Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Sad State of Journalism in New York

The Sad State of Journalism in NY

A son of state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. escaped criminal charges yesterday by pleading guilty to a harassment violation for attacking a 76-year-old blogger at a political rally. Alejandro Espada, 30, the director of one of his father's health clinics, must pay $432 in restitution to replace City Hall blogger Rafael Martinez Alequin's camera. The blogger is unhappy with the deal the DA made with the son of the majority leader. Where are the journalist rallying behind Martinez? There are busy running away from him where he works in City Hall. They are upset he is causing reforms in the way the city issues press passes. If only those reporters who used Martinez's video about how Pedro Espada does not live in the Bronx wrote a story about how the DA took a walk on justice in his case, he would be in good shape. Only the Daily News and the online addition of the NYP report the outcome of the case. NY1 has blacklist Martinez and others from appearing on there spin news outlet and the times only writes about bloggers and journalist who are ruff up in China. A failed GM did make the front page of the DN today after attacking a reporter. At least the DN printed a story about Martinez assault trial and it soft ending for the Espada family. On the tape of the assault Padro can be heard telling Martinez that he will teach him a lesson (Martinez did the tape Espada does not live in the Bronx) I guess there is a lesson in getting to the DA and triple dealing your fellow senators in Albany, it just not the lesson we learned from our parents or in school. Espada's son gets slap for harass *** A Journalist Breaks Through City Hall's "Blue Wall of Silence" *** SEN. PEDRO ESPADA'S SON PLEADS GUILTY TO HARASSMENT CHARGE *** 'POSTIE PUNCHER' POL TO GET OFF EASY *** TRAITOR POL'S SUITE NEW DEAL Newly minted state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada is getting dramatically larger office space along with his new title *** Mets Fire Bernazard; Minaya Claims Writer Wanted Job w/Mets A son of state Senator Pedro Espada Jr. has pleaded guilty to harassment against 76-year-old blogger Rafael Martínez Alequin at a campaign rally last September. According to Martínez Alequin, several people, including Alejandro, began shoving him and trying to grab his camera as he approached Espada. And when he begged Pedro to call off his son, he answered, "He's trying to teach you manners papa. He's trying to teach you manners." (Here's video.) Alejandro, who's the director of one of his father's controversial health clinics, agreed to a restraining order and must pay $432 for the broken camera. But Martínez Alequin wants a stiffer punishment and tells the Daily News, "I was attacked because I was asking questions. I asked [Sen. Espada] to stop [his son]. I said they were hurting me. I was traumatized and I fear for my life." In other Espada dynasty news, our new state Senate Majority Leader is getting "dramatically" larger office space! Espada's spokesman tells the Post, "We have more responsibilities so we'll have more employees and we need more space." As Martinez Alequin can tell you, Espada really needs his space.

The Huffington Post: Fluff or Journalism?

It’s no secret that our elected officials use taxpayer-funded mailings to their constituents as thinly veiled campaign literature. But now New York’s Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has an even better source of free, shameless self-promotion in her to actually get elected to her current seat: The Huffington Post.

Every two weeks or so, Gillibrand comes out with another short, substanceless blog entry trumpeting her contributions to making the world a better place. This past week, Gillibrand managed to write a whole four (4!) self-congratulatory paragraphs informing us that she was supporting a public health care option and that she needed our help signing her petition (and giving her campaign our email addresses) to ensure health care reform passed the Senate. Wow, a petition! Now, that’s the type of bold action New Yorkers have come to expect from our un-elected Governor.

Two blog entries earlier, Gillibrand was pretending to be driving the bandwagon trailing behind Judge Sotomayor. Did you know that our Democratic Senator was going to take the courageous stand of confirming Justice Sotomayor? It’s true. I read it in The Huffington Post.

Senator Gillibrand’s bio on The Huffington Post, which she could easily cut and paste into a Match.com profile, starts by proclaiming herself “a smart, hardworking passionate public servant.” But if Gillibrand’s blog posts are any indication of the kind of work she’s been doing in the Senate, it appears as if Governor Paterson could have appointed anyone to the seat who knew enough to repeat “Whatever you say, Mr. Schumer” whenever a vote comes up.

If The Huffington Post is going to demonstrate to the New York market that it’s in the business of serious journalism it’s going to have to devote more space to insightful commentators like former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, and a whole lot less to generic fluff pieces justifying why a one-term Congresswoman from Upstate, who spent her entire two years in the House raising money for her reelection campaign, deserves the seat our accidental Governor passed off to her, because he was too afraid a real leader like Carolyn Kennedy would upstage him *** Gillibrand switches gears on 'don't ask, don't tell'

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