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BOE Scanner Vendor Paying Grandson of Queens GOP Leader Payoff for A Pay to Play Contract

True News Exclusive
BOE Corruption Investigation

True News Has Confirmed From A Current Top Executive That BOE warehouse employee Phil Ragusa the nephew of the Queens GOP leader is on the payroll of ESS as A Paid Consultant. 

New Yorker's Were Prevented From or Had A Hard Time Voting Because of A Corrupt Contract
The BOE purchased the scanners and a maintence contract from ES&S that every New Yorkers now knows cannot do the job of allowing voters to vote and counting them.

True News Has Found Out Some of Those Responsible for NYC Inability to Count Its Votes
Back on February 20 True News and then the Daily News were unsure were unsure if the Phil Ragusa named on the BOE scanner was the nephew of Queens GOP leader Phil Ragusa. True News has continued its investigation and now because of a insider tipster we are sure. The crimes committed are large and include the robbing of the right to vote by approving a new voting system for New York not based on the ability to do the job but based on a political payoff

Pay to Play BOE's Lemon Contract
According to True News tipster Phil Ragusa has been paid over 50,000 from ES&S last year in a two month period.  That means that nephew Ragusa was paid from the same voting machine vendor that his grandfather's BOE commission approved after a battle of the lobbyists for which machine the BOE would buy. Nephew Ragusa was paid $1800 by a day by ES&S at the same time we was on the BOE payroll. On one 4 day pay period nephew Ragusa was paid over $9000 for 4 days work on and hourly rate that would have taken two weeks to reach the $9000 bill,

True News Has Also Learned 
It was reported in November that ESS sent the check to Long Island and could not have been the younger Phil Ragusa
Grandson Phil Ragusa lives in Long Island and use his father address in Queens to quality for the BOE job. According to True News Tipster the address used is his father's Biagio Ragusa.  Who retired in 2012 after 20 years of service at the Queens warehouse, and his son, Phil, ended up getting that job. Vendor kickbacks could be common at the BOE There are also reports of other BOE vendors hiring BOE employees. One of the vendor who was advising the BOE on how to use the failed scanning machines was Gartner who is also in the middle of the city as an advisor in the city's failed 911 system and the corrupt CityTime project* NYC Board Of Elections: Inquests & Invoices(NYDN)

Media and Political Cover Up Of Corruption At the BOE At the Same Time They Ask to Go Back to the Old Machines

As the Daily News and Pols Push for Going Back to the old lever machines nobody only True News has investigated how we wound up with the scanners who cannot do the job for NYC. In addition for pushing for new machines everyone should be asking to an investigation on payoff were more important than ability to do the job were more important in the selection of the city's voting system that we are stuck with! * City Board of Elections Mulls Lever Machines for Upcoming Vote(WNYC)* Pull the levers of power (NYDN Ed)* Billion-dollar ballots(NYDN Ed) * New York Elections Need a Makeover(NY Mag) * Madness of the machines(NYDN Ed) 

This is the Last Story the NYT Wrote About the BOE Slow Count
Date November 6, 2012
Chaos at New York City Polls Amid New Rules and Voting Machines(NYT)
The only time the NYT wrote about the BOE inability to count the votes when it did an editoral to help the candidate they are supporting for mayor with a quick primary . * Move New York City’s Primaries to June(NYT) *Primary Dysfunction: Timing The New York City Primary | City & State


The Problem is the People Who Have Been Fighting the BOE For Years  . . . Have Become Quiet
Instead of using the BOE's commissioners appointment Fuck Up to force changes, the media and reforms remain silent to allow the corrupt party leaders to cover their tracks and fix the problems

For Years The NYT, Daily News, NYP, Mayors and Reform Politicians Have Been Demanding Changes At the Board of Elections.  Now in Spite of the 2012 Election Day Disaster and the BOE Commissioner Appointment Scandal They Remain Silent.  Could it be they really want the party leaders in control and the corruption at the BOE to continue. This means when they cried about the BOE caused long lines, closed polls by poor planing rob NYC of its Democracy they really did not mean it. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post * Everyone Wants to Keep the BOE's Corruption and Incompetence(True News)* Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice)

BOE Corruption Tax?
They Do Not Care What You Think
New York City Elections Are Becoming Ever More Costly(NYT)Board Of Elections Defends Performance On Election Day (NY1) * Huh? City Board of Elections officials gush over perfor (NYDN) 
BOE Know It Can Get Away With Anything
Quinn and Government Operations Chairwoman Brewer  Missing On BOE Oversight
Brewer Who Threw Her Council Investigation of the BOE Mishandling of Last Years General Elections is Also Silent of the BOE City Council New Commissioner Scandal.
The right of every Amreican to a fair election is not important to most of the NYC  media.  The Tammany Hall system of control by the Board of Elections is on fire and most of media and so called progressive leader who know what is going on and what can be accomplished in reforming the board when is is weak and vernalable remain silent.  For months True News has shown the incompetency and corruption of the BOE over and over. Last November New Yorkers waiting in long lines caused by scaners that broke and lack of staffing at the polls caused by the board incomptent managers understood just how messed up the BOE is.  But thier leaders have not step up to demand change.  Instead they remain erie silent.  This cover up has continue even after a commission coup de tar by lead by Councilman Eric Ulrich. Brewer Threw Her Hearing on the BOE Screw Up on Election Day 

To Look Why the BOE Fails Look to Kellner
 Doug Kellner the force who pushed for the scanning system is still the man the BOE and pols listen to (True News) * City Board of Elections still leaderless(Brooklyn Eagle) * On July 16, 2012 True News Wrote  The City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption At the BOE and Can Reform the Place If It Wanted Too   *True News: A Tammany Hall Fixer Tries to Save the BOE for the Bad ...

Another Ragusa Appointee Shakes Down Another Voting Vendor And No Criminal Charges
Queens GOP Boss Phil Ragusa's BOE Appointee Graves Asked for A Bribe to Support Company for New Voted Machines, His Office Was Raided by the FBI and He is Out of the BOE

The NYC Board of Elections suspended an employee who’s also a top Queens GOP official, Stephen Graves, after he was caught on tape soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist. Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP) he city’s Board of Elections has suspended an employee who is a top official in the Queens Republican Party after being notified that he was caught on tape soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from a company competing for a $65 million contract in 2009.  Department of Investigation provided information to the board that Stephen Graves, first vice chairman of the Queens GOP and a $66,392-a-year board employee, asked for the money from Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems as it was battling rival Elections Systems & Software of Omaha, Neb., to sell the city its first electronic voting machines.

Not Even Ballot Fixing By the BOE is Investigated
Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) Sources at the Board of Elections say Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district.Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play(CHN)

BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence Timeline(True News)
NYC Board Of Elections: Inquests & Invoices(NYDN)

Back to the Future 
BOE Technicians are Examining the Old Lever Voting Machines Today in Redhook Where They All Kept

Campaign 2013

NYP Elect A Jerk
Mayoral Candidates Not Nice Just Playing Nice NYP's McManus Because Their Consultants Told Them Too
The city needs a jerk(NYP) Mayoral wannabes too nice? The moderator of a Republican mayoral debate, smug as a bug in a rug, leveled the charge last week — provoking a sharp intake of breath in the room, but also laying a finger on a real problem with this year’s crop of candidates. They’re too damned nice.  The thing is, to paraphrase the late Ed Koch-look-alike chicken farmer Frank Perdue, it takes a tough mayor to make — and to maintain — a tender city.The Post’s Bob McManus alludes to Crain’s columnist Greg David calling former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani a “jerk”, by pointing to Giuliani and Bloomberg’s record and concluding that another jerk is needed in City Hall

 "I Know When to be a Bitch and I Know When Not to Be A Bitch" -- Quinn (Wash Post)
Quinn showed off her gift for retail politics by meeting voters across the city’s five boroughs as she officially announced her campaign for mayor
With a Tour of the City, Quinn Declares Her Candidacy for Mayor(NYT) Christine C. Quinn, the New York City Council speaker, visited all five boroughs on Sunday as she officially began her mayoral campaign. * Quinn Campaign Kicks-Off with Well Orchestrated Tour - WNYC*Quinn Walks Into Mayor Bid(WSJ) * Speaker Quinn Launches Mayoral Bid, Vows To Make City More Affordable * Quinn Formally Announces Run For Mayor(WCBS)*  QUINN KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN WITH FIVE BOROUGH TOUR(City and State)
* Christine Quinn launches bid for mayor, later stops on Staten (SI Advance) * A Slip-Up Is Just One Difference Between English and Spanish Videos for Quinn (NYT) * ‘Lesbian Frontrunner’ Is Your Headline of the Day(NY Mag)

While NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn kicked off her mayoral campaign with a five-borough tour, her Democratic rival Bill de Blasio was in lower Manhattan to kick off his Women for de Blasio campaign with 200 supporters, led by “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon, a lesbian and gay-rights activist. 


Lhota taps college, work pals for campaign funds(NYDN) Republican New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota is traveling to the Washington, D.C. area for a fundraiser this week where he could potentially rake in tens of thousands of dollars thanks to a network of well-heeled donors*
Joe Lhota Isn't Worried About Losing Support on Staten Island(NYO) The previous head of the Staten Island GOP, Bob Scamardella, said he’d probably endorse Mr. Lhota but surprisingly stepped down at the end of February. Though the party has been plagued by infighting, it appears they have settled on a new leader: former community board chairman John Antoniello. According to the Staten Island Advance, Mr. Antoniello was an ally of disgraced former Congressman Vito Fossella, who endorsed one of Mr. Lhota’s rivals, billionaire John Catsimatidis, for mayor. Mr. Lhota said he was unconcerned by the development.

(Photo: Getty)Brooklyn GOP Now ‘Leaning Heavily’ Towards Endorsing John Catsimatidis
Former Gov. George Pataki appears poised to endorse supermarket/oil mogul John Catsimatidis’ quest to be the next mayor of NYC.  The Brooklyn GOP, which was once in Adolfo Carrion’s corner, is leaning heavily toward backing John Catsimatidis for NYC mayor.

'Tawdry:' A former Carrion campaign chair on his Independence-Republican play (Capital) : Adolfo Carrion's mayoral campaign in more funding legal trouble ” 

A.R. Bernard
Megachurch Pastor A.R. Bernard Stops "Actively Considering" 2013 Mayor Run

de Blasio
: "Today’s decision is a disappointing one and I hope the City succeeds on appeal."

Saturday's True News Wags the Thompson Campaign to Condemn Molinaro's Comment

Saturday True News Did Quinn Endorsement Cause SI BP to Use A Racist Dog Whistle? Quinn's SI Conservative Cover His Ass Spin NYP and DN Duped into Carrying BP Racists Spin

Molinaro who is getting a lot of criticism for supporting liberal Quinn for mayor attacks welfare teen mothers to quiet his conservative party critics. He does it in two papers at
SI beep: Ban welfare for teenage mothers (NYP) Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro has another controversial remark out, this time against welfare for teen parents. “Let them . . . see how difficult it is to support a child or children while working full time and having to worry about paying your bills,” he declared. Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whom Mr. Molinaro endorsed for mayor, rhetorically shrugged when asked about them yesterday, while one of her rivals, Bill Thompson, sent out a press release condemning the comments.

SEIU 32BJ rolled out a number of endorsements in contested City Council races, and for the seats without incumbents they backed Corey Johnson, Micah Kellner, Marc Landis, Mark Levine, Andrew Cohen, Ritchie Torres, Vanessa Gibson, Austin Shafran, Costa Constaninides, Rory Lancman, Daneek Miller, Antonio Reynoso, Kirsten John Foy, Rafael Espinal and Alan Maisel. The union also endorsed State Senators José Peralta and Eric Adams for Queens and Brooklyn borough present respectively.

Teacher's Union Does Not Organize Protest For School Phase-Outs Vote; Union President Is Focused On Mayoral Election (NY1)

Killing the Vito Lopez Monster

Media Almost Calls Vito A Child Molester as JCOPE and the Albany Ethic Committee Remains Silent . . . Is Lopez Blackmailing Someone?

Revolting Assemblyman Vito Lopez dreamed of living in a place where he could legally bed underage girls: News source(NYDN)The beseiged 71-year-old former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss has been accused of sexually harassing interns in his Assembly office, even suggesting that one of his office hands dress sexier — like his former 14-year-old intern, according to sources. Last Friday, the publication ran, “EXCLUSIVE: Vito Lopez’s ogling of teen intern led to 911 calls by staffer and her mother.”

The Official Death of the Brookly
Reform Movement 

Who Served the Cannolis
I think Frank Seddio may be the first Brooklyn Democratic County Leader ever to attend annual dinner!
More on Seddio

EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced ex-pol Hiram Monserrate gets month reprieve from prison over toothache

Judges Who Hate
These two bickering Surrogate’s Court judges now have their own surrogate. A bitter feud between the Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court jurists has gotten so ugly that a third judge has been reassigned to help them reduce their overwhelming backlog of cases, sources told The Post. That makes Brooklyn the only borough with three judges handling cases involving estates and wills. The bad blood between Surrogate Judges Margarita Lopez Torres and Diana Johnson goes back to at least 2005, when Lopez Torres narrowly beat Johnson in the election for the position. Johnson, though, was elected the next year. “They hate each other,” a court source said. “Their staff hates each other. They avoid each other like the plague.” 

Immature, Not Nice People But Honest Judges

Corruption and the Surrogate Court

Cuomo's Budget

Pushing for A Fast Budget to Pump Up His Poll Numbers
Cuomo has learned that passing an on time budget raises his poll numbers. He is trying to get his high poll numbers back up to record highs after the fall caused by the new gun law and his turn to the left
The state budget could be the smoothest in 30 years, cruising to passage before the Passover and Easter holidays at the end of the month – but thorny policy and spending issues remain unresolved(City and State) * The Times-Union argues that the State Legislature and Cuomo should concentrate on passing the budget, and settle all external legislative battles separately:

New York is Not the Only Thing He is Trying to Rise With A Early Budget
Gov. Cuomo's favorability rating drops to all-time low:(NYP)
According to the latest Siena College poll, Gov. Cuomo continues to maintain a better than two-to-one favorability rating at 64 percent approval, and 61 percent of voters support the state’s new gun law, down from 65 percent last month * Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s popularity hit a new low in the latest Siena poll, released this morning. Nevertheless, his favorability numbers are still a very respectable 64-to-30 that pollster Steve Greenberg called “the envy of most elected officials or politicians.” Mr. Greenberg cautiously added, “However, the governor’s job performance rating and his ‘re-elect’ number have also fallen by high single digits over the last couple of  months.”

NYP Asks Cuomo Who is Pushing for Public Financing to Also Push for Term Limits
The reform pols hate(NYP Ed)Gov. Cuomo is pulling out all the stops to promote his ideas for campaign finance. That includes holding a “telephone town hall” tonight on the issue with the folks from Fair Elections for New York. As first articulated in his State of the State, the governor’s general idea of state campaign finance seems to be to follow the lead of New York City. That is, to impose stricter limits on what candidates can raise or spend, and to use matching public funds to fund more campaigns. Here’s our question: So long as the city is a model, why no mention of the one big limit on city politicians that doesn’t exist at the state level — term limits? wants donation disclosure within 48 hours and board of elections with real enforcement power and real teeth.

Early Voting Bills

While the Early Voting Act pending in both houses of the state Legislature could allow residents to vote up to 14 days before Election Day, some local officials argue that the convenience will come at a cost.

E.J. McMahon Calls Out A Cuomo Budget Gimmick
A risky budget gimmick(NYP) Cuomo raids insurance fund Cuomo is cruising toward his third consecutive on-time state budget, which will no doubt be cited as further evidence that a new era of fiscal responsibility has dawned in Albany. Yet the governor hasn’t turned his back on budget gimmickry.* Senate GOP call out Cuomo budget cuts for women(NYDN) * Bronx advocates urge local politicians to push back  against proposed state cuts to agencies for the disabled (NYDN)Both the Assembly and the Senate will pass one-house budget resolutions today to stake out negotiating positions with Cuomo in budget talks, with the Senate’s resolution, the Times-Union writes * Pols ending $pinal tap(NYP)

Dicker On Fracking Delay Cuomo Cover
State Senate Democrats and Republicans are claiming that Gov. Cuomo helped members of the Independent Democratic Conference draft a bill delaying a decision on hydraulic fracturing gas drilling through his re-election next year,
Gov just fracking around, pols say(Dicker, NYP)Senior state lawmakers and top legislative staff are claiming Gov. Cuomo secretly encouraged last week’s efforts to pass a law blocking hydrofracking upstate. Several officials, along with leaders of landowner organizations in the gas-rich areas of the poverty-riddled Southern Tier and even some gas-industry executives, told The Post they believe Cuomo wants the ban as a “cover’’ to delay his decision on the controversial natural-gas drilling through his re-election campaign next year.* Skelos says IDC's fracking bill is "unnecessary" * Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized the strategy employed by groups who favor fracking, saying their lobbyists should spend more time educating the public and less time focused on “hallway chatter.”* Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos called the fracking moratorium proposed by the IDC “unnecessary.” * More celebs against fracking.

Sources say that Cuomo will not back off his position that the first three casinos be located upstate should the state and voters approve a constitutional amendment this year that would authorize up to seven casinos in New York, The New York Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes: Should the Legislature and voters approve a constitutional amendment this year to authorize up to seven casinos to open in the state, Cuomo will reportedly not back off his position that the first three be located upstate. * Sheldon Silver Wants Time Between Awarding Of Casinos; Gov. Cuomo Wants First 3 Upstate * Hope Dims For Casino Siting(YNN)
* Senate Resolution Backs Electronic Poker(YNN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo Supports Giving Upstate Casinos Exclusivity For Period of Time(NYDN) * Atlantic City casino February revenue down(Fox 5)

Attorney Mike Rebell, an education funding advocate, is confident that his lawsuit against the state for cutting $240 million in state education aid to New York City will result in the money being restored because it is unconstitutional, the Times-Union reports: (The Senate’s Education Committee chair says the GOP won’t restore the cash)

State lawmakers spent $7.1 million on mailings to constituents in the six months prior to their re-election bids – a 4.5 percent increase from the previous six months. 

Open Meetings
The Democrat and Chronicle surveyed major local public agencies as part of Sunshine Week, and found half of them are violating a new requirement in the Open Meetings Law. Later this year, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli will roll out a system that lets New Yorkers to see every check issued by the government and to follow exactly who is doing business with the state down to the penny.* Transparency in Albany? No Joke: Technology Helping To Pry Open Govt(Gotham Gazette) Lobbyists and others in Albany pay for legislative information system far better than those available to public?  * In honor of Sunshine Week, Cuomo unveiled a new open government website that provides user-friendly, one-stop access to data from state agencies, localities, and the federal government. * The NYT’s Danny Hakim Tweeted: “Linda Lacewell, one of (Cuomo’s) aides who removed records from public view at Archives, appears to be leading NY’s open government efforts.”

The SAFE Act has sparked a “stampede” of weapons purchases in New York, which is exactly what Cuomo said he wanted to avoid by pushing the measure through the Legislature so quickly.  The real problem, according to law enforcement – and one not addressed by the SAFE Act – is the flow of illegal guns into the state. Lawsuit challenging SAFE Act: New York State is expected to respond Monday to a lawsuit that is challenging th...* The US Veterans Affairs Department says its mental health professionals won’t comply with the SAFE Act requirement that they report the names of patients they believe likely to hurt themselves or others.* AG Eric Schneiderman’s office moved to dismiss an injunction filed by a gun-rights group that would seek an injunction on the SAFE Act.

Minimum Wage

NYC Government

Homeless Blame
The Daily News writes that even though New York City’s homeless population is costing the city $819 million, Bloomberg should not entirely shoulder the blame:

NYCHA Sequestor Cuts
Chairman Rhea says repair project remains highest priority but authority faces 60 to 70m in cuts City Announces New Goal for Public Housing Repairs, but With Big Caveat (NYT) City Making Progress On Maintenance Backlog At Public Housing Developments

the Crain's editorial board says complacency seems to have 

Another Reporter Becomes A Flack

Generous Ed Koch spreads his wealth in will(NYP)
Koch’s Will Gives $100,000 to His Secretary(NYT)



Push for Storm 'Bank'(WSJ) * New Numbers Show Sandy Effect on Transit Ridership (WSJ) When the New York City subway system rumbled back to life after superstorm Sandy, it did so at a fraction of its usual capacity, provoking a question for the MTA: How much would the storm cost in lost fares when the trains weren't running? * High School On Rockaways Holds City-Sponsored Sandy Recovery Forum(NY1) * Sen. Charles Schumer is expected to urge federal officials to let New York turn some of its superstorm Sandy grant money into a loan fund to pay for long-term infrastructure improvements.* Bronx Couple Having Insurance Issues As They Try To Rebuild (NY1)


GE to study Hudson River cleanup expansion(NYP)
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli withdrew a shareholder resolution calling on GE to analyze actions required to remove newly-found PCBs from the Hudson after the company agreed to do just that.

Bloomberg Homeless Revolution

Mayor Bloomberg Warns of "Uprising" Over Cost of Homeless Shelters(NY Mag)

Soda Deadline

Judge Stops Ban
Bloomberg Defends Soda Ban on Grounds that 'People are Dying Everyday'
Judge halts planned soda ban - calls mayor's plan 'arbitrary and capricious'(NYP) * Judge Blocks New York City’s Ban on Big Sugary Drinks(NYT)
NYC Corporation Counsel: "We plan to appeal the decision as soon as possible, and we are confident [rules] will ultimately be upheld."*  Judge strikes down NYC's large soda ban.(NBC) Our Board of Health has always been a pioneer,"LATEST: NYC Mayor Bloomberg says city will appeal drink ban reversal; says ‘we have responsibility' to confront obesity epidemic
Mayor Bloomberg said. Limiting size of sugary drinks is consistent with board's mission. Mayor Bloomberg painted himself as a do-er, trying to enact a policy that would save lives. It's "reasonable to draw a line," mayor said. Mayor: Not enough to talk about fighting obesity - we are doing something about it. * City To Appeal Legal Block Of Ban On Large Sugary Drinks(NY1)

The Last Day to Gulp

Big sodas fizz out tomorrow (NYP) It’s last call for calories. Today is the final day for restaurants and food vendors to sell supersized sugary beverages, as Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial ban on drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces goes into effect tomorrow.* Preparation and Vows of Defiance as Big Sugary Drink Ban Is Set to Start(NYT) * Health Inspectors To Use Special Cups To Enforce Sugary Drink Size Limits(NY1) * Bloomberg Touts NYC Sugary Drink Ban Set To Take Effect …(WCBS) * Some are vowing defiance of the new ban, while others are scrambling to prepare for it.  * Bloomberg says the soda ban will help poor people 'take care of themselves' (NYP)

 Bloomberg Letterman Bloomberg Defends NYC Soda Ban, Hints At Salt Obsession On Letterman


For Good or Bad, Watching Williamsburg’s Transformation(NYT)
Worry in Push to Lease Space Near City’s Public Housing(NYT)


Traffic Enforcement

In a marked shift of protocol, the NYPD has begun conducting robust investigations of traffic crashes that result in critical injuries but not certain or likely death.
After Criticism, Police Change Policy and Begin Investigating More Traffic Crashes(NYT) * NYPD changes traffic crash policy(WSJ) A new policy outlined in a letter sent from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the New York Police Department will begin conducting investigations into traffic crashes that result in critical injuries but not necessarily death, a marked shift in protocol

Chinatown Buses

Critics Wait for City to Rein in Bus Lines(NYT)


CUNY Law grads bar and away improved(NYP)

Trash Station

People fleeing their UES neighborhood because of incoming trash transfer station (NYP)Upper Easter Siders are scrambling to sell their posh apartments before the city opens a gigantic waste-transfer station, bringing garbage trucks through the neighborhood 24 hours a day.

Parks Grade

B-Plus for City’s Parks, but Problems Remain(NYT)


Al Jazeera in Site Hunt(WSJ) Al Jazeera has taken a look at the former New York Times building as part of its hunt for a New York headquarters for the American cable channel it plans to launch in July.



President Obama turns to comedy at annual Gridiron charity dinner(NYP)

Mandated Cuts Give Obama Path to Create Leaner Military(NYT)
Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate(NYT)
When to Say No(NYT Ed) The revised plan for the proposed oil pipeline is still a threat to the environment.
Karzai Inflames U.S. Tensions(WSJ)
Senators Struggle Over Work Visas(WSJ)
Obama Flails as GOP Stands Firm on Cuts - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
It's Time to End the Deficit Fixation - Paul Krugman, New York Times
13 Hours That Changed the Republican Party - Joseph Curl, Wash Times
Bernanke's Calm Stewardship - Edward Luce, Financial Times
Why Jobs Still Aren't Coming Back - John Steele Gordon, NY Daily News
All Politics Aside, Job Figures Are Good News - John Cassidy, New Yorker
Too Much Talk of Taxing - Judd Gregg, The Hill
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British Special Forces' Great Escape in Iraq - Toby Harnden, Sunday Times
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Obama Should Say No to the Keystone Pipeline - New York Times
False Hopes in the New Employment Numbers - Washington Examiner
Raise Minimum Wage to Make Work Pay - Minneapolis Star Tribune
A New Obama? Count Us as Skeptical - Wall Street Journal
RNC chief brings listening tour to Brooklyn to from black voters(NBC)

Wall Street

Confirmation Questions for Mary Jo White(NYT Ed) The nominee for S.E.C. chairwoman must address concerns about her Wall Street ties to determine her allegiances.


Dolan: Rome church is my secret ‘joy’(NYP) * Before Smoke Rises, It’s Reformers vs. Romans at Vatican(NYT) * Cardinal Dolan Holds Mass In Rome Ahead Of Papal Concla(WCBS)

Law and Order

Brooklyn landlord shoots, kills tenant over $100 in unpaid rent: police(NYP) * Landlord Kills a Tenant in Brooklyn(NYT) * Tenant shot dead in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Landlord shoots tenant dead(NYDN)* Man Shot Dead In Suspected Landlord-Tenant Fight In Bro(WCBS) * Man killed by landlord over rent dispute in Brooklyn(Fox 5) Brooklyn Tenant, 51, Fatally Shot in Landlord Dispute: (NBC)

What, this? Kin say teen killed by cops owned no gun(NYP) * Police Kill 16-Year-Old They Say Pointed a Handgun(NYT) * Plainclothes Police Shoot Armed Teen(WSJ) * Police Shoot Armed Teen In East Flatbush(NY1)

'Cannibal cop' jury still has no decision after 3 days; could it mean he'll walk? (WPIX)

 ‘Sheriff’ of B’klyn (NYP) Brooklyn Detective Mike Cleary has walked his beat longer than some of his co-workers have been alive — and on Friday, the veteran took his final tour. Known as the “Sheriff of Windsor Terrace,” the 50-year-old Cleary retired after 22 years on foot.

Police search for Bronx robbery suspect(Fox 5)

JFK guy admits stealing your mail: cops (NYP) It’s in the mail. Wait! No, it’s not. Port Authority detectives and postal inspectors have cracked a long-running operation that saw thousands of packages — from high-end perfumes to designer fashions to expensive electronics —

Grisly cleaver-slay pics to be revealed(NYP)Psychologist Kathryn Faughey, 56, died a horrific death five years ago, slashed into lifelessness at her Upper East Side office by a colleague’s former patient.  Today, that horror will be on full photographic display in Manhattan Supreme Court* Third Attempt at Trial in Killing of a Therapist(NYT)

Staten Island chase suspect has long criminal past(SI Advance)
Jury convicts man who shot his parole officer(NYDN)
Jury deliberation resumes Monday in ‘Cannibal Cop’ case(Fox 5)
Police arrest man for groping teen girl in Queens(Fox 5)
Gang Stabs, Robs Cyclist In Flushing Meadows-Corona Par …(NY1)
Trial Begins For Man Accused In Deadly Meat Cleaver Attack(NY1)


Attorney wants to exclude jews from Abdel Hameed Shehadeh’s upcoming terror trial(NYP) * Lawyer for Alleged Terrorist Would Prefer It If His Jury Didn’t Contain Jews(NY Mag)

 (NYP) TSA agents blame supervisors for security blunders(NYP) * Former Newark Airport TSA screener says the job does little to keep fliers safe(NYP)
* NYC Attorney Asks Judge To Ban Jews From Accused Terrorist’s(WABC)

Muslim Activists Claim NYPD Surveillance Stifles Freedom Of Speech, Worship(NY1)