Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WFP: Return to Tammany Hall Power

WFP: Return to Tammany Hall Power
Liu over David Yassky, 55.68-44.32; De Blasio over Mark Green, 62.5-37.5 Unofficial Runoff Results
Nobody Ask Me, ... But The City's divided Democratic Party leaders can't elect citywide candidates. It was the power of the paid operation of the WFP and voters turn off by the entire election system who stayed home that won the day. It is shocking that in a Democrat runoff Liu received 127,173 or just 4% of the registered Democrats in the city (3,177,740). De Blasio did a little better wtih 138, 736, he got 4.4% of the city's democratic voters. Just 2.7% of all the city's registered voters in the city voted (4,657,516) . . . Liu political consultant and lobbyist Bill Lynch has more power over Liu than consultant lobbyist Hank Morris ever had over former city and state comptroller Alan Hevesi. How will Lynch's complete victories effect the state and city's lobby consultant business. Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice on NY1 questioned last night how Liu elected by the unions will be able to audit and offer the transparency needed of the union pension funds and millions in health care programs they run with city funds

WFP Could Now Be the Most Power Party Since Tammany Hall
Earlier this month, the WFP backed four of the five challengers who ousted incumbents in the City Council. The WFP's ability to pull out the vote for its selected candidates increases that clout considerably, raising the question of how many elected officials are going to be willing to take on. At a meeting of the partnership and Citizen Budget Commission Steven Berger said The only people legislators listen to is the Working Families Party. Both Tammany Hall and WFP gained their power by organizing and providing for the poor The WFP is more a machine to GOTV and a ballot line that a party with members (11,800 members the smaller than the conservative and independence parties) Working with ACORN and there other private sector consultanting arm Data and Field the WFP have put together an very effective election machine in a time when the major party machines are held together by their control of the courts, redistricting, dysfunctional candidates and non existing reform movement The New New York Machine Azi Paybarah*** It a bad year for newspapers beyond red ink and loosing readership. As the city changes and voters stop voting they have lost their abilty to influence voters in important elections. All Three major editorial board of the city daily endosed the the defeated Yassky *** The dwindling power of newspaper endorsements *** Liu Campaign Source: We Don't Owe the W.F.P. That Much
It all About the Economy
Coming Storm: Class Warfare? Gov. warns of California-style NY state budget at meeting closed to the press with the Partnership for New York City and the Citizens Budget Commission said New York is headed to a budget meltdown state leaders don't unite on an anti-tax, anti-state-spending platform. How will the WFP and their elected officials and supporters react to cutbacks because of the budget crisis facing both the city and state. It should be interesting the city is faced with an permanent government which does not offer the leadership of our era that the past great generation of New York leaders who built the greatest city in the world. Can the leaders of the WFP work with the establishment to rebuild New York? Stay Tuned *** Paterson Reaches Out to Business *** Caroline Kennedy Doesn't Want To Talk About Paterson *** A Spirited Paterson Says He 'Can Beat' Giuliani *** Duane decries dysfunction of Albany at town hall

The Investigation and Media examining of ACORN and the WFP will now go on with increased interests. A bill to refund ACORN faces significant hurdles and Constitutional questions.
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