Monday, July 27, 2009

Follow the Pension Money: NY Magazine Hangs Morris, Rattner Richardson Not Involved?

Follow the Pension Money: NY Magazine Hangs Morris, Rattner Richardson Not Involved?

Let Morris Take the Fall In a long article New York Magazine makes Hank Morris the fall guy, who duped all these rich power Wall Street Moguls into hiring him in exchange for access to pension fund dollars. We all know in any organized crime operation it is the numbers runner that does the crime, not the ring leaders raking in the $$$. Want to buy a bridge? Steve Rattner or Governor Bill Richardson who got campaign contributions from pension funds owners to run for president are not written about once in the long article. Neither is the connection to other major Democratic fundraisers who operated like Morris. Just another example of the media protection of the rich and powerful and setting up a fall guy to take the hit. We always knew there was a reason for NY Magazine to keep publishing. It gone a long way from it ground breaking journalism ways, standing up for the working New Yorkers.

From New York Magazine
Rumpled political consultant Hank Morris had the bright idea of leveraging his connections to sell access to the state’s retirement funds. The scheme made him—along with an all-star cast of powerful New Yorkers—a lot of money. But it also may have made him a felon (Chris Smith)

What NY Magazine did not include: AP source: NY AG seeking settlement with Rattner *** What Happened to Steve Rattner?Newser - Michael Wolff *** A lot of fuss about a little film from QueensNY PROBE MAY HAVE STALLED RATTNER(NYP) *** Obama’s Chief Auto Adviser Steps Down (NYT) at a time when an investigation into his former Wall Street firm’s role in a scandal involving public pension funds has intensified *** President Obama's car czar Steven Rattner drives off under cloud (NYDN) *** Auto Czar Quits Post Six Months Into the Job (WSJ) *** ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO ANNOUNCES SWEEPING INDICTMENT IN PAY-TO ..., Indicted Alan Hevesi aide Hank Morris' shady dealings stretched ...Rattner Powerful Clients Protect Him from Criminal ChargesQuadrangle manages Mayor Bloomberg's $16 billion fortune while he is in office Steve Rattner the UntouchableNot in the NYT article is how Rattner is interconnced with the NYT and it ownerRattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk? This is how the NYT tried to cover up and help his business and themselfs in the past Equity Firm in Spotlight Is Said to Win a Confidence Vote. By the way is Car Zar Rattner bailout of GMAC former financial arm a conflict of interest with his role in the NYT Mortage which is also was owned by GMAC?True News has been reporting about the Rattner's role in the nationwide pension scandal for months and the fact that the media has been protecting his role in the payoffs. Rattner even paid 80,000 to make a dumb movie called Cooch to a family member of someone who controlled who got New York pension funds NY PensionGate Explodes in New Mexico, Who's Afraid of Steve Rattner?, Carlyle Lies Nobody Listens, Gets Away With Pension Crimes, Whose Guarding the People's Pensions? COOCH? *** Pension Fund Scandal Expands: Rattner's Ties To Bill Richardson *** SEC Queries Los Angeles Fire, Police Pension Fund on Conflicts of ... *** Silobreaker: SEC Pension Probe Extended to L.A. Fund , Pay to Play? Firm Receives Government Contract after Donating to Bill Richardson. N.M. Investment Adviser Caught Up in N.Y. Scandal: Case focuses on ...,

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