Thursday, February 7, 2013

Everyone Wants to Keep the BOE's Corruption and Incompetence

From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You Long Lines and Close Polling Place On Election Day, A Scramble to Save Their Power At the BOE
 The Permanent Government Wants the BOE Just the Way It is

The Political Party Leaders Are Scrambling to Reappoint the BOE Commissioners Before the Public Finds Out. Tonight Manhattan Boss Wright is meeting with district leaders in an emergency meeting to legally appoint Manhattan BOE commissioner Gregory C. Soumas.  Souman and the other entire commissioner who were sitting until last week did not follow the election law in their reappointment and possibility originals appoint.  Until City Council Eric Ulrich used the appointment rules to get even with Queens Boss queens GOP Boss Phil Ragusa. None of the Democrat or Republican bosses or the City Council gave a dam about the legal procedures of appointing commissioner as long as they did their bidding and protect who they wanted and knock off from the ballot who they wanted.  The media is now shameful covering up the BOE commissioner scandal to allow the political bosses, city council  and commission that rob NYC of it Democracy for years, to legally appoint the same bum who gave us the worst election day in history. This is the best time in years for the media and reformers to demand change and they remain silent.

The Problem is the People Who Have Been Fighting the BOE For Years  . . . Are the Real Tammany Hall Protectors
Instead of using the BOE's commissioners appointment Fuck Up to force changes, the media and reforms remain silent to allow the corrupt party leaders cover their tracks and fix the problems.

For Years The NYT, Daily News, NYP, Mayors and Reform Politicians Have Been Demanding Changes At the Board of Elections.  Now in Spite of the 2012 Election Day Disaster and the BOE Commissioner Appointment Scandal They Remain Silent.  Could it be they really want the party leaders in control and the corruption at the BOE to continue. This means when they cried about the BOE caused long lines, closed polls by poor planing rob NYC of its Democracy they really did not mean it.

What Role Will the City Council Play In Reappointing the Illegally Appointed Commissioners?
True News Told You On July 16th that the City Council Controls the Appointment of  BOE Commissioner. City Council Eric Ulrich checked on the rules and found the council and BOE were not following the state law on the appointments of commissioners.  Now Quinn, the Board and City Council are in a panic on what to do.  The media as always is protecting the BOE and Quinn.So far this year they allowed votes that were not complete for certified to be cast in the electoral college voting process. The media also ignored the fact that Manhattan elected officials were serving in office before their votes were certified.  Brewer Who Threw Her Council Investigation of the BOE Mishandling of Last Years General Elections is Also Silent of the BOE City Council New Commissioner Scandal.

Seize the Moment Not
Citizen Union Instead of Demanding Reforms In the Management of the BOE the Fake Good Government Group Tries to Save Two Commissioners

It is clear BOE is in more trouble than it has ever been.  Quinn and every good government group should be demanding change in the entire structure and function of the BOE.  Instead the citizen union works to save a couple of commissioner who are key keep the corrupt operating.  Commissioners the Goo Goos are trying to keep is Fred Umane the financial guy and J.C. Polanco. Alex Camarda said we much keep reform minded Polanco who is pushing for early voting.  Polanco was appointed by the Bronx Democratic Boss. Everyone from Speaker silver to the Daily News has been pushing for early voting, interesting that Camarda credits Polanco.  This is the second time the citizen union tried to get Quinn out of a big mess. In 2008 the Citizen Union back thespeaker in reforms meant to help her get out of the slush fund scandal mess. None of the reforms to the council member program that Quinn and the Citizens Union announced in a press conference ever were put into effect.Citizens Union sticks up for two GOP commissioners(CrainsNY)

Black Listing True News By New York's Gang of Group Think Political Blogger Continues - Benjamin

True News Broke the BOE Story 3 Weeks Ago and Liz Benjamin of YNN  Did Not Link the Reports in True News. Benjamin did not link the Strory Until Crains NY Publish A Story That True News Had 2 Weeks Ago.  The NY Bloggers McCarthy Like Black Listing of True News is A Little Like Being on Nixon's enemies list, A a Badge of Honor. True News favorite journalist is Edward R. Murrow.

There’s upheaval at the NYC Board of Elections, related entirely to Republican commissioners.* GOP Councilmen seize opportunity to appoint election commissioners in Queens, Brooklyn, overruling county party leadership (NYDN) With the shrewd power play, the three Republican representatives on the City Council will now have some influence on who the city's Board of Elections can hire and fire.

Political Corruption

Comptroller Shuts Off Boyland's $$$

DiNapoli Turns Off Boyland’s Per Diem Spigot(YNN) The Times Union reported on the comptroller’s report of Boyland’s per diem use earlier this week and before the letter was sent to Boyland.*
Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. Falsified Travel Filings, Comptroller Says(NYT)

Reports: Lopez for City Council
Lopez does not live in Brooklyn Moving from One Fake Address to Another

  1. A serious source informs me that Vito Lopez will very likely run for NYC council! Announcement may be imminent.
    Vito Lopez May Be Announcing Council Run, Hiring a Moving Company (Barkan)*
    Breaking: sources say Assemblyman will not run for Diana Reyna's City Council seat.

     Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens(NYDN 2010)

Hagerty Jall Time

Appeals Court Upholds Haggerty Conviction(YNN)

A panel of seven appellate court judges has unanimously upheld the 2011 conviction of GOP operative John Haggerty of charges related to the theft of $1.1 million worth of Mayor Bloomberg’s money during the billionaire mayor’s third (and final) re-election campaign in 2009.* Appellate panel upholds convictions against disgraced political consultant Haggerty; orders him to start prison time(NYP) * Appeals Court Upholds Haggerty Conviction(YNN)


Campaign 2013
Mayoral Candidates Get Around Spending Limits . . .De Blasio Leads In Creative Finance
De Blasio Donors Hit Maximum, but Keep Giving(NYT) About two dozen supporters who have contributed as much as allowed to the mayoral campaign of the public advocate, Bill de Blasio, have donated more to defray debts from his 2009 race. About two dozen individuals who have donated to the campaign of Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio have also donated to his 2009 Public Advocate campaign to pay off past debts

De Blasio Contributors Who Max Out Help Pay His Poster Fine

De Blasio 2009 campaign must pay the city more than $300,000 after being fined by the city’s Environmental Control Board for illegally affixing posters. He has paid more than $100,000 to date.

Alan Lapes, an operator of private homeless shelters, donated $4,950 on July 8, 2011, to Mr. de Blasio’s mayoral campaign. Mr. Lapes and his wife, Cindy, then donated $4,950 each on April 20, 2012. Another first-time donor was Guy Roberts, who manages a taxi fleet in Chelsea. Mr. Roberts contributed $4,500 to the 2013 campaign on Jan. 9, 2012, then $5,000 to the 2009 campaign on Aug. 1, 2012.

“It stinks to high heaven,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan organization in Washington, which analyzes campaign finance and ethics issues. “Clearly people are being solicited and are giving to these politicians in the hope that it will be noticed and they will get something — access and influence — in exchange for that donation.”

John C. Liu, the comptroller, whose campaign fund-raising operation is under federal investigation, has raised $344,000 for his 2009 account since winning the 2009 election. But most of that money was raised in 2010. Only in a handful of instances did Mr. Liu’s 2013 contributors — none gave the maximum — later give to his 2009 account.  Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, reported five contributors who gave the maximum to her 2013 campaigns, before giving smaller amounts to her 2009 account. William C. Thompson Jr., a former comptroller, reported one such contributor.* Checkin’ in with: Bill DeBlasio(Brooklyn Paper)

Liu's Treasure and Contributor Trial Delayed
Trial Tied to Liu Delayed(WSJ) The trial of fundraiser Xing Wu "Oliver" Pan and his co-defendant, Jia "Jenny" Hou, was scheduled to start this week but now could be postponed for as long as two months.* NY1 Exclusive: Liu Audits Consumer Affairs Contract After Cost Jumps Millions(NY1) * Comptroller Rejects $91 Million Homeless Shelter Contract  * Bloomberg admins bash Liu of contract rejection(NYDN)

TNR: "Can Joe Lhota Save Big-City Republicanism?"  * “(T)his year’s campaign has a real chance of producing a Republican mayor – something that seemed far-fetched until very recently,” writes The New Republic’s Alex MacGillis, who is very bullish about Joe Lhota.* Catsimatidis "denied that his criticism was also a slam at former MTA chair and rival GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota"

None Political Comptroller Candidate As Debate Moderator

The Only Candidate For Comptroller Holding A Mayoral Debate? And A Former Mayoral Candidate
Stringer Plans Mayoral Forum on Tech Sector(WSJ) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer plans to hold a mayoral forum this spring dedicated to issues surrounding New York City's burgeoning technology sector.*
Stringer isn’t running for mayor anymore, but he hopes to influence the race to succeed Bloomberg by hosting a mayoral forum dedicated to NYC’s burgeoning tech sector.* Get Ready for Your Close Up, Silicon Alley: Scott Stringer Wrangles Dem. Mayoral Candidates for Tech Forum(NYO)

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins has endorsed Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes in his re-election campaign, and so has the United Federation of Teachers, the News reports:  * Joe Hynes Kicks off Reelection Campaign With a Big ‘Love-Fest’(NYO) *
Brooklyn DA Faces Tough Re-Election Bid(NY1) *
Charles J. Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney Announces Re-election Bid(NYT)

"records show pl in the tech community overwhelmingly contributing [to] "

Public Advocate Candidates Face Off at the Year's First Forum(NYO)

NYS Government

Coalition Government Pushes the Senate GOP Left(They Have No Chooice)
Leader Signals G.O.P. Shift on Wages and College Aid(NYT) New willingness to back not only a higher minimum wage, but also college aid for illegal immigrants’ childrenSenate Republican Leader Dean Skelos said that his caucus is willing to compromise on creating a private fund to help undocumented immigrants pay for college, as well a potential raise to the state minimum wage.* GOP Rebels as Cuomo Shifts Left(WSJ)*Cuomo: Relations With GOP Are Fine(WSJ)* State Republicans Display Opposition To Several Cuomo Policies(NY1) * Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos signaled his conference is open to raising the state’s minimum wage and creating a private fund to help the children of illegal immigrants pay for college.

Silver Supports A NY Dream Act
In Newsday, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver advocates for a New York State Dream Act to provide equal access to educational opportunities for undocumented immigrants: * Speaker Silver OpEds in favor of the NYS Dream Act.

Legislative Leaders Want A Cut of the Gambling Loot$
Lots of Lobbyists Dollars Out There to Pocket
New Casinos Hand Sought(WSJ) New York state's legislative leaders are aiming to play a role in deciding where to build casinos, setting up a potential hurdle for Cuomo's upstate casino plan if the state legalizes gambling this year. State legislative leaders continue to insist on having a voice in the process of finding potential sites for casinos, with both Senate majority leaders Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos urging Gov. Cuomo to consider sites outside of the upstate region*  Skelos and his co-leader, Sen. Jeff Klein, said the Legislature should have a voice in the process of siting casinos – a position Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver advocated last month.* Legislators want to be involved with choosing where new casinos could go: As Governor Cuomo pushes for more casi...(TU)

In other historical leader news, Senator Rubén Díaz has moved from comparing Mr. Cuomo to Caesar’s wife to directly comparing him to Julius Caesar himself. “[I]t is Julius Caesar who has been attributed to the quote ‘Divide et impera’ which translates from Latin to mean ‘Divide and Conquer.’” Mr. Díaz wrote in a statement about Mr. Cuomo’s latest judicial nominee.“You should also know that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo – one more time – has proven to be a very Machiavellian and skillful politician.”

Not everyone is so hard on Mr. Cuomo, however. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell‘s gave a barrage of effusive quotes praising both Mr. Cuomo and his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo. “There’s nothing more rare in politics than a politician doing something he or she knows will cost politically, hurt in the polls,” Mr. O’Donnell said, comparing the younger Cuomo and gun control to the elder’s opposition to the death penalty. “The gubernatorial campaign of 1994 was Mario Cuomo’s last hurrah. He held on to his soul in that campaign, but he lost the governorship.”* Guest Commentary: Means, Ends and State Constitutional Reform(Gotham Gazette)

NYC Economy

Growing Work Force Accounts for High Jobless Rate, Study Says(NYT) A study by the Independent Budget Office seeks to explain the discrepancy between New York's job growth and its high unemployment rate.*
Is the Committee to Save New York officially defunct? It has received no contributions over the last six months.

Gun Control

Tony Bennett: Without Gun Control, U.S. May Turn Into Nazi Germany...
The Times-Union calls Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin “an embarrassment” for his comments comparing Gov. Cuomo to Hitler and Mussolini
Lawrence O’Donnell sang Cuomo’s praises for his “political bravery” in pushing stricter gun control through the Legislature. * Cuomo: Gun Control Debate Dominated By ‘Vocal Minority’(YNN)
It's been 55 days since the Sandy Hook school massacre. Since then, over 1,600 more Americans have been killed with guns.

Health Care And Mayor's Race

Today A Hospital Will Be Closed and the Mayoral Candidates Will Say Nothing
When Hospitals Close People Die
NY1 Exclusive: SUNY Downstate President To Recommend Closure Of LICH Press Have Abanded It Roll of Demanding Real Answers to Real Problems From the Pols* Long Island College Hospital at death’s door(Brooklyn College)

Bellevue Open



 Fed panel freezes FDNY hiring monitor team (NYP) A federal appeals panel today froze the activities of a team of court-appointed special monitors assigned to watch over hiring and promotion practices at the FDNY.Appeals Court Rules That Monitor Not Needed For New FDNY Tests While Decision Is In Appeal(NY1)

Bloomberg in London

For a Global Life, Bloomberg Builds His Own British Empire(NYT)*
"A public relations firm was hired to make introductions in London society." via


Sandy $$$ will be steered into repairing homes, helping damaged businesses and spurring economic development.
Mike’s $350M pledge for Sandy-hit homes(NYP) * City Plans to Allot First $1 Billion in Storm Aid to Housing and Businesses(NYT) Bloomberg announced that the first wave of federal money for Hurricane Sandy aid will go to homeowners whose primary residence was destroyed or damaged, as well as efforts to protect public housing * Some Sandy Money Emerges(WSJ) * Mayor Plans To Use Latest Federal Sandy Aid For Recovery, Infrastructure Programs(NY1) *Museum Of City Of New York To Display Iconic Images Of Sandy Damage, Recovery(NY1) * NY1 Online: Parks Commissioner Comments On Storm Recovery * The Cuomo administration says nearly half of the $33 billion of federal aid will go for public transit, and energy and utility repairs and upgrades.*
For Restorers of Rockaway Beach, Summer Is Almost Here(NY1) *
Drones Are Focus as C.I.A. Nominee Goes Before Senators(NYT)

The Rats Have Come Out 
Exterminators say that many of the rats moved to the surface to escape Sandy flooding and discovered it was awesome.

Storm’s Toll Creeps Inland, 4 Tiny Feet at a Time(NYT) The fate of New York City’s rats remained something of a mystery after Hurricane Sandy. Now, several exterminators say they know what happened.*Thanks to Sandy, It’s ‘Restaurant Week’ for Rats (NY Mag)


School Money Lawsuit Filed(WSJ) An attorney who once successfully sued to increase New York state school funding on Tuesday challenged the state's decision to withhold about $250 million from New York City.The Post argues that the New York City Department of Health’s distribution of the Plan B pill to schoolchildren undermines Bloomberg’s triumph of mayoral control of the public schools:

NYS Comptroller audits found special ed providers stole $500k(NYDN)

Reports Say City Schools Not In Compliance With Laws For Phys Ed Programs(NY1)

Why does close some struggling schools while sparing others? A look at criteria+rallying  

School Mistakenly Shared Private Admissions Data(NYT)

Bus Strike Is Saving The City Money(Huff Post)


NYC Government

The Times writes that Bloomberg’s promise to eliminate the backlog of repairs needed in New York City’s public housing would go a long way in cementing his housing legacy * The News writes that Bloomberg’s promise to repair New York City Housing Authority facilities comes too late to save the damaged reputation of NYCHA Chairman John Rhea:

Ex-deputy mayor files for divorce(NYDN) 
Hate At Brooklyn College

Bloomberg: We Will Go to Korea 
Mayor Backs College’s Plan to Welcome Critics of Israel(NYT) Bloomberg said that it was not the government’s place to bar Brooklyn College from sponsoring an anti-Israel forum and lashed out at elected officials who have threatened to cut the college’s public funding if the event proceeds, the New York Daily News reports:  In his first comments on the controversy over an anti-Israel forum sponsored by Brooklyn College, Mayor Bloomberg lashed out at elected officials who’ve threatened to cut the college’s public funding if the event proceeds. “If you want to go to a university where the government decides what kinds of subjects are fit for discussion, I suggest you apply to a school in North Korea,” Bloomberg said.


 Financial Issues, Transit Strike Among Issues Koch Faced In First Term(NY1)


M.T.A. Adds Interactive Features to Online Subway Map(NYT)

City Council Hearing Discusses Ways To Make Subway System Safer(NY1)

Union Unveils Bloody MTA MetroCards in Push for Slowdown(DNAINFO)



Stuy Town Rent Surprise

Lease Surprise in Stuyvesant(WSJ) Thousands of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village residents are waking up now to a more uncommon quandary: a clause that allows their landlord to increase the rent in the middle of their lease.*Proposal to open up East River waterfront(WSJ)


A Plan Aims to Reconnect Residents With the East River Waterfront(NYT) Included in a blueprint to be announced by the Manhattan borough president are proposals for new beaches and boat launches, as well as for adding marshlands.

NY1 Online: Panel Remembers 100 Years Of Grand Central Terminal (NY1)

City considers ban on Styrofoam cups and containers(NYP) * Nanny Bloomberg’s Latest Target Is Actually Pretty Reasonable(NY Mag) * The Bloomberg administration is considering banning Styrofoam cups and containers – popular at thousands of delis and food carts across the city – as it prepares to roll out a major recycling announcement in the coming weeks. 

Yoko Ono films anti-fracking ad: ALBANY — Yoko Ono’s campaign against a controversial gas drilling proces...

Bloomberg No Smoking Win

New York City sold Wall Street on the idea that a multibillion-dollar tobacco industry settlement was a cash cow. Now investors are staring down default, helped along by the mayor's anti-cigarette crusade.

Christie Must Pick A Skinny VP Candidate
Christie rips into doc who says he’s too fat to be president(NYP) NJ Gov. Chris Christie said the former White House doctor who suggested he’s too fat to be president should “shut up.” 

Caroline Kennedy in the running to be ambassador to Canada(NYP)

Congress to See Secret Drone Memo
Congress to See Memo Backing Drone Attacks(NYT) * Drone Strikes Under Scrutiny(NYDN)There are a lot of questions for the Obama administration to answer. John Brennan, the nominee for C.I.A. director, can get started at his confirmation hearing.* The Questions Brennan Can’t Dodge(NYT) The administration must openly discuss the legal basis for America’s campaign of targeted killings of terrorism suspects.* Obama Relents on Secret Drone Memo(WSJ) * Scarborough Rips ‘Double Standard’ On Obama’s Drones: ‘Self-Righteous’ Bush Critics Should Apologize * NY Times, Washington Post, Others Withheld Location Of CIA Drone Base In Saudi Arabia(Huff Post)

Investigators Say Menendez Intervened on Friend’s Behalf(NYT)
Sen. Menendez Suggested Feds Shouldn’t Be So Hard on His Shady Doctor Friend(NY Mag)

The President's Colossal Politics - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Talking Nice Won't Revive Republicans - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Rand Paul's Silly Speech - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Return to a True Conservative Foreign Policy - Sen. Rand Paul, Heritage
Obama's Sequester Plan: Hope GOP Blinks - Stein & Siddiqui, Huff Post
Budget Debate Settled: Conservatives Win - Philip Klein, DC Examiner
The Obama Admin's Chilling Legal Memo - Glenn Greenwald, Guardian
The President's Wise Kill-Don't-Capture Policy - Ralph Peters, NY Post
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At Last, GOP Makes Case to Main Street - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
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Will Youth Vote Seal GOP's Minority Status? - Stu Rothenberg, Roll Call
Obama Nears 2nd Term Tipping Point - Erick Erickson, Red State
Tough Times for California Bashers - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
Shackling the Spenders - George Will, Washington Post
How Bush's Dog Became a Web Star - Jimmy Orr, Los Angeles Times
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Slow the Revolving Door - Boston Herald
President's Agenda Is Haunting the Economy - Orange County Register
on the problems facing the post office. Postmaster General needs to go. 
's supreme leader uninterested in Joe Biden's offer of one-on-one talks about nuclear program.  
Obama slow in restocking Cabinet for 2nd term - Washington Times:
CIA Director nominee John Brennan’s confirmation hearing was interrupted several times, and subsequently delayed, by protestors. 
Brennan: We should acknowledge unintended drone deaths(Wash Post)

John Brennan Says Administration Agonizes Over Drone Strikes(NY Mag)
Eugene Robinson: Remote-control assassinations - The Washington Post
Drones Are Focus as C.I.A. Nominee Goes Before Senators(NY1)
A Long Overdue Discussion (NYT Ed) Unfortunately, the right questions about the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies were not asked of the C.I.A. nominee, and his answers were unsatisfying.
Brennan declines to describe waterboarding as "torture." Instead, he calls it "reprehensible."(NYT)

Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama Hypocrisy And Secrecy On Drones: Only Transparent ‘About The Last Guy’s Secrets’

Wall Street

E-Mails Suggest JPMorgan Knew Flaws of Some Loans(NYT)
Barclays to Cut Jobs in New York(WSJ)

Mary Jo White at the S.E.C.(NYT Ed) She has smarts and guts, but she needs to make clear that she can be a strong regulator of Wall Street.


Full of Crap

Gatemouth reports that a Lena Dunham registered to vote in Brooklyn did not actually cast any votes in the 2012 elections – local or presidential. If it’s the same Lena Dunham, that’s significant largely because of this.  

Piers Morgan Grills Dick Morris On Getting 2012 So Wrong, Morris Admits ‘I Was Wrong At The Top Of My Lungs’

New York Times Really Counting on That ‘Quality Journalism’(NY Mag)


Law and Order

Cop killer Ronell Wilson wanted to make deal so he could father child in prison(NYP)* Opinion More in OpinionFather of the year(NYP Ed)

Slain SI mom’s Internet pal claims they had sex tryst in Turkey (NYP) A murdered Staten Island mom not only hung out with a “criminal element” on her dream European vacation — she also made room in her busy itinerary for a secret rendezvous with an Internet beau.

Prosecutor slams cop-kill defendant’s claims(NYP)*Defense For Policeman's Accused Killer Gives Final Argument That Shooting Was Accidental(NY1)

Ex-mistress of banana mogul guilty of lying to grand jury in three-way-sex coke death(NYP)
Cannibal’ wife tale(NYP)
Truck Driver Arrested in Fatal Midtown Hit-Run(NYT)
 Former Officer Convicted of Raping 14-Year-Old(WSJ)

Nannycam Video of Baby Being Slapped Leads to Arrest(NYT)
Nanny Accused Of Slapping Baby In Staten Island Home(NY1)

76th Pct cop's tweets proved right after 2 thugs arrested again for crimes in .
Brooklyn Robber Posed As FedEx Worker, Police Say: The NYPD is searching for a group of Brooklyn robbers,... 

Mystery Deepens as Staten Island Woman’s Body Is Returned From Turkey(NYT)

B'klyn shrink busted for alleged $230K Medicaid scam (NYP) A Brooklyn psychiatrist has been arrested for allegedly scamming Medicaid out of $230,000 in fake head-shrinking sessions, authorities said today.

B'klyn shrink busted for alleged $230K Medicaid scam(NYP)

Teen who threw 9yo neighbor from roof indicted; victim still in coma(NYP)
Panetta Says the Pentagon Backed Arming Syrian Rebels(NYT)
Brennan to Face Questions on Targeted Killings(NYT)

2 Officers’ Killer Eligible for Death Penalty, Judge Says(NYT)

Convicted double cop killer 'not too dumb to die,' judge rules as it emerges murderer's other plot to dodge needle was impregnating jail guard

Cop flips the bird at the NYCLU over stop-and-frisk app(NYP)

A record one in three residents at Rikers has some form of mental illness — more than 4,000 at a given time, with hundreds held in punitive segregation units one Department of Health official calls “parking lots for people with mental illness." Did the city miss a chance for better treatment?
 Police Search For Suspect After Gunfire Erupts At Brooklyn Subway Station

Bail Reform in New York State (NYT Ed) Too many poor defendants who pose no risk to public safety are require to post bail, a system that is unfair and expensive.

 Man Expected To Plead Guilty In Alleged Federal Reserve Bomb Plot(NY1) * Bangladeshi Man To Plead Guilty In NYC Bomb Plot(Huff Post) * 21-Year-Old Regrets Trying to Blow Up Federal Reserve Bank(NY1) * Man Enters Guilty Plea In Fed Bomb Plot, Faces Life In Prison(NY1)