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Seddio: Leave the Gun Take the Cannolis

Maddow: No Winner In This Debate, But There Is A Loser -- Jim Lehrer (VIDEO) *  Twitter verdict on debate moderator Lehrer: 'Poor Jim' (by ) * final takeaway: Mitt finally shook the etch-a-sketch- the moderate re-emerged. He flip-flops like he's been tasered, but hey, he's a winner!*
He couldn't say ANY of these words: "47%" "BainCapital" "FlipFlop" "Bush" "Detroit"

"Women(&women's issues)" Fire all debate consultants now* watching MSNBC discuss the debate is like watching the Titanic discuss the iceberg.* Candy Crowley weighing in on Lehrer's performance. Says, "in the end, this debate is brought to you by these candidates."*   Obama campaign missing from spin alley. Romney campaign there in full force. * Chris Christie was right again. Tonight's debate has changed the trajectory of this race.* CNN debate rxn: Obama "listless," Romney "finally able to connect" * Mitt Romney’s 5 best lines * Obama's 5 best debate lines   * He couldn't say ANY of these words: "47%" "BainCapital" "FlipFlop" "Bush" "Detroit" "Women(&women's issues)" Fire all debate consultants now*

Yes, Mitt Romney won the debate. How do I know? MSNBC is in full meltdown.* CBS KN instant reaction poll: Big win for Romney. By 46-22 say think won, 56% have better opinion of Romney, Romney cares up from 30 to 63* Chris Matthews Unloads On Obama: "Where Was Obama Tonight…What Was He Doing?" via * Obama played too much prevent defense tonight. That wasn't a good strategy for those who tried it in the primaries. * more post-debate CNN poll: Who Seemed to Be Stronger Leader? Romney 58% - Obama 37%

In Forceful Words of First Debate, a Blizzard of Statistics(NYT) * Mitt Romney tells President Obama he is not ‘entitled’ to his own facts * Chris Matthews’ Epic Meltdown Over Obama Performance: ‘What Was He Doing Tonight?’
* I'd be surprised if tonight didn't move the head to head polls some (in Romney's direction)* Michael Moore Tweets: This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach.* Frank Luntz: "I have not had a focus group that swung this much. This is overwhelming for Romney. This is a big deal."


Pedro Keeps His Lawyer
Espada’s Lawyer Tries, and Fails, to Quit Tax Evasion Case(NYT)


It's About What the Reformers Don't Know or Want to Know

New Brooklyn Boss Frank Seddio visited a reform club last week and told the members that there is no corruption in the Kings County courts, told them patronage is not a bad thing and promised more transparency, as he served them cannolis he brought for them.  A couple of days before his visit the Daily News called his word worthless because he went back on his promised to release documents related to a state Commission on Judicial Conduct investigation of his conduct while running for Surrogate judge. The problem the reformers have with Seddio is that except for the Daily News warning the press has done very little to inform them who is the real Frank Seddio.  There is a lot to be learned by investigating how Seddio used the machine and government to make $$$ and remain in power in a community with dramatic racial change and his loss of ability to deliver the vote.  

But one reaction from Seddio at a candidates night forum back in February can give the reformers a lot of answer who they are dealing with. A question was asked by the moderator of Seddio who at that time already started his campaign for City Council in a special that he though would be held to replace Lew Filder who he and most everyone else expect at that time to win a race to replace the corrupt Frank Seddio Kruger friend.  Moderator Mark Fertig asked Seddio and the other candidates running if Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano should be fired because of her involvement in the Kruger scandal.  Seddio did not only answer the question but he called Fertig a very inappropriate name.  In the movie the Godfather we learn more about who the real Godfather was after Peter Clemenza bumps off the Michael's driver, for conspiring with the Tattaglia family, when Clemenza says Leave the Gun Take the Cannolis(Video)

Turano Is Still Planning Board Manager After the Feds Called Her A Bag Woman for Kruger
It is clear from the guilty plea of Kruger and his lobbyist Lipsky that Planning Board 18 manager Dorothy Turano was deeply involved in the Kruger corruption.  Yet astonishly she still remains as chairman of that board.  Dorothy Turano, Kruger's longtime companion, chief political partner and beneficiary, mother of his alleged domestic partner, and district manager of CB 18 for 22 years, has, at least so far, remains untouched.  When questions were raised about her connections to the Kruger corruption Seddio cursed out the questioner.  Was Seddio just being nice to a friend or protecting his own ass? Does Dorothy have the goods on Seddio?  While we many never know because the feds seem to have move on after Kruger guilty plea and the Brooklyn DA would never touch anything connected to the TJ Club will might never know if it was only left to the prosecutors. It is now up the press and the reformers to find out why Turano is still in charge of Community Board 18.  They can start with an important clue in the inditement of Kurger that connect Kruger, Dorothy Turano and Seddio in a scam that paid Kruger $472,500 in bribes.

Turano Changed Her Vote On Which Big Box Store She Wanted in Canarsie Plaza
From her perch at the community board, prosecutors suggest, Dorothy might have played her own small part in the Kruger corruption. The federal complaint states that another developer had put proposed a supermarket and home improvement store at the Canarsie Plaza site in 2004, but Turano shot it down, claiming, “Decisions are not made in this community unless they are presented to elected officials.”

 After rejecting plans for a retail development at a vacant site in 2004, she and the board approved a similar proposal in March 2007. Within a few weeks, a developer Aaron Malinsky involved in the proposal began sending checks totaling $472,500 to Michael’s (Dorothy son) bank accounts. The Feds say a check was even delivered to Kruger house where Dorothy and her sons lived with the state senator.  In 2004 Seddio represented small businesses at Canarsie Plaza who opposed building a Home Depot on that site.   In 2007 he worked for and pushed for BJs according to Fertig.

 In 2007 when a BJ was chosen for that site with a different developer (the developer who the indictment said sent checks to Turaino house) Frank Seddio small business group changed their mind and accepted BJ’s at Canarsie Plaza.  The Feds say Kruger partner Michael Dorothy son was delivered the bribe money shortly after the voteFidler’s decision not to call for Turano’s ouster could provide an opportunity for further attacks by his GOP opponents, but Storobin has not returned a request for comment on Turano’s situation * Dorothy Turano, Kruger ally and partner, ducks and weaves at CB18 meeting Once the meeting ended, a beefy board member flanked Turano as local powerbroker Frank Seddio, who was Community Board 18’s district manager before becoming an Assemblyman, surrogate court judge and democratic district leader, led her to his car.  * “I don’t know what will happen with Carl Kruger but anytime I have dealt with him he has been an honest broker,” Seddio said, adding that he would not turn his back on Kruger now. “I stand on the belief that you stand by your friends. If that is something that would hurt me so be it. I am not going to shrink away from people that I have a relationship with just because some one made an allegation.”

Vito's Albany Friends Tell Him to Get Lost So They Can Get A Pay Raise
Vito Lopez's pals tell him 'showing up' in Albany is nothing but trouble right now (NYDN) Fallen Brooklyn Democrat has told supporters that resigning from Assembly would be like admitting guilt to sex harassment accusations. Backers say he should steer clear of Capitol to avoid a 'firestorm' Friends of embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez are urging him to avoid Albany during a special session this year, but Lopez told friends he believes resigning would be a form of admitting guilt.

 Vito's GOP Candidate Throws In Towel

Speaker reading the "Incy Wincy Spider" to a kindergarten class at P.S. 111 in Long Island City, Queens. 
Campaign 2012/3  Gotti At GOP Fundraiser Whips Up Interest In Queens State Senate Race(NY1) * Council Speaker Christine Quinn split with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and defended the NAACP’s complaint about the city’s use of entrance exams as its only criteria for admission to its top public high schools, the New York Post reports * Shockingly, Councilman Charles Barron disagreed with some conservatives about the recently-uncovered video of President Barack Obama speaking on Hurricane Katrina. “To me, that’s not a racially charged speech,” he explained. “That is the truth.” * “It was a map to start the conversation,” Carl Hum, the executive director of the City Council’s redistricting commission, said of their draft map for 2013, arguing that the lines totally don’t reflect political concerns. He added, “We didn’t get everything right.” * Greens Play Dirty(YNN) * Tight State Senate races, potentially affected by Obama (& Cuomo) * Bronx chamber of commerce head: Time to cut "best deal possible" on paid sick * Quinn opposes Bloomberg on entrance exams being the only criteria for getting into top high schools(NYP) * More on Cuomo's potential role in competitive State Senate races. [Celeste Katz] * SEIU 1199 is hosting a campaign finance reform summit in NYC tomorrow. * Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani will endorse NYC Councilman Dan Halloran’s NY-6 House bid on Oct. 9 (next Tuesday) at a fundraiser at Terrace on the Park in Queens. (No link).* Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is robocalling already, which may mean she's worried. [Liz Benjamin] * Competitive Races Put New York State in Thick of the Fight for Congress(NYT)

NYP Demands That Thompson Pay the Poster Fines

The Post determines former City Comptroller and mayoral candidate Bill Thompson should pay the city $600,000 in poster fines he accrued in 2006

Quinn and Bloomberg outlined new measures aimed at easing city regulations on small businesses, including the elimination of obsolete violations and the reduction of some fines 
Council ‘fine’ tuning absurd small-biz regs(NYP) Small businesses that complain of being besieged by city fines for obscure rules and regulations may soon get a reprieve. The City Council announced yesterday it is examining outdated and onerous laws and will recommend that the Bloomberg administration modify them or remove them from the books altogether. Small businesses that complain of being besieged by city fines for obscure rules and regulations may soon get a reprieve. * New Measures Seen as Boost for Business(WSJ) The City Council and the Bloomberg administration outlined a series of measures aimed at easing the regulatory burden on small businesses, including eliminating obsolete violations and reducing the potential for fines. * State officials agree: It’s going to be another difficult budget year. * Taxes Growing In States, But Not Fast Enough(YNN)

Will There Ever Be A Comprehensive Report On Why Small Businesses Close in NYC or Move Out?
Councilmembers are contemplating a compromise paid sick leave bill this week, but the city’s business lobby is scrambling to shut it down. Partnership for New York City CEO Kathryn Wylde has been reminding lawmakers that requiring paid sick days for employees could be detrimental to city commerce, especially small businesses. “We don’t think the city government belongs in the business of regulating private employee contracts,” she said. “This isn’t a situation like living wage or prevailing wage. This is the city saying it has a right to tell you what employment polices should be.” But political observers and sources close to Councilman Dan Garodnick, who wrote a letter suggesting the council consider a minimum of five paid sick days, believe the council will make changes to the legislation. “I think a compromise is going to pass,” said political consultant George Arzt. “It looks like they’re edging ahead.”

Lawsuit Up 28% In NYC Over the Last 5 Years
Lawsuits against the NYPD rose to a record 2,004 cases, a 28 percent increase in the past fiscal year, and the NYPD has budgeted $180 million to settle claims in 2013, the New York World learns:

Our Next Stop, Governor: Another Development Site Helped by Your Policies(NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is taking trips intended to highlight projects that illustrate his economic development strategy, but which some critics have suggested are a centralized form of pork.

New York’s Proposed Council Map Is Called Unfair to Minority Groups(NYT) Among the complaints about the proposed new map of  City Council districts are that it dilutes the strength of Hispanic and Asian-American candidates.

‘Navy’ kid slain in Bronx(NYP) * Arrest Made in Deadly Shooting of Bronx Teen(NBC) * Gunman Sought in Bronx Bodega Shooting(NBC)
City's top cop Raymond Kelly announces "Operation Crew(NYDN)Bronx community leaders praise new NYPD anti-gang initiative, argue more youth programs are also needed

School ratings are F-ing confusing(NYP) Dozens of city public schools that were given low marks by the state in August received high grades from the city this week, and vice versa, causing confusion among parents* Behind the Jump in Schools with Poor Grades on Progress Reports(WSJTeachers union chief: City causes brain drain(NYDN) * In a DN OpEd, UFT President Mike Mulgrew accuses Bloomberg of pushing a teacher evaluation system that would focus on punishing “bad apples,” rather than improve performance across the board.

Cornell Gets U.S. Hand(WSJ) The new class of Cornell University engineering students in the city will soon be getting entrepreneurial advice from an unlikely source: The federal government.* Commerce Dept. Sets Up Office At Cornell Tech School(NY1)

Metropolitan Transportation Authority fares and tolls are on a path to increase 35 percent over an eight-year period ending in 2015, according to a state comptroller report
MTA Chairman Joe Lhota called DiNapoli’s assessment the result of a “thoughtful and thorough analysis,” which stands in contrast to some of his past comments about the comptroller’s office.
 DiNapoli rips MTA’s runaway fare hikes(NYP) * At M.T.A., State Comptroller Finds Improved Fiscal Health(NYT)
* With a New M.T.A. Ad Policy, Thinking About the First Amendment(NYT) * State Comptroller Says MTA On Right Financial Track(NY1)

 The News wants the MTA to take another look at its initial decision to seal off a passage that is supposed to connect Fulton Center downtown with the Cortlandt Street and World Trade Center stations:

Port Authority provides ‘keys’ to fight security lapse (NYP) The Port Authority — which suffered several serious security breaches this year — has very strict procedures for keeping track of its master keys

Locals blast Bloomberg on Flushing park plans(NYDN)

Ex-housing officials admit taking bribes(NYDN)Former Housing Officials Plead Guilty to Bribery(NYT) Two former New York City officials have admitted taking bribes, becoming the latest people connected to the housing department to fall in a continuing corruption investigation. * Former NYC housing officials plead guilty(WSJ) * Assistant Commissioner of NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development Indicted for Racketeering, Bribery, and Extortion  They were the latest people connected to the city agency to fall in a still-continuing corruption investigation.

Flap over bogus 'no parking' signs in Astoria(NYDN)

Parks Department Fined for Failure to Display Leash Rules(NYT) A leash law was enforced and dog owners were fined without a posted notice, said a lawyer for a group of people who use Riverside Park. * NYC fined for failure to post dog leash signs(WSJ) *Leash city could've done is put up signs, judge rules(NYDN)

O and Mitt will go at it in 1st debate(NYP) *On tap tonight(NYP Ed) * A Stark Backdrop for Debate Preparation(NYT) While preparing in Nevada for his debate with Mitt Romney, President Obama need only look outside for a reminder that the economy has yet to fully recover.  * Ann Romney Takes Bigger Role on Husband’s Team(NYT) * In 90-Minute Debate, Equal Footing(NYT) * Claims Likely to Surface and Facts Behind Them(NYT) * Obama Outspending Romney on TV Ads(NYT) * Poll Shows Slim Obama Lead(WSJ) * Who's the undecided voter? It may be the "Walmart mom"

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Complicity in Duplicity?(Dowd, NYT) Who’s cherry-picking now? Two different Rices, in two different administrations, spinning two different national security stories.  * Temporary Voter Relief in Pennsylvania(NYT Ed) * Race Tightens in 2 States as Ohio Gap Widens(WSJ) * One Debate Goal: Sway the Swayable(WSJ) * In Final Prep, Candidates Debate 'Stand-Ins'(WSJ) * WSJ Guide to First Romney-Obama Debate(WSJ) * Mitt's 'W' problem (Politico) * Obama's '07 speech: How they covered it:(Politico) * Romney will offer specifics in debate, campaign says (CBS) * Michael Goodwin: Mitt - poll numbers are nothing to smile about (NYP)  *  Jon Stewart & Co. Mock Voter ID Laws Intended To Resolve ‘Nonexistent’ Problem * Race narrows ahead of first presidential debate(Hill)
Hillary Clinton’s final trip abroad as US secretary of state might be to Ireland.
Biden's "buried" comment underscores risk – and reward – of deploying on the trail:(Wash Post)
Conservative media coordinates on release of old Obama video(CNN)
Maybe there are second chances in presidential campaigns(Politico)
Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: ‘I Think Allies To Mitt Romney’ Are Responsible For Releasing 2007 Tape

Romney Campaign: We’ll ‘Focus’ On Obama’s Policies, Not 2007 Video
Obama outspending Romney on TV ads, reports 
65% Think Media Reports More on Negative Campaigning Than on Issues...
Tuesday Ratings: Hannity Tops All Networks In Demo With Obama Tape Release
26 Numbers to Listen For in 90-Minute Debate(NYT)
Late at Night, Comedy Gets Pointed and Political
Five Police Officers Injured In McDonald's Brawl(NY1)
Today happens to be the Obamas’ 20th wedding anniversary, which they marked on Twitter.
A guide to Obama and Romney's body language and gestures. [New York Times]
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Shep Smith Grills Obama Spokeswoman Over Administration’s Handling Of Libya Attack

Michael Wolff: "The real story about Punch Sulzberger, and the real sense of loss, is not for a man who brilliantly ran the paper, or introduced it into the modern age, or who protected journalism, but for a man who knew his place." [The Guardian]

Mr. Schneiderman Presents His Case(NYT Ed) New York’s attorney general uses state law to expose a broad pattern of mortgage fraud. The Times cheers Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s civil suit filed against a unit of JP Morgan this week, contending that Bear Stearns defrauded investors who bought mortgage securities from 2005 to 2007  *State AG's Investigation Leads To Lawsuit Against JPMorgan Chase(NY1) * The New York Times calls on federal prosecutors and regulators to follow up Schneiderman’s lawsuit against Bear Sterns with actions of their own, warning “the full range of potential wrongdoing by banks will go unaddressed” if they don’t.

Law and Order


City pressures filmmaker for Central Park jogger clips(NYP) The city wants PBS icon Ken Burns to cough up outtakes from his documentary “The Central Park Five,” about the teens wrongly convicted of the infamous..* City Subpoenas Film Outtakes as It Defends Suit(NYT) * City Subpoenas Outtakes Of Film About Men Cleared In Central Park Rape Case(NY1)

Shock at ‘slay’ by mom(NYP)
 Court ‘slay’ rage(NYP) Grief turned to rage outside a Bronx courtroom yesterday as the mother of a strangled nurse crossed paths with the woman whose son stands trial for her murder.

Solitary ‘crisis’(NYP) The state prisons’ frequent use of solitary confinement is an “urgent human-rights crisis,” the New York Civil Liberties Union declared yesterday.*Solitary Confinement Used Too Often In State Prisons, NYCLU Finds(NY1) * Solitary confinement hurts us all: Report(NYDN)

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance argues that law enforcement needs expertise in gathering evidence on cell phones, computers, and the Internet if it wants to remain effective in fighting 21st century crime, in a Journal op-ed

SHAMEFUL: Thief steals Park Slope library branch’s new iPad(NYDN) 

If seeing is believing, a Bronx jury will have to decide if what they saw is enough of a reason to believe former police officer Eddy Coello murdered his wife.

Gristina hooker guilty, but avoids jail(NYDN)

DOE probes vice principal’s dealings with girl(NYP) * A Nattily Dressed Jewelry Store Robber Is Caught, but Just on Video(NYT) * Man Charged in Theft from Children's Cancer Charity (WSJ)* Arrest Made In Connection With Shooting Death Of Bronx Teen(NY1) * Mom: Subway Conductor Ignored Screams As Train Pulled Away(WCBS) * Court ‘slay’ rage(NYP) * Woman found dead with stab wounds to neck in Queens(Fox 5) * Man Set Fire to Ex's Apartment Twice in 2 Days: Cops(NBC) * Aurora Survivor, 22, Pushes for Gun Control in NYC(NBC) * City seeks Ken Burns' footage in Central Park jogger rape case. (NBC) * Colorado Shooting Victim Joins Mayor In Gun Control Push * Man Gets Eight Years For Midtown McDonald's Stabbing

S.I. Driver Pleads Not Guilty To Homicide Charge S.I. Driver Pleads Not Guilty To Homicide Charge (NY1) The driver accused of a deadly hit-and-run accident in April that killed a grandmother on Staten Island in April entered a not-guilty plea today to the charges of criminally negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident * VIDEO: Cops on hunt for Harlem mugger(NY1) * Man Arraigned On Murder Charges In Connection With Bronx Shooting (NY1)

Cops hunt iPhone thug who attacked woman at PATH station(NYP)

Ring smuggled 'cutting edge' US technology to military since 2008, NYC suit says(NYP)

An Up Close Look At NYPD’s Anti-Terror Dive(WCBS)
"NYPD respected the bounds of the Constitution under tumultuous and dangerous circumstances."(NYDN)