Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NYT Does Not Care About New Yorkers Right to Vote

Yesterday True News Uncovered More Corruption At the Board of Election that Caused Many Sick and Elderly New Yorkers to Leave the Polling Sites Last Election Day Without Voting

Yesterday True News Exclusive
BOE Corruption Investigation

True News Has Confirmed From A Current Top Executive That BOE warehouse employee Phil Ragusa the nephew of the Queens GOP leader is on the payroll of ESS as A Paid Consultant.  More

Media As Puppetmasters as Pols, Pregressives and Liberals Shut Up
The Media Will Report Efforts to Go Back to the Old Machines But Will Not Investigate the Corrupt Reasons Why the City Choose The Scanners That Cannot Do the Job

Not Only is Investigative Reporting in NYC Dead, But As Importantly the Public and Media Ability To Further Those Investigations is Also Dead

This is the Lastest Story the NYT Wrote About the BOE Slow Count
Date November 6, 2012 . . .  It Has Not Written About the BOE in Over A Year
Chaos at New York City Polls Amid New Rules and Voting Machines(NYT)
The only time the NYT wrote about the BOE inability to count the votes when it did an editoral to help the candidate they are supporting for mayor with a quick primary . * Move New York City’s Primaries to June(NYT) *Primary Dysfunction: Timing The New York City Primary | City & State

NYT is Rightly Concerned About Voting Rights In Others States But What About New York?

A Universal Right to Vote(NYT Ed) New legal protections are needed to expand the guarantee of ballot access in every state

Campaign 2013

Lhota Warns City's Gains Are 'Fragile' (WSJ) In his underdog bid for mayor, Republican Joseph Lhota is traveling around New York with a warning: The city might be healthy now, but if voters elect a Democrat in November, it could quickly get sick again. 

Quinn's Declared Candidacy Marks New Phase In Mayor's Race(NY1) NY1 Online: Quinn Offers Her Plans For NYC(NY1)
* Piers Morgan asked Quinn if her opposition to the soda ban was connected to campaign donations from Coca-Cola. [CNN]
Quinn Lags on Overrides(WSJ) Speaker Has Led Fewer Drives to Overturn Mayoral Vetoes Than Her Predecessors

The Brooklyn Republican county chairman, who was supportive of Adolfo Carrion Jr., is now "leaning heavily" toward John Catsimatidis. [Colin Campbell]

FIVE BOROUGH BALLOT: The latest installment of our 2013 New York City election series finds that the top issues in Brownsville, Brooklyn, are fear of teens – and fear for teens:(City and State)

GOP COURTS BLACK VOTERS IN BROOKLYN: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and state Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox hosted a handful of African-Americans at a “listening session” aimed at figuring out how the party could attract minority voters(City and State) * Prominent Brooklyn Pastor May Trade Mayoral Ambitions For GOP Leadership Role(NY1) * Reince Priebus Courts African-Americans in Romney-Razed Brooklyn(NY1)


Bill Thompson was the only mayoral candidate to attend a meeting of the Panel for Education Policy, where some members tried blocking the current mayor from shutting down and co-locating schools. [Vivian Yee]

John Liu
Sources Say John Liu Will Announce Mayoral Campaign Sunday(NYO)
John Liu's mystery spox reportedly confirms kickoff * Funny how some things work. City Comptroller John Liu's office responded to a Politicker posting that he plans to formally announce for mayor on Sunday with a confirmation -- from a no-name e-mail account. The posting is here. Maybe, instead of going the traditional route, the Liu campaign can next whisper the details of the announcement by calling reporters from an ID-blocked cell phone....

Brooklyn GOP Now 'Leaning Heavily' Towards Endorsing John Catsimatidis
George Pataki, About to Endorse John Catsimatidis, Has Also Received 30K From Him | The Barkan Report:

come on . this clip of laughing on should have be a gif by now.

WFP Data and Field Remembered
At Sunday’s “Women for de Blasio,” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio also rolled out the endorsement of ACORN organizer Bertha Lewis. “When I was in the right-wing gulag, people would cross the street, didn’t want to be seen with me. All of a sudden, people forgot my name. All of a sudden, ‘ACORN’ was the word that people dare not speak.” Ms. Lewis said. “Let me tell you one thing about this man who is proud to say he’s a liberal, who’s proud to say he’s severely progressive. … This man was right beside me when others ran away.” 

Bill de Blasio doesn't list the name of donors who give less than $1,000 to the nonprofit he controls, and his aides said listing any donors at all is more than what many others do. [Sally Goldenberg]* " produced a complete list of contributors after The Post asked for it," via

MTA Record Rider and Rats

Subways smash 1940s rider record (NYP) The city’s subway system last year clocked its highest ridership since Harry Truman was president, driven mostly by an influx of young people, officials said.  More than 1.654 billion subway trips were made in 2012, a 13.7 million increase over 2011.*
MTA sets ridership record despite Hurricane Sandy losse (WABC)

As Rats Persist, Transit Agency Hopes to Curb Their Births(NYT) The Metropolitan Transportation Authority detailed plans for a pilot program aimed at sterilization, using a product that would be placed in bait boxes inside the authority’s trash rooms. * NYC to test sterility product on rats(WSJ)

NYPD Reports Dip In Subway Crime(NY1)

Political Corruption

Hiram’s tooth br‘ache’: Pol's dental work delays jail(NYP) * Monserrate’s two-year jail sentence on corruption charges was delayed an extra month because of several recent root-canal procedures* Dental work delays start of Hiram Monserrate's prison s (NYDN) * More on Monserrate. [Robert Gearty]

3 Days in A Row Lopez Pounded By the Daily News
Not A Word About Those Paying the Hush Fund

Vito Lopez, serial groper and leech, is an affront to public office(NYDN Ed) The Assembly has to be freed of dirty old man

Revolting Assemblyman Vito Lopez dreamed of living in a place where he could legally bed underage girls: News source(NYDN)The beseiged 71-year-old former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss has been accused of sexually harassing interns in his Assembly office, even suggesting that one of his office hands dress sexier — like his former 14-year-old intern, according to sources. Last Friday, the publication ran, “EXCLUSIVE: Vito Lopez’s ogling of teen intern led to 911 calls by staffer and her mother.” 

The Meng Family
Rep. Grace Meng is experiencing the highs and lows of being a public figure in an 18-hour span. Her former Assembly colleagues stood and applauded her entry onto the floor on Monday, and she joined Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli for a fund-raiser in downtown Albany in the evening. Her father, former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, will be sentenced in federal court on Tuesday morning after pleading guilty last year to wire fraud for soliciting $80,000 from a state court defendant and promising to use the money to bribe prosecutors. Legislators said Meng did not address her father’s plight when she visited the chamber. She returns to New York on Tuesday but it is unclear whether she will accompany her father to his hearing. A Meng spokesman did not return a request for comment.(City and State)

Ticket Fixing

Ticket-probe DA hit with moving violation(NYP)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip(True News)

NYS Government
Minimum Wage
GOP Shifts Minimum-Wage Stance(WSJ)*  State Senate Republicans have drafted a resolution acknowledging that the minimum wage level has not kept up with the rate of inflation over the years, suggesting a willingness to raise the state’s wage over the next three years, The Buffalo News writes:  * Albany Supports Higher Minimum Wage, But Definite Number Remains Unclear(NY1) After insisting for more than a year that hiking the state’s minimum wage would boost unemployment in New York, Senate Republicans signaled a willingness to move the wage levels higher over a three-year period. The Republicans did not specify the rate to which they would be willing to raise the state’s hourly wage. IDC leader Jeff Klein was spinning a different version of the Senate resolution’s inclusion of minimum wage. Cuomo called this a “sign of progress,” but Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was skeptical. IDC member Malcolm Smith said increasing the minimum wage will decrease the number of summer youth employment slots available.

In their respective “one-house” budget resolutions the state Senate coalition leadership eliminated an energy tax surcharge on businesses and increases school state aid, while Assembly Democrats added $200 million to Superstorm Sandy recovery programs, the Times-Union reports: * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond believes that Gov. Cuomo no longer has the appetite for hardball tactics in regard to the state budget, as evidenced by his tentative approach to casinos and raising the minimum wage:* The Senate resolution, crafted by Republicans and the IDC, removes $3.2 million slated for the state police to implement the new firearms restrictions, and strips away $32.7 million for a state database of pistol permits.* Bloomberg’s proposed budget proposes “significant” risks in the out years, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.
State Senate budget bill slashes money for Cuomo's gun control law (NYDN)
AG Eric Schneiderman’s office defended the governor’s use of messages of necessity in response to a lawsuit challenging the SAFE Act.  Gun rights activists, hunters and others unleashed a fusillade of criticism for the state’s sweeping new gun control law and rallied behind the call of one Albany County lawmaker to repeal it.* The state Division of Criminal Justice and Office of Mental Health released a 22-minute video outlining how mental health professionals must report patients who are considered dangerous to comply with the SAFE Act.

DiNapoli Goes Nuclear
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is harnessing the power of the state’s pension system to urge three nuclear power companies in which the pension fund owns stock to change how they store used nuclear fuel, including Indian Point’s owner, LoHud writes:

Open Government
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise: “By consolidating communications in Albany, Gov. Cuomo has built up something in the direction of “1984″‘s Ministry of Truth – a shameful thing in this land of the free.” "We can think of many, many times when we got bad information .. from official spokespeople."  * The governor announced appointments to the Committee on Open Government.

Republican Assembly members unveiled the Casino Gaming Transparency Act.  

Headline of the Day: “Cuomo’s third-year slump.”  
Where has Andrew Cuomo gone? 

NYC Government

City Announces New Goal for Public Housing Repairs, but With Big Caveat(NYT) The New York City Housing Authority said it hoped to cut the backlog of pending orders by year’s end, but also said the timetable was threatened by federal spending cuts. * City Making Progress On Maintenance Backlog At Public Housing Developments(NY1) * NYCHA officials: On track to eliminate 422K repairs bac(NYDN)

Schools slated to close(NYP)* Panel Rejects Proposal to Stop School Closings(NYT) The vote at a tense and often raucous meeting meant current plans to close, co-locate or phase out struggling public schools would move forward. New York City’s Panel for Educational Policy rejected a proposal to withdraw current plans to close, co-locate or phase out struggling public schools, shifting the job of reversing Bloomberg’s education policy to the next mayor* Panel votes to close 22 low-performing NYC schools(WSJ) * Education Panel Votes To Phase Out 22 Public Schools(NY1) * Department of Education to Phase Out 22 NYC Schools(NBC) * LIST: 22 NYC Schools Slated for Closure(NBC)New Website Gives Detailed Statistics On City Public Schools

Bloomberg reflects on a decade of 311. [Dana Rubinstein

PM Update Hit Hard by Obesity, but Rallying for Soda(NYT)

Mike’s ban goes pop(NYP Ed) * Judge Blocks New York City’s Limits on Big Sugary Drinks(NYT) * Judge in Soda Ruling Is Wary of Government’s Power(NYT) Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr. of State Supreme Court in Manhattan has displayed a keen sensitivity to the clout of government, and a willingness to push back when it may be going too far.

Cheering a Setback to the City’s Drink Limits(NYP) * Judge Cans Soda Ban(WSJ) * Judge Cans Soda Ban(WSJ) * Read the Judge's Ruling  * City To Appeal Legal Block Of Ban On Large Sugary Drinks(NY1) * Bloomberg's supersized ego does in soda ban(NYDN)*On Letterman, Bloomberg Defends Big Soda Ban, Gives Cheez-Its a Pass(NY Mag)
*Bloomberg discussed the court’s overturning of his soda ban with David Letterman.* The NY Post raises “a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper to Judge Tingling” and hope his ruling sticks. "Nobody bests the fizz" [David Seifman, Julia Marsh and Bob Fredericks]* One editorial page disagrees with Tingling. [Daily News]* Bloomberg Again Blasts Court Ruling on Large Sugary Drinks(NYT)
* Cheering a Setback to the City’s Drink Limits(NYT) * Views Mixed After Limits on Sweet Drinks Are Blocked(NYT)
* Day After Sugary Drink Ban Fizzles, Mayor Seeks Volunteers(Ny1)8
* Behind Soda Industry’s Win, a Phalanx of Sponsored Minority Groups (NYT)* Bloomberg Confronts Limits of Mayoral Authority as Courts Block Initiatives(NYT)
* Soda Legal Battle May Outlast Bloomberg’s Tenure(NYT)
*Judge cans nanny's ban on sweet big sodas(NYP)

Soda judge Milton Tingling finds himself in the spotlig(NYDN)

The Times’ Michael Powell criticizes the Bloomberg administration’s advertising campaign against teen pregnancy that aims to shame teenage parents and scare teenage girls by warning of bad consequences should they get pregnant: 
Tenants Worried by Plans to Build Near City Projects(NYT) New York City wants to raise revenue by leasing open land on the grounds of its housing projects, stirring deep concerns among residents wary of gentrification.


Recording Williamsburg’s Latest Transformation, and Raging Against It(NYT) A Princeton University film professor documented, and lamented, the effects of rezoning to the Brooklyn neighborhood and the raw emotions that still exist.


Queens official to banks: Speed Sandy funds(NYDN)*
Suit: Disabled left out of city's disaster plans(NYDN)*
Storm victim is asked to return money(Fox 5)
Building code inspectors are the “unsung heroes” of Sandy.
Brace yourself, subway riders: sea Sandy repairs will mean frequent service disruptions:
Cuomo submitted New York’s “action plan” for using federal money for homeowners and businesses hit by superstorm Sandy, earmarking $171 million for home buyouts. 
NY1 For You: Months After Sandy, S.I. Couple Cannot Get Aid For Home Repairs
In New York, a Backlog of Tree-Stump Removal(NYT)
Two City Sandy Rebuilding Projects To Receive Full Federal Funding  ___________________________________________________________________________________

Koch Willed Secretary $100,000 From $10 Million Estate(NYT)  As an unpretentious politician, Edward I. Koch never flaunted his wealth and lived a relatively modest lifestyle in a rent-controlled apartment on lower Fifth Avenue. The details of the late New York City Mayor Ed Koch’s will showed that he left $850,000 in specific bequests, including $100,000 to his secretary, Mary Garrigan, and an estimated $9 or $10 million more to his family * The Will of Koch: Legacy, Family(WSJ) * Former Mayor Koch Bequeaths $100K To Longtime Secretary(NY1)


‘Phony’ TV louse Lauer tries to save his job — and his soul(NYP) * Matt Lauer wanted Couric instead of Curry for 'Today'(NYP) * Too little, too late to save ‘phony’ TV louse(Peyser, NYP)

JOHN PODHORETZ: The evitable fall of Time, Inc.(NYP)

In President’s Outreach to G.O.P., Past Failures Loom(NYT)
U.S. Demands China Stop Hacking(WSJ)
Obama Heads to Capitol Hill in Search of Deficit Deal(ABC)
The GOP Plan to Balance the Budget by 2023 - Rep. Paul Ryan, Wall St. Jrnl
Ryan Budget Plan Is Same Old Trickery - Rep. Steny Hoyer, Politico
To Save Medicare, Change the Model - James Capretta, USA Today
The Problem Is Today's Deficits Are Too Small - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Debt Has Soared by $5.5T Since Last Senate Budget - John Merline, IBD
Judge Blocks Mayor's Ban on Sugary Drinks - Michael Gyrnbaum, NY Times
Detroit: An American Autopsy - Charles Hurt, Breitbart
Surge of Black Voters Wasn't Mitt's Undoing - Brent Larkin, Cleveland PD
Ghost of Romney Haunts Republican Outreach - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed
Conservatism & the Search for Apostates - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Doubters Should Take Another Look at Paul - John Fund, National Review
The Donald, Gov Snubs Pose Risks for CPAC - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Will North Korea Resume the Korean War? - George Friedman, Stratfor
To Hell With Karzai - Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
What If You Get a Bad Pope? - Jeremy Lott, RealClearReligion
18-Year-Olds Are Too Young to Be in Porn - Charles Lane, Washington Post
The Rampant Sexualization of America's Children - Dr. Keith Ablow, FOX
Nanny Mike's Soda Ban Goes Pop - New York Post
U.S. Not Ready for a Cyberwar - Washington Post
Paul Ryan Is Wrong on Medicare - USA Today
We Stand With Rand - Harvard Crimson
Poll: Hillary The Most Popular New York Political Figure 
Ryan Budget Plan Aims to Roll Back Obama Agenda(NYT)
Spy Chief Calls Cyberattacks Top Threat to U.S.(NYT)
Ryan Budget Plan Aims to Roll Back Obama Agenda(NYT)
Obama meets with Senate Democrats
Obama Rejects Ryan’s Budget, Says ‘My Goal Is Not To Chase A Balanced Budget Just For The Sake Of Balance’

Law and Order

Jury finds Gilberto Valle guilty of 'heinous plot' to kidnap, eat women - including his own wife(NYP)Police Officer Guilty in Plot to Kill and Eat Women(NYT) * The Cannibal Cop is cooked (The Daily Beast) * ‘Ugly Thoughts’ Defense Fails; Officer Guilty in Cannibal Plot(NYT)

Many Hurdles to Proving a Fatal Crash Is a Felon(NYP)

Ray Kelly, councilman verbally spar over riot response during candlelight vigil  (NYP)verbal war erupted between Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and City Councilman Jumaane Williams this morning over a riot that broke out last night in Williams’ district.  Williams (D-Brooklyn) *
Kelly and Williams debate the causes of last night's post-vigil violence in Brooklyn(Capital)

Cleanup in aisle 1: Teen's ‘mourners’ trash Brooklyn shops (NYP)  A vigil for a teenager fatally shot by cops turned into a riot in Brooklyn last night, as a mob of outraged thugs ransacked stores, broke car windows and assaulted residents in East Flatbush. * Vigil for Brooklyn Teenager Fatally Shot by the Police Turns Violent(NYT) * East Flatbush Residents Express Anger During Protest Of Armed Teen's Fatal Shooting By Police(NY1) * Wild confrontation breaks out in Brooklyn following candlelight(NYDN) * Riot outside precinct in Brooklyn(Fox 5)* 'It was like the end of the world': Riot breaks out at Brooklyn vigil for teen shot by cops as marchers 'smash windows, jump on top of cars, try to storm local businesses' * Protest Erupts At Brooklyn Vigil For Teen Shot By Police (NY1) * Ray Kelly Wouldn’t Call Brooklyn Protest a ‘Riot’; Jumaane Williams Would(NY1) * Videos Show Store Rampage by Protesters From Vigil(NYT) * Ray Kelly & debate the causes of last night's post-vigil violence in Brooklyn

In the Post, Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, argues that assertive New York Police Department policing lowers the prison population

Psychiatrist, Also a Victim, Recalls David Tarloff’s Actions on Night of Therapist’s Murder(NYT)

Looting fines hiked (NYP) Looters, beware!  City lawmakers are moving to toughen the penalties for anyone caught ripping off homes or businesses during a disaster — and prevent a repeat of looting that took place during Hurricane Sandy.

I’ll have a hero! 7-Eleven clerk saves four in shooting(NYP)
 Thieves lifting iPhones while straphangers sleep(NYDN)
'Central Park 5' man hopes for second exoneration in new park assault charge(NYP)

Two killed, mutilated in ill-fated drug dealers robbery(NYP)
Bank manager busted after allegedly swiping nearly $300G(NYP)
Man Admits Stealing Fixtures From a Bronx Cemetery(NYT)
Bad Samaritan gets 20 years for raping drunk woman (NYP) He was a really bad Samaritan -- telling a drunken young woman that he was the West Village "neighborhood watchman" and could help her, only to rape and beat her in a Perry Street stairwell -- but now, monstrous Ivan Ramos is going to prison for 20.

Shrink hubby’s horror: He weeps at grisly slay pics at Tarloff trial  (NYP) The wreckage wrought by a madman’s cleaver was on grisly, heartbreaking display in a Manhattan murder trial yesterday, repeatedly bringing the victim’s husband to tears. “I just want to get it over with,” the husband, Walter Adam * Trial of a Therapist’s Killer Will Hinge on Frame of Mind(NYT)

EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Gotti told niece not to cooperate with(NYDN)

Jury convicts man who shot his parole officer(NYDN)
Suspect Charged With Murder Of Men Found In Queens Brush Fire(NY1)
Bid to nix Jews on jury rejected (NYP) A judge yesterday tossed out a defense attorney’s proposal to ban Jewish people from serving as jurors at the trial of a Staten Island man who allegedly wanted to join the Taliban

Rep. Peter King no longer supports a new policy to allow small knives on airplanes. [Dan Friedman]