNA Databank Proposed for New York (WSJ) * Team Obama backs independent probe of raid as anger mounts (DN)* Brooklyn man kills older brother after argument, cops say (DN) * Bronx DA's office may slash 45 prosecutors (DN) * Colangelo: Chance to salute two lost Finest (DN)

Terrorism Clear and present danger: Iran's march to nukes threatens the whole world (DN Ed) * NY Times Square bomber case delayed as he talks to officials (NYT)

Media and New Tech NBC boss eyes $30M+ exit deal from Comcast (NYP) * Tech-savvy Bloomberg shows off his iPad (DN) * Sammarco seeking retrial in sex harassment case (DN)

BP's NY Oil Leak Cleanup Costs and Lawsuits Rattle BP’s Investors (NYT) * Oil Spill Draws Probe (WSJ) * Vandal smears black paint over BP gas station sign (DN)A Storyteller Loses the Story Line President Obama’s battle in the gulf is taking on biblical proportions. The oil won’t stop flowing, but the magic he is accustomed to sure has (NYT Ed) * WATCH: Jon Stewart Returns, Rips BP For Lack Of Progress * Team Obama backs independent probe of raid as anger mounts (DN)