Friday, December 7, 2012

A Tammany Hall Fixer Tries to Save the BOE for the Bad Guys

Kellner: A Boss Tweed Double Agent

Doug Kellner is the secret agent sent into BOE by the political machines and incumbent politicians in power to fight off democracy.  To clueless reporters he looks like a professional knowledgeable man who knows what is wrong with the BOE and knows how to fix it.  Kellner was the first to testify this week at the City Council on what went wrong on Election Day.  His real secret mission is to rescue the BOE from its incompetent corrupt self and preserve it gatekeeper function of weeding out challengers to those in power.  The county leaders who really run the BOE, who would not as easily fool the media and public as Kellner, were not called to testify at the council hearing.

Media Delutes Public Outrage and Does Not Inform Public
The BOE who piss off a million New Yorkers on Election Day is in the battle of its life to save its corrupt self.   They know that the 23% drop in voters from the 2008 presidential election and a millions more who waited for hours to vote think they are incompetent and want to tear apart the BOE.  However, public outrage may not be enough.  The media has decided to go into almost total blackout mode.  What little that comes is written with so little understand how the BOE works that it plays into the hands of the machines running the BOE.

Kellner the Right Secret Agenat for the Job
Douglas Kellner, co-chair of the New York State Board of Elections and former Manhattan Commissioner from the NYC Board of Elections appointed by Manhattan Boss Danny Farrell is the right man to save the Tammany Hall designed BOE for the bad guys.  His goal is to change the BOE enough but save their jobs program and its main function of protecting the political establish by knocking off challengers from the ballot. Kellner has manipulated the BOE and the city’s election process before. 

Kellner was one of the first proponents of a voter verifiable paper audit trail for electronic voting machines. He was the leader of the opposition to New York City’s contract to purchase unverifiable direct recording electronic voting machines. The ATM bank styles easly reporgramable machines that he opposed could have given the city some flexibility to handle closed polls and let the voters complete their ballot quicker cutting down on waiting time all over the city. Kellner might have been a little protective when he blamed during his testimony the long lines on the sign in process, which most others who testified disagreed with. They spoke how the voters had a hard time filling out the ballots and the scanners that Kellner frequently jammed. Ulrich campaign accuses BOE of obstruction (CrainsNY)

The Council Hearing Was Not Truth Seeking But Scripted to Preserve the Corrupt BOE
In a classic disconnect from public anger and the biggest dive since Sonny Listen went down to Mohamed Ali in 54 seconds, City Council Government Operations Chairperson Gail Brewer in her opening statement blamed the BOE problems on Sandy and poor funding rather than a corrupt incompetent management that has disenfranchised the voters of New York City on Election Day.  We highly doubt if she give those same reason to the voters on Election Day in her district who had to wait two hour or more to vote on Election Day.Chairwoman Brewer blamed Sandy and poor funding but most of the problems she ask Kellner and others about were more about the BOE’s poor management ability.   Better training of poll workers, alphabetizing the sign in book, recruiting CUNY students for poll working, using city, discontinue the use of poll cards which slows up the sign in process, Landscape the ballot to allow for larger fonts that seniors can read, Collecting email from poll workers to be able to communicate with them, making sure the poll workers number they have on file are correct, assign the correct number of poll workers to each site and doing away with the canvas to count votes. * An Absurd Vote-Counting System(NYT)

Petitioning is the Reason Why the BOE Never Trys to Recuit More Competent Poll Workers 
Almost all the district leaders and good government types that testified ask for a change in the way poll workers were recruited, the New York World Blog reported.  The blog run by Columbia Journalism students did not ask nor did anyone at the hearing about the petitioning process, the real reason the BOE has stop all efforts to recruit more skill Election Day workers. Incumbent elected officials and the machine pay to play ballot access, give out inspector jobs to voters in their district who collect petitions to get them on the ballot. Brewer also never asked about the BOE infighting which delayed a plan for the closed polls till the last day, increasing the confusing at the polls.

Brewer Threw Her Hearing
Instead of question what went why thousands of voters were disenfranchised and inconvenienced on Election Day Chairwoman Brewer became Kellner’s and everyone else’s puppet as she allows them to testify only asking gentle questions which only enforced points to improve procedures at the board. She never asked why are bad system or policy was in place.  

When it comes to the BOE and the election law Kellner the is one eyed cyclops in a world full of blind.  He knows more than most.  But, his goal is to keep the machine in control of the BOE not restoring democracy to elections in NYC.  Kellner wants to be able to influence the BOE to develop a better Election Day plan and to manage it competently.  In the past they have stubbornly request many of his suggestions. 

Kellner’s Push and Stroke Game Plan
At the council hearings Kellner testified that the city failed to adequately prepare for increased voter turnout during this year's presidential election. Yet, he called the election an overall success.  “The fact is that there were a lot of jurisdictions throughout the United States that did far worse than New York City without the complications of Super storm Sandy,” Kellner said.  He even attacked some of the papers who he said have a habit of critizing the BOE.  Should they have congulated them for a well run Election Day. Many who attack the board on Election Day in editorials have remained silent ever since.  We are leaving that the conspiracy theorists.  

Media Clueless
Quinn On Board with Brewer, Kellner and Elected Officials to Clean Up the Board and Keep Political Machine Rule
WCBS TV reported that Speaker Quinn charged that New Yorkers have been faced with chaotic polling place procedures and poorly-trained workers and the problems must be fixed immediately. The speaker did not ask her questions to the BOE she was not around when they testified later in the afternoon.  She gave her suggestions to improve recruitment with CUNY students, allowing in-person early voting and increased access to absentee ballots to Kellner and Brewer. She had no interest in asking the BOE questions about how they operate. The Gothmist also reported that Quinn admitted that some of the issues the NYC BOE faced were the result of a lack of funding. What Quinn and nobody else at the hearing testified about was the fact that the speaker already has the power to change any procedure at the board.  The council speaker must confirm all ten of the board’s commissioner appointed by the GOP and Democratic Party leader in the city. On July 16, 2012 True News Wrote  The City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption At the BOE and Can Reform the Place If It Wanted Too

Voter Disenfranchisement is No Joke
The young reporter for New York World not only did not have a clue about the machine structure of the BOE or it history of incompetence and corrupt she took the political appointee deputy executive director of the Board of Elections Dawn Sandow at her word. In an interview with Sandow, NY World reporters Beth Morrissey wrote that Sandow said we need more money to change the way the board runs elections. Morrissey even wrote how Sandow said the waiting in a long line was ok in Disney World. “Voters sometimes need to bring a measure of patience to their civic duty, said Sandow.  She also quoted her as saying“Some people are camping out overnight for an iPhone.”  

560,798 Less Voters in 2012 Than In 2008 and Nobody Notices
If the young reporter would have spent a few minutes on Google she would have found dozens of stories about the BOE and Incompetence. She would have seen that the purchase of the voting machines by the BOE is under FBI investigating.  The reporter could have found the BOE has not had an executive director since the last one was shown the door two years ago after a ballot fix attempt.  That the BOE has trouble counting the votes at the end of the voting day.  She could have watch Sandow testify.  reading a long statement that was writing by her PR team.  Morrissey could have seen that Sandow who testified late in day did not look at Brewer as she read for 20 minutes.  It was only after the chairperson gave her a couple of softball questions that Sandow looked at her and smiled.  Understanding that everyone was in on the fix.* Board Of Election Still Counts Last Month's Affidavit Ballots(NY1)  * No Early Voting in NYS New York Ranked 42 of 50 in Voting Age Turnout 50.7% 2008.

Reports About the Board Incomptence Before This Years FU
$100 Million for New Voting Machines and Training And the BOE Can't Count to Allow A Sept Run Off
Moving mayoral primary since scanners can’t handle a runoff does not compute(NYDN)  NY1 Online: Board of Elections Commissioner Comments on Voting Issues  Baghdad Bob JC Polanco Part II* Tammany Hall Board of Election Control Goes On and On (True News) * Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) * History of BOE Corruption (True News) * City Board of Elections still stuck in its impotent rut - NY Daily News *Board of Elections botches another one: It missed 195,000 votes on Election Day (DN Ed)  * Rage Against the Machine: The Primary Day Voting Fiasco (WNBC) * Board of Incompetence: Elections hacks botch introduction of new voting machines (DN Ed)

As Big Change in Voting Approaches, Election Board Lacks a Leader (Gotham Gazette) Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play(CHN) * Bronx Boss to Select Election Boss (Bronx Political Chatter) * Let's fix elections board(NYP) * Queens Crap: Machine bullies candidate off ballot * New York’s Benighted The Board of Elections got new voting machines, but concocted an overly complicated counting process that creates delays. We shudder to think what will happen in the 2012 vote. (NYT Ed) * The city Board of Elections has to end its foolish method of counting votes (NYDN Ed)*  * The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election  * Board of Elections does nothing as hundreds of Bronx votes go missing  * Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice) * The NYC Board of Elections suspended an employee who’s also a top Queens GOP official, Stephen Graves, after he was caught on tape soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist. Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP) * Election Board's "Bungle George" Gonzalez Was Mayor Bloomberg's Baby(Village Voice)


Today's True News

NYP Seifman Quotes Unnamed Politicial Consulant Who Says Lesbian Leak Hurts de Blasio
There are no politicial consultants without an agenda in mayor's race the same for Gay Activists leaders who don't think the leak will hurt de Blasio quoted in the article
De Blasio lesbian ‘leak’ was political sapphotage(NYP)
The little-known lesbian past of Bill de Blasio’s wife was dropped on his mayoral campaign like a hot potato this week to try to stop him from gaining traction in the mayoral race, according to a top political operative.
“He was starting to get a little buzz,” said the operative, who has been involved in Democratic politics for three decades. “This is designed to prevent any growth beyond his rock-solid base.” A top political operative says the story about NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s wife’s lesbian past was leaked to stop the “buzz” developing around his mayoral campaign.* Capital New York’s Josh Benson has a balanced take on the controversy surrounding a certain report on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

Rudy Pals Pushing Lhota Into the Race

Rudy pals lure Lhota(NYP)Friends of Rudy Giuliani are launching a campaign to draft MTA boss Joe Lhota to run for mayor, sources said yesterday. “They want to draft Lhota. Lhota is a great guy. He would be a great mayor,” said former Staten Island Borough President and GOP power broker Guy Molinari.

Manhattan Republican leader Dan Isaacs said he welcomed Lhota to join the fray. “No one can dispute that he’s competent and has tremendous experience in city government,” Isaacs said.  Lhota would be wise to decide soon. Several GOP county leaders are strongly considering backing Democrat Adolfo Carrión, a former Bronx borough president, to run on the Republican line. * For the first time, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota acknowledged that he was considering running for mayor, adding that his wife is crunching the numbers to see if a campaign makes sense financially, the News writes * Joe Lhota Visits Washington To Ask For Aid, Fends Off Questions About A Mayoral Run (NY1) *
Another sure-tell sign Joe Lhota is considerin a run at(NYDN) * The involvement of MTA Chairman Joe Lhota’s wife, Tamara, a GOP fundraising powerhouse, has increased speculation that he will run for NYC mayor next year.


Politicians, Union Leaders Lend Thompson Support - Not Endorsement (WSJ)  A fundraiser for Bill Thompson features a slew of high profile politicians and union leaders, but that doesn't mean they endorse him.

Blow hard Baldwin rips into Quinn(NYP)

Campaign 2013   
Endorsements put Stringer in control of race for city (NYDN) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the latest elected official to endorse Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s run for city comptroller, as Stringer faces no real opposition for the position, the News reports * Ola Alabi, who ran an unsuccessful campaign against Walter Mosley for Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries‘ former district, looks like she’s ready to jump into the race for outgoing Councilwoman Tish James‘ seat based in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Yesterday, she filed campaign paperwork for the likely bid, joining a crowded field that includes local museum founder Laurie Cumbo and Councilman Jumaane Williams’ former chief of staff Ede Fox, among others. * The Perez Notes has a collection of other new council candidates looking at gearing up campaigns.* In the 19th District, County Nod Comes Down to Two Candidates(Barkin)*Cuomo’s Small-Dollar Donations

State Senate's Racial Divide Deepens
Black and Hispanic leaders are growing concerned about their standing in state government in light of the new power sharing agreement in the state Senate that has exposed power struggles fueled by race and personality
Diversity Takes Back Seat in New York State Senate Deal(NYT) In one of the most diverse states, Republicans and a group of dissident Democrats have taken control of the Senate with a coalition that would consist almost entirely of white lawmakers.* NY1 Online: Michael Gianaris Talks Effects Of IDC Teaming With GOP * Black and Latino lawmakers and leaders are growing increasingly vocal in their opposition to the IDC-GOP Senate coalition, which has just one black member: Sen. Malcolm Smith.* Cuomo responded to these concerns by going on Gov. David Paterson’s radio show and saying: “It’s not my place to get involved in internal legislative affairs.” * IDC member Sen. Dave Valesky said the relationship between his conference and the Senate GOP is based on “trust.”* Yes, the 41st SD ballot count is still ongoing. And Democrat Terry Gipson remains in the lead.

The head of the NAACP in New York, Hazel Dukes, criticized Cuomo over the power-sharing deal that blocks most black and Latino lawmakers from leadership roles. [Carl Campanile and Erik Kriss] * "[Malcolm] Smith is no stranger to shifting alliances in the Senate." [Rich Bockmann] * NAACP President Hazel Dukes sounded similarly unhappy in a letter he wrote to Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging him to take action. “This ‘cozy’ little cabal excludes women, gay and Hispanic legislators from most important leadership positions,” he argued. * One gets the feeling that Senator Mike Gianaris disagrees, however. On Inside City Hall he said the breakaway Democrats never gave them a chance. “I know what the members of the senate are saying and if there was some concern about who would be leader in all of the internal workings of the senate, let that conversation happen,” he said. “The truth is that there was never any real conversations that happened between Senator Klein’s group and ours. There was one meeting with Senator Sampson and then there was a lot of unreturned phone calls from that point forward.” * NAACP Prez Urges Cuomo To Break Up Senate’s ‘Cozy Little Cabal’(YNN) * Gianaris: Coalition Won’t Work(YNN) * RT : Sen. Jeff Klein, on the radio, is touting Bill Thompson for NYC mayor* Video: Up on the 19th floor of a housing project in NYC, still waiting for full recovery from the storm  * How long has Malcolm Smith been in GOP fold? (CrainsNY) * Malcolm Smith's migration to the IDC may have started last March (Capital) *  getting ugly. MT : . calls a "token" person of color in all white senate leadership coalition*Norman Seabrook Endorses Senate Coalition(YNN) * Joins TWU too: RT Norman Seabrook endorses the power share plan in the state Senate. Albany's version of Intrade. RT : The IDC's PAC now has more money in it than the SRCC and DSCC. * Sen. Malcolm Smith’s spokesman, Hank Sheinkopf, insists the senator’s “yes” vote on redistricting, (which gave him favorable lines), had nothing to do with his participation in the IDC-GOP alliance. * Sen. Dave Valesky insists the new Senate coaltion is “the opposite of a power play.”

Hevesi lawyer’s Estranged Father Had Financal Relationship with the Judges Who Heard Alan's Case
Hevesi’s judge retiring amid probe (NYDN) The judge who oversaw the massive state pension fund pay-to-play scandal criminal cases is retiring amid an investigation into his own conduct on the bench. Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice Lewis Bart Stone announced Wednesday he was retiring, citing his age, 74, to one news agency. What he didn’t say was that disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi’s lawyer, Bradley Simon, had filed a conflict-of-interest complaint last year against him with the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, sparking an investigation that is still active.Before Hevesi was sentenced in March 2011, Simon complained that Stone had failed to make public that he had a financial relationship with the lawyer’s estranged father. Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Bart Stone, who oversaw the massive state pension fund pay-to-play scandal criminal cases, is retiring amid an investigation into his own conduct on the bench following a complaint filed by ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s attorney.

Former state senator Hiram Monserrate should serve 27 months in prison, federal prosecutors urged. [Bruce Golding]

Driver Not Guilty

Catholic schools’ plight: Successful and endangered(NYP Ed) * DOE Audit Shows It Paid Some Illegitimate Bills(NY1) New York City could be liable for up to $455 million in damages after a federal court ruled in a 16-year old case that a teacher-certification exam discriminated against black and Hispanic applicants, the Post reports:  * The News writes that New York should focus on improving its schools' proficiency in math and science in order to attract tech manufacturers like Apple to the state: * School math fail: Consultants billed bogus ‘work’ on holidays, (NYDN) * Liu's most recent audit found the city Department of Education paid consultants for work they probably didn't do. [Rachel Monahan]

King Bloomberg Cannot Hold Back the Sea or Pay to Do So
Empty Offices Seem Poised to Remain So for Months(NYT) * Mayor Pledges to Rebuild and Fortify Coast(NYT) * A King, Like the Mayor, Can’t Hold Back the Seas(NYT) * Sandy's 'New Reality'(WSJ) Two-thirds of all New York City homes damaged by Sandy were outside of FEMA's existing 100-year flood zone, Mayor Bloomberg said, calling for an immediate redrawing of the maps to reflect current conditions.* After Sandy, Bloomberg Calls for Redrawn Flood Maps(WSJ) Mayor Bloomberg called for an immediate redrawing of flood zone and evacuation maps in a speech made on Thursday, but rejected the idea of building a sea wall as too expensive  

Transit Officials Ask Congress for Billions in Storm Aid(NYT) New York transportation officials told a Senate panel in Washington that it would cost more than $7 billion to repair the damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted on the transit system, and billions more to upgrade the systems * Bloomberg Launches Study To Make City Better Prepared For Extreme Weather(NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: SI Man Says FEMA Representative Discriminated Against Him, Reported False Information * Liu To Use Pension Funds To Aid Sandy Rebuilding Efforts(NY1) * The Times’ Jim Dwyer writes of the struggles that companies like Verizon are facing in getting commercial buildings in Lower Manhattan back up and running after Hurricane Sandy: * Beacon Programs get new life through their role during  (NYDN)
* Peninsula nursing home under duress, sources say(NYDN)* Frustrated Storm Victims Want To Know Who Will Pay For Sandy(WCBS) *AG Eric Schneiderman is ramping up the pressure on StubHub to make clear how the proceeds of a Sandy benefit concert will be used.* Mayor: City's shoreline, including Staten Island, will be SI Advance) * "Chris Christie got something Thursday that Gov. Cuomo did not: face time with President Obama. [Ken Lovett and Joseph Straw]* FEMA Closes Recovery Center In Belle Harbor * West Village Rec Center Closed Indefinitely After Sandy(DNAINFO) * Doe Fund Won't Clean East 86th Street Anymore, Citing Hurricane Sandy(DNAINFO)
* Mold concerns at Rockaway school(NYDN) *
FEMA workers sat idle in days after Sandy: report(NYDN) *
Retired cop to save Christmas for Sandy victims(NYP)
* Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel will reopen to all traffic in time (SI Advance)
* City, Real Estate Industry Launch Housing Plan For Sandy(NY1)
* Intrepid Museum Works To Clean Up And Reopen After Sand (NY1)

A bike share station at the Navy Yards, in sunnier days. (Brooklyn Spoke)Sandy Gears: Despite Hurricane Damage, DOT Says Bike Share Will Launch In May(NYO)Newly Delayed Bike Share Program Is Now to Begin in May (NYT) * Citi Bike program postponed till May(NYDN)

Obama Sandy Deal  S60.4 Billion

ken lovett@klnynews Cuomo/Christie: "We thank President Obama for his steadfast commitment of support and look forward to continuing our partnership”

Marked-up tickets for storm relief concert is no help to victims(NYP)* StubHub Under Fire for Sandy Concert Scalpers (WSJ)

How the Fiscal Cliff Would Hurt NYC

State Comptroller: "Fiscal Cliff" Would Bring $43B In Tax Increases To New York(NY1) 

 NY could get fiscal stiffed out of $43B(NYP)Going over the fiscal cliff would cost New Yorkers $43 billion in tax hikes, and the state would lose over $600 million in federal services state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned yesterday

In his remarks at a leadership summit, Mayor Bloomberg said that the country needs to overhaul its immigration laws to lure the technology jobs of the future, calling the current immigration policy “national suicide”, the News writes: 

State thruway officials are looking at an alternative to a 45 percent toll increase on trucks that would raise up to $90 million in revenue, The Buffalo News reports:

The NYT urges Democrats and Republicans considering caps on federal income-tax deductions as part of a fiscal cliff deal to look elsewhere.* NYC shivers from Citi's big job axe(Crains NY)

Koch on mend(NYDN)

The state Thruway Authority board has set a meeting for Dec. 17 but still won’t say when it plans to consider a longstanding proposal for a “modest” 45-percent increase in tolls for truckers. 

Participants in Talks on a Budget Deal Shrink to Two(NYT)House Speaker John A. Boehner asked to exclude other leaders, leaving it to him and President Obama to reach an agreement.* U.S. Shifts Terror Fight To Africa(WSJ) * Christie Rebuffs Health Exchange(WSJ) * Sandy-Aid Request Looming in Capitol(WSJ) * Hillary returning to Northern Ireland today on one of her last foreign trips as US secretary of state.* Stephen Colbert Would Like To Replace Jim DeMint In The Senate, As Everyone Expected(Huff Post)
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Hurricane Sandy Can’t Keep November’s Jobs Report Down(NY Mag)
Both Romney and Obama ran $1 billion campaigns(Wash Post)
U.S. Adds 146,000 Jobs; Jobless Rate Falls to 7.7%(NYT)

Details of President Obama’s second inauguration have been announced.
Presenting...our inaugural edition of "This Week on the Hill"(PBS)
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Hillary Clinton will testify in open hearing on Benghazi attacks
Supreme Court to take up Prop. 8, Defense of Marriage Act 


Journalism Industry Reels From Week Of Job Cuts(Huff Post)

Law and Order

Hasidic ‘power perv’ (NYP) Prosecutors say he was a feared power broker in the most insular of Orthodox Jewish sects in Brooklyn who thought he could get away with anything — including the alleged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl.* Molloy: Teen abuse trial questions Jewish group's custo(NYDN) * A loophole allowing religious nonprofits to avoid auditing from the state needs to change, one newspaper editorial board urged. [New York Post]* Lawyer for Accused Orthodox Sex Abuser Likens Case to Salem Witch Trials(DNAINFO) * Jury deliberating in abuse case of NY counselor * 'Split right down the middle': Released juror would have …(

Subway sadness (NYP) She couldn’t let go. Ashley Han, whose beloved father was shoved to his death in front of a subway train, clutched a photo of the tragic victim throughout a heartbreaking day of memorial services yesterday.* Subway pusher Naeem Davis was high on weed.(NY Mag)

City Settles With Disabled People Fraudulently Adopted in ’90s and Abused(NYT)

  [image] Prosecutors Target Doctor in Overdoses (WSJ) An anesthesiologist who ran a weekend clinic in Queens where patients seeking painkiller prescriptions allegedly received numbers like customers at a deli counter was charged in four fatal overdoses * Man Scrambles from Subway Tracks Just in Time(NBC)

Transsexual hooker takes stand against FDNY ex and accuses him of violence during their split(NYP)

Queens Doctor Is Charged in Two Deaths(NYT)Dr. Stan Xuhui Li is accused of prescribing pain medicine for medically unsound reasons to 20 patients, seven of whom have died.* Brooklyn man gets 5 years in credit purge scam(NYDN)

Sandy soaks rob trial(NYP) * NYPD seeks public's help in ID of suspect(Fox 5) *
Robber Targets Senior Women in Bronx(NBC)

New York State Is Sued Over Use of Isolation in Its Prisons(NYT) * Suit Targets Solitary Confinement(WSJ) * NYPD seeks public's help in ID of suspect(WSJ) * NYPD sergeant gets probation in perjury case(WSJ) * The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of New York state’s policies on the use of solitary confinement in its prisons, which are said to be among the most oppressive in the nation, the Times-Union writes:

Burns journo spurno (NYP) He may be an award-winning documentary filmmaker, but PBS icon Ken Burns’ latest project isn’t “independent journalism,” the city says. City lawyers are asking a judge to reject Burns’ claim of “journalistic privilege” and make him immediately hand over raw footage and outtakes from his new movie on the infamous “Central Park Jogger” rape case.
Killer cop guilty of car horror(NYP) * Detective Who Hit Pedestrian Is Convicted of Manslaughter(NYT)
* Ex-detective guilty of second-degree manslaughter for killing (NYDN)
* After Handcuffing, Officer to Be Charged With Unlawful Imprisonment(NYT)
* Pillow-carrying mobster gets 24 months in jail(NYDN)
* Bonanno mob underboss gets 2 years in racketeering case(NYP)
* Gunman Tries to Rob Man, 73, in Elevator(NBC)
Terrorism The Post lauds the efforts of the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance for building a “rock-solid” case against a terrorist who plotted to blow up several Manhattan synagogues and churches: