Sunday, September 12, 2010

True News Sunday Update : Albany is Media Made

Albany is Media Made

A blogger on Room Eight write about the NYTimes failure to offer its readers guidance on who to support in the primaries
A Near Total Abdication of Civic Responsibility (Room Eight)

The New York Times on politicial coverage todady is a story on how Koch loves OJ For the Love of Orange Juice (NYT)

The Daily News Just does not get it when its editorial to throw the bums out
Start the revolution: Time to vote out incumbents who won't sign on for reforming Albany

True News has stated:
Daily News and the Rest of the Media Just Does Not Get It July 26th
NYT Missing the Boat Again Can't Throw the Bums Out May 16th
The the NYT Thinks Albany Will Fix Itself? Aug 6th

The Daily News says there are 30 contested races. What they don't says is that many of those and not against inumbents and there are over 100 Albany legislators unchallenged. Most of the Albany leadership is unchallenged. Only so called leader unchallenged is Pedro Espada

Even the NYP Get it
FRED SIEGEL: Throw the bums out! (Offer not valid in New York)

Sunday Update: We’re No. 1(1)! (Friedman, NYT) * Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves (Huffington Post) * Voters tune out not-so-Fab Five in fight for AG (DN) * Espada's donations come from everywhere but Bronx (DN) * Mayor's 'waging' war against minimum salary (DN) * Kevin Powell hopes third time's the charm (DN) * The bad & the ugly (NYP Ed) *

WTC site gears for solemn hush, and noisy protest, on 9/11 (NYP) * A More Divided 9/11 Anniversary (WSJ) * On Sept. 11 Anniversary, Rifts Amid Mourning (NYT) * Tensions Flare in NYC after 9/11 ceremonies (WNBC TV) * Dueling Demonstrations Begin After 9/11 Memorial (WCBS) * Thousands rally for, against mosque on tragic day (NYP)

And in crime news, 19 years after he knifed Yankel Rosenbaum to death in the notorious Crown Heights race riots, Lemrick Nelson was stabbed in the head with an ice pick in Manhattan early Sunday.

The Associated Press: Dems could lose 8 Empire State seats in US House * G.O.P. Has 2-in-3 Chance of Taking House, Model Forecasts -

NYP Pushes Basil Smikle
Gov gives Perkins' Senate foe a boost (NYP) * 2 Sides on Charter Schools Add Cash to New York Races (NYT)

Candidate’s Scented Mailing Says Albany ‘Stinks’ (NYT) *
As Colleagues Keep Their Distance, Rangel Finds a Re-election Ally in Bloomberg (NYT)
Cuomo Follows Carey Playbook (WSJ) * For Your Listening Pleasure: The Mayor’s Charlie Rangel Robo-Call

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Schneiderman has a 2-to-1 lead over Rice in NYC 38% to19%; Rice has a similar 35% to 18% lead over Schneiderman in the downstate suburbs. Upstate, Coffey has the support of 22% and Rice is supported by 20%, with the other candidates in single digits and Schneiderman finishing last. The part of the state that turns out will determine the winner. Election 2010 Lazio’s Ties to Banking Industry Haunt His Bid for Governor (NYT) * For Carolyn Maloney, a Boost from Bill Clinton (WSJ) * Cuomo's party invitation: He rightly tells WFP to get with his reform program or get lost (DN Ed) * As Colleagues Keep Their Distance, Rangel Finds a Re-election Ally in Bloomberg (NYT) * Bill Clinton will robo for Rangel. * Kathleen Rice's Negative Ad; Eric Schneiderman's Negative Response: Updated * Dinkins encouraged voters to embrace state Senate candidate who looks 'more like us' (NYP) * Ex-Espada rival pulls flier alarm (NYP)

True News has been on Brooklyn Bosses Vito Lopez story for years
Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)
Wealth of friends B'klyn Dem boss' crony and gal pal $core big at nonprofit (NYP)

MTA Cuts Hinder Home Sales (WSJ)

Secret Tape Has Police Pressing Ticket Quotas (NYT) * Police Deny Tape Describes Ticket Quotas (NYT)

Fearing a Retail Invasion When Lincoln Center's Barnes and Noble announced plans to shutter in January 2011, to be replaced by a Century 21 department store, many loyal patrons feared the character of the neighborhood could change. (WSJ)

Non-radioactive leak shuts down NY nuke reactor (NYP)

Mosque and 911
Islamic center wins some converts in new poll (NYP) * Man ignites Koran near Ground Zero, apparently prompted by Florida Pastor Terry Jones * Media Frenzy At Ground Zero As Publicity Hound Burns Pages Of The Koran * How Terry Jones went from nobody to international villain (DN)

New York Muslims Still Feel Vulnerable (WSJ) * Florida pastor's son: no Koran burning on 9/11 (NYP) * Florida Pastor Terry Jones' son, church ally say Koran burning rally 'one hundred' percent off (DN) * Obama's defends mosque: 'We are not at war against Islam' * Florida pastor says his church will never burn a Koran (NYP)

Fla. pastor who planned to burn Koran on way to NY (NYP)

Law and Order Police recruit shot in Brooklyn

On a Brooklyn Street, a Simmering Feud and a Violent Death (NYT) * De Blasio Sets Inquiry Into Girl's Death (WSJ) * Firefigther avoids jail for marijuana grow operation by ratting on fellow firefighter(WSJ) * Brooklyn woman stabs husband after discovering porn video (NYP) * Foxy Brown pleads not guilty to misdemeanor (NYP) * Landlady charged in slaying (NYP) * Enraged wife fatally stabs hubby after finding porn DVD (DN)