Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Espada went bananas buying fruit (NYP) * Rangel Hits Streets, Finding Love and Aversion (NYT) * In Attorney General Debate, Humor and Surprise (NYT) * Links to Wall St. Become Liability in Primary Races * Paladino, Insider, Runs Against Establishment * Maloney, Saujani in Primary Debate (WSJ) * Nicole Paultre Bell, fiancee of slain Sean Bell, running for Queens City Council * Smikle for Senate: Send a smart school reformer to clean up Albany swamp * Cop who killed preacher's daughter will plead: Sources

Bloomberg: ‘I’m The Government’

Joseph Mercurio Yes, but perhaps as much as 3/4 of the Democratic primary vote will be from the New York (City) media market. Upstate focus in the race for AG - Times Union

Sampson Relents On Reform, Silver The Odd Man Out

Tiny text on new city voting machines could spell trouble (DN)

Koran burner has right to be stupid: Bloomy (NYP) * Bloomberg Defends Right to Burn Quran (WSJ) * Petraeus Speaks Out on Quran Burning (WSJ) * Islamic Project Unveils New Website (WSJ) * Holder calls 'International Burn-a-Koran Day' 'idiotic' (DN)

FRED SMITH: Why NY's test mess is far from over (NYP) * It’s Back to School. Then Back to Vacation. (NYT)

Terrorism New Gitmo photo shows 9/11 fiend in all his unholiness (NYP) * Iconic steel column returns to WTC (NYP) * Terror 'pray & slay' video (NYP) * Surveillance Team Spooked Bomb Plot Suspects, Informer Says (NYT) * Bomb threat spotted on L.A.-bound Thai Airways flight

Law and Order Rape horror (NYP) * Special Grand Jury May Get Fatal Police-Shooting Case (NYT) * Lennon’s Killer Is Denied Parole for the 6th Time (NYT) * Judge Calls for Punishment of Police Official used human growth homones * Desk Arrest Stirs Protest (WSJ) *
Officials can't prove 5-yr.-old's claim of sex assault * Hunt for sicko who fondled young jogger (DN) * Officer Resigns, Then Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter (NYT) * Cop who killed preacher's daughter will plead: Sources (DN)

Alms for the Rich and Powerful Gifts to charities set up by lawmakers have become a popular way to curry favor on Capitol Hill. But these “donations” need to be fully disclosed and strictly limited. (NYT Ed)