Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thompson's Out of Towners Is One of his Major Problems

Breaking News Effective Manhattan office rents off 45% ***Paterson Orders $500 Million Cut in State Agency Spending * Mayor Candidate Feels Cold Shoulder From Obama * Former Official of Liberal Party Pleads Guilty * Attorney General Holder: New York Plot Was Most Serious Since 9/11 (WCBS) * Prosecution Rests in Monserrate Assault Case

Thompson's Out of Towners
Is One of his Major Problems
When you hire consultants who make their bones in national campaigns outside the city you don't get New York. Both Thompson's campaign manager and field director are "Out of Towners." You need local people in these key positions to understand how to win over the New York voter. New York is not only mulit racial and ethnic it has a press that see it function more as a protector of the establishment and does not even do that well anymore. It is way beyond a fake skyline mistake, the Thompson campaign has been attacked by many democrats as weak and unfocused. The faked Apple Bogus skyline on Bill Thompson brochure Jonathan Drobis, 29, Deputy Campaign Manager worked for President Obama; Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat of Alaska; and on governors’ races in West Virginia, Montana and New Hampshire. Peter Brown, 36, Field Director, Field operative for Al Gore (2000) and John Kerry (2004) campaigns. Also political and field director for pro-domestic partnership campaign in his home state of Colorado in 2006. (It failed.) *** In Quiet Mayoral Race, a Union Emerges as a Voice Against Bloomberg

How did Aldus Get Into the NYC Pension?
Pay to Play
Former Official of Liberal Party Pleads Guilty and Saul Meyer of Aldus Equity ***Ex-Liberal Party boss pleads guilty to taking kickbacks *** Pay-to-Play Case Widens to Ensnare Aldus Equity *** New York City comptroller William Thompson urged the New York City Pension Funds to terminate their relationships with Aldus SEC files charges against Aldus Equity Partners *** DiNapoli Sues Aldus Equity Partners and Its Principals *** THOMPSON URGES TRUSTEES TO TERMINATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH ALDUS ... *** Public Records Demand: Aldus Equity Role In LA Pension Scanda *** Placement test The investigation, which has spread to the city's comptroller's office, continues (The Deal Magazine) *** Securities and Exchange Commission v. Henry Morris, David J. Loglisci, Barrett N. Wissman, Raymond B. Harding, Saul M. Meyer, Nosemote LLC, Pantigo Emerging LLC, Purpose LLC, Flandana Holdings Ltd., Tuscany Enterprises LLC, W Investment Strategies, HFV Management LP, HFV Asset Management LP and Aldus Equity Partners, L.P., 09 CV 2518 (S.D.N.Y.) (CM) *** Aldus Equity Partners relationship map - Muckety.com *** Ex-Blackstone Pension Agent Pleads Guilty to Fraud (Update3) *** Two More Plead Guilty in Pay-to-Play Probe (WSJ) *** NM's former investment adviser pleads guilty to felony *** HANK MORRIS COLLECTED FEE FROM NEW YORK CITY EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT *** HANK MORRIS, SAUL MEYER, MARC CORRERA, AND WILLIAM HOWELL MAKING MILLONS AND HEADLINES ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY *** LOOK MA THE UNMASKED GEORGE HALL DONOR TO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES *** Hall Campaign Contributions and Donations -- Huffington Post *** George Hall - $141449 in Political Contributions for 2008 *** Pol pleads guilty to taking $800K in pension fund scandal *** State Controller DiNapoli taps top donors to defend state's pension in megabucks suits

Good Government Run Off Failure after a run off where less than 1% of the city's registered voters voted for the winning candidate all Gene Russianoff of NYPIRG can say is do away with the runoff because nobody votes and it expensive to operate? His solution has more to do with covering up the problem for the political leaders than fixing the problem of the failure of local democracy when people stop voting. How about an overhaul of the New York election system to get people to vote. Or do you believe Mr. Russianoff that newspaper owners spin to promote their candidates, 30 second ads that have nothing to do with governing and the corrupt Board of Election and local courts who knock off candidates should continue to run things. Should corrupt machines remain in power because they use the low vote and Tammany Hall election laws to remain keep control of their parties and the courts. ? Hey Gene how can we run an entire municipal election with candidates all over town promising more services when everyone knows that dozens of firehouses and libraries will be closed after the election? Tammany Hall election laws gives complete control of the budget lines to party leaders they sell them. Is that something that should be changed Gene? Bloomberg's Line Dance The mayor contributed hundreds of thousand of dollars to buy both the GOP and Independence Party lines on the ballot. The Democrats have some primaries but they control the system that most times using the BOE, local courts and political insider power allows them to choice the candidate Lawmakers lobby against Governer Paterson's special election to replace disgraced ex-Assemblyman Is that a good government election Gene? Why stop at the runoff Gene lets get rid of all elections?

Gene read True News we had it right about the election law and ballot control months ago Tammany’s Ballot Control Again and Again , TAmmany Hall Board of Elections Control Goes On and On, Political PARTIES 4 SALE, Organized Crime Politics *** More on Tammany’s Control of the City’s Elections *** In Defense of Political Hardball in a Howard Beach Council Race - Knocking candidates off the ballot

City's Failed Economy Get real with TWU The federal government appears set to announce next week to the more than 3 million New Yorkers, including 1 million in the city, who rely on Social Security that they will have to make do next year without a cost-of-living increase (DN Editorial) *** Rents plunge to grunge '90s levels Manhattan rents fell to levels not seen since 1994 over the summer, a newly released study found *** Apartment Vacancies Rise to 7.8% *** "Chapter 9 seems like a very real option," said NYC OTB Chairman Sandy Frucher. "There's a high probability we're going to do it" True News had the melt down of OTB first and better then even today's reports OTB Bankrupt: One Year Ago Paterson Claimed OTB was Permanently Fix *** Newsday supports state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's call to raise SUNY tuition for out-of-state students *** The War Over Cigarette Taxes Between Mayor Bloomberg and Long Island's Unkechaug Indian Nation -- Ne

Road to City Hall The Thompson and Bloomberg Inner Circles *** Teamsters to back Bloomberg for mayor *** "I think that New York has a tradition of underdogs. I think the interesting thing about this race is it's as close as it is right now," said Sen. Chuck Schumer as he endorsed Thompson *** Thompson loves the TWU *** The Bronx Democrats will have trouble finding someone to replace Sen. Jeff Klein if he runs for AG in 2010, Bob Kappstatter reports *** Bloomberg's got a lot of gall to say he'll fix parking now *** Running as a Republican but Attracting Democrats *** A Candidate's One-Word Battle With the Elections Board *** With 1199 Still In Play, Dennis Rivera Backs Bloomberg *** Poll: Thompson 'Strong' ***Mayor Candidate Feels Cold Shoulder From Obama *** Loses by 4 votes to incumbent white Nunes Bows Out *** City audit finds agency failed to collect nearly $10M Department of Finance disputes the findings *** The WFP Supremacy (Azi Paybarah Politicker) *** Thompson Advertises On Term Limits, Middle Class *** "Damn" is a bad word? Yes, according to the Board of Elections.

Gov of La Mancha Haunted gov rips 'phantom' foes *** Ravitch's wise advice Ravitch and Budget Director Robert Megna want Paterson to lay out specific plans on how to slash spending to address the state's budget gap -- now pegged at $3 billion and climbing. But the gov and his chief of staff, Lawrence Schwartz, reportedly prefer to avoid itemizing any cuts for fear of alienating special-interest groups (NYP Editorial) *** GOP mailers tie Paterson to state Dems *** Bring it on! Gov. Paterson tells challengers to step up *** In refusing to propose budget cuts, Paterson’s “not acting like a governor *** governor’s job to propose fixes here,” said E.J. McMahon *** The state is trying to find the best way to clean the polluted bottom of the Hudson River near discharge pipes from a former industrial dye factory that operated for more than a century. (TU) *** Steve Wynn’s bid for the Aqueduct casino is boosted with a deal with the hotel workers union. (TU) *** The News says Education Commissioner David Steiner should lift a cap on the number of charter schools *** Kirsten Gillibrand owes David Paterson, but will she embrace him? ***My father's (Daily News Report Elizabeth Benjamin) thoughts on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand re: Paterson: "I don’t think she can, or should, embrace his candidacy, but I would advise against piling on." *** Marcia Kramer picks up on the dump-Rep. Charlie Rangel-for-Paterson idea *** Changes to the STAR program will result in higher tax bills for some property owners this year*** Paterson Orders $500 Million Cut in State Agency Spending
*** Paterson To Brave Brooklyn *** LOOK MA BARRETT WISSMAN ENJOYS THE GOOD LIFE BEFORE HE RATS OUT HANK MORRISPay to Play The New York Magazine writer who profiled former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno will testify at trial. (CN9) *** The prosecutor who claims that coup instigator and $150,000 Senate employee Steve Pigeon was given a political pass by the new Buffalo D.A. has been fired. (BN)

No Light at the End of the Tunnel New boss signals red light on free rides The MTA's new chief is all for speeding up boarding on city buses, but he says not so fast on free rides *** 'Loser' lawyers cost MTA $1M The MTA has spent $1.2 million on outside lawyers to help it in arbitration proceedings with the transit union ***On First Day, New Chief of M.T.A. Greets Riders *** Chronicling the end of New York as we knew it From Vanishing New York
CUNY Law takes cake for most liberal students *** The NYC OTB moves forward on reorganization. (Saratogian) *** Shady hotel developer livin' large *** Saland blisters MTA lounge plan

Play to Play Health Care 'Play or pay' health reform draws criticism *** Lobbying

Washington SI town hall pounds prez over health *** Health care Backers start ad blitz *** As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net *** Does Obama Get It? Obama should confront the employment crisis with a sense of urgency, but he has not shown he understands the gravity of the situation (Herbert NYT) *** NYer tapped for D.C. labor post hits wall *** White House Balances Approach to Threats (Wash Post) *** Sam Stein Doctor Pitches Health Care Reform In Obama Campaign Arm Ad
*** 'Mad Docs' Crash Obama Event To Push Single Payer *** Is the President Ready to Lead? - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News *** Generals Need to Shut Up and Salute - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** The Obamas' Narcissism on Display - George Will, Houston Chronicle *** The Continuing Battle Over Obama's Radicals - Byron York, DC Examiner *** Wondering About Obama’s Core (Capheart Wash Post) ***

Congress & Political Parties
Health Insurance Exchanges: Will They Work? *** In Debate on Health, It’s Coverage vs. Cost *** Obama Reaches Past Congress for Health Care Support *** Amount Embezzled From Acorn Is Disputed *** Too Many Preventable Deaths *** Nelson Put On The Spot On Public Option *** Rep. Anthony Weiner attacks, on many fronts, former Lt. Gov. Betsey Caughey’s health care position. (Politico) *** People at Rep. Mike McMahon’s health care town hall want to know where he stands…no luck so far. (NYP) *** How Conservatives Demagogue Healthcare - Jonathan Chait, New Republic*** Obama's Liberalism Boosts Republicans - Rich Lowry, National Review *** How Dems Win in 2010 - Brent Budowsky, The Hill *** Are Democrats Hypocrites on Ethics? - Holly Bailey, Newsweek *** Elites on Right Should Listen More to Beck - Jonah Goldberg, USA Today *** House Dems Fear Senate, WH Steamroll on Health Care *** Island Rum Fight Fattens Rangel's Coffers Campaign cash pours in from Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

Foreign Policy
U.S. Push to Expand in Pakistan Meets Resistance *** Surgical Strikes Shape Afghanistan Debate *** North Korea says ready to return to nuclear talks *** Gates blames past lack of troops for Taliban edge *** Gates: U.S. 'not leaving Afghanistan' *** Afghan War Units
Begin 2 New Efforts
(WSJ) *** Tensions Rise Over War Strategy - Christi Parsons, Los Angeles Times *** How to Win in Afghanistan - Henry Kissinger, Newsweek *** Don't Assume the Worst About Iran - HDS Greenway, Boston Globe *** How Israel Was Disarmed - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal *** Time to Choose a Course in Afghanistan - Denver Post *** Obama Snubs the Dalai Lama to Appease China - Washington Times

National Election 2009: VA (SUSA): McDonnell (R) +11 | NJ (FDU): Corzine (D) +1 *** A Supreme Court Gunfight - Los Angeles Times *** Chicago School Violence Plan Focuses on Potential Victims

Wall Street and the Economy
Labor Department comes clean about fake jobs *** Prepaid, but Not Prepared for Debit Card Fees *** Obama's Pay Czar Targets Salary Cuts *** Arianna: How The Legal Deck Is Utterly Stacked Against Struggling Homeowners *** Plain English Crusader Battles Murk (WSJ) *** Pay Czar Targets Salary Cuts *** MGM Mirage Slashes Condo Prices *** Bloomberg News is fighting in court to make the Fed identify companies that received loans from the central bank *** Too Big to Fail Must Not Continue - Niall Ferguson, Daily Telegraph

Terror Plot
Report: Terror Suspect Spoke With Al-Qaida Operative *** Taliban chief jokes, vows attacks

Media and New Tech
City sets its sites on '.nyc' Web domain ***
Put a fork in them Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend carried out the biggest bloodbath in the publishing giant's history, shutting down four magazines -- Gourmet, Cookie, Elegant Bride and Modern Bride -- and laying off around 180 people *** Ross set to lead Disney Studios *** Online ad sales fell 5% in qtr
*** Soon, Bloggers Must Give Full Disclosure F.T.C. said it would revise rules about endorsements and testimonials in advertising that had been in place since 1980*** A New Web Tool to Take Control of Your Health *** Condé Nast Closes Gourmet and 3 Other Magazines *** Letterman Apologizes on the Air to His Wife *** Universal’s Movie Unit Ousts Its Two Chairmen *** Condé Nast closes Gourmet, 3 other titles *** Bloomberg aims to lasso BizWeek *** Endorsement Rules Set for Blogs *** A Clown, Not a Congressman Letterman (Shales Wash Post) *** Study: Bulk Of Reporting Covered Wall Street & Government, Not Regular People *** 'Insane or stupid' DeLay fights through pain *** Google Decides to Find Its Creative Side
*** Follow Goverment leaders and more on twitter *** Exclusive: Axelrod meets with Ailes (Politico)