Sunday, March 10, 2013

State Senate GOP Keeps the Independence Party Alive To Remain in Power

The Independence Party Not Only Fools Voters It keep the State Senate GOP Alive
The Cult Ghost of 
Fred Newman 
Keeps the GOP Senate Coalition Alive
The Daily News has demonstrated how NY voters are fooled by Independence Party.  Most think when they register with that party or vote on that line they making an independent chooice. Even Rupert Murdoch was fooled and registered independent. They have no idea there are political operatives making deals to benefit themselves. The State Senate GOP need that voter deception to fool enought voters to win enough GOP seats to make coalition leadership of the senate possible. It is then dependency on the party that keep cult leaderhip and corruption party alive. Skelos and his party does all they can to help the IP New York Independence Party has gotten major cash influx from state Senate GOP in arrangement questioned by political insiders Independence Party goes along with GOP schemp e to dodge campaign finance laws, insiders allege(NYDN)  * Independence Party Chairman To IDC: “A Coalition Would Have My Full Support and Endorsement” * Senate Republicans Give $90,000 To Independence Party | Bragg ... * How confusing is the Independence Party? Just ask Rupert Murdoch ...

GOP Uses Government $$$ to Keep the Indepence Party Going

GOP Puppet Party
 The No. 2 official in the state Independence Party has landed on his feet after losing a $100,000-a-year job in the state Senate two years ago.
His new gig? What else but a new job with the state Senate, this time at $75,000 a year.  Records show Tom Connolly, vice chairman of the influential third party, was hired by Republican state Sen. Philip Boyle (R-Islip) soon after he was elected in a tight race last November with support from both the Independence and Conservative parties. Indie big nabs $weet new gig(NYP) 

Connolly Never Charged Was the Guy Who Moved the Move the Mayors Million to Haggerty 
 GOP consultant John Haggerty, was convicted of swiping $750,000 of $1.2 million channeled by Mayor Bloomberg through the party’s “housekeeping” account in 2009 for what was supposed to be an election day poll-watching operation.

  • Haggerty Contract Is Said Backdated (By MICHAEL HOWARD SAUL, Wall Street Journal) Under cross-examination, Mr. Connolly said the mayor lost all control of the $1.2 million once he sent it to the party. Asked if the mayor could earmark the money specifically for ballot security, Mr. Connolly said he "can make a request" but whether that is "honored or not" is up to the party.
  • NY party official testifies at operative's trial (Associated Press, Wall Street Journal) Haggerty approached Connolly in August 2009 to say that "a donation would be coming from the mayor, and it would be their wish that they would use that toward a ballot security operation" that would run up to $1.1 million, Connolly told jurors. He said he checked with some people he didn't name to ensure the arrangement was legal, and then went ahead with it, relying on what Haggerty had told him about the planned operation.
Pay to Play Indy Party
Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan The wife of the chairman of the state Independence Party solicited and received a $10,000 business loan from a candidate who got the party's coveted endorsement days later. (NYP) * MacKay and Co. overturned local recommendations in Western NY, favoring incumbents over challengers. * MacKay Under Fire * Frank vs. Frank, Take II Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party. The press see nothing wrong with the sale of New York's political parties to the highest bidder Bloomberg's price for independence: $400G True New has com paired to Organized Crime: Politics Ballot Lines for Sale (True News)

GOP Also Keeps A Cult Party
GOP is so dependent to the the Independence Party That Not Even A Cult Leadership, Anti-Semiticism and Voter Despection Can Stop get them to change the party

The News examines how the rolls of registered Independence Party voters increased over the past four years due to confusion over registering with “Independence” rather than an “Independent
Independence Party’s confusing name has tricked thousands of New Yorkers(NYDN) Anti-Semitic Jew Fred Newman led his cult-like followers to Independence Party power in New York City(NYDN) He was also shrink who pushed patient-therapist sex Eventually, Newman and Fulani became too much of an embarrassment for statewide party leaders. Chairman Frank MacKay moved to boot them, but the New York Court of Appeals ruled in 2007 that the Newmanites could keep power in the city as long as they met enormously stringent organizing requirements set by law. Those challenges are daunting even to the Democratic Party machines. But Newman had an advantage. He was surrounded by zealous devotees, many of whom lived with him in a West Village townhouse, many of whom are so worshipful they appear in stage plays he had written.

Party Leaders Who Choose Many of NYC Elected Officials are Criminal Gangs(True News)
Independence Party Is Really A Cult(True News)

Campaign 2013
Quinn Makes It Official, She is Running
It's official. announces candidacy for NYC mayor.(NYT)
The Quinn campaign brand is clear: Experienced, child of immigrants to NYC, fighter for middle class
"my job as mayor will be to take those needs and translate policy into solution."Quinn's repeated claim her record is not about "criticism and fingerpointing" is a not-so-subtle dig at her lower ranked rivals. Chris Quinn's wife, Kim, and unspecified members of their families will be along for this five borough marathon
 NYC's Quinn Launches Bid to Become 1st Openly Gay Mayor (Newser)* Council Speaker Quinn's Long-Expected Mayoral Campaign Becomes Official(NY1) * NYC mayoral race front-runner Christine Quinn formally launches bid(CBS) *With Video and a Walking Tour, Quinn Declares Her Candidacy for Mayor(NYT) Christine C. Quinn, the New York City Council speaker, released a glossy biographical video and planned to visit all five boroughs on Sunday as she officially began her mayoral campaign.* Early polls show Quinn with advantage over rivals but that lead could prove illusory as voters begin to pay attention *. "my job as mayor will be to take those needs and translate policy into solution." Watch City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's full speech announcing her Democratic candidacy for mayor: (NY1) * Council Speaker Quinn Vows To Make City Affordable At Launch Of Mayoral Run: After many years of plotting such a... *Speaker Quinn Launches Mayoral Bid, Vows To Make City More Affordable (NY1)
Christine Quinn formally launches mayoral bid(ABC) *Christine Quinn Is Officially Running For Mayor (NY Mag)* On Quinn's public safety issue page, no mention of "stop" or "frisk" yet. * Among the accomplishments cited by Quinn in the official bio on her website: creating thousands of new jobs.
* Chris Quinn Confronts Controversy Over Term Limits in Queens(NYO) * clearly bracing herself 4 attacks in kickoff ("my record, it's not one of criticism & finger-pointing") * Quinn vowed the NYC Council will pass a resolution this week urging Albany to raise the minimum wage. (Other Democratic mayoral candidates are on board, too).* Quinn Declares Her Candidacy for Mayor(NYT)
* Christine Quinn visits Pastosa, shops in Staten Island's(SI Advance)

  1. In a campaign video thick with biography, Quinn does not mention that she's gay or has a wife.“: “Chris Quinn video: "I'm not about talking, and fingerpointing and complaining. I'm about getting things done." ”* Quinn on why video didn't mention sexuality or wife: "I couldn’t be more proud of my sexual orientation but I know NYers are aware of it."

    Quinn backer to panhandler: "Don't worry you're gonna have a home."

Giulani Shakes the $$$ for Lhota Few Days Before the March 15th Filing Deadline

  Giuliani urges Republican donors to contribute to Lhota's mayoral campaign Rudy Giuliani is delivering an urgent appeal to supporters:(NYP)* Giuliani Urges Donations To Lhota's Mayoral Campaign (NY1) * "If you don't think the city can slip back to its .. ungovernable ways, just listen to Joe's democratic opponents."  * Rudy Giuliani Is Trying to Drum Up Some Cash for Joe Lhota(NY Mag)
Giuliani sends second email in two days on behalf of Lhota asking for $ to"help to ensure he has a good showing in the finance reports"

's event today & his reaction to Quinn's kickoff tour:(NYO)
Bloomberg Drink Police

 EXCLUSIVE: Restaurant inspectors equipped with drink-size-checking (NYDN)* Businesses Prepare For City’s Size Limit On Sugary Drinks,(WCBS) * Health Inspectors To Use Special Cups To Enforce Sugary Drink Size Limits(NY1) * On “Face the Nation,” Mayor Bloomberg said NYC’s new  ban on large sugary drinks, which takes effect Tuesday, “is the country’s interest.” He also insisted it’s not a ban, but merely “portion control.”* “If you don’t think the city can slip back to its unmanageable, ungovernable ways, just listen to Joe’s democratic opponents,” Giuliani wrote in an email appeal to potential Lhota donors.* Bloomberg Touts NYC Sugary Drink Ban Set To Take Effect (WCBS)

Education Mayor Forever

The education ex-mayor(NYP) Seems Mike Bloomberg wants to hold on to mayoral control of the schools even after he gives up his mayoralty. As The Post’s Yoav Gonen reported last week, Bloomberg is developing four charter schools that would open in high-poverty neighborhoods in the city in the fall of 2014, when the next mayor is in office.

Unmanned Wall Street

Future of Wall Street
NYSE prepares disaster backup plan: WSJ (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange is readying plans to be able to operate without human traders in case another disaster, such as Superstorm Sandy, forces the shutdown of its historic trading floor in downtown Manhattan, The Wall Street Journal reported.

MTA Map Trashed
Off the map: MTA’s $250,000 typo5 hrs agoTalk about bad directions. Just days after hitting straphangers with a fare hike, the MTA threw away up to $250,000 worth of new subway maps because they displayed outdated fare information

BP Molinaro Spins Race

Did Quinn Endorsement Cause SI BP to Use A Racist Dog Whistle? Quinn's SI Conservative Cover His Ass Spin NYP and DN Duped into Carrying BP Racists Spin
Molinaro who is getting a lot of criticism for supporting liberal Quinn for mayor attacks welfare teen mothers to quiet his conservative party critics. He does it in two papers at
SI beep: Ban welfare for teenage mothers (NYP) * Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro to Mayor Bloomberg: Stop funding 'entitlements for young mothers'(NYDN)
City taxpayers should stop playing sugar daddy to teen moms, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro said yesterday. While praising Mayor Bloomberg’s $400,000 ad campaign to reduce teen pregnancies * City Launches New Ad Campaign Aimed At Lowering Teen Pregnancy Rate(NY1)  * Is Planned Parenthood's shift on teen pregnancy ads be due to Bloomberg's billions?  * City Launches New Ad Campaign Aimed At Lowering Teen 
* Michael Bloomberg ripped for controversial ad campaign(Huff Post)
* MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry called on Bloomberg to stop “shaming” teen parents. 


Bloomberg Homeless My Man Godfrey
Rich slum dogs (NYP) Bill Gates would probably prefer the Waldorf. Mayor Bloomberg yesterday put his foot in his mouth by suggesting homeless shelters are bursting at the seams because anyone can get a bed — even the filthy rich.* Mayor Hits Shelter Rule(WSJ) * Bloomberg: You can arrive in "private jet" and demand shelter(NYDN) * Bloomberg thinks that NYC's homelessness problem is cause by giving TOO MANY people shelter. (Gawker)

Campaign Finance?

Cuomo Voices Mixed Optimism for Chances of Campaign Finance Proposals(NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said he was “cautiously optimistic” of winning an overhaul, but he sounded uncertain about legislative support for establishing a financing system for state candidates.* Cuomo Expresses Campaign Finance Reform Support As He Sets Re-Election Fundraisers(NY1)

Pay to Play Judge
Daily News EXCLUSIVE: State court nominee contributed $80,000-plus to Cuomo's campaigns 
Contender for State Court of Appeals contributed $80,000-plus to Cuomo's political campaigns and was a former staffer; Guv makes selection soonLawyer Maria Vullo was the executive deputy attorney general for economic justice and worked for Cuomo in 2010 when he was attorney general. She has given to his campaigns since 2005, including a recent $1,500 check that came two months after her interview with Commission on Judicial Nomination. A spokesman for Cuomo said the administration didn’t pick the list of nominees.

NYS Government

Cuomo drilling adviser Hallman resigns(TU)

Court of Appeals
The Daily News suspects the judicial nomination commission is pushing the Court of Appeals to the left. 
A stacked deck for the NY Court of Appeals* A stacked deck (NYDN Ed)

Minimum Wage
Sharpton was joined by elected officials, labor leaders and several likely mayoral candidates at his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem to call on the state Senate to hike the hourly minimum wage.


The Media NYC Unemployment Increase Cover Up
 NY1 reports about the national number of unemployed going to to 7.7% not about the city's unemployment rate rising from 8.8% to 9.1%

Nation's Unemployment Hits Four-Year Low(NY1)

Daily News Calls NYC Job Picture Amazing
Meantime, in the city, the unemployment rate jumped up three-tenths of a point to 9.1% in January — despite a substantial gain of 19,000 jobs. Amazingly, the city has more jobs today than it’s ever had before, nearly 4 million, yet unacceptably large numbers of people are on the outside looking in.

NYT National Story about lower unemployment nothing about rising NYC Number

Soccer Stadium

Following in Hiram's footsteps(Queens Crap)

Letter to the Editor (Queens Chronicle):  The Chronicle’s admonition to City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras to reject the proposed soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, while well intentioned, will in my opinion fall on deaf ears (“Preserve, don’t pervert, Flushing Meadows,” Editorial, Feb. 28). Ms. Ferreras has stated she would support the USTA’s expansion in FMCP, a Major Soccer League stadium in the park and the Mets owner Wilpon’s proposal to build a huge shopping mall on its current parking lots, which like Citi Field are on parkland, provided these three commercial entities set up a fund for the benefit of the park. In the depths of the Great Depression of the 1930s, New York City did not sell, barter or alienate public parkland for economic reasons and there is no justification to do so at this time. 

Storm Damage Prompts Return of Old Subway Stop(NYT)The Art of Uncertainty (WSJ) MoMA PS1 Mounts Project in the Rockaways That Was Interrupted by Sandy * Temporary South Ferry subway station to open in April(Fox 5)
The Daily News editorial board says Sandy victims are still drowning in bureaucratic red tape
Stop Sandy madness now (NYDN Ed) Touring Staten Island in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, President Obama made a promise to New Yorkers whose homes had been damaged or destroyed. “We are going to be here until the rebuilding is complete,” he said, adding that he would “make sure that we have followed through on that commitment.” Four months and 12 days after Sandy plowed ashore, red tape entangles too many people who are struggling to rebuild. * Sandy-damaged homes hit market at bargain prices(SI Advance)

Storm may have brought of wave of help to Beach 116th St.(NYDN)

Parking Judge Private Work

WATCH: DMV judge caught doing private deal, gabbing at work (NYP) It’s a schmoozing violation. The highest-ranking traffic judge in Queens, Bushra Vahdat, allegedly spent four hours one workweek arranging to rent her $825,000 summer home on Martha’s Vineyard

N.Y.U.’s Global Leader Is Tested by Faculty at Home(NYT)  The faculty of New York University is conducting a no-confidence vote on John Sexton, the university’s president, whom some consider a hero and others an autocrat.

Handicapped Taxis

The City Council must mandate that all new taxis be wheelchair-accessible (NYDN EdOliver Koppell’s bill has overwhelming support. Passage is essential

Chinatown Bus Company

Feds shutdown NYC-based bus company(WABC)
Feds Shut Down Another Chinatown Bus Company Over Safety Violations(DNAINFO)

Update Critics Seek City Action to Rein In Discount Bus Lines (NYT)


Pope Vote Begins Tuesday
Vatican Installs World's Most-Watched Chimney for Papal Conclave(NY Mag)
Pope Material or Not, a Charming, Cheerful Cardinal Gains Notice in Rome(NYT) Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, head of the United States’ most prominent Catholic diocese, is juggling his leadership roles, Vatican tasks and numerous interviews on Italian television.* Cardinal Dolan gains notice in Rome: A.M. News Links(SI Advance)* Conclave Set To Begin March 12(NY1) *  Former Vatican City Engineer Designed Smoke System That Signals New Pope's Election(NY1) * The 'Sweet Sistine' of front-runners for the next pope(NYP) * Cardinal Dolan Holds Final Mass Before Conclave At His Roman Parish(NY1)


Cooking oil from Louisiana restaurants powering JFK-to-Amsterdam flights(NYP)

DOS Head: Plastic Bag Ban May Be Next In Line(NY1)

Bloomberg’s Drink Rules Take Effect Next Week, But Starbucks(WCBS)
NYC soda size rule eyed from coffee shops to clubs(Fox 5)

Noise Clash in Gowanus Pits New Hotel Against Arts Building’s Drummers(NYT)
A Marriott hotel that opened in 2011 complains that the Gowanus Arts Building is responsible for drumming and other sounds that disturb its guests.


What Ever Happened to Time Inc.?(New Yorker)

Time Inc. spinoff highlights major risks (Huff Post)

As Time Goes Bye(Dowd, NYT)
A reverie about the newsmagazine’s days of roast beef, Scotch and snazzy Maureen Dowd reflects on her time at TIME in the 1980s
Time Warner's decision to shed its Time Inc. magazine unit underscores challenges facing magazine industry:(AP)

Punchy newsman Rob Morrison, late of CBS, is writing tell-all he thinks will become a TV series(NYDN) Morrison left WCBS after accusations of choking his wife last month. Ashley Morrison has since returned to network


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Jeb Bush: political reporters are "crack addicts" 
In Search of Debt Deal, Obama Walks a Narrow Path(NYT)
Senator tells to talk to the hand. No return call. No meeting. No love.
Jeb Bush: Reporters Are "Crack Addicts" for Political Speculation and Gossip (Slate)

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Law and Order

Cops shoot teen gunman dead in Brooklyn(NYP)
* East Flatbush Residents Mourn Neighborhood Boy Shot By Police While Holding A Gun(NY1)

 Chelsea hit-run horror(NYP)* Hit-and-run driver kills man on West Side Highway(WABC) * Man killed in Chelsea hit-and-run(Fox 5)

Hit-run demon violated probation (NYP) The Brooklyn hit-and-run driver who killed a young couple and their newborn son last Sunday violated his probation in 2007 just a month after he was released from prison, according to federal court documents.

Lord’s in ‘cannibal’ corner (NYP) The accused “cannibal cop” could be in line for some divine intervention. Defense lawyers for Gilberto Valle revealed yesterday that Catholic missionaries in Westchester County were praying for him as jurors deliberate his fate.* In Cannibal Case, Deliberations Go On(NYT)

Wallet thief a crook with looks (NYP)  She’s a stylish but sticky-fingered thief who is wanted for a pair of sneaky city robberies. A cute 20-something snatched a woman’s wallet at the Key Food supermarket on Avenue A in the East Village on Jan. 31, police said

Phone Thief Takes Particularly Stupid Selfie(NY Mag)
. Bronx thief steals woman's cell phone - then posts pic of himself smoking weed on HER Facebook page: police (NYP)  Cops are looking for a dopey Bronx thief who stole a woman's cell phone and then was dumb enough to accidentally post a photo of himself smoking marijuana on her Facebook page.* Thief snatches iPhone, then sends picture of himself to (NYDN)

Cops bust subway suspect using Find my iPhone app(NYP)
IPhone thefts are on the rise in NYC(Fox 5)

Brooklyn Man Filing Suit Against NYPD Claims Officers Illegally Showed Up At His Home Again(NY1)
Man Files Harassment Lawsuit Against NYPD, Now Claims Cops(WCBS)
Man sentenced in 2002 NYC bar hostage ordeal(Fox 5)
Fight between landlord, tenant ends in deadly shooting(WCBS)
Gang Stabs, Robs Cyclist In Flushing Meadows-Corona Par (NY1)
Man Charged With Groping Teen At Public Library In Asto (NY1)
Cop shoots suspected gang member in the stomach in S.I(NYDN)Sources: Police Shoot Suspect On SI Following Altercation(NY1)
Cop shoots suspected gang member in the stomach in S.I(NYDN)
Wild afternoon shootout on Staten Island leads to one suspect (SI Advance)
Staten Island police chase ends with wild crash, 1 shot(WABC)
Cops shoot teen gunman dead in Brooklyn(NYP)Man Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Cocaine(NBC)
16-Year-Old Killed by New York Police(NYT)
Sources: Police Shoot Suspect On SI Following Altercati (NY1)
SI cops in gang ‘bang!(NYP)
Shot Suspect Leads S.I. Gang Squad On Brief Car Chase (NY1)
Gang Stabs, Robs Cyclist In Flushing Meadows-Corona Park(NY1)
Retired electrician sentenced after scamming LIRR disability (NYDN)
Police Seek Man Who Robbed Woman At Bronx Bank(WCBS)

Bye, beach bum (NYP) He’ll finally move out of Mom’s house — and into jail. Serial deadbeat Gerardo Fusella — who last year won the right to summer at his parents’ Jersey Shore vacation home while on bail — pleaded guilty yesterday to bilking more than $1 million from...

One scarry ‘Slay nanny’ (NYP) The notorious accused Killer Nanny made her first post-arrest public appearance yesterday, sporting a giant scar on her throat at a brief hearing.* UWS Nanny Accused Of Murdering Young Siblings Makes Court (WCBS)* Nanny in murder case to have mental exam(Fox 5)

Michael Kenny guilty of killing wife in hair salon(NYDN)

Two-faced ‘jerks’ (NYP) The three track runners at Bronx HS of Science accused of viciously hazing a freshman teammate yukked it up outside their Bronx court appearance yesterday — before getting slapped with orders of protection.* Students in Hazing Case Make Court Appearance(NYT)
* 3 Accused Students in Court(WSJ) * Bronx Hazing Suspects Barred From Contacting Alleged Victim(WSJ) * Fake bomb gets past airport screeners at Newark, report(WABC) * High school hazing suspects appear in court(WABC)

Police: Suspect Wanted For Forcibly Touching Girl, 12, On(WCBS)
Girl, 12, Groped on Subway; Suspect Sought(NBC)

Racist madman to rot(NYP)

Kennedy fighting drug rap(NYP)

Cop shoots 'gang member' after he makes sudden move; wounded man speeds off, crashesCop shoots 'gang member' after he makes sudden move; wounded man speeds off, crashes(NYP)

Family of boy struck and killed plans to sue city, absent crossing guard for $50M(NYP)


Osama kin’s evil silence (NYP) Osama bin Laden’s tough-talking son-in-law had little to say yesterday when he was hauled into a Manhattan courtroom for urging Muslims to wage war on “the Jews, the Christians and the Americans” the morning after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.* Bin Laden Relative Pleads Not Guilty in Terrorism Case(NYT) * Bin Laden Son-in-Law Pleads Not Guilty(WSJ) * Bin Laden Spokesman Pleads Not Guilty On Terror Charges(NY1) * New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismisses ‘political games’ around al Qaeda suspect’s trial(The Hill)

How a U.S. Citizen Got in America’s Cross Hairs(NYT)

Former Newark Airport TSA screener says the job does little to keep fliers safe(NYP)
Wake up, airheads! (NYP)The undercover TSA agent who got past Newark Airport screeners with an improvised explosive device in his pants exposed a stunning lack of security that the agency had better fix before al Qaeda strikes again, Rep. Peter King warned yesterday.* Undercover TSA Agent Smuggled Fake Bomb Past Security Screeners(WCBS)