Thursday, October 8, 2009

Media and Pols: The Real Story is What They Don't 'Say

Breaking News: Senate Panel Schedules Vote on Health Care Bill * BREAKING NEWS: Defense rests without calling Monserrate * Concerns Growing Over Another Mortgage Giant *Brooke Astor’s Son Guilty in Scheme to Defraud Her * House Committee To Expand Rangel Investigation *Partial crane collapse in Columbus Square *** FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta Will Resign in 2010

Media and Pols
The Real Story is What They Don't 'Say

Cuomo's latest scalp NYP Editorial said "Harding was given illegal pension fees in return for arranging a six-figure private-sector job for Assemblyman Michael Cohen so that he would give up his seat, making room for the younger Hevesi." What the editorial did not say was that Harding told the court that the $800,000 thousand he got from Morris and Hevesi was a payback for delivering the Liberal Party ballot line to Hevesi every time he ran for public office. Why would the editorial board of the ties or all they papers want to expose New York's dysfunctional election system that resulted in a 2% turn out this year every chance they can?

In the year 2525? (NYP Ed) Officials on Tuesday said cleanup work at the former Deutsche Bank building was done and demolition could resume -- but then pushed the completion date back yet again, deep into next year. What the NYP Editorial did not talk about is the the Demolition work on Deutsche exposed mob involvement on both the company that doing the job and the NYC building department. That is much more important to the city and the families that lost firefighters than when the building is flatten Big Brother now watching building inspectors

The NYT did not have any editorial about the Cuomo investigation or the Harding plea you would think the sale of party ballot lines would be important to a paper that calls Albany dysfunctional not to mention the pensions of it readers. The paper did have an editorials about Ardi, Humans and Primates and a an Air Force tanker The Tanker Saga, Continued. Are the managers of the Times really that clueless why there readership is leaving them. How about trying to write what the public is interested in Pinch? The Daily News also have no editorial on pension corruption. They did have an editorial about a religious cross The court's cross to bear: Justices should let stand veterans' memorial to war dead readers all around the city will run to newstands to read that one. Have the papers really become that clueless about what matters to New Yorkers? The Post says Ray Harding's cooperation with Cuomo is causing sleepless nights for some politicos is not that important to the Daily News and Times, wonder why? Steve Ratter perhaps? *** The Syracuse Post-Standard supports Cuomo's pension fund reform proposals *** Cuomo Proposes DiNapoli-Unfriendly Changes to Pension Fund Regulation *** Invoking The Ghost Of Tweed, Cuomo Proposes Pension Reform *** New Mexico Revisits Scandal Investment Manager Admits Pushing Contracts Aiding 'Politically Connected'

It All About What He Not Saying
NYC Comptroller Democratic Party Candidate Responds to the low turn out (2%) for his election on facebook: John C. Liu" New Yorkers who came out to vote in the runoff elections were fully engaged on the issues and recognize the important role of the comptroller’s office, especially in these tough economic times"
What Liu is not Talking About is the Cuomo Investigation and convictions of managers of the New York's Pension Funds The people care about who is ripping off their pension Mr. Liu *** Attorney General Andrew Cuomo proposes changes to the pension fund; Comptroller Tom DiNapoli isn’t convinced. (CN9) *** Law firms who contributed to Tom DiNapoli's re-election campaign received $518 million to do business on behalf of the state pension fund *** Lawyers representing the state pension fund in class-action lawsuits have earned $518.7 million in fees over the past decade and donated some of that back to various comptrollers *** Cuomo Calls for Changes in Running of Pension Fund *** Senate Dems Not Unanimous On Cuomo's Pension Bill *** NY’s A.G. Cuomo Proposes Reforms to Pension System *** Aldus Equity Gives Up The Ghost
Just Wait Until After the Election
Stories About New York's Economic Melt Down come out in drips and are not connected to each other to give New Yorkers a realistic understanding what to expect in the future. Experts are telling us that jobs that the city has lost in Wall Street and Real Estate will not come back. Love to see a reporter ask that question at the mayoral debate Manhattan apartment leasing down 59% in year *** Condo prices slashed 25% at big Brooklyn tower *** Retail Vacancies Hit Multiyear Highs *** Cuts to SUNY may force program and class cuts *** Some Senate Democrats aren’t pleased with the cuts. (NYS Public Radio) *** Sluggish start for new Sweet Million lottery *** The Times Union encourages Paterson to cut. *** M.T.A. Station Agent Cuts Leave Some Riders Lost *** Paterson: Transportation Plans 'Simply Unaffordable'

How Will We Pay for Thompson Proposals?
Bill Thmopson launched a “blistering” attack on Michael Bloomberg’s economic record, but did not say how he’d pay for his own proposals. Tax the Rich? How much will that bring in? Bloomberg Hits Thompson on Taxes *** Bloomberg Uses Thompson's Words Against Him

Senators What Should the Gov Cut Instead?
A group of Democratic senators accused Gov. David Paterson of "disproportionately" cutting higher education with his latest round of mid-year budget slashing *** Gov. David Paterson Meets With Hikind at office, Visits Crown Heights

New MTA Tax Closes Small Businesses
How does the new MTA tax help small businesses? We have over 10% unemployment and massive budget deficits in the MTA, city and state budgets so lawmakers are coming out with ways to raise dollars to pay the bills. The problem with these new taxes is that put small business our of business not to mention that the hurt the change of attracting new business to move here or start up here. And why did Albany have different due dates for the MTA tax it just add more work for everyone MTA payroll tax due date bad timing for Democrats

Road to City Hall Bill Thompson: I'll assist small biz *** Bloomberg Sting Reveals Gun Show Loopholes (NPR) *** Thompson Assails Mayor’s Economic Record *** Bloomberg Says Out-of-State Gun Show Dealers Often Violate Law *** Nastier Tone Seen in Race for Mayor *** The Ad Campaign: Taking On the Mayor Over Rising Taxes, and the Change in Term Limits *** Taking On the Mayor on His Turf *** Daly: Mayor's effort to shame Congress on guns *** NRA blasts Bloomberg in VA. Gov ad hinting at mob ties *** Betrayal! Boro’s two top Dems are supporting non-Democrats *** Thompson will hold a City Hall rally this morning to hammer Bloomberg for pushing the term limits extension through the Council *** Page Six picks up the Rev. Al Sharpton's "kill the king" comment about Paterson *** Clean-Up Crews Touch Up Before Mayor's Events *** Mayoral Candidate Slams Board of Elections *** ]Bring Back F Express? Not So Fast The Bloomberg campaign wants to restore express service to Brooklyn's F line. But that's easier said than done. Much easier *** Bill Speaks at Term Limits Rally on Steps of City Hall *** Bloomberg is outspending Thompson 336 to 1 on ads *** Bloomberg has out-purchased Thompson 4,706 to 17 in the TV ad race

He is Our Tax Cheat Wrangell's enablers (NYP Ed) *** It's looking impossible to clean this House *** NY Dems want ethics probe over & done with *** The Lion King in Winter If his colleagues want Charles Rangel to step down as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, he certainly won’t go without a push (Collins NYT) *** Democrats Block G.O.P. Move on Rangel
Ethics bigs fine Spitz aide 10G *** There weren't any "full-throated defenses" of Rangel on the floor, the WaPo notes, although Rep. Peter King broke with his fellow Republicans to support the Harlem lawmaker.

Law and Order Witness in Monserrate Assault Trial Says Partner Was Drunk*** Hiram gal just 'tipsy': cousin

More City News Gas drilling imperils the NYC water supply, according to a new report. (TU/ ProPublica) ***Study: New York Is Worst U.S. City For On-Time Flights ***Subway To Have Citywide Weekend Service Changes *** Former Councilwoman Miriam Friedlander Dies at 95

Health Care Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis *** Senate health bill costs pegged at $829 billion *** Let Congress Go Without Insurance What better way to attune our leaders to the needs of their constituents without health insurance than to put them in the same position? (KRISTOF NYT) *** Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis *** Here’s how the Baucus bill compares to other proposals. (WP) *** The GOP is using some Democrats’ arguments against them in the health care reform debate. (WP) *** CBO: Bill Won't Raise Deficit (Wash Post) *** Olbermann Devotes Entire Show To "Special Comment" On Health Care *** Breast-cancer breakthrough *** Fix Health Care Without Rationing - Martin Feldstein, Washington Post *** Reform Helps Every Generation - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** CBO: Health Care Could Cut Deficit *** If Congress Can't Pass Health Reform, Yank Their Coverage *** Hidden ‘Bundles’ of Lobbyist Giving Show Full Court Press by Health Care Donors *** Health bill gives some groups a break (USA Today) *** The Baucus Sausage - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Weak Obama Draws Strength From Bush - Michael Barone, DC Examiner

White House O's Afghan review *** War Talks Focus on Pakistan *** Obama Aims to Boost Pell Grant Funding by $40 Billion - ***Obama to Name Openly Gay Ambassador *** The federal deficit tripled to a high of $1.4 trillion in 2009 *** There’s a dispute over resources between civilian and military officials. (WP) *** Vice President Joe Biden is the political workhouse of the Obama administration. (AP) *** In First Lady’s Roots, a Complex Path From Slavery***The Caucus: Obama to Name Gay Ambassador *** Afghanistan Tests the Obama 'Doctrine' - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Curbing Youth Violence: Obama's Talk is Cheap - Errol Louis, NYDN *** Obama's Afghanistan Options: No Easy Outs - Orange County Register *** Obama and the General - Wall Street Journal *** Plan B for Afghanistan - Washington Post *** Obama is Suddenly Looking Unsure of Himself - The Economist *** Afghanistan Controversy: Less Than Meets the Eye - Joe Klein, Time *** Why Obama Must Spend More - Joe Conason, New York Observer

Congress and Political Parties Keller Statue Replaces Confederate Soldier *** It'll Be Hard for GOP to Party Like It's '94 *** Ex-staffers are winning lucrative defense contracts, according to a report. (WP) *** Agreement Allows Guantanamo Prisoners To Be Tried In U.S. *** The Spigot is Still on for the Murtha Airport - San Antonio Express-News *** President Obama will raise money for Bill Owens, making the first time he has headlined an event for a non-incumbent candidate for a House seat *** Three-Cheney Consulting? *** Pelosi to NRCC: 'I'm In My Place' *** Stimulus Scam - Richard Rahn, Washington Times *** In GOP, Honduras Finds Lifeline - Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post

Pay to Play Senators Deliver Earmark Cash for Campaign Contributors *** Oil Companies To Reap More Profits on Backs of Federal Taxpayers *** Administration Calls for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies *** Critics blast $3M mining handout (Politico) *** Bailout Transparency Continues to Fall Short *** NYC Officials Wary of State Proposal on Gas Drilling *** Ex-Staffers Rake In Defense Panel’s Earmarks - Center for Public Integrity *** Phone Records Show Wall Street Execs Have Geithner’s Ear - AP *** Lawmakers Slow to Investigate Other Lawmakers - ABC News *** Tobacco Companies Subvert New Cigarette Rule - Boston Globe

Wall Street and the Economy
U.S. Begins Antitrust Inquiry of I.B.M. *** In Merrill’s Failed Plan, Lessons for Pay Czar *** Citi Review Said to Give Most Bosses Good Marks *** Alcoa Posted Profit for 3rd Quarter *** Bargaining begins in battle for 3 Trump casinos *** Chase not liable for WaMu 401(k) losses *** Credit Drought Hurts Recovery *** Geithner Talks To "Select Group Of Powerful Wall Street Bankers" Every Day *** Shahien Nasiripour Despite Housing Slump, Mortgage Lenders Making Record Profits From Fees *** The Weak-Dollar Threat to Prosperity - David Malpass, Wall Street Journal *** Stimulation Without the S-Word - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Regulating Derivatives: 'Work in Progress' *** Retailers’ Sales for September Only Reach 2005 Levels ***

Berlusconi Is Defiant Despite Charges *** Report: Nearly 1 in 4 People Worldwide Is Muslim *** U.S. Envoy Protests Violence in Guinea *** Pakistanis Balk at U.S. Proposal *** Pakistani Army to Fight Taliban *** Pay-for-Sex Scandal Hits France *** Getting Britain Back on Her Feet - David Cameron MP, Conservative Party

Terror Plot AP Sources: FBI Eyes Terror Suspect's Travel Talk *** Members of New York's congressional delegation are upset the city only got $20 million of the $40 million it wanted for its dirty bomb detection system *** Did U.S. Capture Iranian Scientist? *** Under Watch, but Not Under Cover, in Terror Case

National Corzine Points a Spotlight at His Rival’s Waistline *** Areas Hit Hard by Swine Flu in Spring See Little Now *** Attorney General, in Chicago, Pledges Youth Violence Effort

Media and New Tech Inside CBS, Disbelief at an Arrest *** Letterman’s Sponsors Appear to Be Unperturbed *** Google to Revise a Book Pact by Nov. 9 *** FCC Eyes Airwaves Growth for Wireless *** Leno drops in ratings *** Dell May Bring Android Smartphone to US with AT&T *** FCC's Genachowski reinforces call for rules on Internet neutrality (LA Times) *** (Borowitz) Report: NBC Pressures Leno to Have Affair *** Google Ad Pittance Costs Jobless Blogger Unemployment Benefits

Baseball Playoff VIDEO/PICS: Yankees Rally Past Twins in ALDS Opener *** Babe Ruth the Way You’ve Never Seen Him Before