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True News: The Tail that Wags the Dog (New York Times)

Breaking News: Congress' budget experts say Senate committee health bill costs $829 billion over 10 years Preliminary Analysis of the Chairman's Mark for the America's Healthy Future Act, as Amended * Analysis Sees Key Health Bill Meeting Cost Targets

The 2% Vote
No Mandate

You read it in True News Before the Times
The City's divided Democratic Party leaders can't elect citywide candidates. It was the power of the paid operation of the WFP and voters turn off by the entire election system who stayed home that won the day. It is shocking that in a Democrat runoff Liu received 127,173 or just 4% of the registered Democrats in the city (3,177,740). De Blasio did a little better with 138, 736, he got 4.4% of the city's democratic voters. Just 2.7% of all the city's registered voters in the city voted (4,657,516) WFP: Return to Tammany Hall Power (True News) September 30, 2009

City of 8 Million Was a Ghost Town at the Polls (Sam Roberts, NYT October 6, 2009)

A closer look at the data is apt to only deepen the public’s appreciation of how the two winning candidates — Bill de Blasio for public advocate and John C. Liu for comptroller — achieved something less than a mandate from the city’s populace. They won with the votes of less than 2 percent of all New Yorkers

The Times and Roberts Blog Bias

Not only did the NYT fail to give credit to the True News Blog (They never do, they don't even list True News on their list of city bloggers) but they failed to follow up the consultant lobbyist and multi state organize crime by well know democratic fund raisers and Hedge fund owners to rub the pension funds of New York and several other states. The NYT also failed to look at the cancer in New York Elections the lobbyist consultants, like Morris

The Third World Would would not accept a 2% voter turn out! NYPIRG just want to end the run off Gene Russianoff of NYPIRG can say is do away with the runoff because nobody votes and it expensive to operate?

Harding, prosecutors said, was a "Sham Placement Agent"
Cuomo is tightening the noose 'Pension $cam' pleas NYP) *** Ray Harding, former head of NY Liberal party, pleads guilty to taking $800K in pension fund scandal (DN)*** Ex-Political Boss Pleads Guilty in Pension Case(NYT) *** Guilty Pleas from Two in New York Pension Case (WSJ) *** Aldus Equity founder Saul Meyer pleads guilty to role in NY pension scandal *** Saul Meyer Allocution (WSJ) Aldus served as a private equity advisor to numerous public pension funds throughout the United States *** Former NY power broker guilty in pension probe (NPR) *** Ray Harding, Former Leader of New York Liberal Party, Pleads Guilty in ... (Ballot Access)

Modern Political Organize Crime The pleas could have implications for New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson since Meyer admitted he caved to political pressure to approve investments in that state as well as New York Harding's Reward Says He Got 800,000 Reward for Giving Hevesi the Liberal Party Endorsement Harding's confession on how the pension deals when down during his guilty plea yesterday is a look into how modern campaign consultants and party leaders rip off the government in ways that resemble interlocking corporations designed to hid their participation than boss tweed simple getting a contract to provide a service. It shows that modern campaign fiances rules are worthless to stop how consultants lobbyist Morris and party leader like Harding operates in 2009

"During this period, I also developed a relationship with Alan Hevesi's political adviser, Hank Morris," Mr. Harding said in court. Mr. Morris, the statement continues, brought Mr. Harding in as placement agent, or an intermediary between the pension fund and investment firms seeking pension money, "so that I could receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to reward me for my political support of Alan Hevesi." Ray Harding, iplea statements *** In a court filing, Cuomo's office said one hedge fund manager involved in the scheme was asked to pass a message from Morris when Meyer got cold feet about their fee arrangement. "Tell that little peanut of a man that I can take the business away as easily as I provided it," Morris said, according to authorities.

Selling Ballot Lines
The Liberal Party made the most of its tiny membership, usually less than 1 percent of all registered voters, and the lure of its ballot line True News we had it right about the election law and Ballot Control Organized Crime committed by party leaders months ago Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again , TAmmany Hall Board of Elections Control Goes On and On, Political PARTIES 4 SALE, Organized Crime Politics *** More on Tammany’s Control of the City’s Elections *** In Defense of Political Hardball in a

Only True News Asked Will the Corruption in the Pension System Happen in the Future Again? What was run into is a wall of The Silence of the Lions: What the Comptroller Candidates Don't Want You to Know On April 29, 2009 we asked each comptroller candidate and the media the following question, we have yet to receive an answer. OUT OF COMPTROLLER, AS SCANDAL SPREADS, CITY COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES LOOK FOR BIGGER ROCK TO HIDE UNDER *** Everyone is Covering Up the Pension Scandal for Their Own Reasons
More True News related articles The Wolf at Thompson's Door *** True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut

Aldus Saul Meyers Pleas Guilty Also Meyer admitted to ginning up a favorable report on a $750 million pension-fund investment after Loglisci threatened to quash a separate deal with Meyer's firm, Aldus Equity. The pension-fund adviser said that he sought out Morris for his political connections and paid the Democratic political guru $300,000 in exchange for a deal to manage the state retirement fund.

The New Mexico/New York City Connections Starts with Aldas
Who is
Deborah Gallegos?
Gallegos moved to New York from a less high-profile post as deputy state investment officer for the New Mexico State Investment Council, where she oversaw a $1 billion private equity program and worked with the governor on investing $11.8 billion in assets

Aldus New Mexico Pension Fund Advisor Bill Richardson ordered the New Mexico State Investment Council (SIC) and Educational Retirement Board to fire Aldus New Mexico drops Aldus Equity, cites New York probe | Deals

2005 Thompson Names Gallegos Top Advisor

Deborah Gallegos was the Chief Investment Officer for the Comptroller of the City of New York during 2005

Why was Gallegos name New York City's Chief Investment Officer? Gallegos was only deputy investment manager for a 11 billion dollare pension fund. Why was she put in charge of New Yorks 100 million dollar pension fund? Why did she leave after only a few months?

While iGallegos was in charge of New York City Pension Fund .her former advisor in the New Mexico pension fund Aldus got began providing investment services to the City Pension Funds. In 2005, the Police Pension Fund hired Aldus as a private equity consultant for investments in Funds smaller than $750 million. The Fire Pension Fund separately approved a $40 million investment commitment with Aldus in 2005, and another $15 million in 2008..

Aldus also serves as an adviser to retirement systems managing the pension assets of government workers in San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and at the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension, where SEC investigators have been seeking documents related to the company.

Cuomo Attacks State Comptroller DiNapoli AG Andrew Cuomo will unveil a bill this week calling for a 13-member board to replace the state comptroller's sole trustee control over the pension fun*** Cuomo took a perceived shot at state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, saying abuse at the pension fund "continues today."
Road to City Hall
Obama Pays Scant Attention to City Candidate *** Former Bronx Borough President Keeps Eye on Mayor's Race From Afar *** Bloomberg, Thompson clash over audit results (Crains) ***Why Isn't Michael Bloomberg Pulling Away? *** Thompson will hold a term limits rally tomorrow *** The AP says Thompson's new TV spots are his "first attack ads of the race." (The Bloomberg campaign might disagree *** Josh Robin spotted a missing apostrophe in one of Thompson's ads*** ny's junior senator treads a political minefield
Goodfellows Agree Demolition of Ex-Deutsche Bank Building to Resume at Ground Zero *** Mob Infiltration Is Seen in New York City Agency *** Prosecutors: Mobsters worked as NYC inspectors MOB not only in building but also in the construction company Mob links probed in Deutsche Bank fire *** Daily News probe finds WTC contractors with mob ties, fraud

Wise Guys Have Agenda Last night on NY1 Call McCall was taking about Harding and the pension scandal. His solution was to finish the investigation and get all the problems behind us. If I took 50,000 from the NYC Comptroller like McCall for the same things that got Morris and Harding in trouble I want to end the investigation also McCall's linked to pension fund mess, McCall's Company Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry - City Room Blog At NY1 objective journalism does not run very deep if at all.

City's Economic Melt At Jewish Delis, Times Are as Lean as Good Corned Beef *** Jet Blue may fly away *** Taxi and Pedicab Drivers in Awesome Brawl *** NYC Residents Furious Over Proposed Empire State Building-Sized Tower In Midtown... *** Zagat survey: More restaurants opened than closed (Crains) *** Effective Manhattan office rents off 45% *** A new tax on film industry? *** Condo prices slashed 25% at big Brooklyn tower *** Most low-income NYers have less than $1K in bank *** Primary losers taking their cases to court *** Area's Economic Recovery Likely to Lag Nation's (Gotham Gazette)

Gov of La Mancha Gov's $lim-fast plan Orders cuts to trim monster deficit by 25% *** Paterson Orders Additional Cuts ***The DN calls the cuts "nice window dressing." *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver thinks Gov. David Paterson would make "a good congressman," but hastened to note: "Right now he's the governor; there are no vacancies." *** A Rangel spokesman said there's "absolutely nothing to" speculation the congressman might resign mid-term to provide an exit strategy for Paterson *** The Paterson administration provided no indication of what services may have to be reduced as a result of the cuts *** LG Richard Ravitch said the cuts are "one part of our overall plan to address our economic crisis."*** "I'm not as much negotiating as much as I'm trying to set an example," Paterson told the Times Union. "I'm the leader and I'll throw in the first, probably, 15 percent of the cuts that we do."

Pay to Play
Federal Prosecutors to Call 2 Reporters in Bruno Trial *** Federal Prosecutors to Call 2 Reporters in Bruno Trial *** Acorn Chief Denounces Air of 'McCarthyism' *** The Acorn Tapes Jerry Nadler, the nine-term congressman from Manhattan's West Side, stands up for the Constitution ***Koch and Yassky: The Working Families threatThe Working Families Party was the big winner in this year's Democratic primary elections - having backed the winning candidates in both the public advocate's race and the contest Dopp Fined $10,000 for Troopergate Role *** Spitzer Aide Is Fined by State and Says He Will Sue *** The Forest, the Trees and ACORN - Dana Milbank, Washington Post

Law and Order Judge Drops Two Charges In Monserrate Trial *** Judge Throws Out Two of Six Counts in Assault Case Against Monserrate *** MTA Czar To Put Cameras On Buses To Catch Lane Blockers

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International Court Overturns Berlusconi's Immunity

Terror Plot
Lawyer and Police Commissioner Once Worked Same Side of the Street *** In Failed Strike, a New FearAl-Qaeda assassin targeting Saudi prince had bomb hidden in his body (Wash Post)

Wall Street and the Economy
Retail group sees grim holiday season *** Support Builds for Tax Credit to Help Hiring *** Bleeding Holders of Debit Cards Dry Congress should act to rein in banks and their overdraft policy abuses (NYT Editorial) *** Paralysis in the Debt Markets Is Deepening the Credit Drought *** After 4 Years, Delphi Exits Bankruptcy With Sale of Assets to Lenders and G.M. *** F.D.I.C. Arranges Sale of Troubled Regional Bank Assets *** An Oasis of Stability Amid a Downturn *** Pay Czar May Cut Wall Street Salaries in Half (NY Magazine) *** Consumers Grabbing Debit Cards *** SEC Probes HCA Hospital Firm *** Guess who bankers want to work for most? *** In Trying Times, Many Find Their Way Back to the Layaway Line - *** Time for Another Shot of Stimulus - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** Inconspicuous Consumption - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker *** How's That Tax the Rich Thing Working Out? - Steven Malanga, RCM *** SEC to Appeal Mark Cuban Ruling *** Fed Frets About Commercial Property *** Fannie, Freddie to Aid Banks
*** Regulation: Doubts over political resolve for reform (FT.Com)

California’s Zigzag on Welfare Rules Worries Experts

Media and New Tech
It's getting real nast-y Conde carnage Day 2: Mags shuffle publishers ***In E-Books, It’s an Army vs. Google ***AT&T Reverses Policy on iPhone Internet Calls *** Verizon Backs Google’s Android *** Canwest Bankruptcy Filing Hobbles Its Media Holdings *** Advertising: More Ads for Basic Brands as Shoppers Spend Less *** YouTube Eases the Way to More Revenue *** Fact-Check Debunks SNL's Obama Sketch *** Hollywood braced for budget cuts; Studios set to tighten belts in after big budget flops... *** WATCH: Michael Moore And Hannity Face Off: Did Hannity Fib About Going To Church? *** Letterman's Apologies Bring Huge Ratings, Beat All Of NBC Primetime *** Boston Globe Union Files Charges Against President *** FCC Chairman Backs Open Internet Rules *** New Kindle Adds International Service *** AP Considers Charging Online Customers More For Faster News *** NY Post Fires Editor Critical Of Racist Obama-Stimulus Cartoon *** Tuesdays with Rupert - Michael Wolff, Vanity Fair *** MURDOCH ON THE MOVE: TIMES, SUNDAY TIMES unveil membership clubs...