Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why are the Editorial Boards Silent Its Time Throw the Bums Out Clean House in Albany

Why are the Editorial Boards Silent
Its Time Throw the Bums Out
- Clean House in Albany

Where are the editorial Boards of the NYT, NYP and Daily News. They rant all year about the corruption and dysfunctional in Albany, and then they go to sleep at election time when the public has their only chance to change the horror show. Today the Daily News' Bill Hommond does a column that list all the incumbents to throw out, but does not list who is running against them and on what issues. Why is the press hiding at this important time? Throw the bums out early: If you're angry at Albany's failures, you need to show up on primary day * AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITORS OF THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE NEW YORK POST and THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Cover the campaigns (Rock Room 8)

GOP takes biggest lead ever in poll with whopping 10 points New Gallup poll puts Dems far behind Republicans going into November.

Judges for sale?
An exclusive story in yesterday's Post revealed that a significant number of candidates for election to New York's Civil Court this fall have accepted campaign contributions from the very attorneys who might appear before them. Unfortunately, the main contributors to judicial campaigns, other than the candidates themselves, often are such lawyers.

U.S. House Travel Stipends Are Probed Congressional investigators are questioning a half-dozen lawmakers for possibly misspending government funds meant to pay for overseas travel.(WSJ)

Newsday thinks the Yankees ticket scandal is a “serious matter”

Bloomberg Cash Not Yet Returned The New York State Independence Party promised last month the return of money allegedly stolen from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but as of Monday afternoon Manhattan prosecutors had not received a dime. (WSJ)

Charter Commission Makes Term Limit Controversy Worse

Clyde Haberman: "On the core issue of restoring trust in local government, the [charter review] commission has already opened itself to criticism from editorialists that it failed to set the city on the right path."

Shelly Can You Spear A Dime
IRS slaps tax lien on powerful Albany lobbyist Patricia Lynch Associates(DN)

Lack of fines for violations lets slumlords terrorize tenants, says Public Advocate Bill de Blasio (DN)

State to Use Race to the Top Money to Revamp Teacher Training, Evaluation

Indian Reservations Smoked Out: Judge Tells Paterson He Can Tax Cigarettes(Albany Times Union) *** PM A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order barring the collection of taxes sold on Indian reservations to non-Indians, which was scheduled to start tommorrow.

Election 2010

NYP Endorses for AG For Democrats: Sean Coffey Three New York City-based major daily papers--three different endorsements in the Democratic primary for attorney general. The News already endorsed Eric Dinallo and the New York Times backed Sen. Eric Schneiderman.

* The jockeying has already begun for the late NYC Councilman Tom White’s seat. A special election will be held concurrent with the Nov. 2 general. * Espada was a no-show at a debate in the Bronx last night. (Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera didn’t show up, either) * Special Election Called for November - Thomas White seat * Nunes Says Nothing Changes - lost to White by 5 votes * Paladino Appears. Without Lazio, in NY1 'Debate' (NY 1) * Bill Clinton to Campaign for McMahon (Daily News)

Homelessness Up

Homelessness Up 50% In New York City (Fox 5)

New York Economic Meltdown
How Healthy Is New York City’s Economy? (NYT) * At Bookstore, Even Non-Buyers Regret Its End (NYT) * With New Casino, More Funds to Prop Up Horse Tracks (NYT)

We are All Watching You
Smile! Subway to snap your pic 340 surveillance-ready cars on order (NYP) * Using Private Eyes to Keep Track of Tenants

New Yorkers Against NYT Editorial Board
Q Poll: NYers Steadfast Against Park51, Want Cuomo To Investigate * Seven in 10 NYers want mosque moved

NYT Disconnected from New Yorkers I guess they think we are all racist (though the Germans were gone from the paper)
Who Else Will Speak Up? So far, the only leader with the courage to make the case for an Islamic center and mosque in Lower Manhattan is Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The country needs more sane voices. (NYT Ed)

Bloomberg Wiggles When 7 in 10 in the city you represent you wiggle
Bloomberg Likes Menin's Interfaith Idea

More Mosque
Brother load of trouble for mosque siblings (NYP) * The men behind the mosque (NYP ED) *Muslim cabbie-stabber Cab-slash indictment (NYP) * Hate Crime Charges in Stabbing of a Cabdriver (NYT) * Cab Attack Suspect Is Indicted (WSJ) * Muslim cabbie-stabber Michael Enright indicted (DN) * Man Who Stabbed Muslim Cabbie Indicted On Hate Crime Charges (NY1) The Post says the project needs to be paid for with “clean” money, and doesn’t believe the people behind it have the ability to do that. * Dan Abrams: Please Stop Complaining About The Media’s “Ground Zero Mosque” Coverage ***PM Cuffed with Koran, FEMA papers; NYPD counter-terrorism unit involved

Terrorism NY Jury Hears Bomb Plot Tapes * New sentencing for Qaeda thug (DN) * Surveillance Tapes Of Alleged Synagogue Bomb Plotters Shown In Court (NY1)

Law and Order Sex-ed slang teacher settles vulgar suit for 45G (NYP) * Soccer Player From St. Lucia Is Fatally Shot in Brooklyn (NYT) * Tournament Soccer Player Slain * Woman hit in soccer star slay tells of moment of horror (DN) * Caroline Giuliani expected to make a deal in Sephora charges (DN) * Cop-killer angles for lenient parole panel (DN) * Armed bank robber nabbed in wild chase (DN) * Arson suspected in fierce Brooklyn blaze that injured 13 (DN) * Throw away the key: Cop killer trying to play the parole system must stay in prison (DN ED)* Mother Claims NYPD Officer Denied First Aid To Dying Daughter (NY1) * Caroline Giuliani sentenced to community service for shoplifting (NYP)

Media and New Tech Advances Offer Path to Shrink Computer Chips Again (NYT)
* MoMA Marches to the Beat of History The Museum of Modern Art is marking the 75th anniversary of the ground-breaking "March of Time" series, which brashly mingled news with Hollywood-style narrative techniques. (WSJ) *Exclusive: Glenn Beck Launches “News And Opinion” Website, The Blaze, Tonight (Medaite)

While Wall Street executives fret about how financial reform may hamstring their operations, business is booming and jobs are abundant at the Securities and Exchange Commission. [Bloomberg]